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Chapter 304

Well, I’d like to say that I did something like Lydia and leaped and stabbed it. However, the creature was already very close to dying. I just stabbed it in the back while it was literally trying to escape while being blocked by Terra, disorientated by Miki, and trying desperately to avoid Lydia’s attacks. However, it just so happened that my attack was the last one, so he collapsed and then faded like smoke. The miasma that created him, dissipating back into the floor.

“Y-you defeated him!” the ninja girl declared unsteadily.

“Ah, well… he was only strong for a level five boss, right?” I said, sheepishly putting my sword away.

I turned and jumped as I saw Lydia and Miki staring up at me with scowls on their faces. When I looked the other way, Celeste and Terra had taken the other side.

“What is it?”

“Why did Master kiss a stranger!” Miki denounced, pointing over at the ninja girl.

Rather than growing angry or slapping me, the ninja girl suddenly looked down, her face turning red.

“Ah… s-sorry!” I immediately apologized, although it wasn’t clear if I was apologizing to the ninja I kissed or the four slaves glowering at me. “That was… you see, I was using my Switch Position. Well, it works on anything you’re holding, like a backpack or a sword, so I reckoned it would work if I picked her up in my arms. However, I also thought that if our bodies were entangled enough, the magic wouldn’t be able to separate us. As long as I had part of myself inside her, the skill should pull her with me. In the end, I was right. If I hadn’t been able to pull her out of combat, even with you guys helping, she might have died. So, it all worked out in the end.”

“H-he was… inside me…” the ninja girl started shaking.

I already apologized, there was no use getting super angry. Noticing something shiny on the floor that the boss had dropped I grabbed it immediately. It was a simple necklace. A quick Identify revealed that it had a few basic enchantments. It wasn’t as valuable as anything I had on me, but it would be valuable to someone like her who didn’t appear to have any magical items. I immediately held it out and walked over to the Ninja.

“Here! Since I did that, I should take responsibility,” I declared. “So, you can have this as compensation.”

I smiled and then slipped it over her neck. She jerked as the necklace fell down around her neck. Behind me, there were four cries of despair and anguish. However, before I could see what the slaves were on about, the ninja’s face had turned so red that I thought something might be wrong.

“Poof!” The word suddenly came from her mouth.

“Huh? Poof?”

Her eyes rolled up in her head, and then she fell back, collapsing on the floor. I let out a cry and then kneeled down, checking to see if she was alright.

“M-m-m-m-m-master!” Lydia’s mournful voice came out. “Wh-why did you do that?”

“Huh? The necklace? It’s not as valuable as other things we own. I just thought it would smooth things over with the ninja.

“Surely, Master knows what that means!” Miki spoke frantically.

“Huh? It’s just a necklace? It’s not like I got on one knee and gave her a ring,” I said although I was starting to have a bad feeling.

“M-master…” Miki said, shaking her head. “I don’t know what customs you had where you came from, but here in Aberis, putting a necklace on a girl is the same as proposing to her!”

Chapter 305

“What? How is that possible?” I said, shaking my head. “I’ve put necklaces on you girls several times!”

The four girls suddenly wouldn’t meet my eyes. I gave them a glowering look until Lydia finally broke. 

“It-it’s just that Master is Master, and we’re slaves, so it’s not like we took Master seriously!” Lydia cried defensively.

“We can’t marry as slaves…” Miki said, “But that is okay since, in this way, we’re more Master’s than even his wife!”

“Hehehe…” Celeste giggled, only half paying attention. “Married to Master.”

I let out a sigh. Even being careful, it seemed like some complicated stuff happened. Either way, it was getting late and we needed to leave. My original plan was to just Teleport out of here, but with the unconscious girl at my feet, that would lead to problems, especially if the guards knew that she was in here. Instead, we started walking to the entrance.

The kiosk would have cost money to enter and I didn’t register with the first one anyway. Since we were five levels down, the walk back would take almost an hour. By the time, poor Faenya would think I abandoned her. I had been walking for another fifteen minutes when I realized I could just portal to the 1st floor. I was still hesitant to do it since I didn’t want such a power to be seen by others.

Ah, well, it was fine. I’d make it work. I found a spot that looked secluded and then opened the portal. While carrying the ninja girl whose name I never learned, I leaped up to the 1st floor, saving us a good chunk of travel time. My blessing worked just as described. This made me very happy. We quickly headed to the entrance and then walked out.

“Already had enough?” The guard chuckled when he saw me walk out of the labyrinth entrance.

