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Chapter 319

“AHm SoWWWry MAAASTTTEEER!” Celeste sobbed while I patted her head.

In the end, it ended up being me who had to console her as she sobbed mournfully after blowing the last match.  

“It’s okay, it’s one on one now. We can still win this match,” I assured her.

After the crowds recovered from the windstorm, and with Celeste still sniffling on the sidelines, Prince Aberis finally stepped up to the podium stand in his box again.

“Alright, the final task for the third event… a good slave must be capable of boiling a Master’s blood! The slave must seduce their Master, and show their eroticism on stage!”

A shoe suddenly hit the Prince in the back of the head. “Cleaning, cooking, sex… is the prince raising a slave or a wife!”

Those words, of course, came from Princess Eliana, who had recovered from her foodgasm and was now glaring at him angrily. The prince laughed helplessly as he shrugged.

“In many ways, a slave is like a wife! I wanted this competition to be balanced. As much as my dear sister wants to put her head into the sand, slaves are often used for sex as well, so how could a competition be complete without the slaves offering some eroticism?”

“Hmph!” The Princess crossed her arms and turned her head away, but she didn’t seem to have a response to that.

As far as the crowds, the women had disdainful looks while many of the men were growing excited.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to make your slaves do anything inappropriate! They simply must entice their Masters. Naturally, I have a mage focused on each Master! The winner is the one who grows most excited by their slave’s actions!”

This felt wrong in so many ways, but as I glanced over at the ugly expression on Lord Tibult’s face, I realized that it just about didn’t matter. I had already won this. Had he been willing to risk one of his muscle men, maybe he’d have a chance, but with all women, it was like trying to catch a fish without bait!

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to try very hard,” I said to the last three remaining girls. “Just dance a little or something.”

Although it felt weird allowing myself to get aroused, we actually hadn’t been having sex since we made it to the capital. The small hotel room with a bed that barely fit us wasn’t the most romantic place, and if I made a move on any girl, one of two conclusions would happen. One, I’d have to satisfy all four, and frankly, that was an exhausting mission like scaling the heavens, or I’d have to leave three outside while I had fun with one. Well, the result was that no one got sex, and with four beautiful women rubbing against me every night, being aroused was really easy.

“Master, I’d like to go!” Lydia declared a fiercely competitive gleam in her eye.

“Um… I mean, I don’t mind who goes…”

“I’m trained for this, I will definitely make Master’s blood boil!” She made a fist as if swearing on her life.

“Uh… like I said, it’s not that big of a deal…”

“Master! My life has been leading up to this point!” she said tearfully.

It seemed like this had a lot more meaning to my little tigress than I realized. It was her honor as a trained courtesan to be able to make her master excited. How could she not be when she trained in dozens of seductive arts, yet all of them had gone to waste with me. She was apparently very eager to prove herself. It seemed my treating this lightly, she wouldn’t be satisfied.

“Then… as your Master, I order you to excite me with your body!” I said, feeling slightly awkward.

However, those words were apparently what she wanted to hear, because a big smile formed on her lips, her eyes brightened, and her tails swished excitedly.

“Yes, Master!”

Chapter 320

Of course, before Lydia could go, there was Salicia’s turn. She wasn’t picked because she was the most sensual. In fact, she was a Bandit King. Carmine at least had some charm. As a Paladin, she could at least garner a sweet sight. I had seen her use it. Salicia had nothing cute about her. Whether it was her eyepatch, her tied up hair, her leather clothing, or her crude way of walking, Salicia may be beautiful, but she wasn’t erotic. In fact, she rudely readjusted her pants and spit on the ground before coming up. The men in the audience had helpless expressions on their faces.

The Slave Master had an ugly expression on his face as he sent her, but there was nothing he could do. The other two girls had already gone once, and Salicia was all they had left. Thus, he could only order her to march up to the stage.

“You want sexy?” she said, crossing her arms. “How about this? One of these? How do you like that?”

After each question, she posed. However, all of her posses were fundamentally wrong, as they weren’t cute feminine poses, but the kind of pose a muscleman would put on his body. I wanted to laugh, but taking a glance at Lord Tibult who was watching her with interest, this was probably the best way to arouse him. Her manly actions might get a reaction out of him, especially if he used his imagination a bit. I was actually starting to worry they might offer a challenge, but a second later, one of the crowd let out a jeer.

“That’s not sexy at all!” one person cried out.

“What are you doing?” a woman cried. “Women are supposed to be cute and adorable!”

“Get off the stage!”

As the complaints mounted and the crowd grew more restless, Salicia’s face turned ugly and she started cursing them.

“You bastards! You ask me to come up and be sexy and you don’t even appreciate it!” she snapped. “You want sexy? You want to see sexy? Well, take a load of these!”

She grabbed her shirt and lifted it, immediately flashing the crowd. There was a quick inhalation of breath as everyone gasped at her displaying her funbags for the crowd. Carmine had her head in her hand, shaking it like an embarrassed sister.

“Yeah… you like that, you horny freaks. Take a look, because you’re never going to touch them!” She cursed the crowd, although some guys had started clapping and hooting now.

As she turned, her chest ended up being flashed before me. Noticing a glint on her nipple, my eyes widened and in the relative silence brought on by her exposure, my voice rang out in the crowd.

“A nipple ring?”

Her breasts were actually pretty nice, and the nipple ring was very daring. Her eyes suddenly snapped to me, staring at her breasts. She pulled her shirt down suddenly, and her face exploded with a red blush.

