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Chapter 316

“For our next task, a good slave should always be able to clean up after their Master!” the Prince announced once the audience had settled down. “Therefore, a slave must be selected to clean up a dirty room. Whoever is able to do it properly, thoroughly, and quickly will win!”

This was a maid duty, so I immediately wanted to use Faeyna again. However, the rules stated that I could only use one girl per competition. Since I had used Faeyna to win the cooking competition, I wouldn’t be able to use her in the cleanup. She could only shrug helplessly.

Cleaning up was a task that anyone could perform. Unlike cooking, which required at least some practice, I saw no reason that either of Tibult’s remaining slaves couldn’t offer competition against my team. In that case, the most important thing to winning would be speed. Although Lydia was extremely quick and agile, she wasn’t necessarily the most refined girl. Although she was always willing to clean, she was a bit careless at times with messes.

That’s when my eyes fell on Celeste. The more I thought about it, the more I realized she was the perfect candidate. After all, she was fast and even had the ability to cast Haste on herself so that she could move faster than anyone could believe. She could change her size, allowing her to get into hard to reach areas or see things from angles no one else could. Finally, she had the wind attribute, allowing her to pick up or move things without necessarily touching them. Simply put, Celeste would be perfect.

“Celeste, can you do it?” I asked.

She made fists and nodded. “I-I’ll do my best for Master!”

By the time we turned back to the stage, servants had turned the stage into two separate rooms. There appeared to be a magical wall separating them to keep one person from tossing stuff on the other side. There was a couch that looked dirty, a rug that needed to be beaten, several counters that still had dust on them, and a floor full of various items strewn about. There was even a spill on the floor. In short, it looked like a messy living room that needed cleaning.

On the opposing side, it was actually Shao who was up. I didn’t know what her ability was at all, but I still felt threatened by it. The unknown was something to be wary about. I tapped Celeste on the shoulder.

“Use Haste when the match starts. I have a feeling she’s going to be moving fast. Go as fast as you can. Use wind magic if you have to. Just get it done.”

“Ah! O-okay… Master…”

I looked back to see the other girls looking at me uncertainly.

“What? We need to win…”

“Of course… Master, it’s just…” Miki looked uncertain. “Ah… it’s probably nothing.”

I cocked my head, looking at her with a questioning look, but Miki shook her head and the other girls didn’t seem to want to explain. I shrugged and turned back to the main area to watch.

“Alright, the match will begin on my mark!” the Prince announced. “3, 2, 1, Begin!”

Chapter 317

Shao was far more impressive than I ever thought possible. She moved as fast as Lydia, if not faster, leaping onto the stage. As she did so, her hood fell back, revealing her face for the first time that I had seen. I couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. The reason for that wasn’t just because she was beautiful, but because she had a face that resembled that of a Japanese girl.

Up until now, everyone I had seen had western faces. She was the first girl I had seen with eastern features.

“Master, she’s from Shie Gescar. Have you never seen someone from there before?” Asked Faeyna curiously.

“Ah… no…” I responded.

It seemed like she came from one of the two mega countries, Imperial Cloud Meadow being the other one. That meant her people were probably quite common in this world, although, like on earth, not nearly as common in the western parts. However, the more I looked at her, the more uneasy I felt. There was just something off about her. She wasn’t as simple as she seemed. It was that kind of feeling.

As for the woman herself, she moved with extreme precision. She leaped from object to object, moving them to their proper place was elegance and skill. Her movements seemed to flow fluidly, and it was almost like it was a dance. In some ways, it was almost hypnotic. She didn’t lose to any of my slaves, let alone the beautiful Carmine and Salicia, in looks. In fact, her exoticness with her dark black hair and narrow eyes almost made her more beautiful, although I’d never admit it to the girls.

Naturally, I was a bit obsessed with Japan back on Earth. If I hadn’t had at least a dozen fantasies about Japanese schoolgirls, well, there was a time I had hoped I could move to Japan. It was that bad. I even took a few classes in Japanese. Thus, seeing a Japanese girl on the stage left me a little more excited than it normally would.

