Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 373

“It’s closed for the night…” I said, noting the lock on the gate.

We were in front of the entrance to the Widow’s Dungeon, which was walled off much like the one I had visited in Dirage. The gate was closed and locked, and there were no guards.

Raissa, who was waiting nearby, nodded. “They closed the dungeon entrance on the Count’s orders, remember? You’ll need to get the key from the head miner.”

Ah, that was true. They did say they had the place closed. Lord Reign had failed to mention it, though. He really was going to be a pain in my butt, it seemed. I supposed I could just break in. As a noble, the Count wouldn’t be able to keep my party from entering. However, I didn’t like the idea of damaging property.

“Master, it’s been a long day. Shouldn’t we wait until tomorrow morning to enter the dungeon?” Miki asked.

 “Seven rooms will be pretty expensive…” Raissa said. “I will just sleep out here.”

“Nonsense, we can share rooms. It’ll be fine.” I dismissed the idea causing Raissa to blush slightly, preferring the comfort of an inn to the outside.

The King had already been waiting a month or so, he could wait a little longer. The town wasn’t that far away. Plus, it would make portaling back easier if I had already rented a room to Portal to. With Lord Reign, I had felt a little rushed, but slow and steady was the safest bet or something like that. We ended up returning to the small miner’s town and heading to the inn the small girl had indicated earlier.

“We’ll take two rooms,” I told the innkeeper, a fat man in an apron.  “And a meal?”

“T-two rooms?” Raissa’s voice rose, “Ah, well, one boy and six girls, it will be a bit crowded though.”

“Eh? I’m sleeping with Master!” Shao responded defiantly.

“Mm, Master.”


I let out a sigh. It will be crowded tonight.

“Eh? I’m the one who’s alone!” Raissa cried out in surprise.

“Hey, let’s just get something to eat and worry about that later.”

I hadn’t eaten anything since this morning, so I was a bit hungry. It looked like the innkeeper was a Cook, and since he was fat, he probably could cook well. At least, that was my reasoning, but after finding a seat, he slapped a bowl of mush in front of each of us about ten minutes later.

I didn’t even have to taste it to realize it wasn’t for me. A single bite and I hid the face I had made. The girls all ate the food without questioning, but they didn’t have pleased expressions on their faces.

“Is this… seriously okay?” I asked the girls.

“Huh? Isn’t this a lot better than what I usually eat?” Shao offered.

“Master, this is actually considered quite a decent quality. It contains vegetables and even some meat,” Miki explained.

“Does it?” My eyes widened. “That’s what that mystery taste is?”

“I’ve been meaning to ask this, as I’ve never been a slave, but doesn’t Master usually feed us exceptionally well?” Terra asked.

Lydia nodded. “Usually, unless you’re very rich, this kind of stew is a commoner’s meal. The meat skewers and stall food Master buys are rare treats. As for slaves, a bit of gruel is all we’re offered.”


It turned out the cuisine in this world wasn’t that amazing. I had been spoiling everyone by buying high-class food and cooking with my Cook skill. The princess’s reaction to Faeyna’s cooking skill made a bit more sense now. Well, only a little bit, Eliana was still kind of weird.

“In that case, let’s have a cookout!” I declared.

Even though the girls were half done and it’d be a little rude to the cook, I decided I couldn’t stand for a bad meal. As a former fatty myself, I couldn’t tolerate a world that doesn’t have a healthy respect for food.

I heard a couple of chuckles from nearby tables that overheard my declaration.

“What is it?” I asked.

An old bearded man answered. “Good luck finding proper ingredients, lad. Lord Reign buys up all the food stocks and only sells them to the rich. As for hunting, we live only a few miles from the start of the wilderness divide. That area is full of high-level monsters. Only a party of C-ranked Adventurers could survive!”

The other men broke into laughter too. Eh? Aren’t we a party of Adventurers? Being a normal commoner must be tough. We leave to go hunt for some food.

Chapter 374

“Here’s a bunny!” Miki declared, sniffing around.

“Here’s a deer!” Lydia added, chasing after several animals like a predator.

“I found vegetables.” Terra pulled out a bunch of roots from the ground while using her earth magic to track more.

