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Chapter 295

I sighed, looking at the change in my pocket, “It seems like Figuro was right, the Capital City definitely doesn’t allow you to abuse haggling too much.”

I was going around trying to sell everything I didn’t want from the dungeons. There seemed to be three types of sellers. The craftsmen who were not Merchants, who either had a Merchant do all their sales for them or automatically increased their prices by 20% or dropped their offers by the same. Mind you, those that chose the later lost sales to a lot of non-Merchants, so they didn’t usually run public shops. I had only ended up facing one seemingly by accident because I was using my map.

The second kind were Merchants who seemed to always know when Haggle was used against them, and would then immediately respond with Upsell. A few seemed to even be able to predict when you would Upsell with them, and would automatically adjust the price accordingly. The final kind just Haggled and Upsold everyone. I was beginning to see that the kinds of Merchants like this were the most nefarious and least trustworthy.

Although Figuro had told me that there was no trouble trying to haggle with people, after seeing those that fell back on that ability, I was starting to feel like perhaps I shouldn’t. Thus, I decided to try haggling and upselling legitimately. I found it far easier with my charm pluses to sweet talk merchants. I think my girls also had something to do with it, although I certainly didn’t use them at all to get discounts.

“Ah… you want those gloves?” A blushing blacksmith said. “I’ll give you a discount.”

Terra had grown interested in a pair of enchanted gloves and was eyeing them excitedly. They would protect her hands and give her a stronger punch. Although I was mostly selling everything we had collected to make as much coin as I could, with the championship tomorrow, I definitely wanted them equipped properly too. Thus, it was a combination of selling everything and buying new equipment for the girls. When I started trying to talk down the blacksmith, he seemed to tighten up his wallet really quickly.

“S-so, I can’t have the gloves?” Terra asked, tears welling in her eyes.

Come on, Deek. You’re strong. Endure… Endure… Just a bit longer! Sweat was pouring down my face. She was looking up at the two of us so sadly.

“O-okay!” The blacksmith cried out. “You can have it for that price!”

“Thank you!” I let out a breath, only just managing to outlast him.

“Y-you’re lucky she reminds me of my daughter…” he grumbled.

In the end, I got the enchanted gloves for almost their value. On top of that, I sold curious items we had accumulated from the dungeons. It was easier selling him stuff than buying stuff from him. He was much less willing to give up his own stuff than buy other stuff. Is that the so-called pride of a blacksmith? Since he made it, he felt it had a lot of value and didn’t want to part?

Well, it was something like that. We stopped at about six places before we ran out of time. I had thought Faeyna might have jumped in and helped out as well. However, she sat back and watched all of my sales.

“I’m surprised you didn’t speak up and try to get a better discount. Aren’t you management?”

Faeyna cocked her head. “I wouldn’t step up on Master’s pride as such? If you wish, I can do so…”

That was right. Faeyna had the mentality of a slave. She hasn’t been around long enough to pick up the other girl’s boldness. Even if she felt she could get a better price than me, speaking up and interrupting her Master would be out of line. Actually, this was probably how a proper slave was supposed to act.

“In the future, if you think you can improve a situation by butting in, I give you permission to do so,” I said.

Faeyna nodded, but she seemed uncertain of that. After all, her previous noble owner sounded like a piece of work.

“Let’s go, this was just phase one.”

I had made about 500 gold by selling all the extra stuff. I didn’t feel rich anymore seeing how quickly that money could go and how much I needed.

Chapter 296

I ended up heading to the Travel Guild next. We were running a little late, so I had the girls run. Faeyna wore a hood that covered her ears. It would probably be sensational to see an elf running throughout the city. Actually, I felt really bad. Having Faeyna follow us around on foot was like buying a Mercedes and then driving down a dirt road. I should be ashamed of offering her that kind of treatment. I’d definitely need to become a better Master.

Upon walking into the Travel Guild, Faeyna and Miki were out of breath. I was usually the guy who was first to be out of breath in any group, so I guess my stamina was improving. Of course, Lydia and Terra were always full of stamina and Miki flew when she got tired of walking. There was an old man sitting on a chair, and a large formation drawn on the ground.

“Last call for Dirage. Anyone going to Dirage?”

“Yes!” I called out, bringing the girls with me. “It’s six of us.”

The old man barely looked up at me before giving a shrug. “Stand on the circle. It’s 60 gold.”

I grimaced, but brought out my freshly earned money and handed it to him. There were two other men on the circle, they glanced at the girls in interest, but upon noticing the slave marks, immediately backed off. Thankfully, in Aberis, it was considered bad etiquette to look at someone else’s slaves. Plus, someone who owned so many beautiful slaves had to be rich and powerful. Only other nobles might dare to stir up trouble with a person’s slaves, as the Princess herself had shown.

I was very curious about the magic he was using. I was studying the formation at my feet. Perhaps, if I could pick up the job that allowed these kinds of spells, I could potentially be freed up of some of my restrictions. However, I didn’t have much time as he started chanting almost as soon as we got into the circle.

“Master…” Celeste suddenly asked. “Where is Dirage?”

“Good question,” I said, shrugging helplessly. “Let’s find out!”

