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Chapter 358

The next morning, after I somehow made it through the night, I got up out of my bed to find Faeyna at the door. She was blushing and looking away, and it was only then I realized I was standing completely naked while scratching myself. I coughed and grabbed a sheet that wasn’t occupied by the body of a naked woman and hid my shame.

“Ah, I’m sorry you had to see that,” I made an awkward apology.

“It’s fine, Master. I took look forward to the day I can do such a thing with Master.”

“Huh, you want to join?”

She blushed and then shook her head. “I wouldn’t dare… after all, I am your maid. This kind of relationship is… is… inappropriate!”

I was turned down. Well, it wasn’t like I wasn’t aware of that.

“That’s right…” I suddenly recalled. “You can only mate with one man for the rest of your life. I was careless.”

I had gotten so used to all the girls being head-over-heels in love with me, that I had jumped to conclusions with Faeyna. She had already left me once, and she was only here because she felt safe with me. I had grown a big head since coming to this world. Some women may want to be my slave without desiring me sexually. Yup, I definitely couldn’t be greedy with five women in the bed behind me. Faeyna’s entire race was dependent on her finding a proper mate.

“It’s a bit too late for that…” Faeyna murmured, a smile on her face.


“Ah… nothing, Master! Rather, you smell and you must have a bath!”

“Oh, I do?”

It was a stupid question. After the things I did last night, of course, I smelled. Many sweaty, dirty things were done, and these were multiplied by five, so I had to take care of my hygiene. As for the dirty girls in bed, I didn’t mind them smelling for a bit longer. Rather, I wouldn’t mind if they remained dirty for a bit longer? Well, at least they could sleep in.

Faeyna nodded exaggeratedly, grabbing me and pulling me into the bathroom. “You definitely must be properly cleaned!”

“Eh? I can do it myself though!”

“This is the duty of a maid, please endure.”

I felt like she was looking at me a bit much, so I quickly made my way into the tub. Faeyna had already filled it with hot water and some kind of fragrant oil. It wasn’t like the pool at the hot springs, but it was still large enough to fit six people. I guess with magic water stones, filling this kind of thing was simple. I heard rustling behind me and I looked back to see Faeyna’s maid outfit dropping to the ground. She was wearing a garter belt! When did it get out that I had a garter belt fetish? First Shao, and now Faeyna!

“Wh-what are you doing?” I turned away.

“I must wash Master, so I don’t want my uniform becoming wet.”

“I-is that appropriate for a maid?”

“Oh, yes, Master, it’s my duty. Please endure.”

I didn’t look back, but a moment later she splashed into the water. I turned my back to her, feeling somewhat awkward.

“You can do my back, I guess,” I muttered.

Two soft things suddenly pressed against my back. My eyes widened. They were very big, so there was no mistaking it.


“Maid’s duty. Please endure.”

“I see…”

I was cleaned very thoroughly. She was very good with her chest. Her hands were also quite bold. Eventually, they started cleaning a certain spot.

“Um… even that…”

“It’s the dirtiest part, I must be extra thorough.”

“Hah… hah… If you keep going…” I said, pretty sure she was going above a maid’s duty at this point. “I’ll lose it in the water, and since you’re in the water, that might cause problems?”

I didn’t want to end up causing an extinction just because I couldn’t hold it…

“Maid’s… ahhh! It erupted.” She blushed, finally letting go while becoming shy.

In the end, I didn’t endure, but it’s probably fine. At least I was clean now.

Chapter 359

As I left the bathroom dry and wearing a towel, I encountered my girls who had just gotten up and were going to have a bath. They all seemed cheerful this morning, so I was glad they were getting along. I realized a Japanese girl was on her knees lifting my towel. I heard a sniffing noise.

“Master has released this morning. I smell an elf. Master is still unfaithful,” Shao said, looking up at me coldly.

“She was just helping me with a bath,” I said helplessly under Shao’s cold stare.

Fortunately, Faeyna wasn’t in the bath with me. She had departed first in order to make food while I finished up. She was really thorough with everything, it seemed.

“Wait, the bathwater hasn’t been changed!” Lydia declared. “That means… Master’s seed…”

“If we bathed in it, couldn’t we get pregnant?” Miki asked uncertainly.

“I’m first.” Shao had disappeared from under me and was now shoving to get through the door.

“Shouldn’t we change it?” Celeste asked.

“I heard it’s good for the skin,” Terra shrugged. “It makes it extra smooth.”

“Ah? Really, Master has been holding back! Master, you definitely must give me baths in it!” Celeste declared.

“What do you think I am, a firehose?!” I cried out.

