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Chapter 337

In only the span of a few seconds, the entire arena had been flattened and took on the appearance of a natural disaster. Shao was floating in the air now, her hair dancing wildly as miasma continued to flood across the city like a mist. Wherever it touched started to decay and fester. Areas where it was especially thick suddenly coalesced, and a monster appeared in its place. The creatures didn’t hesitate to start attacking citizens. Since the miasma was weak, so were the monsters, but that didn’t matter to most citizens, who couldn’t even handle weak monsters.

“Ahhh!” I heard a scream, turning to see Faeyna.

Once we had crashed, it had been Faeyna who had received the least damage, since she was being held by me. When I had struck the cushion, she had ended up flying out and landing a bit away from me. She had stood back up only to find herself in front of a ravenous beast that looked like a cross between a goblin and a wolf. It charged at her. Pulling my sword, I leaped forward.

This time, my natural speed far exceeded the wolves, and just as it reached Faeyna, I grabbed her and sliced off its head. “Faeyna, you must go.”

I looked around the arena. There were people fleeing and screaming everywhere. More and more monsters were being created every second. The Demon Lord herself seemed content saturating the Capitol city in her miasma, not making a move to attack anyone who didn’t provoke her. The few brave guards who did attempt to attack her were instantly destroyed by a wave of her hand.

My eyes finally locked on a familiar couple. Without even thinking about it, I picked up Faeyna in my arms and ran across the field. I ended up kicking a bunny-like creature that had no fur away as I ran. Only when I reached in front of the fleeing couple did I stop. They were none other than the Esmere friends I had helped cleanse their mansion, Pait and his servant Dav. I hadn’t known the two had shown up to watch the competition until now. They had been lost in the crowd, it seemed.

“Boy, we must flee immediately. This is work for the royal guard,” Pait said.

I put Faeyna down and shook my head. “I can’t just leave.”

I didn’t know where my bravery came from, but I felt like I had to see this through to the end.

“You… saved my life twice now,” Faeyna spoke breathily, looking up at me before turning away. “Even though I tried to run.”

“You’re not a fighter,” I responded simply, looking at my girls as they quickly donned their armor and cast protective spells on themselves before attacking the spawning monsters. “We all must do what we do best. My girls can fight. All I can do is support them. However, I will continue to support them with everything I have.”

“W-will you support me as well?” she asked nervously, looking uncertain.

I looked down at her and smiled. “I will support those that are a part of my life with everything I have, always. That’s simply the kind of person I am.”

“Hmph! Sweet talker…” Pait crossed his arms and chided, although his words seemed affectionate.

I glanced at Pait. “I have to support this city right now. Can you take her safely back to your mansion?”

“I can manage that,” Pait said. “Despite my size, I’m actually quite the warrior. These low-level bastards won’t touch her while I’m around.”

“Thank you…” I looked down at Faeyna, “Please, go with… Mmmm!”

Suddenly, Faeyna threw her arms around me and kissed me. It wasn’t even a light kiss either. Her tongue shot right into my mouth quite aggressively, as if she was determined to share saliva. When she pulled away, a stream of spit even connected out mouths. She suddenly licked her lips, and a strange look was in her eyes.

“Come back to me. You have to now,” she responded.

I put her back down, not sure how to deal with the situation. “Ah… right. I’ll be going then.”

Pait had his mouth wide open, and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out. As for me, I could only turn and run toward the girls, getting my jobs ready to support them the best I could. Thus, I didn’t hear what Pait said next.

“Girl… I’ve read about elves. They say that an elf only kisses one person their entire life. Some claimed it was bedding an elf, but how could that lead to the extinction of an entire race? A single exchange of fluids is all that is required to mark her forever.”

Faeyna gave him a slight smile, still enjoying the taste on her lips.

Chapter 338

“Open up a path!” I yelled out to the girls. “Help the people fleeing!”

The miasma was worse immediately around the arena; thus, the monsters were also the strongest. I was running around, trying to heal the injured and get people to leave the area. Once the royal elite arrived, the fighting might become extremely dangerous. Thus, we had to get everyone out of the area quickly to minimize the casualties.

As I was still healing people, a man appeared next to me. I looked up to see the Prince. He had a few guards with him, but they were less than half the number he had before.

“I sent my sister away safely,” he explained. “She was worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine,” I responded back. “When is the elite guard going to get here?”

Prince Aberis lowered his head with a bitter expression. “Two hours…”

I shot him a shocked look. “Two hours!”

“All of the elites are away on the borders. I’ve already sent word, but even our fastest will take some time to reach the city.”

“By that time…” I shook my head.

“I know… the miasma is only going to make her more powerful, and this place more dangerous. If we allow her to finish, even the elites might not be enough!”

“Don’t you have some kind of defense formation or ultimate spell to stop this?”

“A Demon Lord hasn’t appeared in this area for 5000 years. How could we have predicted this would happen?

“What are we supposed to do? Flee the Capital?”

The Prince lowered his head. “My guards and I will remain and fight her. I know you have no love for this country, but this is my home, and I must fight for it. Please get as many people as possible out of the dungeon, it appears to end at the city gates. I know you don’t owe us anything. My cowardice in the face of that bastard…”

His fist tightened, and it was clear by his expression that he held a great deal of anger. Except, it was all directed at himself.

“It’s fine. Right now, we need to worry about these people,” I said.

