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Chapter 2111.5

The girls had finally accepted reality, but I had yet to punish them properly. I had created a three-headed hydra, and while I wouldn’t say it was my penis, my body would receive stimulation like it was. The girls continued to thrash helplessly on the bed. The skimpy lingerie I had put them in was especially fragile, and their attempts to break away from the sheets were already enough to tear the fabric covering them, which alongside their helpless looks, gave them all a defeated look.

My tentacle-like hydras slid up onto the bed, snaking up their bodies. Of my harem, Shao and Terra had always been the most reserved. Terra had always been a traditional girl, preferring a monogamous union. She liked to be on the bottom in missionary, since she was self-conscious about the extra weight her body had as a golem, and had even less confidence in her lack of a chest. Meanwhile, although Shao was assertive in most things, she was very weak when it came to sexual things. She became demure like a kitten as soon as it came to that.

Both of them were ill-prepared to handle weird things like tentacle penises. That was more suitable for the always playful Celeste, or the sexually adventurous Lydia.  Even Miki had a vivid imagination and just the amount of playfulness to want to experiment. After all, she was involved in the conception of this hydra in the first place.

So, while both girls looked on in dread and fear, the only one who looked a little bit eager was Salicia. Salicia’s issues were completely different of her companions. She had a great deal of inexperience. We had only been together a few times, so there was no way she could have built up the mental fortitude to deal with kink. Thus, her expression only came off as more innocent, a cow unknowingly marching toward their end.

“Ahhhnnn! It touched me! Shao cried, trying to pull her foot away as one head of the three-headed Hydra climbed up her leg.

“It’s warm…” Terra shuttered as another head began its assault on her.

“Mmmnn glmmmnnn!” Salicia was unable to say anything.

The way they had been tied up on the bed had left Salicia face down, and Hydra’s head quickly went for the throat. That was to say she was now gagging on it as it violated her mouth. The other girls could only look on in horror as their hydra heads climbed up their legs, aiming for a spot to violate as well. Of course, the hydra heads, while stiff, weren’t as rock-hard as a real penis. It didn’t travel like an arrow or a snake. Instead, it moved more like a root, gently nudging forward as it looked for a hole to penetrate.

“Gllmmm!” Salicia’s eyes widened as the hydra erupted inside her mouth.

White stuff ended up coming out her nose and lips as the cock finally fell back and collapsed to the ground. It slowly started to shrink back. The other girls who had yet to be violated let out sighs of relief.

“That’s not so bad.” Shao laughed.

“We can have Master’s hydra slain in no time.” Terra grew encouraged.

At that moment, the receding head suddenly flailed wildly. As it flailed, white stuff that hadn’t been deposited in Salicia’s mouth splashed across the bed and the girls. A moment later, the head broke into two. These heads seemed far more energized than the previous. They struck Salicia like lightning. One went back for her mouth, while the other went for her insides.

Salicia had managed to free her hands. As the cock struck at her mouth, she managed to grab it with her hands. She required both hands to hold it back as it tried to shove itself down her throat again. Meanwhile, she kept her legs tightly closed, but the hydra’s head was a bit wet from her saliva, and it was able to wiggle its way until its head started to sink into the soft flesh of Salicia’s pussy. It started to pump in and out of her. With each stroke, she groaned and gasped in pleasure. It was a completely new sensation for Salicia.

“Ahhh, it feels so good.” She cried, losing her grip on the cock that wanted to violate her mouth once again.

The other two girls watched on, their eyes wide. They started to realize the true fright of the Hydra. With every head they finished off, two more would grow in its place. They thought I came too quickly, but now they worried I’d cum too fast. My tentacles had reached both of their chests. The end of it opened up into a little sucker that suddenly latched onto their chests. Both Terra and Shao were having their nipple engulfed and sucked on. Meanwhile, the long slime shaft wriggled all over their bodies, creating both a pleasant and gross feeling at the same time.

“Master… ahhhn…” Terra moaned, always enamored when attention was given to her small chest, but wanting not to like it since it wasn’t technically me.

“Hah… no… those are for… the baby… and Master…” Shao panted, one eye closed, as she tried to fight the arousing feelings the hydra was giving her.

Salicia had lost the battle and was now being penetrated on both sides. I had used the sheets to bind up her hands once again. She looked like a spit roast. Her arms and legs were being held up by linen that defied gravity, and she had a tentacle in her mouth and a second one in her pussy. They were both thrusting in and out of her wildly. 

“Mm! Mmnn!” She moaned as tears fell down her face.

“Ahhn! I’m sorry!” Shao cried out as she came.

Her tentacle had slowly wrapped its way around her boobs. They were now being squeezed tightly by the shaft even while the head still sucked her nipple. Part of the shaft slid in between her tits, basically giving me the feeling of fucking her boobs. Her breasts weren’t so large, but since they were being pushed together, she had just enough boob to make it feel good. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced the sensations of multiple lovers all at once. One could say I was becoming an expert at this, so I made sure to enjoy every pleasure, but not let them overwhelm me.

Terra, who lacked enough chest, quickly caused the hydra’s head to grow bored. It went up to her mouth instead. She tried to keep her mouth shut, not letting it enter. My hydra slid down to her armpit and then started to tickle her. She let out a cry of laughter, and before she could close her mouth again it was inside her. Although Terra might resist in some ways, she knew that the sensations of the penis were being fed back to me, and she wouldn’t dare bite it and risk hurting me. Well, even if she did, I wouldn’t have minded. It wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t feel teeth, the discomfort of the floor, or chaffing from the sheets. All of that negative stimulus was removed so that all I experienced was pleasure.

“Mmllfff!” Salicia made a gagging noise as her eyes popped open wide.

