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Once the door shut on me, sealing off my only means of escape, my only choice was to turn back and face the scary woman who seemed just a bit unhinged. Since things had gotten this far, there was really nothing else I could do. I had to equip Pervert. If I wasn’t able to get excited, she’d likely be furious and attack me. I wanted to live, so my only choice was to go all in and hope everything worked out. I couldn’t understand what my slaves were thinking about being so relaxed by this, but it was seriously scary, right?

As I equipped Pervert along with Slave Master and White Mage just hoping I could survive this encounter. White Mage could keep me alive and Slave Master was if I needed to reign her in. My eyes finally landed on Shao and my mouth fell open.

She was no longer wearing the tattered remains of a cloak. Rather, she was wearing a somewhat embarrassing looking nightie which covered her up but also revealed a great deal. It included a garter belt and long stockings. She had long pale legs and an incredible body. I hadn’t looked behind me when she grabbed me and pulled me back, but the slaves would have seen this and naturally would have known what was about to happen.

However, her face was what really caused my heart to tremble. She was beautiful. She had jet black hair, dark eyes, and gave off a sorrowful aura. This was offset by pale skin. She could easily be described as a Japanese beauty. To someone who wasn’t Japanese, that also made her appear extremely exotic. I couldn’t look away from her. She blushed and lowered her head, acting completely shy. Even her body movements matched, completely destroying my previous impression of the unhinged, crazy woman who broke into my room.

“D-don’t stare at me like that,” she said quietly, her hands folded in front of her and her eyes down. “It makes me embarrassed.”

Was it possible that the demon lord who plagued my life was actually extremely weak when it came to sex? Well, she came from Japan, where modesty and politeness were above everything else. So, when it came to this situation, suddenly she turned back into a modest Japanese beauty? Oh crap, I had already equipped Pervert. The hormones of a young man met the insatiable desires of a pervert, I grabbed her and I pushed her down onto the bed.

“Ah!” She made a cute noise, and even shook, looking like I had frightened her.

So cute! Was I drooling? It doesn’t matter! Every time I touched her, she made cute noises. My penis was fully erect and my eyes were probably scarier than her own when she was unhinged earlier.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

She shivered, her face flushing with red. “Y-you think?”

“I’m going to have you now.”

“P-please be gentle,” She said.

She says that, but all this lingerie is stuff I’m not used to. The pervert in me ripped it off. With each tear, she cried out, closing her eyes tightly. That shouldn’t make me more turned on, but it absolutely did.

Somehow, she was completely unlike the other women I had been with. Miki was shy but willing to learn. She was naturally curious and just a bit mischievous. She would blush, but she’d also play. Celeste was needy, and just a bit demanding, however, she was also incredibly easy-going and went with the flow. Terra was very affectionate. She liked to be close. Years of loneliness had left her very prone to kissing and skin contact.

Then there was Lydia. I had been prepared for another Lydia. The tigress was sexually aggressive. After having sex the first time, she had become increasingly demanding. She was extremely active sexually, and she wasn’t afraid to bite or scratch. If I didn’t have healing to undo the scratches she left on my back, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to sleep comfortably. I had expected Shao to play with her knife. I was prepared to spam the heal as I tried to survive.

Somehow, Shao was the exact opposite of that? She wasn’t quite shy like Miki. Rather, she was pure and timid. She wanted me to take control of her. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it unless I had Pervert equipped. She was actually too much like me.

I kissed her lips, and she let out a cry which ended up mostly in my mouth. My tongue explored hers excitedly, savoring her sweet, delicate taste. I finished off ripping off the rest of her clothing, but I managed to restrain myself a bit. She was shivering, and I didn’t want to push her too fast and risk making her unhappy. Just because I had the capacity of a shameless pervert who didn’t hesitate to molest beautiful women and lacked restraint didn’t mean I still couldn’t think things through.