“You’re a true man.” Prince Aberis bowed to me, causing some of the guards behind him to gasp. “If I make it through this somehow, I will acknowledge you as my brother. I failed at being a man today, but if I look up to you, someday, I might be worthy. Please… look after my sister.”

He was speaking like he didn’t plan to survive this. I grabbed his shirt, surprising him.

“You’ll make it out of this. We all will! I will help you fight.”

His surprised expression slowly faded and he grabbed my hand, squeezing it, “Yes, brother!”

I didn’t know how I felt about him calling me brother, but his feelings were genuine. Few men could grab a prince’s shirt like that. I let go of him, and he drew his sword, looking back at all the guards. Since he had been talking to me, some Adventuring Guild people had also shown up. His force consisted of about twenty people. It was enough for a so-called raid. This is what we had used to defeat the clockwork dragon some time ago, and those were just bandits who valued their life more than their duty.

“Men! To arms!” The Prince kept it short, turning and immediately racing toward the woman floating where the platform once was.

“What are we going to do?” Lydia asked as the girls approached me.

“We’ll do what we always do. Support!”

Chapter 339

The girls broke off, still helping people flee, but also preventing the monsters from taking sneak attacks on the party who was focusing on Shao. As soon as they got close to her, Shao’s eyes opened. Dark tides of miasma instantly began attacking the soldiers. However, with their shields at the ready and already using defensive spells, they were able to block some of her attacks.

As for me, I ran around the periphery of their battle, dodging attacks. If I saw someone get hurt, I healed them. When my feet stumbled on a body, I looked down. I realized that it was the body of Lord Tibult. At some point, he had been torn in half. A look of terror was still marked on his face. That meant, at the moment, Shao’s slave mark had no owner. No, that wasn’t 100% true. It likely went to the Slavers Guild. It’s not like the slave mark did any good for anyone.

Wait… or can it? I looked down at my hand, but what I was really doing was checking my skills. Slave Taker. I could take control of her slave mark. She would instantly target me though. She’d also resist. If I could get her to be my slave, it was possible to get her to listen to reason though. I didn’t simply have a charm with slaves, but a blessing that increased my affinity to slaves.

A giant shockwave erupted, and several of the men flew back. A few who had been too slow with defenses didn’t get back up again. Of the twenty men to start, the Prince had already lost five. The battle was that frantic. A few spells had landed on the Demon Lord, but the damage she took was minimal. She was simply too high of a level for anyone to touch. Unless… I could cap her level with a Cap Slave! I had finally decided that this is what I had to do.

“Prince!” I called out, “I have a way. I might be able to weaken her a bit!”

“Do it!” he said without hesitation. “Men! Give her everything you’ve got!”

I took as safe of a distance as I could while still being able to target her for the Slave Taker ability. I held out my hand, narrowing my eyes as I looked at Shao.

“Slave Taker!”

Instantly, I felt pressure like a mountain had been tossed on my shoulders. I collapsed to my knees in an instant. Even though her new master didn’t even know she existed at the moment, her own resistance towards the change was at a level that is far greater than anything I knew how to cope with. However, I had no choice but to barrel forward. I gritted my teeth and forced my mana into taking over her slave mark. Slowly, yet assuredly, it started to get taken over.

The time that passed was probably less than a minute, but it felt like hours. I was halfway done when her eyes suddenly jumped to me. She seemed to have realized what I was doing.

“You… liars! All of you, liars!” she screamed, a sudden ball of miasma forming at her fingertips.

The guards increased their attacks, but she ignored them, taking some damage. Her eyes were solely focused on me. I was her greatest threat. What were a few cuts over having someone control her slave mark again? Usually, when she used miasma, it was like a whip, shooting out and hitting someone quickly. This time, it was building up, a massive ball of power growing larger every second. As for me, I had no hopes of moving even a step. The pressure was simply too great as I tried to take over her mark.

When everyone realized the spell would go off, three of the guards got in front of me and slammed down their shields.

“Deek!” the girls cried out.

The ball shot out, a massive pillar of darkness. It slammed into the three guards. They lasted barely a second before their bodies were destroyed.

“No!” Terra leaped in front of me, lifting up her arms covered in rock.

Dirt began to rise up like a tsunami, only just reaching full height when the darkness struck it. The two remained at a standstill, Terra’s rising dirt and Shao’s darkness. The ground rumbled and the pressure became even more unbearable.

The only way to stop this was to enslave Shao. Then, I could possibly weaken her and allow the remaining guards, which was down to ten, to defeat her. I worked all of my strength on the slave mark, trying to take it over as quickly as possible. The torrent of darkness continued to rain down, and Terra’s face turned white as she resisted the darkness.

“Come on… come on!” I shouted to myself, now down to a sliver of the slave mark left.

The darkness broke through. I found myself flying back. Just at that second, the slave mark on her body shined, and text scrolled across my vision. After I finished rolling back, I was able to read it.

{Shao is now your slave.}

I got up on my knees and shouted. “Terra, we did it!”

Terra turned back to me and smiled sadly. “That’s great… Master…”

Her voice suddenly fluctuated strangely. “T-Terra?”

Crack. Cracks started to appear across her skin. Despite the battle behind her, the world seemed oddly quiet. All I could hear was the cracking.

Crack… crack… crack…

“I’m… sorry… master… I can’t… guard you… anymore,”  she said with tears in her eyes.


Her body shattered, and then dirt fell to the ground. All that was left in her place, was a pile of earth.

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