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“M-master… please…” Celeste moaned as she lay in front of me, her body writhing.

Her cheeks were blushed, and one of her hands were moving up and down her body sensually. I hadn’t had time to work on getting her clothes. Considering how she kept changing sizes, that was probably a good thing. However, the long, plain dress she was wearing now looked incredibly sensual with the way she was moving under it. My dick definitely rose to the occasion. Celeste was a beautiful girl with a nice butt, a cute face, pinkish glittered hair, and nice breasts.

There was just one problem, she was only 18 inches tall. My dick was about 1/3 her size! There was just no way. I went to lick her as I did before, but she shook her head.

“No… I need it inside me, master.”

“Hah… that…”

Was it perhaps the fact she didn’t know how big it was? Well, I mean, I was only average, although to be honest with the weight loss it did seem to look a bit more impressive. Ah, that wasn’t important. I decided to pull out my dick and show it to Celeste. Perhaps with a visual, she’d start to understand the problem. I unzipped it and then put it right next to the fairy. The comparison was ridiculous as it seemed. If she hugged it, it’d be like hugging a tree. She could only just get her arms around it.

“This… is Master’s thing…” She reached out and touched it.

Her little hand barely covered a 10th of the circumference of my cock, but the feeling of it on there was enough that I grew even more aroused. She started stroking it with both of her hands. It looked more like when a girl was jacking off a leg than a penis. She reached down and pulled off her robe, baring her body completely naked. She was blushing, but she didn’t stop herself from wrapping her body around my dick. Thus, she was on all fours, hugging my cock, and moving her entire torso up and down, her breasts pushed apart from my dick as it ran up and down the length of her chest.

“C-celeste…” I let out a gasp.

The feeling was crazy, but also it felt really good. Not to mention, I could see her butt, as she went up and down. Whenever her body dropped down, I could just get a glimpse of her little cunny. Even just using my pinky, I’d split her open. Watching her give her all going up and down my cock was torture. She was licking my cock too, but there was so little saliva that I barely could feel the addition. That was until I grew aroused enough that a bit of precum came out, she rubbed it on her body, and it was enough to turn her chest and arms into a slip and side.

She started moving faster and faster, going up and down with her body. Was it a titty fuck? A handjob? Oral? Technically, it was a complete upper body jack off. I could tell she was using her all to move up and down as fast as she could. Her machinations had turned my mind to mush, and I stopped thinking about how ridiculous it was and started to get into the moment. I reached out, sliding one finger between her legs and pressing my thumb on her butt.

“Ahh, Master… yes…” She moaned.

Using my thumb to hold her hips, I rocked my finger against her clit. One finger was already three times the size of her pussy. However, I could rub the whole thing and apply as much pinpoint pressure as I could. I could see her sucking my dick, well, just a small part of my dick which she was Frenching frantically while I fingered her. Her little hips were thrusting were rocking against my finger, and I occasionally moved my thumb to massage her butt.

Even though she was just a fairy, her machinations, not to mention the erotic appearance of a little fairy going up and down on my cock with her naked body was incredible.

“Hah…. Hah… Master!” She let out a moan and her body started to convulse as she clung to my cock.

“Celeste!” I couldn’t hold back, and my cock swelled and started to erupt as well.

My cum shot up in the air, but there was nowhere to go, so it came plopping back down. A lot of it rained down on Celeste. Each spurt was enough to cover Celeste. Her body stopped shivering and I eased up my machinations on her vagina and butt. She was collapsed, her arm wrapped around my thigh, and her head resting on my leg. Her hair was covered in white stuff, and even as my cock softened, more white stuff came out and flood down.

She reached out and caught some of it. The amount was enough to fill her palm. Despite that, she took it to her lips and drank some of it.

“Mmm… Master’s taste…” She said happily.

She reached out and pulled more of the cum and began rubbing it on herself. There was enough she could practically take a bath or at least a good shower. Celeste looked very pleased and happy with herself as she played between my legs. However, her naked body kept rubbing against my balls, and the erotic scene of the naked girl playing in cum was too much. Suddenly, I found my cock stiffening again for a second round. Damn, and I didn’t even have Pervert equipped!