“I found spices!” Celeste adds while using the wind magic to search for exotic scents.

We had ended up about a fifteen minute walk out of town into a small forested area.

“I found water!” Shao announces excitedly, holding a water stone to me.

“Isn’t that the water stone from my backpack?”

“Mmhmm! And I found it!” she responded, her eyes focused on me.

“Ah… good job.” I patted her head, and Shao smiled happily.

Well, it’s not like every girl had skills uniquely set for gathering food. Still, in the end, my ring was full of fresh foods. None of this was really necessary. My original plan was to go straight into the dungeon, so we naturally had nearly a month of provisions. However, it wasn’t quite dark out and I thought it’d be nice to have a cookout.

We returned to the mining town an hour later just as the sun was finally setting. The innkeeper let us use the back of the inn, so we began cooking various things. As I worked, I considered that I should start working on my Cook ability a bit more. I prided myself on my ability to make a good tasting meal. After getting Faeyna, she prepared our provisions for us. It was remarkably easy since my Cook skills kept our food from rotting for months. However, I didn’t want to depend too much on her cooking for everything.

Soon, pleasant scents began to fill the small town. This began to draw in all the people to the inn. Since I didn’t spend any of my gold on supplies, I still had fifty gold from Prince Aberis. I decided to buy a few kegs of alcohol to greet everyone in town. The innkeeper was quite happy to make the coin, and after trying some of my roasted deer and chili, he tried to hire me to work as a cook in his inn.

“Haha… well, I’d consider it, but aren’t I already your boss?”

Although Alerith was in Aberis, this small mining town was in the wilderness. That meant, technically, these people were my subjects. In that case, welcoming everyone seemed like a good idea. Hearing that I was Viscount Deekson, everyone’s attitude changed quickly. The drunk guys who had previously been laughing even gave me bows.

“Enough of that!” I cried out, raising a mug. “I’d rather merriment than bootlicking! Let’s get drunk!”

Everyone let out cheers, and a party seemed to spread out, quickly taking everyone in town.

“You’re a Sylph, right? Doesn’t that mean you can sing?” a drunk woman who had been complimenting the girls suddenly asked.

“Eh? Maybe?” Celeste said uncertainly.

Leave it to Celeste to not even know if she could sing. She ended up standing up, but then realized she didn’t know any songs. So, women and men began to sing out a tune and then she’d repeat it. Remarkably, Celeste only had to hear a tune once before she could replicate it perfectly. I was honestly really impressed.

Even more impressive, each time she sang it, it came out more beautifully. By the third time, a drunk bar song came out with such deep emotion that it caused several of the barflies to cry. Throughout the night, Celeste learned more and more songs. She had a beaming smile on her face, so she seemed to really like singing. As a wind fairy, the concept of manipulating vibrations was a part of her. She even started replicating the sound of instruments with just her voice. She could create three to four separate pitches. It was really top class. I checked, and she had gained the Singer job.

“I’ll show my dancing!” Lydia, who was slightly tipsy after downing a few drinks with the ladies, tried to stand on a table.

“No!” I put my foot down on that.

Even with her job as a Dancer, let’s leave those kinds of dances just for the two of us.

With Celeste singing, the alcohol flowing, and the food cooking, the mining town partied all night long. They could even be heard by the distant residents of Alerith who could only wonder why the poor, out-of-work town from a derelict mine was suddenly so rowdy and joyful. To the people of Alerith, those from the mining town were outcasts and unsavory sorts, and with the mine closed, they had nothing of value and were practically homeless. Yet, a clear celebration was going on until the morning.

The party did get a little out of hand. I was already drunk, as several people wanted to challenge the new lord to a drinking game. I think one of the people who ended up challenging me was that girl with the red hair from earlier. I didn’t use poison immunity, as I didn’t want to risk what happened last time. I mostly kept it to a few Cure Poisons and healing. Despite that, she still drank me under the table and I blacked out.

Chapter 375

Darkness kind of fumbled around me. I felt myself entering a dark room. There was kissing. My lips explored a girl’s soft lips. I fell to the bed. Somehow, my clothing managed to make it off. Hmm… which slave girl was I enjoying this time? Her skin was soft, and her body was small. Ah, couldn’t be Lydia. She was too short. Her breasts were flat. That ruled out Shao and Celeste.