Shao was stronger than me and could easily defeat me if we went head-on. However, right now, she seemed like the weakest person, barely letting up a peep or resisting an inch. I had a feeling that even if I was doing something she didn’t like, she wouldn’t resist.

From my memories, I remember that she had been pushed down by many men as her time as a gladiator, yet her virginity was still her own. Every man who had tried was dead. That was why she was so weak. She had given herself to me, and with that, she could only give me her absolute trust. If she resisted even a little, she might react violently and hurt me. Since she didn’t want that, she had to turn down all of her defenses. It was everything or nothing.

As that realization crept into my heart, my body calmed considerably. She had trusted me with her body. How could I take advantage? I definitely had to treat her properly. I pulled away and then removed my shirt, and then pushed my bare skin against her own. Her chest was small, only B cup. They were just enough to fit in the palms of my hands. I didn’t mind that much at all. I squeezed them gently and kissed her.

“Ahh… mmm… Deek…” she moaned in between kisses. “I love you.”

I stopped for a second, remembering back to everything I had seen when we were exchanging lifeforce. Shao knew my life better than any of the other girls. She actually came from Earth, so she understood the implications of being from another world. More than that, I knew her as well, having seen her life flash before my eyes. In many ways, I was more intimate with this woman than anyone else I had ever met.

When I didn’t answer back right away, Shao’s expression turned slightly worried. I pushed back the hair behind her ear as I looked into her eyes.

“Shao… I will take care of you, and I won’t leave you. Be by my side, and I’ll keep you.”

Shao broke into tears, then reached up and started kissing me. It was the first action she had taken herself. She kissed me over and over again, even though her face was covered in wet salty tears, she just kept kissing.

I could have said I loved her, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to say that yet. However, Shao wasn’t like the other girls, who wanted love after a life of rejection. Shao’s desires were far more basic. She wanted acceptance. Shao wanted someone to be with. That was why her first reaction was to push me into a relationship because her greatest fear was being rejected. In that respect, the words I said hit her heart far more than any declaration of love.

As sweet as the scene was, I was still a man with the job of Pervert. I grabbed her arms and then pushed them up over her head. Her kisses stopped as she let out a gasp. Her eyes widened cutely like a puppy dog who wasn’t sure if its master was happy or angry yet.

I took from Lydia’s playbook and I bit her neck. She let out a cry, her both shuddering under me. It was okay, though; I wasn’t going to be too rough. I grabbed my penis and lined it up against Shao’s parts. She took a sudden intake of breath as she felt it pushing against her.

At this point, it would probably be called the point of no return. After I took her virginity, I would absolutely have to take responsibility for the remainder of my life. The old me would have frozen, or perhaps even fled in embarrassment. However, I had been with four women now, and the Deek who would grow fearful was no longer the Deek here. Sure, the job Pervert helped, but it was still me who understood the responsibility.

In my old world, I could barely take care of my own life. Now, I was responsible for the lives of over a half-dozen women. I immediately pushed inside.

“Ahn!” Shao cried out, clenching her teeth. “It’s inside.”

“That’s just the head though.”

“I-I see…” She blushed, her feminine beauty peeking even in this erotic position under me.

“I’ll put it in the rest of the way.”

“S-slow…” she said.


I slowly pushed inside while she clenched her eyes shut and let out pained noises. As a size-changing fairy, Celeste’s first time didn’t cause much trouble. My first time with Terra was in the water, so we avoided a lot of discomforts there. Meanwhile, Miki was so used to pain and death that for her it was only slightly bothersome. As far as Lydia, although technically a virgin, she’d already made sure her body was prepared to receive.

Thus, it turned out that Shao was exceptionally difficult. It took nearly ten minutes before I was inside her. By the time we were done, she was panting, and I was as well. However, somehow, the effort of it made it feel amazing. Finally feeling myself inside Shao, it made me even more aware of the warm feeling of her body.