“Ah… Raissa!” The other guard cried out when he noticed her in my arms.

“What happened?” The first guard demanded.

“There was a boss variant on the fifth floor. She held it off and ended up passing out.”

Well, I was fudging the truth a bit, but it would be a hassle if I said what really happened. Furthermore, I could have refreshed her and brought her back to consciousness, but that also seemed too troublesome considering how she had passed out. Although I planned to return to this dungeon, I’d be bypassing the entrance from now on. Simply put, I didn’t intend to run into Raissa ever again.

The guard’s face went white and he nodded as he took her. “She managed to face a boss variant. She’s truly an incredible Dungeon Diver.”

I nodded solemnly, not wanting to correct them. I mean, we had defeated it, but that was no big deal. Actually, listening to these guys, I felt like I was going to get a big head. I decided it’d be better if we left quickly, especially before Raissa woke up.

“We’ll be going then,” I said.

“Hey!” The guard stopped me after only making it a step. “Aren’t you being a bit selfish? She saved your life and you’re just going to leave without taking responsibility?”

My eyes twitched. It was those exact words that got me in this situation in the first place. However, after being stared down by the angry guards, I sighed and handed over about ten gold worth of silver and copper, basically everything I had gotten in the dungeon, to the guards to give Raissa. Trying to explain to them about the necklace wouldn’t do anyone any favors. This was the cost I had to pay for lying, I supposed.

It felt like extortion, but at least they let me leave once I paid her hospital bills, even though I had already healed her myself. It was time to return to the Capital City.

Chapter 306

With my new Slave Master ability which allowed me to locate slaves, finding Faeyna was a breeze. She was still cloaked with her hood down, making sure to hide her identity on the street. If this was going to be a problem everywhere, it might be advantageous to find some kind of ring that affects her appearance. Celeste can lose her wings and fairy features in an instant, either a part of her wind magic or her half-fairy nature. Her true identity as a Fairy Queen was unknown to anyone except the nobles and so she passed as just a regular fairy. Even if she did show her true form, fairies weren’t so uncommon as to elicit cries of surprise. The same couldn’t be said about an elf in this world.

I only realized as I approached that the carriage she was sitting on was ours. It was full to the brim with foods. She had even gotten a horse. The four girls were especially excited about the horse. As for me, I was uneasy about it. I suppose it would have been bad if I made Terra pull the carriage through the portal, but that still seemed like something that buying a horse made a little excessive.  

“Master, I bought every good I could with the money provided,” Faeyna explained. “The carriage is ready, but I don’t see how we can get it back to the Capital. If your plan is to head back, I’ve gotten no provisions for the journey.”

“It’s fine,” I waved my hand, feeling like a Jedi as a portal appeared in front of the horse.

He was skittish and didn’t want to go inside it. See, this was exactly why horses were the worst. Faeyna made a noise of shock as well.

“Master can really make portals?”

“To any place, I’ve been,” I shrugged. “Let’s go.”

The six of us returned to the Capital City that night. I picked a back alley so that I didn’t run into anyone, but it ended up being a tight squeeze getting the carriage out of it. When we finished rolling up to the inn, it was really the middle of the night.

The innkeeper insisted on housing our supplies and boarding the horse for free. He was still feeling goodwill from a few nights ago. That was good because I had no money at the moment. The goods that Faeyna would sell tomorrow was basically everything we had. Only after tomorrow would I gain a sense of how quickly she could make money for us. I fed the girls what the innkeeper offered on the house.

 It seemed like he wasn’t just doing it because we saved the inn. While we were eating, he handed me a letter. He held it reverently in his hands.

“This came for you!” he said. “It has the seal of the royal family!”

Ah, that was right, this guy didn’t know my connection to the Prince. I looked at their insignia, which was literally a flag and a crown, and then broke it open. It contained the time and place for the contest tomorrow. There was something added at the end.

P.S. Make sure to bring that elf slave with you!

I grimaced a bit. So, he already knew about her as well? The Prince was well informed. I only bought her this morning and the entire day was spent in another city. I had planned for her to sell all the supplies, but it looked like she had to come with us to the tournament. Thus, I explained to her the situation.

“So, if Master wins, he will become a noble and gain property?” Faeyna asked.

“That’s right.”

“Then… I will do Master proud!” She curtsied exaggeratedly.

Well, since it’s fighting, the other girls will probably have more to do, I should think, but her sentiment was appreciated.

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