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Chapter 265

Our next stop after the championship closed for the day was a nice-looking seamstress. There was a woman with a shop full of dresses. I didn’t have the time to have anything made for the girls, so the best we could do was pick out the dresses and have them fitted if needed.

“Master… how does this look?” Celeste asked, spinning around excitedly.

I gave her a thumbs up and then asked the seamstress a curiosity of mine, “Is there anything you own that can grow or shrink in size to match the person?”

The seamstress shook her head. “There are seamstresses of that ability, but they are far outside my realm. Perhaps the nobility may know of someone who can enchant clothing.”

So, I needed to locate a magical seamstress too. In honesty, I was thinking of having all of our clothing enchanted with various things to make life easier. A grow and shrink spell was just one of the ideas I had. To hear that this kind of thing does exist instantly made me more interested in pursuing it. I was eager to find out what else I could enchant clothing to do. Perhaps a spell that added a little bit of armor on top of the clothing would be nice. Clothing that automatically cleaned itself? Fireproof? Well, the options were endless as long as I found a person with the proper skill.

I should probably look in this direction when it came to blacksmithing our weapons and armor too. Although most magic armor in this world was found in dungeons, I remember from games that the most powerful armors were usually those that you could make yourself. Well, I had no intention of taking a blacksmithing course and leveling it up to 100, but if I found someone else with blacksmithing it’d be nice to get enchanted weapons and armor in complimentary sets as well.

Well, these were just dreams of mine. A few spells were exceptionally common, like the backpack weight spell and some status raising spells, but based on the material and the type of enchantment, the price raised up pretty quickly. Armor-like clothing was said to be in the range of about 1000 gold coins each. Suddenly, the amount of money I had been flashing around during the competition didn’t feel like very much.

Putting aside my introspection, I ended up picking up a suit and four beautiful dresses. Slaves didn’t typically wear things this nice, so Lydia and Miki were quite happy about it. Celeste and Terra were also happy, but more because their sheltered lives had prevented them from ever having things like dances and stuff like that. Thinking about it, all of my women seemed to live pitiable lives before they met me. It seemed only fitting that I allowed them to experience some of the nicer things in life.

It was their hard work that allowed them to be present during this event. While they were slaves, and technically the invitation was for me, there was nothing specifically saying that I couldn’t take the girls as they were. Thus, I wanted them to enjoy a nice noble’s party for once in their life. It’ll probably turn out fine.

Chapter 266

After we bought dresses, there were many other places I was interested in. One such place was a map store. Maps were actually somewhat expensive things, having to be done and copied by hand. However, I could steal all the maps I wanted thanks to the map skill. Thus, I took advantage of that. With the map skill equipped, I glanced over various maps, from world to more specific.

The Capital City of Aberis didn’t officially have a name. It was just called the Capital. It had been built to house the power of Aberis. I actually knew almost nothing about any other country other than Aberis. Looking at a map, we existed on a continent where Aberis was actually a somewhat small nation. There were five nations in the corner of the continent, and Aberis was one of them. Of course, there was Dioshin to the west, with the wildlands we lived in being a sliver barely seeable on the world map.

Besides those two which actually bordered the ocean, there were three more countries that wrapped around our two. Those were Jespain, Esmore, and The Ost Republic. These five nations together only made up the size of one of the two adjacent nations, Shie Gescar and the Imperial Cloud Meadow. Since this was a map shop and not a history shop, that was about all I knew about these places. However, I had filled out my map significantly and even could navigate the bigger cities.

“I’d love to visit these places just once.” I murmured to myself.

It wasn’t that I was that keen on exploring the world. As a former NEET, I’d be quite happy living in my mansion in Chalm for the remainder of my life. Rather, I wanted to be able to use my portal. I had been thinking for some time about how I was going to make money for Chalm. Chalm’s biggest problem was still the fact that it wasn’t a major exporter of anything.