Celeste noticed it growing and made a noise. “Ohh… Master is finally done with foreplay?”

“Foreplay?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Yes… Master, you haven’t even put it in yet. How can I be satisfied until Master is inside me?” Celeste spoke in a slightly spoiled voice.  

“Celeste… you’re too small.” I responded, my lips twitching. “I’m afraid what we just did is about the best we could ever do given the circumstances.”

“Nonsense!” Celeste shook her head. “I stretch real good, so master just needs to grab my legs and pull me down on it. Your cock will definitely go in!”

I thought she was joking, but suddenly she stood up. Her legs were only just long enough that she could get them over my cock long ways. Sitting there, it was like a girl on a barstool the shape of a mushroom. She expected a barstool sized object to basically enter her pussy. She rubbed her sexual parts against the tip of my dick. Whether it was my cum or her wetness, it slid very sensually and sent erotic sensations shooting through my body.

“Come on, Master, I don’t have the leverage to force it in on my own. You got to pull!” Celeste insisted, looking at me with erotic eyes.

“W-wait… wait… I’ll definitely tear you in half. We can’t do this!”

Even as horny as she was making me, I wasn’t about to fuck her to death! That was the only possible outcome of what she just suggested. I mean, if I shoved her down, her hips would break, and all the organs in her lower body would be displaced. Her body would be bloated and she’d basically be a living cock sleeve. Well, she wouldn’t be alive for much longer. I couldn’t even believe I was tempted by it.

“Master… you’re so silly sometimes. I’m a fairy, and now a Sylph. As I’ve explained, I’m a creature of mana. My body isn’t technically physical like yours. I can make room. Not only does it not hurt, but I hear the stretching feeling for a fairy is orgasmic!”

“Heard? Who did you hear from! You’ve been in a mansion for 20 years with barely a conscious thought!”

“Ah… that… Master… it wasn’t like I’ve tried it before! That’s ridiculous! Master shouldn’t say such things!”


“Master… please… the fairy dust absolutely won’t wear off until you do it on the inside.” Celeste pleaded.

“Actually, I’m almost certain it has already worn off from before…”


“Ah… fine… but if you feel any pain, you let me know and we’ll stop immediately!”

“Y-yes!” Celeste blushed and then spread her legs as wide as they would go, even using her hands to try to spread it open. “Please… penetrate me.”

I hesitantly reached out and grabbed her legs. As soon as she bent them, all of her weight was now being pressed on the tip of my cock, with her spread legs on either side. I grabbed her legs at the knees and then began to pull her down.

“Master… harder… you need to pull harder!” She moaned, her eyes closed.

“Ah… shit…” I started pulling harder.

The tip of my cock finally popped into something almost unbearably tight. “Ahhhhhhhhn… ahhhh…. Ahhhh…”

“Are you alright!” I exclaimed as Celeste cried out.

“Keep going… more… I need more!” Celeste panted, even as her face was scrunched up.

“Are you in pain?”

“No pain… fuck me, Master put it in!” As she said that, she kicked her legs stubbornly.

I pulled her down some more. She let out more cries. She was so tight, I couldn’t even believe it was going into her. I had passed the area where her hips should have been. From the backside, a cock almost the size of her waist was impaling her. She looked like a pair of small buns being impaled by an oversized hotdog. As I got it farther in, I could see my dick pushing out against her sides and her stomach.

“Yes! Yes… ahh… it’s so big!” She moaned emphatically.

My eyebrow twitched. “Isn’t it because you’re too small.”

“Master, I want all of it, give it all to me!”

Once her knees reached my hips, I couldn’t pull her down anymore. Her eyes were still closed and she was panting. I could see the form of my dick inside her, stretching her insides, yet she still wanted more. I had to reach up and grab her shoulders. With that, I shoved her the rest of the way down. It took about five minutes in all, but I had finally managed to impale Celeste completely on my cock. I couldn’t even believe it.

