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“I mean no disrespect, Terra, but are you even capable of having sex?”

Terra sputtered indignantly. “Wha… o-of course! I’m… I’m a normal girl!”

“I’m sorry… it’s just you were made by your parents… so…”

“Aren’t all children made by their parents!” She stomped her feet angrily, causing the water to slush back and forth slightly.”

“E-easy! I believe you… don’t open up some kind of magma vein and cause this spring to turn into a volcano, will you?”


“I’m sorry for being a little confused too… you became my slave because I accidentally grabbed that rod. In general, I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything.”

She finally covered her small chest while blushing. “I-I understand… but my parents always said that… when I met the right man, I shouldn’t hold back.”

“Ah… is that it…”

Somehow, I felt like if her parents had known she’d apply that advice into having sex with a guy she just met, they would feel a bit of remorse over their poor word usage.

“I asked the other girls first if I could. They said that Master would accept me and that they would accept me too.”

I was a little curious at how accepting the girls were getting. Lydia had struggled with Miki initially, but Celeste had come pretty easily. Now, there was Terra as well. I didn’t want the girls to think poorly of me like I was lecherous or something. I genuinely cared for these women. They had put their lives on the line. Terra herself had saved me twice. Admittedly, I was the first guy in her life, so it was easy to fall in love with me, but I couldn’t deny I was attracted to her.

I sighed and gestured for her to come into the hot spring. I could see her shivering standing out on the cold rock. It was clear she was cold out there. Even if we didn’t have sex, I didn’t mind taking a bath with her.

Terra nodded and then slid into the hot spring. Her body made only a small disturbance in the water as she slid in. She looked uncertain of what to do next. As for me, I had already had a sexual relationship with other women, I considered just pulling her over. She had been the one to request it. However, I didn’t want to push anything past her comfort level, so I moved to the side of the pool instead and grabbed a washcloth and some soap.

Making it sudsy in my hand, I put some bubbles on Terra. I first put some on her nose, and she looked adorable as she went cross-eyed trying to look at it before she blew them off with her mouth. I then proceeded to carefully wash her back and shoulders. Terra had been underground for hundreds of years without ever technically having a bath. As the dirt shed off her in waves, I hoped that it wasn’t something like she’d keep melting away until she was nothing.

She was an Earth Golem, but where did the Earth end and her body begin? It was the kind of question I wasn’t quite at the stage of asking comfortably. Instead, I decided to go with trial by error, cleaning her entire body thoroughly to see if things start shrinking. I started with her breasts, but they weren’t large enough, to begin with, so I couldn’t see in the water if they were getting smaller.

“Ah… Ahn…” She made very cute noises as I scrubbed bubbles across her chest and cleaned her off.

After that, I started working on her hands and her body. Very slowly, I cleaned one of her fingers, and then washed it again once all the dirt was off. If I washed one finger more than the others, wouldn’t it shrink with each subsequent washing? In that case, if the finger shrank so it was smaller than the other fingers, then I probably should end her bath immediately.

In the end, I was just being paranoid, as she seemed as female as any of the girls. I was suspicious her muscles might have a more rock-like consistency or something, but in the end, she felt like Lydia or Miki. However, I might have been rubbing a bit enthusiastically, because she was flushed and panting by the time I was done.

“S-sorry…” I said when I finally put away the washcloth.

“N-no… it’s fine.” She turned to me.

I became very conscious of the fact we were both naked. The me from a few months ago might have shied away or run. The first time I was with Lydia, she had nearly had to beg me. Even now, I don’t feel comfortable asking them for sex. However, watching the small and shy Terra standing in water, submerged almost to her shoulders, I realized I really did want her. Maybe I had become a lecherous person, but maybe that didn’t matter. At the end of the day, we were just two consenting people who happened to like each other.

My mouth lowered and I kissed her wet lips. She immediately took in a breath, her whole body turning rigid for a moment. Her lips were sweet and smooth. She might have an earthy scent and taste, but that could just as easily be the minerals of the hot spring we were in and the hot fog filling our senses. My kiss grew more impassioned and my tongue found its way into her lips and mouth.

“Mmm…” She melted against me, and I could feel her warm naked body pressed against mine in the water.

I could feel my dick growing hard and fight an obstruction. By the feel of it, I was pressed between her thighs. The feel of my cock pressing against her seemed to excite Terra even more, as she pushed herself forward and wrapped her arms around me. Terra was heavy, but in the hot spring, she was as light as could be. Reaching down, I grabbed her thighs and picked her up. Her legs spread open for me, allowing my cock to slide between her thighs completely.

I found my cock rubbing against her wet cunt underwater. Due to the position, I couldn’t penetrate her, but my dick stroked along the shaft and the outer lips of her untouched pussy. She began to rock her own hips as well, riding my cock quite literally, using the top of the shaft to stimulate her pussy externally.

She wasn’t naïve like Celeste who had spent her entire life in a dungeon. Until she died, she had lived a full life to adulthood. Thus, it wasn’t like she was completely unaware of sex. She wasn’t skilled and learned like Lydia, or shy and hesitant like Miki. Terra was more like a girl next door. She might understand things in theory, but she had never had the practice she needed. Now, I was her first try, and she could finally figure out what worked for her. At least, that was my impression of the erotic woman who was growing more erotic by the moment.