“Who-who said you could look?” Her usually raspy voice had changed into something soft and low and she was touching her fingers together.

“Hah? You were showing them to everyone!” I declared. “It’s not like I was interested or anything.”

“He’s lying…” the magician who was gauging the two men declared, “His current state of arousal is about a 7/10.”

Damn it, could you provide me any face, old man! I can’t help I hadn’t had sex in weeks! I was shooting him a hateful glare, avoiding the accusing looks of the girls behind me. It didn’t even matter what score I had! I wasn’t her master!”

“S-s-seven…” Salicia’s eyes were downcast and her expression was unreadable.

“Uh… yeah…”

“S-s-stupid!” Salicia’s eyes gushed with tears and then she ran back off the stage with her hands covering her face.

I had no clue what happened, but her sudden display of cuteness seemed to satisfy the crowd, who burst into applause. As for the Slave Master, he had an awkward look on his face as he glanced between me and the slave, and then didn’t punish her despite her previous display. As for me, I was completely confused. Carmine was even offering Salicia comfort! Why did she show everyone her breasts without batting an eyelash but as soon as she noticed me seeing her breasts, she ran off the stage in tears? No matter how I asked the question, no answer seemed to come.

Chapter 321

“Lord Tibult’s arousal only reached three. If his opponent gets even half as aroused for his own slaves as he gets for someone else’s slave, then the match is in the bag!” the Prince announced after the magician whispered in his ear.

“Oi!” I growled, shooting the Prince a look.

When he said it like that, it was seriously putting me in a bad place. I wasn’t some pervert who desired some other guy’s women! Actually, now that I thought about it, I realized I had a trump card for Lydia. The Pervert ability! Naturally, if I equipped that job, my arousal would skyrocket. In that way, I had no chance of losing. Feeling slightly vindicated, I sat down and nodded to Lydia.

When my eyes locked on her expression, I immediately stiffened. She had a fierce expression on her face, her tiger features making her seem like a tiger about to pounce.

“That skank…” She muttered, “7 out of 10! I will definitely double that number!”

I wanted to tell her that double 7 out of 10 was impossible, but her face was so serious. It turned out she took another slave arousing me as a personal challenge. I wanted to say she was bursting with a fighting spirit, but she was actually a little scary like this.

“Master, I need a long spear!” she demanded.

“Huh? A spear?” I checked through the stuff we hadn’t sold in out storage rings.

Fortunately, I did still have a spear. After I handed it to her, I started to frown. Did she forget this was an erotic challenge and was going to fight Salicia to the death? I was seriously worried about that. However, a moment later, she lifts up the spear with the pointing side down and slams it into the middle of the arena. It embeds nearly a foot into the ground, causing it to shake. Everyone made alarmed noises at her sudden action. She looked more dangerous than sexy.

That was, until, with her hand gripping the top of the spear, she swung her leg around it and spun to face me. Her expression turned lax, and a somewhat naughty expression spread across her face.

“Master…” Her voice was so gentle and velvety, that my heart started to palpitate. “Only look at me… okay?”

Her voice held such a pleading desire, that every man in the audience only wanted to look at her, even discarding their girlfriends and wives right next to them. A second later, her tongue came out and licked slowly up the length of the pole. Her tongue was actually pretty long, and her lick seemed to go on for ages as all the men leaned forward in their seats. Blood started rushing to all the right places, and I let out a moan.

“Holy crap.”

She suddenly pulled away and started spinning around the pole. She moved with all the agility, speed, and precision she had earned over the course of training in the dungeon, and it all combined to cause her to move sensually around the pole. Her skill seemed to transcend the realm of human, and she performed at a level that a high class stripper could only wish.

She rode the pole, shoved between her legs, like a gentle lover, but her eyes always returned to me, full of an unquenchable lust and desire that radiated off of her and infected every man. Even the prince was leaning out of the box with his mouth open.

As she spun time and time again around the pole, her hip gyrated, essentially gently rubbing the pole against her nether regions like she might have rubbed it against my hard cock. The smell of that pole was covered with pussy, in more than one meaning! She got low to the ground, rising up with the pole between her smooth buttcheeks. She rode it high, spinning as she turned her body upside down. Her tail wrapped around the pole several times, and I swore at one point it moved up and down, stroking the pole as she swung around it.

Whenever her clothing started to fall away, about to reveal a part of her body, she moved in a way that caused it to fall back down. She teased, but never showed anything she didn’t want to show. Through all of it, her eyes were locked on me, as if to say that this dance was all done for me. I suddenly equipped the Pervert job. I had left it ready to equip, preparing for if things went bad. However, in my lack of concentration, and my own mind in the gutter of lust, suddenly I found it equipped.

My control was lost, and just as it seemed like she was finishing her dance, I rushed the stage and pushed her down. There were cries of shock and surprise. As for Lydia, she writhed orgasmically in my grip, while I humped her body.

“Yes, Master!” she moaned. “Take me now!”

It took six people to pry us off of each other to keep the arena from turning into a sex show. I managed to regain reason just long enough to remove the Pervert job. Lydia was just as bad, trying to fight off three servants while trying to rip off my pants. Miki had to use a spirit attack and make her go to sleep before she was able to control the tigress. The Prince was laughing, while the princess had her hands over her face, hiding her blushing face, but she had her fingers open and was still watching through them with more than a little interest.

“His arousal reached 14 out of 10…” The magician said in disbelief. “Apparently I need to redesign my whole system…”

It looked like Lydia did exactly what she said she was going to do. She doubled it.

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