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Chapter 307

We decided to head to bed since tomorrow was going to be a particularly big day. I felt a bit of anxiety, as my future depended heavily on this upcoming championship. It wasn’t what I originally expected, so I hoped I had prepared for it accordingly. We had one of the best rooms at the inn. It actually had a slave quarter next to it, but the girls kept choosing the sleep in my bed instead of their own quarters. As for Faeyna, she decided to use the slave quarters. I was happy they were getting used, especially as I lay in bed with four girls snuggled against me. I sighed and started checking through everyone’s status.

After battling three floors worth of enemies, each level with more and higher-level enemies, and then ending with a boss variant besides, all of us had made radical increases in our respective jobs. I only hoped that the progress was enough to make a true difference.

{Name: Deek

Class: Support

Job: White Mage – 26, True Dungeon Diver – 26, Slave Master – 18

Possible Jobs: Hero, – 20, Basic Magician – 11 Merchant – 4, Alchemist – 2, Cook – 6, Dungeon Diver – 1, Pervert – 2, Linguist – 1, Dark Priest – 1, Cartographer – 1

Race: Human}

As far as what I have…

White Mage Skills: Weak Heal, Remove Curse, Weak Heal Poison, Refresh, Group Heal, Divine Aura, Harm Undead, Holy Circle, Create Water, Light, Moderate Heal, Detect Magic, Sanctify Land, Cure Disease, Mana Up, Moderate Heal Poison, Create Cushion, Purify Food, Stun Undead, Healing Circle, Group Heal Plus, Orb, Light Repair, Armor, Mana Up Plus, Basic Alchemy, Seal Undead

True Dungeon Diver Skills: Dungeon Status Up, Basic Monster Identify, Resist Curse, Detect Magic, Basic Item Identify, Detect Treasure, Sense Life, Detect Trap, Resist Hunger, Reduce Fatigue, Basic Cooking, Smokeless fire, Dungeon – Increase Attack, Reduce Fear, Night Vision, Dungeon Status Up Plus, Increase Stamina, Increased Item Drop, Moderate Monster Identify, Dungeon 2X Experience, Map Dungeon, Disable Trap, Moderate Item Identify, Create Water, Repel Monsters, Find Food

Slave Master Skills: Slave Taker, Order Slave, Punish Slave, Truth Slave, Slave Status Up, Slave Loyalty, Bond Slave, Steal Slave Life, Cap Slave, Duplicate Slave Skill, Locate Slave, 2X Slave Experience, Slave Attack Up, Heal Slave, Slave Identify, Slave Charm Up, Slave Stamina Up, Slave Status Up Plus

Hero Skills: Return, Switch Position, Party Status Up, Give Life, Basic Swordsmanship, Charm Up, Sense Life, Protect, Detect Magic, Evil Eye, Skill Analysis, Quick Attack, Low Regen, Basic Monster Identify, Moderate Swordsmanship, Defense Up, Offense Up, Party Status, Last Chance, Resist Demonic Attacks

Basic Magician: Mana Control, Fire Control, Water Control, Earth Control, Mana Blast, Air Control, Create Flame, Create Water, Create Earth, Fireball, Water Jet

Well, the remainder of my jobs I wouldn’t be taking into battle, so I didn’t pay them mind at the moment.

{Name: Lydia

Class: Speed Combat

 Job: Swordsman (Slave) – 38

Unlocked Jobs: Cook – 1, Commoner – 8, Thief – 5, Scout – 15

Race: Tigerkin}

Lydia’s swordsman is much higher than my skills. I wonder if she’d unlock something once it reaches level 50. I suspected it would. Scout went up, and I even played with thief a bit, although she got mad at me when I told her I was leveling that taboo skill.

{Name: Miki

Class: Mana Manipulation

Job: Spiritualist (Slave) – 35

Unlocked Jobs: Commoner – 5, Basic Magician – 15, Alchemist – 12

Race: Ninetailed-Foxkin}

It’d be nice if I could get Miki to cast spells too. With Mana manipulation as her class, I suspect that she could do a lot more with her Basic Magician skills than I could do.

