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Chapter 367

“So, remember, if the Church arrives, just tell them I’m on a mission for the Prince or something like that,” I explained to the girls remaining behind.

“Don’t worry. If they cause trouble, I’ll cut them down where they stand!” Salicia chuckled.

I glanced over at the other two women.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep Sister in check.” Carmine sighed.

“Master, it is my responsibility to take care of the home when you are gone. Rest assured, I will do my job adequately.” Faeyna curtsied.

“In that case, I suppose we should be off.”

I made sure to enslave Faeyna using my Slave Taker ability.

{Faeyna is now your slave.}

Something about seeing those words reassured me and made me feel a bit better. It was like there was a knot in my shoulders, and only now I was able to relax. I now had eight slaves under me. I wondered how many would become too many. Was there a limit?

I didn’t have to wait long to get those answers. I gave them a few more instructions and then the group left, heading towards the Slavers Guild. We kept a low profile just in case the Church was searching for us, and I simply asked immediately for Figuro.

“She’s the Demon L-“ I covered his mouth.

“Shhh… didn’t the Prince tell you I was coming?”

“Ah… that… he said I needed to provide a stronger slave mark, as to on who… that wasn’t the case.”

“What is the difference anyway?” I asked. “It seems like any Slave Mark would do.”

“Well, the typical Slave Mark binds someone’s body,” Figuro explained. “The stronger form, well, it’s one we very rarely use except in special circumstances, it binds a person’s soul.”

“A person’s soul?”

Figuro nodded with a serious expression on his face. “A girl bound by this slave mark, even in death, your soul would be bound to your Master’s. It’s a particularly cruel and absolute form of control… girl, are you…”

“I’ll do it!” Shao’s eyes shone with excitement. “Ah… I might need two slave marks maybe?”


“My soul must be bound to Master extra tight… so, he never gets away…”

“Haha…” I tried to laugh it off, but why did she seem so serious?

I felt my spine tingle as she glanced at me with a crooked smile.

“Master… I too… must have a stronger Slave Mark,” Lydia suddenly declared.

“M-me too!” Celeste cried out. “My soul must be bound to Master, even in death, as well!”

“Master must control me completely.” Terra agreed.

“I must get a mark for each one of my tails, then Master will have my spirit!” Miki seemed to already be preparing.

“Uh… what was the part about it being cruel?” I asked Figuro, who had his eyebrows raised.

“Ah… since her soul is bound to yours, she will die when you die.”


“Yes, that’s how it has to be…” Figuro shrugged helplessly.

“Sorry, girls, I don’t want you all to check out if I died.”

The girls were very depressed and shot Shao a few jealous looks. However, they came to agree. Someone needed to pull my body away and make sure I was properly resurrected. If we lived and died as a group based on the weakest member, it would be truly pitiful. I agreed to buy them something sweet from a stall on the way to our next stop to get them to cheer up. Shao’s mark was upgraded with a slight sizzling sound.

“Does that hurt?”

“No more than the agony of every second Master isn’t by my side.”

I had no response to that.

Also, it turned out that normal people could only handle about 10 slaves. If you acquired the Slaver job, you could handle more. For someone with the Slave Master job, they could support up to a thousand slaves, so it was fine.

Chapter 368

After getting the girls treats from a vendor, we headed the rest of the way to the Adventuring Guild. I had a slight worry that the Church would be there waiting for me, but when I entered the building, I was relieved to see that they weren’t locking down the city to find me yet. Perhaps, it wasn’t a big deal and I was making it more problematic than it truly was. I didn’t really know why they wanted me. They could be wanting to pat me on the back for all I knew. However, considering what happened with Carmine, I had a bit of distrust when it came to them.

“You took enough time!” the Blue Mage grumbled when we approached him.

The transport usually occurred in the Traveling Guild, but since this was a special request, it was occurring in the Adventuring Guild. The Blue Mage was being paid handsomely to see us on a special trip outside of the typical requirements. Being a Blue Mage was truly a revered position in a city. He had already set up the circle and appeared irritated. Well, we were never given a particular time to arrive. Getting ready took time. The sun was just above the horizon now, so maybe we took a bit too long.

“Hello, I am Raissa, I’m your… ahhh! It’s you!”

A girl turned around and started to politely introduce herself, but she suddenly shouted and pointed at me. She looked familiar to me, but it took a moment before I recognized her.

