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Chapter 346

The lore being shoved into my head wasn’t all that different from the lore I had already seen. Shao lived a miserable life on Earth. Her father was somewhat abusive before he died. Her mother got into prostitution and drugs before she died. She was harassed and abused by her foster family, slowly becoming more and more bitter and distrustful. She used to read manga and imagine she was reincarnated into another world. Then one day, it happened, and she tried to have a second chance.

However, that chance was obliterated. The village she started in wasn’t much different than Chalm. It sat on the border between the Imperial Cloud Meadow and the demon lands, a place far in the north that was uncharted in my maps. However, where my town was a refuge for slaves, this place was a refuge for criminals. The Adventuring Guild wouldn’t even give her a chance since she was jobless, and she quickly ran out of food.

Town thugs try to harass her, and narrowly escaped being raped several times. A madame kept trying to pressure her into becoming a prostitute, and after a week without food, she was so hungry that she almost started. Yet, before she could, the Imperial Cloud Meadow did what they called spring cleaning, killing all of the demons on the border of the demon lands, declaring them unclean.

She tried to stab a soldier but failed. She was so hungry and weak, that she passed out immediately. The soldiers decided not to kill her since she was still a virgin girl, so they handed her to the slavers instead to earn some profit. This slaver decided not to sell her as a prostitute, but to toss her in the arena. She was actually put against their treasured gladiator. This match was special because they had slipped some aphrodisiacs into the gladiator’s drink before the match. They told her if she survived, they would free her.

They were always trying new things to keep people interested and watching. Man against bear. Man against tiger. Man against multiple weaker men. The match was a horny man against a young virgin girl. Naturally, he was supposed to push her down and rape her to death in front of a cheering crowd. While he had been pushing her down, she had managed to get a hold of his weapon. Their cheers stopped when his head fell from his shoulders.

That’s when she learned she was a demon, far stronger than humans, and was made to fight in the arenas more and more often. As for freeing her, now that they saw value in having her fight, they decided to forget their promise. She killed and killed some more until there was a river of blood. She began to become unbeatable, but because she wasn’t the form people liked, a strong, muscular man, and because she was too efficient at killing, the crowds lost interest in her. Her challenges became more and more aggressive, the slaver trying to bring her to death, but she stubbornly struggled to survive. Each time, they said it’d be the last fight and then she’d be free, but they were always lies.

Eventually, the slaver had enough of her performance, neither showy enough to please the crowds, or weak enough to face death, and so he sold her rather than free her, taking every last coin he could. She ended up in Aberis under the Slavers Guild’s care. At this point, all the fire had already gone out in her eyes. The world had become a meaningless pit of despair, and life and death were meaningless.

“I know a Master, he may take you in.” A slaver told her one day. “He’s a good man, he takes care of his slaves.”

That slaver was Figuro, and that man was me. However, even his promise had turned into a lie, because I didn’t come in time, and then Lord Tibult appeared.

“A woman?” he sneered. “I told you to show me your strongest! I must conquer a dungeon, not bake a cake!”

“She was a gladiator for three years. She’s strong, that’s all I know about her.”

“Very well, pack her up.”

She remained in a small room for over a week until one day she was finally let out. The Slave Master took her, used her, humiliated her. Compared to the arena, they just wanted her life. This man wanted her soul.

“He must be a Slave Master too…” he hissed under his breath.

She glanced at the man on the other side of the arena. It was the first time she had acknowledged me. Four girls were jumping on me. Those… are slaves? How?

Everything else occurred much like I remembered, except then there were the visions she had while I was destroying her miasma. They weren’t visions of her own life. They were visions of my life. I didn’t want to see these visions. In fact, it was unsettling seeing my own life flash before someone else’s eyes.

I saw when my father left me. I saw the relentless bullying I got in school. The boys beat the shit out of me, but the girls were cruel. I saw the endless rejection. I saw isolation and loneliness. Mother worked all of the time with two jobs. I was all alone. There was no one with me. I retreated into videogames. This world… it was a chance to start over again. It was a chance to be someone better. Someone people liked.

“You… you’re like me?” she said.

I suppose I was.

