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Chapter 244

In the end, it was decided unanimously that we had to take baths before we were going to submit any paperwork in a magistrate’s office. Getting a house might take all day. That is to say, I had four women who unanimously told me that our next location had to be a place to take a bath. Of course, I could have looked for an inn, but I still had hopes of landing a place to live tonight. Spending the whole fee for a night in an inn felt wasteful when I was trying to buy a property. I know I had a lot of money right now, but I was used to being poor. What can I say, I’m cheap.

As a result, I followed the map, which thankfully did turn out to be rather accurate for the most part. The location I lead us to was a bathhouse. I knew this because it was an outdoor bathhouse, separated by fences. Of course, I wasn’t someone from the east, so the idea of outdoor bathhouses was something I only knew because I happened to be a bit of a nerd. I played enough video games and read enough web novels to at least be familiar with the concept, even if it did still leave me feeling a bit odd.

The five of us walked into the bathhouse areas. There was a building in front where people split to men and women, could undress in the locker room, and then head back outside in a fenced-off cleaning area. The bathhouse seemed to have that kind of set up. There was a thick, overweight woman who was behind the counter. She was honestly the first person I had seen that I’d consider fat like me in this world. I was relieved I wasn’t the only one.

“4 girls and 1 boy.” I requested and paid the fee.

Don’t get me wrong, I had honestly considered having Celeste shrink down and be snuck in, but even I have my standards. At least in front of the girls, I wasn’t going to act that uncool. I was handed a bucket and a coarse, unpleasant towel. Fortunately, they didn’t confiscate our storage rings. I had a much nicer feeling towel in there, although I was surprised at how expensive it was just to get a soft towel in this world.

The place was actually pretty empty. We did arrive around noontime, so most people wouldn’t be taking a bath, I supposed. I quickly found a seat, rinsed and scrubbed myself clean of the dirt from my travels, and then headed out into the open-air bath. I was still shy, so I used the coarse towel as a makeshift loincloth so I didn’t have to bear myself.

I lowered myself into the bath. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. The water was hot. It was a warm day, so the effect wasn’t anything glorious like warming my chilled bones, but it still felt nice to be in hot water. The sun was directly overhead. It might be bad for my skin to get too much sun, but I had to admit that the light beating down on me felt really good. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

We had made it to the Capital. I had money, four slave women, and soon I’d be a noble with multiple properties. Life in another world was actually quite nice. If I had any regret, there was only one. My mother was left behind on Earth. I didn’t know what happened to her. I had always taken care of her and she had taken care of me. With my disappearance, she might be sad.

As I sat contemplating such things, sitting between relaxed and melancholy, the girls next door started to make a ruckus.

Chapter 245

“Wow… you girls are all really pretty!” A female voice came from the other side.

“Eh? So, we’re not alone?” Miki spoke out.

“Mm… I’m here with my brother, how do you do? My name is Eliana.” She had a clear and somewhat haughty way of speaking but didn’t talk down to my slaves so she was probably a nice person.

There were some splashes as the girls jumped into the pool.

“Waaah! Terra! Why is your splash so large! You’re such a tiny girl.”

“M-master says I’m light in water though…”

“Ah! Your boobs are really big!” Celeste declared.

“Wh-what? Y-yours are bigger…” The new girl responded shyly.

“Yeah… but mine are small when I’m in my normal form.”

“Normal? Ah! Y-you’re a fairy!”

“Master says I’m a Sylph!”

My eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch as I listened to the girls speak. I really didn’t know how the Capital saw things like golems and fairies. They could just see them as monsters and it could cause a problem. I’d definitely need to have a talk with the girls. They may be slaves, but I still didn’t want them showing off their stuff too forwardly. It’d only cause problems. It’d be very unfortunate if someone started bullying them.

“What’s so special about these big things anyway? They’re just fat!” Miki declared.

“Yeeeaaaa… stop squeezing!” The female cried out.

“Mm… agreed, boobs are too soft.” Terra’s voice added.

“Is it because you don’t have ears and a tail?” Lydia asks. “Did all that extra energy go into boobs?”

