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Chapter 145

When Lydia grows upset, she grows a bit rambunctious. After finding out she was indeed the third slave, she started pushing me hard to have sex. This made Miki a bit upset, especially considering it brought back memories of the time I ditched her for a few hours while Lydia and I played together. This, in turn, reminded me of my sheets that Miki stained, which I didn’t wish to get stained again.

“O-okay…” I pulled back from Lydia and gave her a stern look to keep her from pouncing.

She was licking her lips and her tiger’s tail was flicking back and forth. She really looked like a lioness eyeing the prey. I was expecting her to eat me at any moment. To keep the piece, I decided I had to step up.

“I have a job. It’s the one I used before. It’s called Pervert! It’s why I was so quick to forget Miki earlier.”

“Pervert?” Lydia’s ears twitched.

“Master is a pervert?” Miki asked.

“No!” I put out a finger. “No… I’m not a pervert. I have a job called Pervert.”

Miki’s eyes narrowed mischievously, “How did Master gain the Pervert job in this dungeon?”

“Ah… that… it’s… um… a long story.”

Miki gasped suddenly. “Master… you really did that?”

Lydia blinked and turned to Miki. “What did Master do?”

“Don’t you see, Lydia…” Miki took her hands, putting on a sincere look. “Master was alone without us. He was lonely. He must have descended to extreme perversion with the local monsters…”

“No!” I immediately denied it. “There was my friend, Celeste, remember?”

Well, technically, it was true. The succubae were local monsters and I did descend into perversions with them! Agh! Why did she have to be so close to the truth? Sorry to throw you under the bus, Celeste, but I couldn’t have these girls also thinking I’m a deviant!

“Ah… that’s right!” Lydia accepted my words.

Miki’s face grew even whiter. “It’s worse than I thought…”

“Wh-what is it, Miki?” Lydia asked worriedly.

“Well, as he said, there was another girl. He had her alone in a dark dungeon. All alone. Now… she’s running from him. Even Lydia should be able to put two and two together!”

Lydia gasped. “Master pushed her down?”

“Exactly!” Miki’s expression turned sad. “Without us there to service his uncontrollable urges, Master had no choice but to push down the nearest woman. Even though she had been trapped in this dungeon, he must have taken out all of his animalistic desire on her over and over again. He even made her his slave saying things like ‘Hey, if you satisfy me properly, maybe I’ll let you go one day.’ Master has truly descended to the level of a bad man!”

Each word was like a dagger in my heart. Lydia finally turned to me, shaking her head in belief.

“I can’t believe you, Master…” Lydia said tearfully.

Behind her, Miki stuck out her tongue, a mischievous glint in her eye. She was doing this on purpose, but Lydia was easily fooled by her antics!

“I… didn’t…” I tried to get out.

“Master must do all of those deprived things to me!” Lydia thumped her chest.


‘Wh-what?” Miki’s expression turned to shock.

“Master was treating other slaves that way, he definitely must treat me that way too! Let’s start Master! I will definitely satisfy you properly!”

Miki and I looked at each other with expressionless eyes. That was right. We had both forgotten. Lydia was trained to be a prostitute. When it came to the lowest levels of perversion and depravity, this was the place she was most comfortable!

Chapter 146

In the end, our night was settled with the Pervert skill after all. It turned out the ability was more than sufficient to handle both women to satisfaction. I was able to keep more of my reason now and was able to enjoy both women to their fullest. I took turns inside Lydia and Miki. Lydia was much more active when I was with Miki, helping out touching Miki to help her achieve climax. She didn’t mind touching Miki’s privates, and while Miki was shy about it, she didn’t resist to any stimulus when I was on top of her. When it came the other way, Miki usually just watched me with Lydia from a distance and didn’t touch us. As we grew more animated, she’d put her hand between her legs and squeeze her thighs together, clearly turned on and trying to hide it.

Miki was far more reserved in the bedroom and would usually lie and hold me tightly while she breathed, panted and moaned. Lydia always wanted to participate and was on top as often as she was on the bottom. She liked to rock her hips when I was in her. Both experiences were unique, but also really amazing. When everyone was finally satisfied, I was reaching my limits, so we collapsed on my bedroll.

It was actually very dirty, covered in various fluids from all three of us. In the end, my bedroll would need to be washed after all. It seems like I failed in that respect. There had to be a cleaning ability. I would definitely learn in the future. At the moment, what I had equipped with Pervert.

{Pervert has increased to level 2.}

{Endurance Up has been unlocked.}

It appeared like I wouldn’t be having trouble keeping up in the future either. Jobs could level by killing monsters, but they could also level by doing actions related to their existence. Merchant Jobs could level by buying and selling stuff. It looked like the Pervert Job could be leveled by fornicating. Plus, with 2X experience, it’d be the equivalent of sleeping with… well… let’s not get into those numbers.

