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Chapter 313

“Alright, so the format of today’s championship is simple. There will be three themed events, each one testing an aspect of the Master/Slave relationship. Within each event, there will be three different challenges. The one who wins 2/3 wins the event, and the one who wins 2 events out of 3 is ultimately the victor. You will pick one slave per challenge, and you cannot use the same slave twice within an event. Do you understand?”

I nodded, and Lord Tibult gave the Prince a respectful bow. This advantaged me slightly, as I had 5 slaves to choose from. Meanwhile, Tibult would have to use all three slaves for every event. Princess Eliana was sitting at the edge of her seat, looking down at the pair of us excitedly. The Prince had an amused expression on his face.

“Since we’re starting, then I’ll let you take it away,” Lord Tibult suddenly turned away from the stage and walked back to sit in a comfy seat he had carried into the arena just for himself.

A much older man with a gnarled face walked forward, shooting the three women a sharp look. Salicia and Carmine both winced under his glare, but the mysterious third girl didn’t react in the slightest.

“Wait…” I frowned, “What is this?”

A smug expression appeared on Lord Tibult’s face as he sat comfortably. “Why… this is my Slave Master! He was difficult and expensive to bring here from Imperial Cloud Meadow. Slave Masters are exceptionally rare in Aberis.”

“Hmph… the only reason I came was because of the promise of the elf. I will get the elf when I win this competition!” The man spoke forcefully, not even seeming to give the Lord any face.

Lord Tibult’s face flushed red, clearly not expecting the man to so casually reveal this detail. “O-of course, once she is transferred to me, you can have her!”

“What is the meaning of this?” My expression started to darken.

“Is it not obvious?” Lord Tibult’s smug expression quickly returned at my distress. “I only have a few levels in Slaver, so naturally I hired a Slave Master. He’s level 52. With him, these slaves have so many buffs and advantages that you won’t even have a chance to win!”

The crowds, even those who were initially favoring Lord Tibult, were quickly turning on him. Many people openly booed.

“You have to be the slave’s owner!” I shot a look at the Prince. “This is unacceptable.”

“Hmph!” Lord Tibult’s expression turned even more arrogant, “Accusing me of cheating again? It’s amazing how much a commoner confuses cleverness and intelligence with being unfair. The slaves are mine. Anyone knows that high-level Slavers and Slave Master’s can use the skill Joint Slave. Could a noble of high standing be expected to direct his slaves in the fields all day? Would he provide another man with thousands of gold worth of product just on trust? This isn’t simply known, it’d be expected that someone of my standing would hire a skilled person to manage my slaves. That is, of course, what a good master would do!”

His words were like daggers without any semblance of an argument I could mount. He managed to completely tear apart my rebukes in an instant. The crowds muttered and yelled angrily, but Tibult’s skin was thick. Suddenly, hands slamming on a chair angrily silencing the crowd as Princess Eliana stood up. Her expression was furious and she was glaring at the back of her brother.

“Brother! This can’t be tolerated! This is an absolute mockery of what you’re trying to accomplish here!”

“Tell me what rule I have broken, Princess?” Lord Tibult responded sweetly.

The Princess shot him a disgusted look, but when she realized she didn’t have a response, she looked down. Her eyes shot to me, the person she had been rooting against, and suddenly her expression turned complicated.

The Prince let out a sigh, “I’m sorry, Sister, but he is right. What he has done is not against the rules. He may use a Slave Master!”

The mutters died down. No one would try to argue against the Prince’s decision. As for me, my uneasiness only grew. My biggest advantage, the fact that my Slave Master gave my girls bonus abilities, had been completely demolished. In fact, he was a much higher level than me, and the bonuses he gave his slaves would likely be many times more!

Chapter 314

“Since everything that needs saying has been said, then I will introduce the first Task!” the Prince shouted. “For the first task of the Master/Slave competition, we will have a cook-off!”

“Huh?” This caused a great deal of confusion across the board.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a fighting competition? What the heck was he talking about, a cookoff?

The Prince snorted. “What? You though the true measure of a master-slave relationship is just how good a slave can fight? I plan to test various aspects of the master-slave relationship. In the first event of the evening, we will see how good the slaves are at being housekeepers! A well-trained slave cleans, cooks, and cares for their master with impeccable shrewdness!

“Therefore, for our first challenge, you must pick a slave to prepare a meal. Naturally, the judge will be my sister! She has an extremely delicate palate!”

“Hmm? I’m judging?” Eliana seemed completely taken aback, but then she let out a light laugh. “Hoho… well, I do know food well…”

“Actually, she’s extremely picky and only eats things cooked by top chefs! So, good luck!”

My face started to grow pale. How could I have foreseen this being the outcome of this event? I was the guy who did all the cooking, and even then, there were always more pressing things so I hadn’t spent a lot of time leveling it. Had I known things would come to this, naturally I would have trained Lydia up on the Cook job. However, even with the Cook job, there is also something to say about practice. I had six levels in Cook and had still yet to even unlock Basic Cooking. I actually had Basic Cooking in True Dungeon Diver, although it didn’t give me much information I didn’t already have naturally. For Lydia who had never cooked and only learned how to pleasure men, even had I leveled her it’d never be enough.

My only advantage was that Lord Tibult was gnashing his teeth too. Between Salicia, Carmine, and this mysterious girl, how could any of them be skilled cooks? The Slave Master had an ugly expression on his face, but he finally threw out his hand and pointed at Carmine.