“Ahhh… t-t-touching me there…”

“Sister, you shouldn’t be so sensitive there, if you do, the man will definitely win during sex. My trainer always told me that as soon as a man took charge in a sexual encounter, women could only be at their mercy.” Lydia explained calmly.

“Wh-why are we talking about sex! Ahhh… What are you doing back there!”

“She has no wings either! She probably wouldn’t be Master’s type.” Celeste declared.

“Who-who are you girls! I-I thought you were slaves. Why are you so forward?” Eliana said desperately.

“Master teaches us to be assertive or we might be taken advantage of,” Lydia explained. “That’s why you can lie back and relax and know that we’ll take care of you properly.”

“T-take care! What does that even mean! Ai… ai… ai… “

I was twitching quite a bit now. Apparently, my training had gone in the exact opposite direction. Not only were my girls not timid, but they’ve become the type to bully other women. It turned out I’d definitely be needing to have a long talk with them when the bath was finally over. In the meantime, the sounds this girl Eliana was making were not necessarily unpleasant to the ears, so I decided to allow this treatment for the immediate future.

However, as I sat back and immersed myself in the sounds of my girls at play, another noise caught my ear. It was a harsh noise. It was the sound of someone panting. I opened my eyes and looked at a hidden area, not in the pool. Behind a bush, right up against the fence, was a man crouched there. He had a towel around his waist and was completely dry as if he had never even entered the bath. He was staring intently through a hole in the fence!

Wait… that hole led into the girl’s bath! This pervert was spying on my girls!

Chapter 246

Naturally, I created a fireball and set him on fire. He cried out in a horrific scream as he was burned alive. Just kidding. I’m in the middle of the Capital in the middle of a public place. Murdering someone for slightly and unknowingly wronging me is something for psychopaths to do. Plus, even though I’m full of insecurity, it isn’t so bad that I’d feel the need to murder any man who maybe saw one of my girls naked. I couldn’t even imagine someone who was that insecure as to be driven to murder over such slights.

Saying that it wasn’t like I was happy about seeing him peek on my girls either. “Yo… what are you doing?”

The guy sat up like he had just been goosed, spinning back to me. “Ah! Oh! A fellow man has come to this bath. Splendid! You can help me!”

“Wait… are you the brother of that girl Eliana?”

“Haha… just as I thought, you were listening in on the other side. I can see you are a man’s man like me. Only true men show a healthy curiosity when it comes to what happens on that side.”

“I think you’re glorifying things a bit… they’re just women, all they are doing is bathing.”

“N-no… st-stop… if you keep doing that, I’ll pee!” Eliana’s voice echoed outside.


The guy raised an eyebrow. “You sure about that? Don’t deny you aren’t interested in seeing such things.”

“What help do you need?” I asked.

I actually wasn’t that interested. Four of those girls were my slaves. I could see them naked any time I wanted and them playing together was a nightly thing. I didn’t even know what Eliana looked like to be curious about seeing her naked, and seeing her wasn’t worth allowing this guy to have a full sight of my girls. The reason I decided to help was to figure out exactly what his plan was. By knowing his plan, naturally, I could interfere with it!

“I knew that you would be interested! You’re definitely a man’s man like me!” He laughed. “The hole down here barely gives me a view. It’s angled strangely. That’s why that fat old lady never bothered to patch it.”

“Makes sense…” So, he didn’t see my girls, after all, that was good.

“However, there is a hole up there.” He pointed to a point about ten feet up. “Naturally, a normal person wouldn’t be able to look through it. That’s why she hasn’t patched that one either. But two people change the game! Let me stand on your shoulders, and I will definitely fulfill a man’s romance!”

Even if I was a pervert like this guy, why would I let him stand on my shoulders so that I couldn’t see anything? Clearly, this guy had a few screws loose in his head.

“Why would I help you out?” I demanded. “I can’t say that I approve of being another man’s literal stepping stone in any sense of the word.”

The guy put on a disappointed look. “So, you’re not willing to help me fulfill the dreams of men?”

“I think I’ll keep out of this one, thank you.”

Since he doesn’t have the capacity to escalate his spying shenanigans and he couldn’t see my girls through the hole, I naturally had nothing to worry about.

“In that case…” His eyes narrowed darkly. “I’ll just have to make you!”

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