The panting Celeste finally opened her eyes. “Master… is inside me. I’m so happy. I’m filled so much. I can’t believe how much Master stretched me, I came already.”

“Ah… so-“

Her eyes flashed. “Now… fuck me. Use my body as your sex toy.”

“R-ight…” I said helplessly.

“You used my outer body to get you off, now use my inner body. Don’t worry. As I said, this form isn’t truly physical, so you can be as rough as you want.”

She said she came, but she meant that she was continuously cumming. From the moment I had put my dick inside her, her pussy had been twitching and contracting wildly. Her panting face and lewd expressions showed that just being stretched open was enough to bring her to euphoria. However, the thought and sight of it was driving me crazy too. I finally lost my will to resist.

Reaching out, I grabbed Celeste’s body in my hand. With her body stretched out around my cock, I could only just get my fingers to touch if I squeezed. She reached down and grabbed my fingers as if to hold on, but otherwise nodded and smiled at me sweetly.

I pulled up, and her body went with it. She was rather light, so she moved with my hand without resistance. She gasped as she reached the top. Then I pulled back down. My cock slammed back into her. The feeling was amazing. It was like one of those cock masturbators, or at least how I imagined they’d feel. Except, she was warm and writhing, and my fingers could wrap around her limbs to get the perfect grip. My thumb reached up and playing with her tips, spending extra time rubbing her nipples until they felt like tiny little hard bumps.

I started to use Celeste’s entire body to jack off. Like she had requested, she was a toy, and I was using my hand to go up and down on my cock. The only difference between that and how I masturbated was her lewd moaning noises filling the air and the sweet smell of sex.

“Damn… this feels good…”

“M-m-m-m-a-a-s-ste-eeerrr….” She cried out, as I pumped her body for all she was worth.

She was seemingly lost in her own lust. Her tongue was sticking out and she was drooling profusely. In fact, her face looked extremely silly like she had completely lost all control of it. I was fucking her into a fairy, and somehow that made me want to only go faster. Up and down her body went, my hand blazed, but so did she. Her feet ended up flopping against my stomach and back up every time I went.  I was pumping her like someone might shake a can of soda. And just like a shaken can of soda, my cock was ready to pop.

“Ahhhhn… Celeste!” I cried out, pushing her down so hard, trying to plunge my cock in her as deep as possible.

My dick exploded, my body shuddering as I delivered gob after gob directly into Celeste. I finally reached my end, with a shudder.

“Hah… Hah… that was amazing…” I said.

“Eeeeeee…” A moaning groan came from down south.

My eyes widened as I realized that I had gone all out without restraint on a small little fairy! I pulled her off me. My cock came out with a popping noise, and then a burst of cum came with it. I lay Celeste on the bed. She wasn’t moving. Her stomach was completely engorged like she was 9 months pregnant. There appeared to be white stuff coming from her mouth, her eyes, and her ears like she had been overfilled to the point of bursting from every orifice.

“No… Celeste…” I shouted in a panic.

With my shout, her eyes suddenly focused. “M-m-master…”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Ah… just move back…”

I lowered my head, feeling pain. I had really hurt her, and now she was afraid of me. I took a step back, feeling like crying. Suddenly, her body started growing. She grew over two feet, then four, and finally she was back to the size she was when she was a Fairy Queen. As she grew, the tummy disappeared and she wiped her face clean. By the time she was back to that size, she looked completely normal.

“Master… that was great!” She stretched. “But I got a bit overfilled. This size has much more room for everything now.”

I stared at her flatly. “Are you telling me you can be whatever size you want whenever you want?”

“Of course? I am a fairy with a mana body, after all, my mana reserves are much higher now as a Sylph, and I can support a larger body with ease. Ah… now that my mouth is bigger, I bet I can fit Master’s whole cock in it! Do you want me to try?”

I stared at her speechless for a few moments and then sighed. “Sure… whatever…”

As Celeste tested how much she could make her mouth stretch, I felt a little like crying. Well, it’s fine, I guess, as long as she’s happy and safe, that’s all that matters. After all, we could have a lot more fun with her size-changing abilities in the future.

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