Chapter 347

{Congratulations, you have defeated the Demon Lord, Shao.}

{For defeating a Demon Lord, You have unlocked the Job: True Hero.}

{For completing the lore, you have gained ten dungeon points.}

Shao’s Lore is now a part of you. You gained Shao’s Blessing.}

{You have an increased affinity with miasma. You are no longer negatively affected by miasma.}

I awoke suddenly with a gasp. These damn lores were way too vicious, especially after I had already wasted all of my energy at the end. The only thing I was happy about was that the lore had ended there. In a few seconds, I would have had to be in a girl’s mind as I kissed her. It was way too close to having me kiss myself. Perhaps, there really was a god in this world who looked after me after all.

I looked around, realizing I was in a very fancy looking room. I didn’t recognize it at all, but the quality was topnotch. No sooner had I sat up when there was a gasp at the door. A maid I didn’t recognize was standing there. She let out a cry and then turn and ran away.

“Wait…” I tried to say, but found my voice was impossibly horse.

In fact, I felt extremely thirsty and was absolutely starving. I also felt extremely weak. I almost flopped back down on the bed, suddenly growing very dizzy. The door suddenly burst open, and a form rushed at me. They threw their arms around me.

“Deek! You’re alive,” she hugged me tightly.


“What, do you need something? Anything?”

“Why is the Princess hugging me?” I asked.

That question was directed over her shoulder, toward the Prince who was smiling wryly.

“Eh?” She suddenly looked at herself holding me so passionately, and her face turned red. “I… I’ll go get you food!”

She turned and ran away as quickly as the maid. Prince Aberis chuckled and then walked into the room as she fled out of it.

“My sister, she really does have a crush on you now. You definitely must take responsibility as a man, and as my brother.”

“Ah, you look good. I see you recovered okay,” I said, looking at the Prince in his nice outfit.

A flash of surprise appeared on his face but then he covered it up. “Ah… yeah… well… I wasn’t hurt so bad.”

“The dungeon is gone?”


“What about Shao…”

“She’s currently in one of our cells under the castle. She’s put up no resistance. We’re still not sure what to do with her.”

“What about… the town…” I responded uncertainly.

At that moment, Prince Eliana pushed back into the room with food. She immediately put it in front of me. It was clear a chef had prepared it and not her. However, the fact she brought it to me herself meant that she was trying to endear herself. I gave her a smile and a thank you and she blushed again.

“The town is safe. Rebuilding is underway. It cost a pretty penny, but we’ve handled the cost for resurrection and brought back everyone we could.”

I let out a breath, the question I had been trying to shy from coming out. “And the girls?”

Prince Aberis looked away, his head down. “I’m sorry, we were unable to bring them back.”

Chapter 348

“H-how? How is that possible?” I demanded, anger starting to flood through me.

Eliana looked like she was about to cry. Prince Aberis looked extremely pained as he spoke.

“We hired the highest-level priests we could, but your girls left no traces for us. Their bodies were completely destroyed. A Priest can bring back someone without a body, but only if they have some connection. A piece of hair or clothing. However, your girls always carried everything they own on them, and they and their storage rings were destroyed. The only way we could bring them back is with your slave mark. Unfortunately, you’ve been unconscious.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “You should have said that from the beginning. You were making me worried. Then, let’s get the Priest here.”

Elena looked over at Aberis tearfully, but his expression didn’t change as he stared down with a face filled with regret.

“I’m sorry, but that deadline passed.”

I blinked. “Excuse me, what are you talking about? Isn’t there like 30 days for a Resurrection to work?”

“In the best circumstances, yes,” Prince Aberis sighed, “But they died not simply in a dungeon but as a result of a miasma attack itself. Their souls would have already sustained some damage. Even if they held out until the dungeon dispersed, their timeline would be severely limited.”

“How limited? How long has it been?” I didn’t realize I was yelling now.

“You were in a coma.” He responded. “The attack on the city was five weeks ago.”

“You… no…” My entire body shook. “That’s… not possible. We… we can still try, right?”