{Name: Celeste

Class: Elemental

Job: Master Wind Magician (Slave) – 10

Unlocked Jobs: Enchanter – 2, Adept Wind Magician – 22, Novice Magician – 50, Apprentice Magician – 25

Race: Sylph}

Since all of her jobs had been maxed simply by becoming a Sylph, I decided to focus on her Master Wind Magician. The levels came slowly, but each one unlocked powerful skills.

{Name: Terra

Class: Tank

Job: Earth Manipulator – 48

Unlocked Jobs: None

Race: Earth Golem}

With no other jobs, I thought she’d get one at level 50. Unfortunately, we were a tad short.

{Name: Faeyna

Class: Management

Job: Head Maid (Slave) – 32

Unlocked Jobs: Cook – 10, Maid – 50, Manager – 15, Governess – 18, Basic Magician – 20

Race: Elf}

I wondered how much you had to clean to get 82 levels of maid. Maybe Faeyna had her own spartan training in a dungeon sometime in her past. Although she had been in my party when we went into the dungeon, I was correct in assuming none of the experience would pass to her when she was on the outside. If I wanted her to level at all, at some point we’d need to bring her into the dungeon.

Chapter 308

I didn’t sleep the previous night much at all. It wasn’t even the girls this time. I felt a knot in my throat. I had tried to put off thinking too much about this competition, but it was seriously scary. If I failed, I had no clue what would happen to me or the girls. If the slave status was removed, then they might all leave me. I forced myself up using Refresh to help me get going. The girls all woke up and got ready too. Although they all slept in my bed, they actually took care of their needs in the cramped adjacent slave quarters. I told them they didn’t have to, but they always insisted on it.

Taking one last glance at the note the Prince left me, I waited for the girls to put on their best armor, and then the lot of us headed out. The stadium had been refitted for the new event. Rather than a dozen independent stages with crowds moving from one to the next, there was a single stage with massive bleachers. I wasn’t sure the crowd was any bigger than it was that first day, but with all of the audience combined into one group, it felt that way. The small stage in the center seemed rather tiny comparatively.

The place was crowded and noisy. It was exactly the kind of event that in my previous life I liked to avoid. Now, I was at the center of it all. A guard checked my identification papers, and then I was brought out onto the field. There was a massive roar as the girls walked out behind me. Some people were shouting encouragement, while others were shouting vitriol. I couldn’t make out any specific thing being said though, there was just too many people that it came out as a buzz.

On the other side of the stage, Lord Tibult was already there. As soon as he saw me, he gave a sneer. There was a special box that was separate from the audience, closer to the front and gilded with fancy adornments. Sitting in it were a few people I didn’t recognize, likely high nobles. However, the Prince and Princess were as clear as day. Prince Aberis immediately stood up and walked out onto a small stage in front of his box, which put him up over just about everyone in the arena. He cleared his voice, but it was lost in the sounds of the crowd.

“First things first!” his voice suddenly bellowed, clearly being amplified with some kind of spell. “Record the Status of the opponents!”

His voice was booming, and the crowds silenced almost instantly. He spoke suddenly that a few people even cried out and covered their ears. A priest immediately walked out onto the stage.

“Deek, your team first…”

I gulped and nodded, making sure White Mage was the job when the priest touched me. I wanted to meet everyone’s expectations. After a moment, he nodded and then yelled out.

“Deek, Human, White Mage, level 26!”

I hadn’t expected to yell out everything like that. He should have been able to detect True Dungeon Diver too. Could he tell I had more than one job equipped? I was seriously worried, but he didn’t say anything else. At the least, I had no doubt the Prince would hear exactly what my status looked like. There was a roar of commotion after he made the announcement. Some people who hadn’t been keeping up with the news asked what a White Mage was. When they were told, they burst out laughing. Something like a Priest didn’t belong in an arena at all. I was wasted space. Well, not everyone thought that way.