The cock inside her suddenly erupted, squirting white fluid deep inside her. At that point, the tentacle in her mouth exploded as well. Since this was my illusionary world, I cranked up the amount of cum. It pumped it into her one bulge at a time, filling her womb until it couldn’t possibly hold any more. It was only when the pressure became too much that my tentacle was forced out and a spray of cum came shooting out of her pussy like a fountain. As for her mouth, she desperately tried to swallow gulp after gulp, but it became too much for her and more cum shot out her nose and mouth as she became overfilled.

Bother cocks finally fell harmlessly on the bed, and Salicia herself looked to have been hosed down by cum. She looked completely cumlogged, and even after having the sheets let her go, she collapsed on the bed, moaning incoherently. As for the two tentacles, they let out shrieks, and suddenly there were four of them.

“Hah… ahhhn…Salicia, stop getting Master off!” Shao cried and moaned as her breasts were still being violated.

One of the newly made tentacles had aimed for her, attacking her other boob so they were both being sucked on now, making it even harder for her to cope.

“I-I can’t help it!” Salicia cried, “Ahhn! A-again?”

This time, the three tentacles targeted Salicia. Two wrapped around her legs, picking them up into the air while the third went directly into her. As it slid into her, white stuff still squirted out. She was so full of cum that every time it slid into her, more white stuff squirted out of the edges, making a wet noise vibrational noise each time.

“Mmmn- ahhh!” Terra had started to earnestly suck on my cock, apparently thinking the faster she gave me pleasure, the sooner we’d finish.

The act caused the dick in her mouth to cum. However, just as she was prepared to swallow it like Salicia, it shot out of her mouth with the pressure of the first cum. It shot out blob after blob, but Terra couldn’t catch it in her mouth. It ended up hitting her on the cheeks, the hair, and even her breasts. Terra soon looked like she had been through a bukkake. Her tentacle finally shrank, only for two more to return.

“N-no… I can’t I-it’s coming out, please, Master.”

“My tentacles ignored her as they began to suck even harder. That seemed to be enough that she couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I… I… I’m cumming!” Shao kicked off the bed, her butt thrusting up into the hair as a sprinkle of fluids shot from her pussy.

The two cocks spit out her nipples and then erupted too. Even as she came, two shots of white pelted her in the face and on the breasts. By the time her tentacles shriveled up, she was also painted white. She let out a groan as four more cocks came back.

It went like this for some time. Each time a tentacle came, more rose in its place. Before long, I had over twenty cocks and I had shoved them in every place I could think. I even had some tickling their feet. That turned out to be especially torturous to them. I liked how their pussies tightened when they were laughing, so I tickled them relentlessly until they cried. By the end of it, all three girls were broken, fluid mixed messes. They had tears, snot, and cum running down their faces, and looks of defeat in their eyes.

I stood over them with my hands on my hips, laughing maniacally. This felt good. These skanks deserved it. I ruined all of their holes and made them feel like nothing more than tools. After doing all of that to them, not even Master would be able to see them as his innocent, loving girls anymore. Now, I’ll be the only one Master loves!

“Eh?” I blinked. “M-miki?”


“Miki!” I deliberately pulled my will apart from Miki, and the illusion shattered.

The three girls were still lying on the bed in a half-comatose state, but they were still dressed in their original nighties and showed no signs of being brutalized all night but dozens of tentacles. A girl collapsed next to me, letting out a cry as her butt hit the floor. I immediately looked down from the bed at her, my eyes narrowed.

“M-master!” Miki spun around, holding up her hands defensively. “Our Soul Bond ended, would you look at the time? I got to go!”

I waved a hand and the locked door clicked three more magical locks that only I could trigger.

“Miki… I thought you were asleep in my head.”

“I-I was… at first…” She coughed. “I became aware when Master started his punishment… since our souls were together, I thought I’d just nudge Master this way or that…”

As she spoke, she was nervously pressing her fingers together. It turned out that Miki had done exactly what the girls were afraid of. She hadn’t been able to take over my mind or anything like that, but she was able to consciously affect my thoughts. If it had just been the passive influence of her soul, that was one thing, but she was manipulating my actions. If she hadn’t gone overboard at the end there, I might not have even realized it was happening.

“You know what you did wrong?” I asked.

She winced. “I’m sorry… I won’t try to manipulate Master again…”

“That’s a Slave Order,” I responded seriously.

“Hah… yes…” She looked down as a truly guilty look crossed her face.

“Do you know what else you must do?” I looked at the girls lying on the bed.

“I-I already set it up so they won’t remember before we started!” She responded. “Everything that happened tonight will be a blur to them.”

I nodded. “In that case, there is only one more thing to take care of.”

“What’s that, Master?” Miki asked nervously.


“P-Punishment, Master? Ahhh!” As she spoke, two tentacles grabbed her ankles and flipped her onto the bed. “Wh-what? My illusion is gone, how is Hydra here?”

I grinned. “Whoever said I needed your illusions to manifest hydra?”

“N-not possible, ahhh! Why am I being restrained by the blankets? We left the illusion, right?”

“Your illusion, sure…” I grinned as the girls faded away and the world turned black. “However, we never left my illusion.”

“Your illusion, you can’t do illusions…” Miki struggled helplessly.

“I can if you were inadvertently brought into my Soul World!”

“When I left my illusion, you sent me right into your Soul World, you made an illusion inside an illusion!” Miki cried in disbelief. “N-not fair!”

“It’s perfectly fair… when I have a mischievous little fox that needs punishment.” I grinned.

Miki gulped, her eyes immediately jumping to the hydra. It turned out the punishment game was just getting started.

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