Ah, no tail didn’t that mean it couldn’t be Miki. Ah, Terra, you little minx. I could even smell a hint of dirt. I ran my hands through her long curly hair. Eh? Terra doesn’t have long curly hair! W-wait… who am I in bed with? My thing was between her legs. A small adjustment and I’d be inside her. Wait, wait, wait!

I broke my kiss away and started casting Refresh, Cure Poison, and healing spells. Just as my brain started to focus, the door slammed open.

“Cheater!” Shao screamed loudly enough that the entire inn could hear.

I leaped up, but I was in bed and wrapped around a girl. As my eyes went down, I saw the young girl I had seen on the outside of town. My body turned numb and my mind began to flee.

“Y-you!” I barely managed to get out as a gasp.

“Hah…” She looked up, her eyes still filled with drunkenness and arousal. “I didn’t agree to a threesome.”

More of the girls came running into the room, and there I was lying naked and entangled with a loli girl. This was a nightmare. Shao’s expression was really scary, but even the other girls covered their mouths in surprise.

“So, Master does like this type.” Terra touched her chest and nodded with a pleased expression. “Terra won’t lose!”

“This… ah… this isn’t what it looks like!” I tried to defend, even as the young girl sloppily kissed my neck.

“You fiend!” Shao cried out. “Cheater! Rapist!”

“Geh!” I felt her accusations like blows to the heart.

I really was the scum of the earth. I got a young girl drunk and then had her in bed. My life was truly over.

“You’re a monster! A —- ow!” Lydia knuckled Shao on the head suddenly.

“Will you stop? Isn’t Master the Lord of this city and your Master?”

Shao rubbed her head. “Y-yeah… why did you hit me!”

“Master can sleep with whoever he wants!” Lydia sniffs. “If Master wants to taste the local market, we girls should encourage it.”

“Mm…” Terra nodded. “That’s why I convinced her to challenge Master to a drink, so they would have sex.”

“Terra! You did this?” Shao gasped.

“Master must learn to love flatness! Too many big fatty things on his diet aren’t healthy!” She glared at Shao’s chest.

Shao wasn’t very big, only about a size C, but she still covered her chest at Terra’s glare.

“Exactly, I also made sure Master made it to bed alright.” Lydia nodded and crossed her arms. “Master’s sex life is naturally something a good slave should encourage.”

“E-even so…” Shao stomped her foot stubbornly. “You all don’t understand. In our world, a girl this young… it’s a crime!”

“Exactly!” I added. “I’m a bad person! Definitely, don’t go easy on me!”

I felt bad about it, so how could I let my girls wave it off like they always do!”

“Young? How is she young?” Miki asked.

“Look at her! She’s a young girl!” Shao pointed accusingly. “Even if I must accept my love Deek will fornicate with women, how can I let him become a child lover! A pe-pe-pedo-“

“Don’t say it…” I looked away. “I know, I messed up. Please, punish me.”

“Y-yes, Master! I-I’ll get the whip to properly punish Master immediately! I’ll work Master over, even if it takes all night! You’ll definitely bow down before my adult body and no longer covet youth.”

“Ah… wait… what kind of punishment are you planning?” I shook.

“No, I’ll definitely reprogram Master so he only loves me!” Shao continued.

“Wait… what happened to punishment?”

Suddenly, her attempts to help me turned into something selfish. Shao tried to run off, but Lydia and Terra grabbed her and stopped her from leaving.

“I think you have the wrong idea!” Miki shook her head. “That girl isn’t young at all!”


“I don’t know what y’all on about.” The girl got up and stretched. “Sorry if I played with your man. Well, it’s not like we could have sex, even if we tried.”

I blinked. “Why’s that?”

“I’m a dwarf, silly. I ain’t just small everywhere. How do I say this… it won’t fit?”

“Wait, how old are you?”


“Oh… thank the gods!”

Even though it was rowdy with Shao trying to get her brainwashing tools and all the other women talking and joking, I felt relieved. I’ll take my victories where I could get them. I didn’t have sex with a minor. All was right with the world.

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