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Chapter 349

“Kneel, Hero Deek of Chalm.” The prince said, lowering his sword on my shoulder, “And rise, Sir Deek Deekson, Viscount of Chalm.”

The was a roar of clapping as the sword went to my other shoulder and I stood up. It was only two days since I woke up, and the Prince had summoned all the nobility in the Capital in order to provide rewards after the Demon Lord’s rising. I had only just gotten to the point where I was walking normally again, and now I was kneeling in front of a crowd of hundreds.

Becoming a Viscount was actually an extremely big deal. It was the lowest level of being a high lord, or so I was told. Prince Aberis had to fight to get this approved with the House of Lords. Essentially, not only was I granted land and a royal income, but my children would also be born as Lords, although only my direct successor could take the Viscount name. Lower lords included Knights, Baron, and Governors. Normally, I would have been a Baron since I had land I ruled, but I was given two additional increases to Viscount. Above me, there was Count, Earl, Marquis, and Duke before the royal family.

As for Deekson, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I had even explained to him that I had a last name, but he had already gotten all the documents signed before I was even out of my coma. I signed various other paperwork, and Chalm was now a part of the country.

“For saving the city from a demon lord, and protecting this here Prince… I grant the Lordship of Chalm all of the land along the wilderness up to the border of Dioshin and the Imperial Cloud Meadow. Chalm will remain free of taxes for a period of ten years. Lord Deekson will also be given a mansion on the nobility block, a salary of 100 gold coins per month, and access to two knights. You have also been given the right to promote someone to Knight, should you choose so.”

Like Hero, Knight was a job. I was handed a token. If I used it, I could give any person a Knight job. Unfortunately, they would start at level 1 and have to level up on their own. That’s why most people used it on a knight trained in the Capital, as they are already leveled up. I had already considered giving the jobs to my girls. I’d rather not put my life in any stranger’s hands.

As it turned out, Lord Tibult was only a Baron, since he wasn’t the direct descendent to his father, Marquis Tibult. That was also why he insisted on being called Lord, as being Baron Tibult was a smack in the face, reminding him that he wasn’t a high lord like his father. He was actually in the crowd, having been resurrected after the fiasco. However, he couldn’t even meet my eyes, let alone give a disdainful look.

As I had been told, he was going to be brought to his father who was currently defending the border against the Ost Republic. Skirmishes broke out daily there. His father decided to turn him into a man by having him fight in a few battles. It went without saying that Count Tibult was pale white, and had very little energy. He even looked like he was losing weight rapidly. The trauma from dying and then his future fate had put the man in very low spirits.

When the ceremony was finally done, I went to leave. I still had to move my stuff from the palace to my new home. On top of that, there was a great deal of work to do. It made me sigh when I thought about all the stuff I had to do. That’s why I had just spent the last two days with my girls. I had also wanted them to get over the trauma of their own deaths, but they didn’t seem bothered by it. Rather, they found it a sense of pride that they went in such a manner. It’s hard to understand how women think.

Speaking of which, my sleeve was suddenly grabbed by another woman, who pulled me away from the crowds. It was Eliana, and she was blushing.

“My lord,” she curtsied. “I was hoping you could accompany me.”

“I’m just a Viscount and you’re royalty, between the two of us, your status is much greater. You don’t need to lower your head to me.”

“Even if you say that…” She said, refusing to meet my eyes.

See? Women made no sense.

Chapter 350

It wasn’t like she was taking me somewhere romantic. My four girls had rejoined me and were following along too. She actually took us down into a lower portion of the castle. This was likely a location under the castle. It was cold here. Miki didn’t do good with the cold and was shivering. I didn’t realize where she was taking me until we entered a room. In the center were two bodies covered in blankets. She lowered them to reveal Carmine and Salicia.

“I wanted to ask you what you’d like to do with Lord Tibult’s former slaves. At the end of the competition, they were supposed to be freed.”

“Even if you say that, they’re dead.”

“We’ve used a spell to keep their bodies from decaying. Since you were able to bring your own girls back, I thought it might be possible that you could bring them back too.”

“Is that even a good idea? I mean, Carmine is an enemy of the Church, and her sister is a Bandit King. I suppose, faulting Carmine is a bit cruel, but so is bringing them back only to cast them out,” I explained. “On top of that, I had to use the slave mark to facilitate bringing the girls back. These two are not my slaves. If I wanted to bring them back, they would need to be. If that’s the case, I don’t think you guys can afford to put up another bond disruption formation, and I’m not going to cut off my limbs, so if these girls are enslaved, I won’t be able to get rid of that slavery.”

“I understand!” she said, her face turning slightly red. “I know what I am asking isn’t fair. However, I definitely want you to try to bring them back to life! It was my own selfishness that caused everyone to suffer so much, so I don’t want any more deaths on my conscience. The others who passed, they weren’t slaves. Slave marks cannot be imprinted on the dead. However, if someone who dies already has a slave mark, then it may be possible to use your Slave Taker ability. For at least these two, there is a chance!”

Eliana had clearly thought all of this through. She even knew about my Slave Taker ability. She had likely heard about it when I was in a coma. By now, they would have figured out how I was able to distract Shao. They likely knew that Shao was my slave now. Well, I had questions about Shao too, but for the moment, I would focus on this.