She looked up at me and gave an exhausted smile, then kissed me once again. I didn’t think much of it, but the fact she was willing to kiss me spoke to just how much happiness she was experiencing. She was a girl who struggled to properly show affection. Up to this point, she had mostly just lay there and allowed me to do everything.

“Alright, I’m going to start going in and out now,” I said.

Her eyes widened. “We’re not done?”

“Didn’t we just start?”

“Ah….” She tried to hide her face in shame, but naturally, with my hands holding up her arms, she couldn’t, so cute!

I began to rock my hips, and Shao gritted her teeth while making pained moans. However, those moans slowly became less and less pain and her face relaxed. Her panting started to take on a more lewd tone, and with that, I started speeding up a bit. I watched the wrinkles on her forehead to pace myself. Every time I increased the speed, there would be a bit more pain, but slowly her teeth would loosen and she’d pant even louder than before.

She was growing wet now, and I wasn’t having any trouble sliding in and out of her. Even though she kept her eyes closed and didn’t move her body much, it still felt very erotic. It wasn’t just because I had a big crush on Asian women and this was a fantasy of mine. Actually, she should be wearing a kimono, and the belt should still be on but her breasts should be out the top. Oh, and she should have chopsticks in her hair. Ah, and maybe she had geta on her feet, which would naturally be on my shoulders.

“Ahhhhn!” She cried out. “D-don’t break me.”

Oops, I got excited thinking about that fetish and ended up letting the perverted side run a little crazy. I slowed down my thrust and gave her more time to recover.

The point being, she was holding back and offering herself to me. That’s why it felt so good. Her effort was is in putting in no effort. It was something like that.

While enjoying her amazing body, I couldn’t hold back anymore. “I’m going to cum.”

“Mmm… all inside! Make me pregnant!”

I hadn’t gotten any of the girls pregnant so far. That was part of the reason I didn’t have sex with them more. I wasn’t quite ready to be a daddy. I didn’t know enough about menstrual cycles to know when a safe time was. Well, none of these girls were humans, and I heard it was difficult for humans to get nonhumans pregnant. Even Shao here was a demon, not a human, so the likelihood of conceiving was low.  The last time I had sex with the girls was after resurrecting them, but since we reached the Capital, I hadn’t done anything before then. The other part of the reason was naturally my conflicted views over their true feelings for me, but with these five women, I had no doubt they loved me.

Yet, today, this was my fifth go. That was the other reason I felt I needed Pervert to keep things up with Shao even after a few hours of breaking. I wasn’t a pornstar, after all.

I finally reached my limit, kissing Shao affectionately as I filled her womb up. Well, as long as it made her happy, I was happy too. We continued to kiss as I finished inside her.

“Did you cum too?” I asked.

She wasn’t as open about it like the other girls, so I wasn’t sure when it came to her. That’s why I asked.

“Even if you ask…” She blushed red, so cute!

In fact, it was starting to grow again. Just as I was ready to start another round, the door burst open.

“I smelled Master’s cum. He definitely finished,” Lydia declared.

“Mmm… finished!” Miki nodded with a smirk.

“That was one. Now Shao must share?”

“Eh?” Shao let out a cry, “What? No… he’s mine!”

The girls started ripping off their clothes and jumping into the bed, even as Shao tried to push them away. Shao’s sexual weaknesses apparently also included women. Lydia dominated her completely. Well, for me, I had noticed some text in my vision.

{Pervert has increased to level 3.}

{Reduced Fertility has been unlocked.}

“You’d think it’d be opposite, but I guess a Pervert job requires that kind of freedom,” I admired the job system for a moment.

“What is it, Master?” Lydia asked, even while she was mounted on top of Shao familiarizing herself with her body.

“Ah, nothing.”

It looked like we could start having more sex now. Perhaps if I leveled Pervert in the dungeons, I could even make myself pregnant-proof. Of course, I wouldn’t tell the girls that. They would take it as a personal challenge. I was a pervert, not a suicidal sex fiend. Let’s just introduce a little more sex into our relationship at a time.

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