Perhaps I should start making it a habit to level with the girls every night. It sounds kind of bad, but if I’m very intimate with them now, they may not leave me when I get rid of the slave ability. I didn’t think Lydia or Miki would leave at this point, but I still wanted to prepare my heart for that possibility. It was always much worse when I didn’t leave a part of the expectation that I’d be abandoned. I don’t think this is a bad way of thinking. Don’t pity me!

When Lydia was taken away, it’s that mentality that allowed me to keep my cool there. Deep down, I had always expected her to be taken away, so when it happened, I was able to deal with it. Fortunately, I was able to get her back. Some might say I spent too much, but I didn’t regret the choices I made a single bit. In that way, my defenses built from years of rejection had protected me That’s part of the reason I was able to stay calm about Celeste too. Any girl might eventually leave at any time. As long as I kept that possibility in my heart, I could handle suddenly losing someone.

This didn’t just protect me from the girls leaving me on purpose. We were in a dungeon. I was occasionally reckless, especially when I started treating this like a game. There was a possibility the girls could die too. I wanted to protect them, and I had the abilities to heal and protect, but I’m not that powerful. There is always a chance I’ll fail and someone will die. I had to accept that as well. I wasn’t intending to be morbid, just mentally prepared.

The next morning, I washed the girls up and then got dressed. As for my bedroll, it stank of our sex, I’d have to wash it the next night. Rolling it up, I shoved it in my ring. At least, we wouldn’t smell it all day.

Heading out, we reached the stairway in short order. It was time to start on the sixteenth floor for the second time.

Chapter 147

 The girls restored their original jobs, and I concentrated back on White Mage and Basic Magician. After some significant gains from gaining the first level of Basic Magician, I suspected I could have more gains for white mage by mastering the basics.

With the two girls fighting in front of me, I was far more comfortable taking a basic role. I still had my sword, and I could fight with a basic level swordsmanship with the Spirit Fire and Divine Aura enhanced sword. The ghosts were taken down quickly. Since I already had a lot of this floor mapped out, I decided to combine Map and Detect Treasure to truly pick up everything the floor had. It’d give the girls more opportunities to gain experience and would also increase our profits, so I considered it a win-win.

Every floor seemed to contain a dozen or so treasure locations. Some were just a small pouch of coins shoved into a corner. Others were a hidden alchemy ingredient. No treasure chests or anything like that. Some of the stuff was part of the décor, and if I hadn’t had my treasure finder on, I never would have realized they were worth anything at all. For example, a certain painting had replaced the eyes with jewels that I was able to pop out. Also, a few of these treasures were attached to traps too, but with Detect Trap, I was always aware of it.

As luck would have it, Disarm Trap was the level 10 ability for a Scout, and since Lydia had it, I had it too. In short, I was able to copy her skill and remove the trap before clearing out everything one floor at a time. While I could copy the girl’s skills, they weren’t as good as the girls could use them. My fireballs were weaker than Miki’s. Furthermore, I had to spend mana to copy the skill, and then mana to cast the skill, so it was more expensive for me to use the skills too. In short, unless it was for convenience, it was more affordable to just let the girls use the skills themselves.

By the time we cleared level 16, I was up to level three in Basic Magician. We continued on to the 17th , and then the 18th, and 19th. It took two days, but we finally managed to enter the familiar library I had abandoned. The door had long been open, waiting for us to engage in the mysterious boss. I didn’t know what monster awaited us. It was still early, but we decided to break.

Over the intervening two days, I gained a level in White Mage and was now at level ten Basic Magician. Since Basic Magician enhanced mana and spellcasting status, I felt more powerful as a White Mage with it. As far as skills go, my White Mage level 23 ability was called Armor. It was a spell that temporarily increased someone’s defense. It wasn’t like a magic shield or anything. Just an enhancement spell, which was honestly preferable for me.

As for Basic Magician, I already knew what to expect from using skill analysis on Miki, but the skills I got were Fire, Water, Earth, and Air Control, Mana Blast, Create Earth, and Fireball. I already had Create Flame and Create Water. It turned out, Basic Magician really was basic. You first needed to be able to manipulate the element you wanted to use and then create it. Only after that did you get something like an attack. Well, level five was Mana Blast. Once you gained enough elemental control, you could create a mana attack. Then, Fireball finally became an option at level 10.

As for the girls, they also leveled a bit. Lydia was up to level 35, and Miki was 31. With a deep breath, I looked down the stairway. We should be able to take out the boss safely. We had to.

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