“Deek, we did everything we could. There were others who we couldn’t resurrect. A total of ten people died permanently that day. We searched the slave market and sent someone to Chalm to find something to resurrect the girls. We were able to find something of the tigerkin girls. At that point, three weeks had already passed. We decided to use the Priest, but the spell ultimately failed. I’m sorry, the damage to their souls was just too much.”

“I’m… so sorry…” Eliana said, openly weeping.

 “No,” I said.

“Deek… we…”

“No!” I turned, using Heal and Refresh until I forced myself to stand.

With the exception of a sheet loosely hanging in my arms, I was completely naked. Eliana spun away, blushing. However, before they could say any other words, my body suddenly started to glow, causing the two nobility to step back and gasp. Four separate tattoos now glowed on my body. The newest one was right across my back. I immediately reset all of my skills. I had 27 points now. It was enough for a 4th tier spell called Resurrection. The dungeon point spells were always powerful, and a 4th tier resurrection had to be even more powerful still.

Normally, spells were related to how powerful the caster was. So, a Resurrection spell was only as powerful as the Priest casting it. Although there were various circumstances between resurrecting Karr, in the end, Celeste was a very powerful mage and her mana was supplemented with a great deal of fairy powder. I didn’t have fairy powder, but I did have the dungeon system. It was all I had.

“Lydia!” I called out. “Resurrection!”

I called, holding out my hand I feeling through my slave mark for the girl who should be by my side. However, after a few moments, nothing happened.

“Resurrection!” I cried out again.

Still, nothing happened.

“Deek…” Eliana was crying, her hand half lifted as if she wanted to comfort me.

“Lydia…” I collapsed to my knees. “I screwed up. I kept thinking… I kept thinking that you wanted freedom. I was convinced that you didn’t want to be by my side, that you were only there because you wanted to be polite and show your appreciation… However, I know the truth now. You want me to own you. You want to be my slave. Only in that way, can you be as close to me as you can. It’s the only way you know how to show how you feel. So… fine… you’re my slave. I accept you. And you will be my slave forever!”

“So… don’t think you can quit now. I own you! Your body! Your mind! Your soul! I own every part of you. That means… you definitely… you absolutely… you have to do what I say! I order you… come back to me. I am your Master, and I’m telling you to come back! There is no choice. Follow my command, or forget being my slave! My slaves will always listen, you hear… always! That’s the Master I am! Lydia, I order you to come back! Resurrection!”

I held out my hand again. After ten seconds passed, I was just about to drop my hand, when suddenly I felt the spell shift slightly. It was starting to progress. It started out slowly, but it started to pick up, moving faster and faster. The ground began to shake. Eliana gasped and Prince Aberis grabbed her and pulled her back.


A light exploded out, so bright that it threatened to blind everyone in the room. The rumbling sound shook the entire palace, causing several people to fear that another demon lord had appeared. When the light suddenly faded, a naked girl was lying in the bed. I stared down at her, feeling a bit of disbelief. Her ears twitched. Her eyes opened.

“M-master!” She leaped at me, my sheet falling down as I was pushed to the ground.

We were both terribly weak, but Lydia was just a tad stronger. She had come back to me. She had come back to me… horny?

“Ah!” Eliana made a noise as she got over the shock of the resurrection and started noticing what was happening on the floor, her face turning red. “Wh-wh-what are they doing?”

Prince Aberis started to wear a lewd face. “Hehe… he really is a man. Doesn’t even waste any time.”

“Wait… Lydia… stop… I have to resurrect the other girls!”

“Master all to myself? I definitely must take advantage of this time I can have Master to myself!”

 “Aren’t we still in the room?” Eliana replied in a panic.

“Well, you won’t be doing that with him until you two get married.”

“Ah! M-m-married, he’ll do th-that!” Eliana became overloaded and passed out.

Prince Aberis caught her and then laughed one last time. “You finish up here, we’ll give you some privacy.”

“Hah! It’s in! No… wait, this is definitely not the right time! Lydia! Stop! I’m your Master! It’s an order! Wait, don’t rock that… ahhhhh!”

Eventually, I got around to resurrecting the other girls. What was it about Resurrection that made them come back horny? It was a very exhausting night.

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