“Very well, I will bring them back,” I sighed.

“R-really!” she said it like she expected I wouldn’t do it.

“I said I would!”

“I love you!” She suddenly threw her arms around me and kissed me. However, no sooner had she done it than she pulled away and blushed. “I- I mean… thank you…”

The fact she suddenly said that and kissed me caught me off-guard, but it was a glance at the other girls that left me confused. I was expecting some very angry glares, but all four women seemed fine.

“Ah… you’re okay with this?” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“Master is Master…” Lydia sighed. “I’m glad that Princess Eliana has finally taken our advice.”

“Advice? Ah, that was right, you had a heart-to-heart with her back at the hot spring. What did you say to her?”

“Naturally, we suspected she was interested in Master, so we described our sexual experiences with Master,” Terra explained.


“Yup, I told her how Master likes to take his…”

“Okay! That’s enough!” I immediately stopped her words, but it was clear by Eliana’s expression she had already heard them.

“After that, we noticed an imagery stone in the wreckage,” Miki continued.

That probably had to be Prince Aberis’s version of a camera.

“So, we thought it’d be nice if Master could see before he decided if he wanted, so we took pictures of Eliana. After doing several nice positions, she saw the camera and fled!” Terra sighed.

“You weren’t blackmailing me!” Princess Eliana cried out.

“And then, after Master lectured us about bullying and said Eliana wasn’t interested, we put the imagery stone away, but then we ran into her again and the house.”

So, in short, they told Eliana all the sexual things I did to them, then took incriminating images of her. She fled in terror, but after sleeping on it she came to the conclusion that I was a pervert who definitely must be stopped and she couldn’t accept blackmail. That lead to these events.

“How many other people have you told about my sexual prowess?” I demanded.

“Hmm… there was that maid at the inn. Salicia. Basically, every girl in Chalm…” Lydia started.

“Okay… please stop.”

“Um…” The Princess spoke up, still blushing. “Since you weren’t holding the imagery stone over my head, can I have it back?”

“Ah, sure!” Miki says, but then she frowns. “Huh… where did we put it?”

“Didn’t we give it to Celeste?”

“Don’t look at me! I lose things all the time!”

“Sorry, it seems we misplaced it. Eliana’s photos are bound to show up somewhere!” Lydia declared.


“Ah… she passed out again.” I sighed, barely managing to catch her.

Chapter 351

While the Princess recovered, I went ahead and brought back Salicia and Carmine. “Remove Curse! Slaver Taker! Resurrection!”

I decided to start with Remove Curse since the original death mark was a type of curse. Just as the Princess had predicted, Slave Taker worked. There was a glowing light. Although I cast the spells twice, both girls began to open their eyes at the same time. I cast a few healing spells on the pair of them as well as Refresh for good measure.

“Deek…” Carmine’s eyes widened.

“You…” Salicia then turned and saw an unconscious Princess on the table next to her. “Have we been added to your collection?”

“Yup!” Lydia nodded.

“No!” I grabbed Lydia and pulled her back. “I mean to say, you’ve been brought back to life using a powerful resurrection charm. The end result is that you are both my slaves.”

“Whatever… is the Princess a slave too?”


“Hehe… in that case…” She reached out and grabbed Eliana’s chest.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I cried out.

“Well, obviously, I’m robbing her. Women always hide things in their tits. Shit, nothing there, she didn’t hide it down there, did she? Only one way to find out.”

“Sister, stop, or I’ll kill you!”

“Ah… I didn’t mean anything by it! You’re still the only woman in my life!” Salicia cried.

“You disgust me.”

“Sister, when you say those words to me with that cruel look, you make me go wild.”

“I made a mistake. I should have left them dead. I see that now.”

“H-hey! Don’t be killing me so quickly!” Salicia cried.

“You know you guys were killed with a supposedly irreversible death curse. It’s also been almost six weeks. You really should have been dead for good!” I declared.

“Yeah, yeah…” Salicia seemed unimpressed. “Didn’t you bring us back so you could do this and that with our bodies?”

Carmine gasped. “Ah… I understand. My body or my life. Deek was far crueler than I originally thought.”

“You two…” I growled. “Actually, I don’t even want the pair of you as my slaves. Rather, since I’m stuck with you, I’m going to set the pair of you up as my guards.”

“Guards? Really? Us?” Salicia was disbelieving.

“You’re both powerful, so yes.”

“Very well, I will protect you with my life,” Carmine bowed.

“Ah… actually, I’m not taking you along with me at all. My girls can protect me. I actually just want some guards for my house.”

“So… you want a third rank Paladin and a Bandit King to work as house security?” Salicia asked.


“What’s the alternative?”

“Jail… and probably an execution for you. Disbarment and a lifetime of rejection for Carmine.”

“Then, I’ll take your offer!” Salicia responded.

Carmine nodded as well in acceptance. Well, it wasn’t like they had a choice. I could only let out a long sigh.

“Alright, let’s head to this new mansion. Since it was provided by the Prince, it’ll probably be nice.”

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