However, I quickly remembered this was a competition and it was Celeste I needed to be rooting for. Turning my eyes to her side of the stage, they immediately went flat. Celeste had slipped on the puddle and fallen flat on her face. The liquid was milk, and when she stood back up, she cried as white stuff dripped down her face and cleavage.

“I’m all sticky, Master!” She cried out.

Somehow, she was getting more cheering than the other side. However, despite both starting at the same time, her side seemed to be even a greater mess.

“What are you doing?” I cried out. “You need to clean!”

“Y-yes, Master!” She took a few running steps with haste, and then tripped over something and fell on her face again.

“I was worried about this…” Miki sighed.

I shot her a look. “What do you mean? What’s going on?”

“Naturally, Celeste hasn’t practiced with Haste very much. She’s also not very good on her feet. In reality, she’s actually a total klutz!”

I winced, only now remembering how often she fell down. Half the reason she shrunk her size and sat on my shoulder is that she fell over if she tried to walk too much. She could manipulate the air like a pro. In the air, she was the fastest thing, but she’d trip over her own feet if you asked her to run.”

“Ah… it appears I forgot… Celeste is an idiot!”

Chapter 318

As Celeste continued to trip over her own feet, Shao seemed to be gaining speed, moving more and more flexibly as she became used to the chores. She wasn’t just incredibly fast, but it turned out she was a genius too, quickly able to learn on the fly and then perfect herself. Meanwhile, Celeste tripped on a banana peel that was on the stage for some reason.

All the men in the crowd seemed to cheer every time she fell. This was because every time she fell, it was in increasingly embarrassing situations, flashing her underwear to everyone watching. As her Master, for the first time, I was starting to feel embarrassment. Is this what parents felt like when their kid played the tree in the high school play? I mean, they did the best they could, but can you really be proud of that?

“Celeste!” I called out, feeling like I was at my wit’s end.

Celeste stopped as she peeled what appeared to be spaghetti off of her chest and looked in my direction with a distraught expression on her face. Why did all of the stuff on her stage appear to be food-related? Never mind that, I needed to encourage Celeste. She actually could have won this event, but she wasn’t thinking. Had I not been caught up on the Japanese girl, I might have been able to act smarter.

“Master?” she asked helplessly, nearly in tears.

“You don’t have to use your feet!” I said. “You got wings, use them!”

Naturally, had she been flying around the room, she could have cleaned the place with ease. She was only using her feet because everything was on the floor. However, she was a fairy and a Sylph. She had mastery over wind and two beautiful wings that could keep her magically afloat. There was nothing in the rulebook that said she had to walk. In short, had she just used her wings in the beginning, this would have never become a problem in the first place.

Celeste’s expression brightened so much that I wanted to facepalm. She really had completely forgotten that she had wings! She looked back as they suddenly spread out from her back. The crowd made ooh-ing and ah-ing sounds. I breathed easier, but even if she moved like a monster, she’d still be hard-pressed to have the entire room cleaned before her competition finished. I nodded encouragingly towards her.

“Don’t forget to use your wind!” I reminded her.

She nodded happily, and then suddenly crouched down. She leaped up into the air her wings spreading out. Suddenly, the previously clumsy girl looked almost like an angel. The sun was reflecting off her wings, causing them to truly sparkle. Then she came down just as hard. As her wings flapped down, a sudden tempest of wind exploded out with her as the center. The wind blew out in every direction with a force that equaled that of a tornado.

People in the audience let out cries of shock as everything on her side of the stage was pushed away with enormous strength. Even I let out a cry as I leaped to the side, barely avoiding a desk that flew passed where I had been standing. When the wind finally cleared, there wasn’t a single thing left on the stage.

“I win!” Celeste cried out happily, completely oblivious to the ugly looks being given to her by dozens of innocent bystanders who had been hit by flying objects.

“Disqualified!” Prince Aberis shouted, putting out his hands like an umpire, his hair a complete mess.

“Oh… poo,” Celeste pouted indignantly.

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