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Chapter 352

After collecting all of my stuff and putting it in my storage ring, I left with the six girls in tow.

“Was it okay to just leave the Princess in the morgue?” Celeste asks uncertainly.

“It’s fine, it’s not like she’s tied up or anything. When she wakes up, she’ll just know we’ve left.

“R-right! Not tied up!” Salicia coughs. “So, Boss, since you’re now our Master, are you going to buy us stuff?”

“Eh? What’s that?”

“All of my armor was destroyed upon my death,” Carmine declared.

“Exactly. We’re expensive women with expensive tastes! We need things beyond these slave clothes!” Salicia demanded. “I need armor, and weapons, and magical items, and a personal servant!”

“Why do I feel like I’m being extorted here!”

“Since we’re making requests, I’d also like something to wear that can change size with me. My only shape-shifting outfit was destroyed upon my death. As well as all of the stuff in my ring.”

All of the girls were actually wearing simple servant outfits provided by the palace. Salicia and Carmine were a step below in slave outfits. Well, this was the palace, so even these things were a bit better than a commoner wore, but compared to all the clothing I used to buy them, it seems that it was all destroyed.

“Let me see what I have…” I responded, checking my ring. “Ah… I’m poor.”

I only had change at this point. I had left the vast majority of my money with Faeyna, and since she had been freed, I don’t really know where she is. I had forgotten to ask the Prince about her whereabouts. The Prince seemed very busy recently and we only had a few moments to chat. Simply put, we barely had enough to feed ourselves for a few weeks. If I started buying clothing, it’d fall to a few days.

We finally reached the address the King gave me. We stopped in front of a small mansion. Wait… isn’t this place familiar? It was the smallest place on the block and was about as far from the top as possible.

“Hehehe! Looks like this place is yours now!” A voice came on the other side of the fence that went into our neighbor’s yard.

I had to look over to see a small man standing there. “Pait?”

That’s right, the property we got was the small mansion that had previously been Pait’s place.

“Looks like the royalty finally listened to all my complaints and got us a new place. Sorry, we took everything, even the light fixtures. Had I known at the time you’d be taking over the property, I wouldn’t have been so merciless. Well, at least when I found out, I undid the sabotage.

“Master flooded the place with sewage…” Dav sided. “It took us two weeks to clean it.”

“Haha! He didn’t need to know that!” Pait gave an awkward laugh. “Well, it’s all good now. Since we still owe you a little. Well, you were sleeping so no harm no foul. I’m glad your ladies were able to be recovered. You really should buy life insurance for them. That’s what I did for Dav.”

“A little?” I shook my head wryly. “Wait, what do you mean by life insurance?”

“Eh? You don’t know? There is a service in every city. They tie a gemstone to your lifeforce and then store a few drops of your blood in it. If your gemstone goes out, they’ll know and be able to resurrection you quickly.”

“…” My mouth fell open as I thought about all the trouble I had been in. “Even such a thing exists?”

“Well, it’s pricey. 25 gold coins just to get a gem, and then 1 gold coin a month just for them to keep it. If you really worry, you need 10 gold. In that way, they check your gemstone every couple of weeks. One gold only ensures they store it safely. Your death still must be reported for them to resurrect. Ten gold is needed if you’re going to be far enough away where your death might not be reported or if you find your own friends and family untrustworthy.”

That would have saved us a great deal of heartache and frustration. I wish I had known about this thing ahead of time, but it really was costly. Just paying for the seven of us would take two months’ salary, and I was a part of the high lords.

Chapter 353

“Actually, since we’re talking about that, you were the last person I saw with Faeyna. Do you know where she is?”

Thinking about my money deficit, finding Faeyna was extremely important. I had given her over to the Esmere to watch over. That was nearly six weeks ago, so who knew where they were now.

“Ah?” He smirked. “How about you try knocking on your door?”


He winked at me and gestured to the door to my house. Since it was that way, I headed to the door, but I hadn’t even lifted my fist when it opened. There was a beautiful woman in an eloquent maid outfit who gave a perfect curtesy so low her head almost hit the ground. Naturally, a very large bosom was exposed.

“Master, you have returned.”

Lydia had to push up my chin to close my mouth. She also gave me a disapproving glare. I wasn’t looking at them that much. It was only when the woman raised back up I finally realized it was Faeyna. Although her outfit was that of a maid, her beauty and refinement made me seriously think she was a lady for a moment.

“Faeyna, what are you doing here?” I ended up asking, even though the question seemed a little rude.

“Ah… I’m working for Master, naturally…” Faeyna responded.

“That is… I mean, you’re free, right? I actually thought you’d have a job at the palace. I was going to go back tomorrow and ask once we got settled in.”

“Actually, once Master’s house was officially decided, the Prince allowed me to stay here.”

“Is that so… so he’s renting you out as my temporary maid?”

“Not exactly… actually, I was hoping Master could keep me on.”

“About that…” I scratched my head. “I guess it’s fine if I pay you.”

