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Chapter 247

Even though I hadn’t expected him to suddenly attack me, months of practice in the dungeons left my body reacting even as my mind was confused. I leaped out of the water, and with the wave of my hand I manipulated the water to create a screen to hide my movements. He slammed into the water with a splash.

“Ah… a Mage!” The guy said, laughing.” It’s too bad for you, I’m a Pugilist!”

Although he was attacking me, he had a playful demeanor about him. I didn’t have the feeling he was being all that serious. Rather, it felt like he was looking down on me and confidant in his own abilities. He didn’t seem to want to hurt me, but at no point did he feel like he couldn’t get what he wanted out of me. The feeling really irritated me.

Pugilist was a job I’d like to learn. All of my sword knowledge came from the Hero job, so without a sword, my knowledge was basically zilch. One of the many things I wanted to do in the capital was research the requirements for other jobs. Chief among those jobs were some kind of martial arts or Pugilist. If I could battle with my hands, I wouldn’t have to depend on the sword anymore. In all honesty, I didn’t like fighting with a sword. It was sharp and scary. I was happy to leave that kind of work to Lydia.

“Too slow!” He cried, leaping through a wave of water and reaching out to grab me.

There was a feeling about his hand that caused my neck hair to rise, so I instinctively jumped back and dodged it. However, he kept moving forward, trying to grab me. None of my skills could be called acrobatic. In fact, if I didn’t have the cheat skill of three jobs boosting my status at once, I’d have been overtaken within the first second. I created a water jet to knock him back, but it only caused him to flip away to avoid me.

It must be nice to be able to move like that. He was all acrobatic and smooth. I was just barely managing to clumsily avoid him. I had been fat my entire life, so being able to move so smoothly was something I just couldn’t do! Wait… why do I keep complimenting this guy in my mind! He’s clearly a pervert who is up to absolutely no good! I couldn’t allow him to do what he wanted with the girls!

Rather, I had nothing I could fight him or deflect him back with. I recalled a dungeon ability called Electroshock! With the water all over him, I could easily stun the guy and knock him on his ass. It was the easiest way to bring him down given the circumstances. Jumping back and sending out several jets and another water screen, I reset my ability.

The mistake was apparent immediately. In the end, switching abilities in mid-fight really was impossible. As soon as I lost my two jobs, I became extremely sluggish. I barely had my dungeon menu up when he had already blown through my defenses and reached out and grabbed me. His hand shone for a second, and then I felt my muscles go stiff.

I had one eye closed, waiting for him to strike me or attack me in some way, but when he did nothing, I tried to open it, only to realize that I couldn’t. In fact, my body couldn’t move at all. The guy let out a laugh, dusting off his wet hands as if the battle was completely over.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

I was completely paralyzed!

Chapter 248

The young man who had attacked me casually grabbed me and picked me up. I always saw myself as a heavy guy, so this guy must be pretty strong. I wanted to ask him what he was going to do, but my mouth was incapable of moving and I couldn’t say anything.

“Relax…” The guy sighed, “I’m just using you a stepping stone. The paralysis wears off in just a little bit. Don’t hate me!”

I realized that the place he was positioning me was directly under the peephole he had indicated earlier. He wasn’t making things up in the slightest! He really was using me as a stepping stone in every sense of the word! He was going to step on my shoulders and use me to ogle my women. This was a complete travesty! Now, I was actually a little upset! No, he was really pissing me off!

Of all my White Mage abilities, Cure Paralyzation was not one of them. I already tried Weak Heal, Remove Curse, and Cure Disease to no avail. Actually, I couldn’t use Remove Curse, because Remove Curse needed me to touch myself, which I couldn’t do while I was frozen. While he prepared everything like he had all the time in the world, I frantically worked through my mind to come up with any way to thwart him.

If I swapped my body with one of the girls, I’d send her in here. The girls would probably go easy on me. However, that involved sacrificing one of the girls to this pervert-san. If I used the Return ability, I could take off and return to my home. However, I’d be abandoning the girls. This guy would still be trying to see them. Who knew how long I’d be paralyzed too. It might be all night. In that case, he’ll have plenty of other “stepping stones” he could use to see my girls, and they would panic when they couldn’t find me.

Then my thoughts fell on the dungeon list. I had summoned it up but had yet to put any points down. I had 17 in all. However, it wasn’t the points that caught my interest, but some of the skills. For 5 points each were immunities to just about any element you could think of. Fire Immunity, Cold Immunity, and Poison Immunity were some of the options. One of those options was Paralysis Immunity! I put down my reset point, gave myself my 3 jobs back, and then I selected Paralysis Immunity.

