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Chapter 355

“Shao… um… what are you doing here? I thought you were in jail?” I asked nervously, feeling the steel against my neck.

“Fufu… as soon as I heard my love’s sweet voice, how could I remain cooped up any longer? Naturally, I left that dark place to bask in my love’s light.”

Heard my voice? When had that happened? Wait, didn’t they say that Shao had been locked away in a cell under the castle? Wasn’t the morgue also under the castle? Shao must have been near enough to hear us as I resurrected Salicia and Carmine. With that on her mind, she managed to escape somehow and followed me home. Then, she slipped into my bedroom. What was with my bad luck all of a sudden?

“So… how’s it been hanging lately?” I tried to keep her talking, meanwhile trying to figure out a way to flee.

I could use Return, but then I’d be leaving her alone with my girls. Even if I immediately Portaled back, there was no guarantee someone wouldn’t be hurt.

“Don’t dare to try to side-step the question!” She finally pulled the knife away and then pushed me, allowing me to turn around. “Admit it, you’ve been sleeping with another woman!”

I immediately looked away. It looked like when they arrested Shao, they hadn’t given her any new clothing. She was still wearing the tattered remains of her robe, which left most of her body exposed. On top of that, it seemed like she hadn’t bathed in nearly a month and a half. She looked quite dirty, and her smell, while not unpleasant since she was still a girl, was quite pungent.

“I have,” I admitted.

“Geh!” Suddenly, blood spurted from her mouth.

“What the! Are you okay?” I almost reached out, but she kept me at bay with her knife.

“Fufu…” She wiped her mouth with her free hand, shooting me an ugly glare. “You admitted it.”


She sniffed in the air. “I smell pussy, fox, fairy, and golem all over you. Tell me, my love, which woman have you been sleeping with behind my back?”

“Um… all of them?”

“Geh! Geh!’” Two spurts of blood.

“Do you have stomach cancer? Should we take you the doctor? At the least, these rugs were really expensive, so can you avoid bleeding on them?”

I couldn’t say why I was so calm. Perhaps it was because I knew the girl that Shao used to be before this world had warped her. Perhaps it was because I knew her story better than anyone. Or perhaps, it was one of those moments after your life flashed before your eyes where you could face death head-on.

She wiped her mouth. “You lech… you admit your affairs so blatantly.”

“You asked…”

She suddenly put her fingers together with the blade between them and then whispered seemingly to herself. “If I just killed one, it’d be fine, but if I killed them all, he’d probably be mad.”

“No, I’d be mad if you killed any of them. Naturally, I love them. They are my women!”

“What about us!?” she cried out.

“There is no us?”

“Geh! Geh! Geh!”

“And there my carpet went.”

“Y-you could just lie a little…”

“Huh? I thought you valued honesty above anything else?”

Part of the reason I didn’t think of lying to her was that I had a feeling if I tried to lie, she’d fly into a rage. Well, the truth would hurt too, but I think it was safer nipping this all in the butt. She had some strange delusions about us, and it was better if they didn’t get any worse.

“I see… since you have been honest… it’s clear that you truly love me, even if you are a cheater.”

“That…” This was going to take a while.

Chapter 356

“My love…”

“Okay… how do I put this? I love Lydia, Miki, Celeste, and Terra. They are my women. I plan to continue to sleep with them when they want to.”

Her head lowered, her eyes shaking wildly for a second before she started laughing creepily. “Hehehe… th-that’s fine. They’re just slaves, right? So… in that case, they’re not even people. It’d be like if my man masturbated to porn. You have to just accept that part of him. Since they’re all just cum dumpsters, then naturally you can use them as much as you want, and it won’t affect our pure relationship at all!”

“Oi…” I could practically hear her mind creating excuses to escape reality, and I wanted to put a stop to it.

“I mean, you’re a Lord now! Lords have many concubines. Sleeping with a servant or a slave girl is practically normal for this world. So, I should feel perfectly fine that my love is with other women. Yes… that works. As long as I’m his number one woman, then it’s all that matters.”

“Hey, stop that!” I said defensively. “Rather, aren’t you also my slave?”

“Geh!” No blood came out this time at least. “Th-that’s right… in the end, I’m just a slave that Master will use.”

I let out a calm breath. “See… therefore…”

“Therefore… I must give my body to you! With enough time, surely my love will finally give his heart to me,” she spoke, seemingly to herself. “No! I must put myself above all the other slaves. There’s only one way this can be achieved. It’s a bit more work than I originally thought, but it’s fine. If happiness was easy to achieve, then my life wouldn’t have been so awful. Alright, I’ve decided!”

I winced hearing those words. I felt a little sad for her, but this was still getting out of control.

“Decided what?” I asked nervously, even though I felt like I might regret it.

“Naturally, you must put a baby in my belly!”

“Wh-what?” I took a step back.