She shook her head. “You misunderstand, I’d like to be your slave again.”

“Really, why is that?” I asked, “I know you value your freedom. You don’t have to worry.”

“Since I’m staying in this mansion, and I know you travel a lot, it’s possible I could be snatched. I’d feel far safer as your slave.”

“I suppose that’s true. This mansion isn’t nearly as secure as the palace. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to work there?”

“Is Boss looking down on us, Sister?” Salicia whined.

“Mm… I think he is,” Carmine nodded.

“I don’t want to work for the palace!” she responded. “I want you as my Master.”

“Is that so…”

She lowered her head and murmured. “And if I’m not a slave like the other girls, how else will I be able to compete.”

“What was the last part?”

“Nothing, Master! Come in!”

We walked in and even the girls made noises of surprise. The place was very beautiful. There were paintings, statues, couches, and the works.

“I did the decorating myself,” she said happily. “Well, it was a complete wreck when I got here, but I worked hard and with a little assistance from the maid next store and some replaced floors, the place is fit for my Master.”

“This is really nice,” I said.

I used to live like a slob, so I had no eye for anything eloquent. If it was up to me, the place would be garbage. Seeing how happy the girls were as they ran around the main room, I was content as well. This was just the foyer. If the entire mansion looked like this, it would be great. For the first time, I actually felt like I was somebody of value. Best of all, I had a place to Portal around now.

“Master should consider trying to get that Dav girl if possible. She is hardworking. I’ll need at least three maids to properly maintain this home.”

“Mm… since I am the head maid, I’d eventually like to train my replacement and one subordinate. That way, I can focus on the management, as well as your property in Chalm.”

“Ah, that’s true. Speaking of which, I assume you sold the goods purchased from Dirage?”

“As to that…” She lowered her head, a guilty expression on her face.

“What happened?”

“Ahem… naturally, as the manager, I knew Master would want a properly furnished home. After the previous damage, not to mention furnishing every room… it’s gone…”


“I hadn’t expected Master to be out for six weeks, so, one way or another, it was spent.”

Turns out… I really was poor. Living like a noble is expensive, it seems.

Chapter 354

“It’s fine. We’ll think of something.” I said.

By something, I, of course, meant returning to the dungeon in Dirage. After the battle with that crazy demon lord, I realized that my girls needed to be much stronger if we wanted to live a peaceful life. Plus, I’d grown accustomed to the flow of money that dungeons got me. To think that I had built up thousands of gold, and now it was all gone. Elves are pricey. Well, I tried not to make her feel any guiltier than she already did.

Faeyna showed me my master bedroom, and then took the other girls to their bedrooms. This mansion was small. That was to say there were only about twenty bedrooms in all. That was plenty of room for everyone to have a bedroom. Technically, there was a slave quarters too, which was a shed out back that could fit ten, but I told the girls that wasn’t necessary.

The girls all went to their bedrooms. However, I suspected once the novelty of it wore off, they’d all end up back in my room. That seemed to be how things were. Well, at least for Lydia, Miki, Celeste, and Terra. I hoped the other two girls wouldn’t get too attached. There was a reason I was trying to be distant with them. My four girls and I had traveled together, slept together, and fought life and death battles together.

Salicia and Carmine were just here because I felt bad for them. I’d definitely have to lay down a couple of rules for them tomorrow, but for the night I’d let them also get acquainted with the mansion. I just hoped Salicia didn’t steal anything. I had already given her such an order, but maybe I needed to make it a Slave Order to stick with her. Somehow, the thought of her writhing in pain didn’t disturb me like the other girls.

As I entered the room, I could only be surprised once again. It was plenty large enough for all the girls. In fact, my previous living space on Earth wasn’t much bigger than this room. To think, this was a small mansion. My mansion in Chalm was supposed to be about four times the size of this one, at least according to the blueprints I was shown. There was a big bed in the room. Compared to the hotel room, there would be space for all of us. In fact, I could probably add a few more girls.

No! What kind of thought was that! I wasn’t a pervert who wanted a collection of beautiful women. Those four were naturally enough, and perhaps Faeyna too. I absolutely under no circumstances would allow Salicia and Carmine in our bed. Unless they asked nicely. Well, if they asked nicely, I wouldn’t be able to refuse them. That’s a given.

As I was thinking such thoughts, an arm wrapped around me and there was a glint of cold steel that suddenly touched my neck. Seriously? A robber? Or worse… an assassin? Had Lord Tibult been bolder than I gave him credit for? I prepared my healing spells immediately in case they cut. Like that, I had a chance to live.

However, I suddenly felt their face pressed against the back of my neck. I heard sniffing noises. Considering I couldn’t see who it was, this definitely creeped me out.

“I smell the scent of a woman on you,” a feminine voice suddenly declared. “My love has been unfaithful…”

The voice sounded cold and angry. Although, I instantly recognized it. It was the voice of Shao, the Demon Lord! How did she get into my bedroom!

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