One idea I had was to find or create skilled enchanters. Not only did I have the desire to have enchanted items of my own, but if I could get someone to produce enchanted items, we could sell them and bring a great deal of money to Chalm. Given the benefits I had, I reckoned I could bring an enchanter into a dungeon and level up her enchantment skills until she’s quite impressive. In fact, I had been having such thoughts about Celeste for a while now. I didn’t know where she had picked up Enchanter as an ability, but Wind Enchanted items were extremely valuable, and if I worked with her to create Regen or healing enchanted items, we could definitely increase our team’s safety and possibly secure a lot of money in the future.

The other method of making money was the simplest method: trade. By being able to trade things with distant parts of the world, my portals could quickly bring wealth to our city. The problem was… I had to reach distant parts of the world. That would take a lot of time and effort.

“Ah… then, perhaps you should check out the Travel Guild.” The mapmaker spoke out, an irritated expression on his face as he noticed me continuing to finger through his maps and not buy any.

He probably just wanted me out of the store, but I couldn’t help but ask. “What does the Travel Guild offer?”

The man rolled his eyes rudely. “What do you think they offer? Of course, they work with adventuring guild. You can find guards. Rent carriages? Find escorts. Even join caravans. Anyone who makes a living traveling from country to country needs to make use of the Travel Guild.”

“Ah… it’s like that.”

I had some difficulty getting into the caravan we did to get the castle. It involved a bit of begging. I recalled the wagoner saying we ought to have done it through the right channels. It turned out those channels were this Travel Guild.

“And… of course… if you got the money…” The man shrugged. “You can just pay a magician to teleport you to whatever city you want.”

My eyes suddenly grew feverish.

“I’m sorry, what was that last part?”

Chapter 267

As it turned out, there was an entire industry of magicians that can teleport people to other cities. Here I was, thinking I was special with my portal, and it turned out such things had been done before. It was starting to get late and we’d need to head to the banquet soon, but I made one more stop at the travel guild.

“May I help you?” A young man asked at the front.

“I wanted to inquire about your teleportation services.”

Naturally, anywhere I was teleported was now an area I could create a portal. I had tried to a portal to a place completed by my map, and that turned out to be insufficient to allow me to portal to it. I had to physically be there… or to be able to lock onto someone who was physically there. Of course, another option would be to lock on to someone and then have them head somewhere distant. However, they’d need to be someone I was familiar and friendly with because as soon as I opened a portal in front of them, they’d probably realize it. Thus, this teleportation had to be a way that I could expand my travel quickly without all of the mess.

I quickly learned that the teleportation system wasn’t perfect. First of all, it was rather expensive. It cost 10 gold coin per person per use. Secondly, there were distance restrictions. I couldn’t travel more than a few cities over. I’d then need to pay the price in that city and travel even farther. The Capital was the hub of Aberis, and there were only five locations set up for instant teleportation. Two of those locations were actually dungeons in Aberis.

This teleportation was also a spell that required an incantation drawn on the floor and reagents as well. Suffice it to say, there was only one man who had the ability to cast the spell, and he wasn’t available at the moment. He only made himself available for casting this spell once a day. Each rune had a day of the week where he cast it. If you were there, you could be transferred in a group along with anyone else. If you weren’t, you had to wait a week.

That was still fine with me. A teleportation spell to any city more distant than I traveled would save me tons of time. For 10 gold, I could travel to the city of Ravenport, which happened to be on the ocean. I definitely wanted to go there. Perhaps it would be possible to take the girls to the beach. Maybe I should even buy a property in Ravenport.

The Great Dungeons were also interesting to me. They were completely unlike the small dungeons I had visited. They had been around for thousands of years and their bottoms were said to be incompletable. Not simply cities, but entire trade systems had been built around the dungeons. One of the Great Dungeons even had a bazaar inside it if you could reach a low enough level. They were on a completely different level than what I had experienced. I definitely wanted to go to them. That was where most Dungeon Divers worked.

“We need to get going, the banquet is starting,” I said to the girls.

All of this stuff would have to wait for another day. My time in the Capital wouldn’t be short.

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