“Once I bear your children, then I’ll have a special place in your heart. It’s the only way for us to be together!” she declared, taking a step toward me.

“W-wait a moment… can’t we talk about this?”

“O-of course not… my virginity… it’s… it’s got to be like ripping off a band-aid. If I talk or think about it too much, I might go crazy. So, please… don’t hold back!”

“You’re already there,” I took a few more steps back. “Stop coming closer!”

She held up her knife, her eyes flashing angrily. “Why won’t you make me pregnant! Do you not want my body? Don’t you want me? Aren’t I beautiful? Say I’m beautiful! Say it!”

“Oh, God, please don’t kill me!”

“You bastard! Since you won’t admit it, I definitely have to make you admit it!” She said, her body shaking.

“We can’t do this…”


“It’s nothing personal, just my personal philosophy. Never stick it in crazy!”

She seemed to ignore me, continuing her approach with her knife out. “Don’t be afraid, it’s just rape. Since you’re a guy, it doesn’t even count!”

“We can’t do this!”

“Why not!” she demanded angrily.

“It’s because… because…” I looked around desperately, and then an idea slammed into my head. “It’s because you stink!”

She froze. Her crazy eyes suddenly turned into those like a deer in headlights, widening open. She glanced down as if for the first time realizing that she was in rags with a very scary appearance. She gave a single sniff, and then her entire face turned bright red.

“Ah! Oh! I-I’m sorry!” She turned and ran to the bathroom, stopping at the door. “Just wait here. I-I’ll go take a bath. When I finish cleaning up, I’ll be back to rape you and have a baby, okay?”

“Of course,” I nodded, giving her a thumbs up.

As soon as the door closed, I fled the room.

Chapter 357

Racing out of the master bedroom, I quickly ran down to the girl’s rooms, calling for all the girls to gather.

“What is it, Master?” Miki asked as everyone gathered.

“I haven’t seen Chalm in a while. Let’s see Chalm,” I declared.

“Now? But we just got here…”

“Definitely now!”

“Master, I’m still taking care of things here, plus, if we leave, who will keep the place clean? We need more staff,” Faeyna explained.

“Nope! You’re coming too! Guards as well! Come on everyone, through the portal!”

I lifted up my hand to create a portal. I could tell the girls about the problem later. Right then, the important thing was we got as much distance as possible. Once we were all safe, I’d send a message to Aberis and they could subdue her… maybe. Well, last time, it took almost everyone to subdue her. That’s why I didn’t want these girls to have to deal with Shao again. Likely, the woman has become a terror that grips their very hearts.

“Oh, hi, Shao!” Celeste waved happily.

I froze. I could feel someone standing behind me. I slowly gulped.

“I finished… my love,” she said, her voice low and deliberate.

“S-so fast…” I barely managed to get out, still facing away from her.

“I remembered I could just use cleanup magic. It’s more thorough and much quicker. I guarantee my body is completely ready now.”

“Is that so…” I responded, my mouth going dry.

I tried to use my eyes to signal Carmine and Salicia. Salicia sneered at me and then looked away. Carmine didn’t even spare me a look! Well, at least I had my girls whom I love to protect me. Wait! Why are they all disinterested! Miki was reading a book, and Lydia was looking out the window at a squirrel.

“Come, my love,” I felt the bony hand of death grab my arm.

“Girls! Why aren’t you doing anything!” I cried out. “Aren’t you surprised Shao is here?”

Lydia glanced over, “Eh? I smelled her when we came in.”

“Her spiritual energy is distinct. I could tell she was following us from the palace,” Miki nodded.

“Every girl gets one. That’s the rule.” Terra nods.

“W-wait? One? No! But, she’s trying to have sex with me!”

“Master… I know you love all of us equally, but it still hurts a little when you brag about adding more women.” Lydia responded, tearfully.

“Isn’t it about that time that this kind of thing happened? I thought Master would have her in her cell, but he waited to get home,” Terra added, giving me a thumbs up. “Good impulse control!”

“Have fun, Shao!” Celeste waved good-bye as the arm started to pull me back up the stairs.

“We’re going to make a baby!” Shao said happily.

“Good luck!” Terra gave a thumbs up, and then made a face. “I want to have his baby too…”

“What? Why? What is happening? Why is no one protecting me?” I cried, feeling like I was going crazy.

Shao’s strength was immense though, and I was pulled up the stairs without any hope of resisting. Damn it, next time I played a game, I was going to be a super strength juggernaut!

“Save me! Someone, save me!” I cried as I was dragged to the master bedroom door.

“Master… if you really wanted our help, couldn’t you order us?” Carmine offered.


That’s right. I hadn’t ordered them to do anything. My heart was also beating really hard, and I realized that I had a bit of a tent down below the girls must have noticed. In the end, you can change your job away from Pervert, but the pervert was always there. Somewhere deep down, I realized I was turned on.

The master bedroom door closed, sealing all escape.

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