“You! Go up there and make a dish that satisfies the princess!”

“Eh? Me?” Carmine put on a face as if asking the Slave Master if he was crazy.

“A slave obeys!” He pushed his hand.

The slave mark on Carmine suddenly glowed and she let out a scream as she grabbed her head. Of course, she was a Paladin with high pain tolerance, so the fact that she was screaming displayed just how painful it was. It was clear he was using the Punish Slave skill. The crowd of people started to turn awkward. Salicia stepped forward, but a single dark stare from the Slave Master stopped her and left her glaring with anger but with an edge of fear in her expression. How many times had she been tortured to be cowed so easily? Princess Eliana was starting to tremble as she looked at the slave girl being tortured. The Prince had to reach out and stop her from leaping off the platform.

Finally, after an awkward minute, Carmine tearfully crawled up onto the stage, not daring to even meet his eyes, looking more like a scorned dog than a person. Several hands suddenly touched my shoulders, and I looked back to see the girls giving me sympathetic looks. I realized only then that my own fist had been tight enough that it hurt now. Why were they trying to comfort me? They were the slaves. They had to watch another slave being abused. It couldn’t have been easy.

“Master, please allow me to win this competition for you,” a voice behind the other girls spoke up.

I looked back to see Faeyna watching me with a gentle expression. I suddenly remembered that in my haste, I had completely forgotten that she was actually a level 10 cook! I instantly set her job to ten.

“Let’s free those slaves,” I declared.

Chapter 315

Faeyna walked up onto the stage, and a group of men immediately came into the arena. They were carrying tables, stools, a water stone sink, a magical oven, and all the amenities that would be seen in a rich kitchen. Two sets of each were brought up and two opposing kitchens were suddenly set up.

“Please give my attendants a list of the ingredients you need. They will be able to provide them,” the Prince said.

I had my doubts that this kind of thing could be done so quickly, but no sooner did the girls finish the list than a man waved a storage ring and revealed everything that they had requested. Fresh ingredients covered both tables. I realized that the man must have been a master chef. I bet he had numerous food preservation skills, on top of a storage ring that slowed time for stuff inside it.

By the way, most storage rings were not able to slow time. The ones that did were exceptionally valuable. How much they slowed time added to their value. One that could slow time by half was the most common, but there were those that could slow time to 1/1000th. They were so rare that there wasn’t probably one in all of Aberis. Even the one I got from the dungeon couldn’t slow time. I couldn’t imagine the astronomical amount of money a time-stop could use. Well, only Blue Mages could cast those kinds of spells, so getting a high-level Blue Mage and a high-level Enchanter together to make such a ring was difficult, hence why the ring normally was rare.

Faeyna seemed completely calm and collected, while Carmine seemed like a hurt animal, nearly in tears.

“Ready? You have 1 hour! Go!”

Faeyna instantly began to move. Her cutting technique was impressive, and it even caught the eye of Lydia, who was watching her as if she was looking at a master. Her hand blazed as she cut through vegetables and prepared everything quickly. In comparison, Carmine was running around the kitchen, looking like a chicken with her head cut off.

Although it was an hour with very little action that the crowd had been expecting, Faeyna’s movements and beauty were so hypnotizing, that she drew the crowd’s attention the entire way. Everyone watched excitedly as she prepared her meal quickly and then stuck it in the oven. Meanwhile, Carmine was still frantically throwing things together, trying desperately to cook something.

The hour ended quickly, and two plates were put in front of the princess. If it came to presentation alone, it was already clear that Faeyna had won. A beautiful mouthwatering scent rose from her food, while I was almost certain the indescribably mush Carmine made, God had placed a sight filter over, as it appeared slightly blurry and no matter how hard I looked at it, I couldn’t make out anything that fit the definition of an ingredient.

She tried Carmine’s food and spent the next fifteen minutes gagging in the corner while everyone smiled awkwardly and the Prince patted her on the back. Lord Tibult had an ugly expression on his face.

The Princess returned, still looking white and sickly, but then she took a bite of Faeyna’s food.

“Mm? Mmmmmm!” She suddenly made a loud, orgasmic sound. “The flavors mesh together so splendidly! It’s like an ocean wave blasting across the surface of the moon and erupting deep inside me to create a sensation of all that is beautiful and great in the world! My mind and body are erupting with the absolute possibilities of the world!”

With hearts in her eyes, Eliana started babbling incoherent words describing the dish. It’s just food, right? As a former fatty, I loved food more than most, but I had never seen anyone act like this before.

“Haaaaaaaaaa!” she screamed, standing up on the edge of the box facing the crowd like she had just had an epiphany. “My body feels like it’s being licked from head to toe by hundreds of little men and…!

The prince grabbed her and dragged her down. “S-sorry, she gets like this when she has something she likes! Given her reaction, this was a 5/10.

Faeyna looked down, feeling somewhat disappointed. Well, she only had Cook at level 10.

“No! You should feel good about that. At level 7/10 her clothing comes off…” The Prince sighed awkwardly.

“Please!” Eliana screamed while the prince tried to restrain her, still writhing on the floor, “Rub your wonderful food all over my body!”

Seeing her nearly orgasmic display, people started gulping. The men were getting quite hungry, but they could no longer knew what the hunger was for.

“Wh-what did she make?” someone asked.

“I-I think it was just chicken and rice…” Someone else responded.

Of course, the main thing on everyone’s mind… what did she do when she tasted something 10/10?

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