By the time I finished this, the guy had already climbed up on my shoulders, but he hadn’t made it to the hole just yet. My paralysis didn’t fade instantly, unfortunately. However, as soon as I equipped it, I felt able to move a bit.

“No!” I cried out, starting to try to knock him off my shoulder.

I could only just move them enough that I could put him off balance. My arms were still numb, but the feeling was coming back quick. The guy squeezed his toes, trying to grab my shoulders like some kind of monkey.

“Woah… hey… why are you moving! S-stop that! I can’t hold on!” He let out a cry, but I responded by trying to throw him off even harder.

I overestimated my ability, and still half-paralyzed, I ended up losing my balance. I fell back, and the guy fell forward. We both ended up slamming into the fence with a bang.

“Eh? What’s that?” Lydia’s voice came from the other side.

Creek… Creek…. Creeeeeeeeek! The wall suddenly gave way, falling in on the female side. There were screams of women and splashing as the wall collapsed, half of it landing in the pool. Lying in that debris, butt-naked and dizzy… were the pervert-san and me!

Chapter 249

“Ahhh…” I hissed as I got up, using heal on myself instantly to repair the damage.

“Ahhhhhh!” A scream was let out.

There was a blond girl with long legs and a rather nice body. As I had overheard, she did have a big pair of breasts and a rather nice body. She looked to be the same age as my girls, and also around the same beauty.

Before anyone could say anything, the pervert-san jumped up and then laughed. “Ah… such beauties! I’m here to help you all with your problems?”

“Eh?” Lydia had managed to put a towel on herself before the smoke cleared. “Our problems?”

Remarkably, all the girls had found towels and were covered. Her wet sticky hair and her naked body covered by only a towel was still very erotic, but my girls at least had some covering. Only Eliana seemed to have been left out. When she realized all the other girls were protected, she ran to grab a towel. She failed three times, becoming frantic until Miki helped her with it.

Lydia was glancing at me, but I could only shake my head and mouth the word ‘pervert’. Unfortunately, the pervert didn’t catch this and took her addressing him as encouragement. He moved forward reaching out to grab Lydia. I tensed, but Lydia smoothly moved, avoiding his touch. If he paralyzed her, I may actually end my ban on killing humans.

“Yes… my lady… naturally, you have many itches you may need scratched, as well as dirt you may need clean. I’d be happy to wash you thoroughly…”

“Wash… us…” Lydia’s words sounded somewhat strange.

“Mmmmm!” He grew more excited.

“Perverts must die…” Lydia’s words came out so coldly, that it was like the hot bath had lost all warmth.

“Eh?” He cocked his head. “Guh!”

Lydia kicked him and he went flying.

“I hate men like this!” Miki proceeded to attack his spirit.

“You should die!” Celeste grabbed him in air and tossed him up in the air.

“Only Master…” Terra finished.

Just as he was about to land in the pool, the ground suddenly jerked five feet to the side, causing him to slam into the rocky concrete. I even winced at the cruel brutality of the women. The guy was clearly knocked out, even though his eyes were open and bubbles were coming out of his mouth. He’d probably live though. It looked like I didn’t need to do any vengeance myself. The women handled it by themselves.

“I-I’m sorry…” The girl spoke up, tying her towel around her and walking over to him. “This is my brother. He promised he wouldn’t act this way when I took him out, but in the end, he’s still helpless. Please excuse his actions with this. I will make sure he gets punished when we return home by father.”

“That’s good.” I sighed and nodded, crossing my arms.

“Eh?” The girl, in concern for her brother, had seemed to forget I was there.

I hadn’t found where my towel went, so I was standing naked in the bathroom with my arms crossed. At that exact moment her eyes met mine, the poorly tied towel covering her body came undone and then fell to the floor, once again revealing her naked body.

“Ahhh! Another pervert!” She screamed, grabbing for her towel and covering herself. “Why aren’t you girls attacking him?”

The girls all looked at her strangely.

“Master can have my body whenever he wants?” Lydia explains.

Miki blushes and touches her fingers together. “If Master wanted to peek, he should just ask… although, he doesn’t have to ask either. It’s okay if he just takes…”

“Eh? Master’s here? Hi, Master!” Celeste waved excitedly like she hadn’t even realized I was nearby the entire time. 

“I should have peeked on Master…” Terra sighed. “Master is truly wiser at spending his time.”

“What… no… no… no… he’s a pervert!” Eliana insisted, pointing at me. “You… boy… you’re their Master?”

“I am…” I nodded.

“Then, I will buy all four of them off you!” She declared, glaring at me.

“Eh? What’s that?”

“It’s the law! If someone can pay off a slave’s cost and the slave desires it, then you must let them free! I’m invoking my right and freeing your slaves this instant!”

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