I savored the feel of her outer pussy sliding up and down my cock while my hand graceful fondled her tight, small butt. She had an arm wrapped around my neck and was writhing extremely erotically to satisfy her sexual urges. Her small breasts would pull away from my chest and then push back again, her stiff nipples scratching my chest with each movement. The splashing of the water grew more aggressive, and her body created splashing noises as it pushed back against mine.

Although the hot spring was full of warm water, her pussy felt even hotter, and her grinding effort made my cock feel like it might explode at any moment. Had this been my first time, I might have lost it already with just this stimulation. Kissing her neck, I tried to bring her up higher, positioning my cock so that it would slide into her. Even so, Terra was a small girl and with the heat, my cock was at its fullest right then.

She was still trying to hump the top of my cock, and as soon as the position changed, her next thrust caused me to pierce inside her. It only made it about halfway before she gasped and froze.

“Ahn!” She cried out. “I feel it…”

“S-sorry…” I didn’t know why I felt like I needed to apologize, but the wince of pain in her face made me feel bad.

She shook her head and giggled, suddenly applying pressure with her legs wrapped around me, and forcing the rest of my cock inside her. She let out a cry of pain and pleasure, and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me thoroughly.

“Yes… that’s it…” She said, sighing as she accepted the feel of my cock inside her.

Terra began to rock her hips against me. I realized I didn’t need to do much to hold her upper body, as she floated in the water if I didn’t hold on. Her lower half had a firm hold on my thighs and she was riding my cock using her own legs to straddle me. It was basically cowgirl; except, I was standing and she was floating almost horizontally.

This freed me up to play with her body, and my hands wandered up and down and her small frame. I used my thumb and forefinger and lightly teased her hard nipples. She reacted excitedly to that, even quickening her pace as she rode my cock. Any pain she might have felt from losing her virginity was either lost by her high vitality as a guardian or ignored because of the warm soothing nature of the hot spring. Either way, she didn’t hesitate to enjoy my body, and thus I grew more aggressive in enjoying hers.

The full-length stroke of her pussy felt amazing as she didn’t hesitate to pull out to the tip before plunging it back in. She experimented with speed, length, and even angle. Watching her experiment with my body only caused me to grow even more excited. I finally reached my limit, so I reached down and pulled her out of the water. She gave a little yip of surprise, but I didn’t let her recover as I began to take control, taking advantage of her body.

A moment prior, she had been playing with my dick, riding me for amusement. Now, I had her in my grip, and I was using her as my personal sex toy.

“Ahn… Ahhn… yes… yes… Deek! Do me! Yes… Do me!” She moaned, clearly fine with me suddenly taking charge.

I obliged, pumping her harder and harder, each thrust being enough to send waves shooting off to the side of the hot spring. Her breathing became disorderly, and she did everything just to hold on to me, only occasionally sloppily kissing my neck as she bounced up and down, creating quite a noisy racket in the once peaceful natural reserve.

“M-master… please… keep me forever.”

“You’re mine!” I shot back, kissing her mouth once again.

She broke away to let out a cry. “I’m… cumming!”

I could feel the spasms as she erupted in a powerful orgasm. Her pussy had a strong spasm, pulling on my cock aggressively, It was more than I could hold back, and I found myself cumming too. My dick erupted inside Terra. Her eyes couldn’t look any more delighted.

“I feel it…I feel master’s seed in my womb!” She said excitedly as I continued to pump her full of sex.

“Ah… Te-Terra…” I panted, letting her fall back into the water.

Outside the water, she was still pretty heavy, but I didn’t want her to know that, so I just casually sank down to take the pressure off myself. The pair of us remained floating in the hot spring for a bit as we regained our breath. My dick was still inside her, and after a moment, she looked at me shyly, causing my dick to twitch. If it hadn’t been for Lydia, I wouldn’t have gained the ability to go multiple times. For her, it was now a requirement. Thus, even though I was just spent, I could feel my dick getting hard inside Terra again.

“M-master… again?” She gasped, but then giggled and went to kiss me.

“No… again!” Three naked women suddenly emerged from a nearby bush.

I let out a noise and glared. “Wh-what? How long have you three been there?”

They weren’t watching, were they? It wasn’t like I had been checking my map during.

“Nevermind that! Terra got one!”

“Just one?” Terra frowned. “B-but… how many did Lydia have her first time?”

Lydia caught. “Ah… not important! Rather, we all decided that if Master has one of us, he must satisfy all! We let you enjoy Master as a courtesy, but naturally, we can’t wait any longer!”

“How is there anything natural about that?” I cried incredulously.

Didn’t I have a say in the matter at all?

“Master…” Terra looked over at me sweetly, I could tell she didn’t want to share me just yet.

Then again, there were three other girls on the shore with very similar expressions! They all ended up jumping into the pool heartlessly.

“Master, clean me!”

“Master… touch me!”

“Master… do me!”

Ah… darn it. I said I’d take responsibility! I rolled up my metaphorical sleeves, equipped Pervert, and got to work.  

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