The spell cast and we immediately were surrounded in white light. I felt a weightless feeling for a moment, and then the world around us seemed to melt. A new place appeared, and the light finally dimmed. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I pulled out my map. Dirage appeared to be in the north of Aberis. It was about twice the distance between Chalm and the Capital, so we had definitely traveled quite the distance.

There was another rune under our feet, and we were in another building which was likely this city’s Travel Guild. As we got off of the platform, one of the men who had traveled with us glanced over at me.

“You guys heading to the dungeon?”


“Well, the Great Dungeon is the only thing in this city, so I reckon that’s why you came.”

“Yes, of course!” I said quickly, giving a weak smile.

He nodded. “Not that it’s any of my business, but you seem like a dungeon noob. I’d hate to see your pretty slaves suffer, so I recommend you hire a guide. Stay in the first 9 levels, that’s where baby adventurers go.”

“Uh… thanks?”

“Mm.” He and the other man nod and then leave without another word.

He was being a little rude, but could I blame him? His advice was in my best interest after all, not that I liked being called a baby adventurer or something.

“Master, are we really going to enter a dungeon?” Faeyna asked nervously.

“We are…” I said, but then glanced at Faeyna, “You’re staying here.”

She let out a breath of relief.

“I want to see what you’re capable of,” I said, handing her a ring. “There is gold in that. Find out what goods are cheap in this city compared to the Capital, and then buy them for as cheap as you can.”

“I mean no offense, Master…” She said uncertainly, “But if your plan is to use the portal to transport supplies, your storage rings are much too small. Rings only hold about the size of the chest. Any goods we must buy would only sell at a small profit unless we ordered carts full. The return trip to the Capital won’t be for a few days. Furthermore, losing 120 gold each visit would destroy any wealth we gained. Even if you just plan to send me at 20 gold a trip-”

I reached out and patted her head. She was actually as tall as me, so it felt a little weird. As for her, she wore a complicated expression. Her old Master must not have patted her head very much.

“Thank you for your concern,” I said gently. “Buy a cart, fill it up. Let me worry about the transport home.”

Hmm? it was the first time I had seen her blush. It was pretty cute.

Chapter 297

I was a little uncomfortable letting her off on her own, but I had to trust in her value. This wasn’t a country were slaves got snatched off the streets. Of course, before I let her leave, I decided to try to draw a map of the city. Well, I wasn’t going to give that guy 1 gold coin for one! Ahem… I mean, I knew what was useful to her and so I wanted to transcribe everything that she’d need to know from my map ability onto paper.

{You created a map. You have unlocked the job: Cartographer.}

I let out a noise of surprise. Just how long had it been since I last unlocked a job? Well, I didn’t really feel like I needed to do Cartographer, but it still felt nice. Still, it wasn’t a job that would do me much good at the moment. We had about half a day left. I was hoping to help everyone level. I was thinking about changing jobs and trying to get some of their other jobs to level up a bit. It’d be the quickest way to strengthen my party, I reckoned.

As for me, I wanted to focus on the Slave Master’s ability. I thought about asking Figuro how to get the Slaver ability too, but I had forgotten at the time. In fact, I had wanted to go to the library and research the job system in its entirety. I still only knew basically what most commoners knew. Do what you wanted and you’d unlock a job eventually.

After parting from Faeyna and giving her thorough instructions, the rest of us headed to the dungeon. I was worried some of the girls would be squeamish about entering the dungeons, but they all looked eager to try out the new equipment I bought them. Unlike Faeyna, these girls had grown attached to dungeons like me, it seemed.

The dungeon turned out to be in the middle of town. There was a massive wall around it, and it was very protected. There appeared to be a massive bizarre around it, filled with entertainers and merchants going about their day. It was very common to see those walking around in full armor. These were the dungeon divers. They all looked quite rough. Comparatively, our team really did look like noobs. A somewhat short guy who honestly looked a little scrawny after losing all that weight, and four pretty girls…

“2 gold each.” The guard said.

I whistled. “That’s a lot!”

He shrugged. “Most people don’t enter the dungeon casually. It usually takes weeks per journey. This is to discourage those who aren’t seriously committed! Are you sure you are prepared for the challenges of the Great Dungeon?”

He spoke in a loud voice that seemed to attract several eyes. As a group of pretty people in clean armor, it did look like we had never been in a dungeon before. This caused us to receive several scornful looks and even a few people pointing and laughing.

“Yup.” I handed the man 10 gold quickly and then ushered the girls in.

I tried to be as casual about it as I could, but this seemed to cause the man to grow confused. “Are you looking down on the Great Dungeon of Dirage?”


I pushed the girls through the portal before he could rope me into any painful conversations. I really just wanted to see the dungeon. As for the price, with my most recent blessing, I could portal out of the dungeon now. I only needed to pay for it once!

Of course, I ended up not seeing the guard nod to another team.

“These noobies are going to get themselves killed.” He growled. “People dying in our dungeon is bad for business. Follow them and make sure they stay alive.”

A woman whose face was hidden behind a mask emerged from the shadows. She looked exactly like a ninja, covered in black.

“Mm!” She slid into the dungeon, a place she was so used to it was practically home.

{You have entered Dirage’s Great Dungeon. Destroy the lore to break the curse, or complete the lore for more dungeon points!}

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