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Chapter 151

Checking the remains of Karr, I found several high-end magical items. There was a pair of gloves, a cloak, and a cane. The cane was a rich person’s cane, but it might as well have been a wand because it had the ability to amplify magic strength and decrease mana cost. In fact, that gloves and cloak also amplified magic as well. I gave the gloves to Miki because I was already wearing the gauntlets I had obtained from the previous boss.

We weren’t the first to defeat Karr, so I was wondering why we were getting magic items. Was it because Celeste did not take her magical items before she left? Then again, Karr wasn’t a generic mob either, and we defeated him much differently than an ordinary kill. Once we found Celeste, but before we fought the final boss, I really wanted to go back and double tap some of the bosses to see what awards we can get. I want to clean out the treasure on all of the floors too.

At least one of the things I’d like to do is fight the level 20 boss again and see if it was still Karr. Somewhere, deep down inside, I had a distinct feeling it wouldn’t be. There was something really final about the way he disappeared.

In the end, I decided to keep the cloak and cane for myself. My magical prowess increased dramatically with that. Deep down, I was a support mage. When I was with Celeste, I had to act the part of the swordsman because I didn’t have anyone to hold the front line. With Lydia back, I could return to my role as a support. I still fought in the front occasionally because I didn’t want the girls to think less of me, but I definitely felt myself breathing easier knowing I could just toss out spells from the back of the party from now on. I might be retiring Hero soon as my second job, and making it Basic Magician from now on.

However, my gauntlets and boots that I got while I was on my own I decided to keep. Unfortunately, they boosted speed, so Lydia who was already fast would probably have benefited the most from these items. I felt a bit bad about monopolizing them, but I decided to keep them anyway. It wasn’t just because I liked dry feet that didn’t smell when I took my boots off at night! Rather, I still planned to fight occasionally, and with Celeste and Miki, we were already forming a somewhat magic heavy party. If we encountered a large wave of enemies, Lydia wouldn’t be able to hold the line, and I didn’t even mention enemies with magic immunity or anti-magic enemies. I was just concerned with party dynamics, that’s all!

Lydia didn’t have any need for magic enhancement spells, but she didn’t mind that she didn’t receive anything. In fact, both girls seemed surprised I wasn’t keeping all of the magical items myself. Lydia still wore the black shadow cloak I had given her from the rabbits we slew in Mina’s dungeon, but I guess she had assumed that was a one-time gift I gave when I made her my slave.

 As for Miki, it took a bit of pressing to get her to take the gloves and treat them as her own. I said they were too small for my hands, but I’m pretty sure magical items change to fit you no matter what your size.

“Th-thank you, Master…” she said, blushing.

Was giving a gift to a slave really that strange? She kept glancing at me and then privately smiling to herself and her tail seemed to raise up excitedly. Apparently, Miki was really weak towards gifts. When it was clothing or food, I guess she treated it as an expectation that a Master provided for her, but when it came to magic items, she was surprisingly easy to make happy. I had a feeling if I asked her for sex at the moment, she wouldn’t say no. Well, that was true all the time, but I think I was on her particular good side at the moment. Sorry, it wasn’t the time for that though. Maybe tonight.

Chapter 152

I still didn’t like that we fought a boss and Lydia was no stronger for it. Therefore, I decided her reward for this fight would be a combination skill. We went over the list of Swordsman skills, Commoner skills, and Scout skills to see if there was anything worth keeping. Most skills were status increases, vaguely helpful abilities, and a few special attacks. Well, that wasn’t the case with Commoner. The abilities for commoner were laughably weak. Danger Sense, Learning Up, Weak Disease Resistance, Social Up, Hide, Focus Up, and things like that. Actually, Learning Up wasn’t half bad. It was used to help you gain another job, but if you could equip two jobs like me, couldn’t Learning Up help me master skills and maybe even level faster? Well, that was my thought process.

“How about Evil Eye?” She asked.

I too had Evil Eye, it allowed me to scout out weaknesses of enemies. She had gained her Evil Eye as a Scout. What would fairy dust enhanced Evil Eye be like? Unfortunately, as far as I knew, even the adventurers didn’t know anything about combination skills. They seemed to involve combining a skill with an alternative form of mana product. So far, spirit fire and fairy dust were the only two I knew of. There were probably others. Maybe mermaid tears? Well, I didn’t plan to find a mermaid and test it anyway. Each person could only combine one skill with each mana form to create a different skill. That new skill can apparently be a skill you can unlock through your job but at a higher level. So, at least in my mind, it was like casting a spell with a reagent. In this case, we were creating a reagent to cast a high skill ability or an ability outside the job range than we’d normally be capable of.