“Lydia, Slave, Tigerkin, Swordsman, level 38!”

The calls this time seemed to be excited about a rare tigerkin variant. Lydia didn’t seem to like the attention, as her tail whipped back and forth agitatedly.

“Miki, Slave, Nine-tailed Fox, Spiritualist, level 35!”

“How is that thing even alive!” someone cried out.

There were even more murmurs in surprise over her identity than Lydia. She stuck her tongue out at the crowd, particularly at the man who said she should have died. She was touchy about comments like that.

“Celeste, Slave, S-sylph! Ahem… Master Wind Magician, level 10?”

This one clearly was difficult for the priest to announce. Each thing caused an even larger roar.

“Do Sylph even exist? I thought they are a myth!”

Celeste shrank down into a fairy size, flying out in flying eights. The crowds seemed to go crazy. Unlike Lydia, she seemed to like the attention. Master Wind Magician was a max tier job. Only the most powerful people in the country would have a job like this.

“Terra, Slave, Earth Golem, Earth Manipulator, level 48!”

“What is with these slaves…”

“Is Earth Manipulator even a job?”

Terra looked down, slightly depressed. All the others had received roars of shock and surprise. For her, it was more just a general sense of confusion. Although she was likely one of a kind in this world, she wasn’t so mainstream as to be known by the general audience. I patted her head to make her feel better.

“Alright, and on to the next te-“

“Wait!” Lord Tibult shouted as the priest tried to turn away. “Aren’t we forgetting someone?”

His eyes ended up falling on Faeyna.

Chapter 309

“That girl! Is she not your slave also?” Lord Tibult demanded.

Since the Prince knew about her, it stood to reason Lord Tibult could get that information too. This is why the Prince let me know she should come. He assuredly would have made a giant commotion if I hadn’t brought her. He might have even declared me a cheater and claimed I was going back on the bet. Since she was here, at least he couldn’t cause those kinds of problems.

I cleared my throat and stepped forward. “It is true, she is my slave, however, she is merely a maid, and hired after our bet. I’d ask that she not be included.”

“Absolutely unacceptable!”

“I’m sure you also have slaves at your home that will not participate in this championship…” I said helplessly.

“Hmph… Do you dare accuse me of dishonesty? I assure you that all of my other slaves were handed over to others in preparation for this competition!”

He said that so proudly that my eyes couldn’t help but pop a little. He argued against dishonestly by blatantly saying he rigged things. Only those participating were bound to him, so even if he lost, he’d only have to free his current slaves. Everyone else he could simply get back after the championship was over. Many in the crowd booed him, and I could see the Princess with a scowl on her face, clearly not pleased.

“There is nothing stated against that in the book! All of your slaves against all of his!” the prince shouted helplessly.

“It’s more than that! It’s written in her contract that she can not be freed!” I shouted out.

“Then, naturally… I will take possession of her.” A grin formed on his face, and the true purpose was revealed.

A rare elf worth 2000 gold, that wasn’t a small sum even by a noble’s point of view. He naturally wanted to take her away from me. I took a step forward, my fist clenched.

“Are you going to go back on the agreement?” he mocked.

A small hand grabbed my arm, and I looked back to see Faeyna holding my arm.

“Master… it’s okay. I believe Master will win.” She nodded reassuringly.

“Even so… this…”

“Deek, as long as you concede, you will be allowed to use Faeyna in the competition.” The Prince shot me a look.

I frowned, but something about the way he looked at me suggested like I may need Faeyna. The look was brief and Tibult was too busy gloating to notice it. I finally gave a slow nod.

“Fine… if you win, you get her!” Even saying it put a bitter taste in my mouth.

The Priest nodded and then touched Faeyna’s hand gently.

“Faeyna, Slave, E… e… and elf!” The Priest’s shock was a dozen times greater when he said those words, unable to get out anymore.

The crowd was dead silent.

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