“Ninja girl!”

“I’m not a Ninja! I’m a Dungeon Diver!” She stomped her foot angrily.

I coughed. “Yes… that’s right. Apologies.”

She suddenly blushed and looked away. “When I woke up, you were gone suddenly. I didn’t know where you went.”

“Ah, sorry, we were in a hurry.” I noticed now that she still had the necklace on her neck that I had given her.

“Even so!” she said, looking uncertain. “Y-you didn’t take responsibility!”

That whole unfortunate event was starting to come back to me. My eyebrow twitched.

“I paid you, didn’t I?” I glared back.

“I’m confused, is this a whore Master hired?” Shao asked, and then sighed. “I should have expected it. As soon as they find out women accept coin in this world, what man wouldn’t pay for a little side action.”

“Please, Shao… we don’t call them whores, we call them fiancées,” Lydia admonished Shao.

“Tcht… to their faces,” Miki snorted. 

“The Princess, I could accept. With royalty comes money and power, but now even this commoner? What does she offer Master?” Shao demanded.

 “Eh… th-that… your slaves are very vocal…” Raissa’s face had turned completely red.

“Haha…” I was starting to get used to laughing off things that were probably serious if I spent too much time dwelling on them.

“Are you done? I don’t have all day!” the Blue Mage interrupted.

Thank you, Blue Mage, you saved me from an awkward conversation!

“Let’s go, everyone,” I announced, ushering everyone on to the teleportation platform.

“W-wait!” Raissa tried to protest.

“There are lives to save! We can’t afford to waste time!” I responded.

“R-right…” Raissa finally gave a defeated look and moved to the platform.

The Blue Mage started a chant and a few moments later, we appeared in a new city. Between having awkward conversations or venturing into the unknown, any anti-social guy like me picked the unknown every time.

Chapter 369

We ended up in a smaller Adventuring Guild. There was a secretary behind the counter, but there was no one else in the guild at the moment to greet us.

“Raissa, have you ever been to the Widow’s Dungeon before?”

“Wh-wh-why do you ask?” She responded with a squeak.

“Aren’t you our guide?”

“Ah! Y-yes, of course!” She blushed. “Y-yes. This is the dungeon I spent most of my youth. Then, it was just a young Dungeon. Only twenty floors. Alerith is actually better known for its Gladiator ring.”

“Do you know how many floors it has now?” I asked.

“Widow’s Dungeon should have thirty floors. A newborn dungeon is created at 10 floors. However, it takes about ten years to stabilize. After that, dungeons grow at around 1 a year. This dungeon has existed for thirty years, so it should have about 30 levels.”

“Is that how it works?” I pondered.

I had actually predicted something like this, but I didn’t know about the stabilization period. Still, a thirty floor was going to be difficult. Mina’s Dungeon was likely only 10 floors large. It was a new dungeon that had just formed. Meanwhile, Karr’s Dungeon had been 30 levels deep. Terra’s Dungeon was deeper, but it had been strangled for many years with mana depletion magic and couldn’t compare. Thus, I had to imagine that Widow’s Dungeon resembled Karr’s Dungeon in length and difficulty.

That actually shouldn’t be too difficult for us. That left me wondering if we could handle it, how could an S-class King and a large raid not be able to take care of the boss. Even with just the six of us working together, I was confident we could have taken the Dark Fairy Queen now, and we weren’t even the strongest out there. I asked the Prince at one point what he thought our fighting ability was at, and he said that it seemed to be around a B-ranked party.

Despite that, we’re technically only an E-rank party. I hadn’t completed very many quests for the Adventuring Guild, so our party rank was severely lacking. By the way, we should have been F-ranked. The only reason we weren’t an F-rank is because of the size of the party. If you had five people, even if they lacked skill, it became an E rank, because even F ranked adventurers, if you gathered enough of them, should be able to perform an E rank job.

I finished going over the map of Alerith I had copied into my Map ability. “Before we attempt to enter the Widow’s Dungeon, we’ll need to visit the local lord. Prince Aberis said that if we didn’t greet Count Reign, that it would cause more problems down the line.”

“C-count Reign?” Raissa’s face started to turn white.

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“Ah, n-nothing.” She looked resistant to talk.

“If it’s important to the quest at hand, I’ll need to know.” I decided to coerce her just a little.

“It’s just… Count Reign… you see… he was my Master when I was still a slave!”

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