A Spiritualist probably would gain Resurrection eventually. I could also gain Resurrection using my dungeon points, although it was a second-tier ability. As for priests, I had no clue what level they gained Resurrection. Or was it even a level? Since only priests knew Resurrection, there could be some other trick going on that no one knows about, like a mass-produced item. I really wanted to meet Chalm’s Priest and see what I could learn from him, but the Guild Master had told me that all priests were very tight-lipped when it came to their abilities. He guessed Resurrection was a level 30 ability, as most priests he’d seen cast it were older, but it was still common enough that there was no shortage.

“Alright, let’s try Evil Eye,” I said.

I learned with Resurrection that guessing what ability would pop out was impossible. Since combinations weren’t studied in this world, we’d just have to try and see what happened. I also wanted Lydia to become a better scout, so making any ability that helped her read the enemies into a higher tier spell sounded like a good idea to me. Sprinkling some fairy dust on her, I allowed her to absorb the mana and combine it so that she gained a new skill.

“What did you get? I asked excitedly.”

Lydia looked around, her eyes wide with surprise. “Master… what does it mean, Other Worlder?”

“Huh?” I blinked. “Is that your skill?

Lydia shook her head. “No… the skill is called God Eye, but when I look at you, it says your species in ‘Other Worlder’.”

“I see…”

Chapter 153

“And so… that’s how I came to this world.” I finished up.

In the end, there seemed to be no point in lying to the girls. God Eye was truly an amazing ability. I copied and, and found that it put Evil Eye, Skill Analysis, Basic Monster Identify, and Basic Item Identify to shame. It was almost embarrassing how many abilities it replaced. It really told you everything you wanted to know and displayed it in an easy to read platform. Lydia and I seemed to see things differently. I saw a status screen, not unlike RPG stats. Lydia described levels as more of a feeling because she couldn’t wrap her head around numbers.

I couldn’t waste using the ability too often. It required fairy dust. I had used half of the remaining vial I had acquired, and I had no knowledge of how to obtain more. I sort of hoped the boss Fairy Queen would have more as part of the reward for finishing this dungeon. Either way, I needed to be cautious with how I used the rest.

She had seen I was from another world, so I decided to just come clean about my origins. After I finished my story, which honestly, I didn’t have all that much to say, there was a long silence. It was Miki who broke it.

“So… that’s why Master acts like Master…” Miki said softly.

I winced at those words. It was better they knew the truth now. If I waited until after I gave them their freedom, it felt a bit like deceit. I didn’t want these girls to hate me.

“Is… is that okay?” I asked.

“Amazing!” Lydia said.

I looked up in shock, only to see a radiant smile on her face. I had thought to tell her this would break some of the awe and wonder she was experiencing. Understanding what and who a person really was did cause a lot of the mystery to disappear. It turned out she was looking at me with even more impressed eyes. I didn’t understand it.

“I saw Master with God Eyes…” Lydia said, skittishly. “Do you know what I saw?”

My heart sunk, but I still needed to know. “What?”

“Master is even more incredible than I originally thought!” She cried out.

Miki nodded. “I have only heard stories of Other Worlders. They say some of the greatest heroes, the Harem Hero, the Slave Hero, the Summoning Hero, the Great Magician, the Animalkin Hero… were all from other worlds. Although there are many with the name hero, there hasn’t been a True Hero in this world for at least a hundred years.”

“A True Hero… is it?”

I found myself a bit relieved that I hadn’t unlocked the True Hero job. Would it be like the True Dungeon Diver Job? That meant it was really just a higher tier hero. I might get it if I just level hero enough. Or, going by comic books, maybe I needed to make the ultimate sacrifice and die selflessly for someone else. I didn’t want any of that. Rather, I was happy to switch to Basic Magician. I certainly had no desire to become a True hero or go down in history.

“Let’s move on…” I declared.

The boss’s room was suddenly starting to make me itch. Plus, I had a fairy to find. We finally left floor 20 and began our exploration of floor 21. I was back in the unknown once again.

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