While the girls were fighting to get in the bath first after me, I decided to use the opportunity to escape. If I stayed any longer, the girls would make me join them and then no one would get clean. Well, I already was satisfied, and too much satisfaction wasn’t good for the heart. I’d definitely need to keep that mischievousness as a nightly thing or my life would turn into a hentai and nothing would get accomplished.

As I headed down, I heard a knock on the door. By the time I made it to the foyer, the door had closed and Faeyna had already gotten it. She walked up to me and kneeled, showing a letter in her hands. I picked it up out of her hands and looked at the seal. It was the seal of the royal family. I was planning on stopping by the castle today anyway, but it was a little surprising that they would send me something. After opening it up and reading it, I realized it was an official summons from the Prince. It might be serious.

I decided to let the girls get comfortable in the new mansion, so I left. Carmine came along as my official guard. I’d rather she was guarding the mansion, but with Shao there, it was more like we needed the rest of the city to be guarded against her.

I didn’t use Portal or anything special to get to the palace, so it ended up being a bit of a walk. About an hour later, I introduced myself to the guard and he instantly sent someone to bring me in. A few minutes later, I was in a receiving room. The door opened, and the familiar Prince Aberis walked in, his brows furrowed in worry.


“Please… call me Brother.”

“Ah… Brother…” Nope, it still felt weird.

“I need your help, Deek,” he finally sighed. “The Demon Lord has escaped!”

“You don’t say…” I scratched my cheek.

This was going to be an awkward conversation.

Chapter 360

“So, various things happened, and she’s living in my home.” I gave a brief explanation.

Actually, it was probably too brief? Well, there wasn’t much to say. I came home last night and she was already there. She confessed her love for me and now she won’t leave. His mouth was open.

“Ah… Prince?”

He shook his head. “Nothing! I mean… if she’s not causing any trouble, then it is fine. My only request is that you take her to the Slavers Guild and have a more powerful slave mark.”

“A more powerful mark?”

“Mm.. slave marks have various levels. For very dangerous criminals, such a mark exists. When it comes to someone like a demon lord, this will be sufficient. As far as her face, she remained covered during most of the event. I doubt few people would associate the demon lord with your slave. It will probably be fine.”

“Okay, in that case, while we’re at it, is it possible to receive my money for Faeyna?”

He chuckled. “Having financial troubles, are we?”

“Ah… well, I am a bit short on money, so it would really help.”

The Prince sighed, “Alas, I cannot give it to you.”  

“Could I ask why?”

“Aren’t you planning on re-enslaving Faeyna?”

“You even know that much?”

“Well, I know that Faeyna has spent the last month at your mansion and that she’d be safest as your slave so no one snatched her away.”

“That’s true, but you did remove the mark…”

“It’s not that I don’t think you deserve compensation. It’s the slave laws, alright?” the Prince explained. “Slaves can be freed if someone is willing to spend their value and the slave themselves approve. That is essentially what happened when I freed Faeyna.”

“Right, what of it?” I asked, feeling an exception coming along.

“I didn’t pay you the gold yet, so technically, this transaction hasn’t finished.”

“So, then, let’s finish it…”

“Naturally, if that was allowed, then couldn’t a master and slave easily con others? People like my sister would see an abused slave and then pay to free them, only for them to slip right back into slavery! That’s why a law was created, if a slave agrees to leave their master and the agreement is fulfilled, that slave cannot be reenslaved to that Master.”


“it’s not an unreasonable law. It protects a slave from their Master’s retaliation for being willing to leave them, and as I said, it removes con-jobs or slaves suddenly changing their minds and wasting a generous person’s goodwill. We can still go through with it and you can have the coin, but…”

“But… I wouldn’t be able to keep Faeyna as a slave, and there would always be a risk that she would be snatched off the street or kidnapped.” I finished his thought, “So, it was something like this after all.”

I had thought that I might not see that 3000 gold ever since I woke up, but fortunately, the explanation was one I could tolerate.

“Although, the kingdom’s also quite poor, isn’t it?”

“Gah!” The Prince let out a strangled sound and then sighed. “Is it that obvious? Normally, subjugating a demon lord should involve a cash prize too, but after the destruction of the Capital and various other issues, we’re definitely struggling this month. I’m trying to resolve it.”

“Isn’t this kind of a big issue involving the kingdom? Shouldn’t you at least speak to the King?”

That word caused the Prince to wince. Naturally, I was curious about that reaction. He let out another sigh.

“Well, since I’ve made you my brother, I suppose I might as well tell you the truth. Rather, this was the other reason I was hoping to talk with you. I’m in need of your help.”

“What for?”

“You see, my father, the King… he’s gone missing!”

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