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Chapter 376

The loli… ahem… I mean the dwarf girl bid me farewell and left my room in a drunken stupor. Actually, I had ended up in the room we had technically given to Raissa. Raissa had returned to her room, only to find it occupied. She then ran to the other girls in tears, leading to the embarrassing scene. The girls slept with me and Raissa got the room with the bigger bed, making a tight situation even tighter. For a bit, I thought I was going to die buried in warm flesh, but with my healing abilities, I managed to make it through the night.

As far as the dwarf girl, I never did get her name. It was probably not important. Just a drunken mistake between two consenting adults. That’s all it was. Yup.

Despite the late-night, I managed to get up early the next morning. It took a cocktail of Refresh, Cure Poison, and healing. It was nice being a White Mage when it came to these kinds of things.

I began to dress, preparing for our trip to the dungeon. Since I had my Portal ability, I could always return here. That meant we didn’t need to carry nearly as much stuff. In the end, we packed a day’s supply into a single backpack. That backpack ended up going on my back. I was the guy, as well as the support, so I guessed that was the cost. Finally, I headed out just as the sun was rising.

The girls, particularly Shao, didn’t seem to trust me on my own anymore, so they made sure to follow me. I wasn’t doing anything improper. I was just going to the head miner’s house. He answered the door naked with two women on his arms. He seemed like a popular guy, even though he looked like he was dressed until I realized it was actually just body hair.

He handed me the keys and we set off for the Widow’s Dungeon. The walk was a short one, and soon we could see the dungeon entrance. As we approached, a frown started to form on my face. Where the previous day there weren’t any guards on the dungeon, now there was a small retinue of Knights. As soon as we approached, they raised their hands.

“Halt! In the name of Lord Reign, entry to this mine is prohibited.”

“I’m Viscount Deekson,” I explained, showing my proof, a small medallion with the symbol of the throne and my rank on it.

Supposedly, it was tuned to me, and if I put some mana in it the medallion would glow, making it something that could not be faked easily.

“I’m sorry, sir, Lord Reign has just launched a rescue operation into the dungeon. No one is permitted to enter.”

“I’m a noble under the direct order of the Prince. Holding me up is in direct violation of the will of the throne.”

The men looked unimpressed. One even had a nasty smirk on his face.

“Sorry, your lordship. There must have been a mess up. Perhaps you should return to Alerith and get a letter from Lord Reign.”

I bit my lip irritably. I knew that they were just trying to cause me trouble. I should have opened a portal and entered the dungeon the previous night. Then I could have portaled inside with no one to stop me. Instead, I had to deal with this. I was certain that if I went to Alerith, the lord would find some way to delay me. It would be a two-hour walk each way, already wasting four hours of my time. Then, the guards would probably say I had the wrong papers, and I’d need to do it again. Well, it felt like they would use something like that. If I just attacked them outright, then Lord Reign could turn the entire city on me claiming that I was a traitor trying to impede his investigation. Since I didn’t want an army on my ass, I had no other choice but to bear it.

I grabbed Shao to keep her from sending killing intent at the guards and then turned back to the town. We’d need to come up with another option.

Chapter 377

After the last dungeon, I now had 27 dungeon points. There were six tiers within the dungeon skill store. Tier 1 was worth 1 point. Tier 2 was worth 5. Tier 3 was worth 10. Tier 4 was worth 25. Tier 5 was worth 50. Tier 6 was worth 100. Some abilities could be purchased directly from a tier. For example, most spells and items could be flat out purchased. In that case, I could afford one tier 4 ability, like the Resurrection I used to bring back my girls.

However, there were also tiered abilities. These started at tier 1, and then you had to unlock each tier in turn. In other words, to have a tier 4, I’d need a whopping 41 points. 42 so that I could use the reset. Simply put, it wasn’t practical to use a 4th tier skill. Therefore, I equipped three jobs which cost me six points, Reset cost me one point, 10X Experience cost sixteen points, Map cost me one point, and I kept three points in Portal. That’s how I set myself up at the moment to maximize my gains.

I could have equipped four jobs and 5X, but three times ten is thirty and four times five is twenty. It was simple math. I earned my experience this way. If I did run into trouble where I worried that three jobs weren’t enough, I’d naturally switch to the four jobs so I could gain the extra experience. In the meantime, I had a desire to level quickly as we worked our way down this dungeon.

As for my girls, their strength is my strength. I planned to concentrate on Slave Master, White Mage, and Cook. That was the layout I was going with, at least for the top ten floors. As we got deeper and the difficulty grew, I would change my actions accordingly. By then, hopefully I had unlocked some good stuff. That was my plan.

Well, that would be my plan as long as I was able to get into the dungeon. The reason I was going over my dungeon points again was that I was looking for some way to get past those knights without starting an incident. There was an invisibility skill, but it would only work on me.  The problem was there was a fence over the entrance and there was no way I could open it without being seen. Using darkness spells or other kinds of spells to confuse or distract them could similarly be accused of attacking.

“Them guards didn’t let you pass, huh?” a voice from the side of the trail said.

“An enemy!” Shao called out, pulling out her twin daggers.

“Relax, it’s just the dwarf girl from earlier!”

“Quick! Let’s kill her before she seduces Master again!” Shao declares before being hit on the head by Lydia.

“What did we say about this, Shao?” Lydia has a friendly smile, but she comes off slightly dangerous with her tiger-like stare.


“Say it…”

“No killing Master’s women…” she murmured but then looks up tearfully. “But what if she betrays or hurts Master?”

A gleam flashed in Lydia’s eyes. “Hehe… then let Big Sister have the first strike!”

I had thought Lydia was having a good influence on Shao, but now I wasn’t so sure. I felt like I’d need to have another talk with the girls soon. It was better to have these conversations before I found a dead body somewhere.

Chapter 378

The dwarf girl grinned like she didn’t have a care in the world.  She was leaning on her long ax and looking at us with a crooked smile on her face.

“We need to get in that dungeon,” I said directly. “Unfortunately, Lord Reign has decided to make this difficult for us.”

“Really?” the dwarf girl shrugged. “Well, if you’re having difficulty, why don’t you enter through the mine.”


“Weren’t you told? The mine connects with the dungeon. That’s why we had to abandon it. It started getting too dangerous. However, there was a hole punched through. It should go out onto the fifth floor. It won’t be easy though.”

“I don’t care if it is hard. We plan to defeat this dungeon anyway, so if I can get through it, that would be best.” I immediately started heading for the mine without another word.

Once we were in the dungeon, teleporting would be fine. However, if Lord Reign thought to close the mine down too, it’d be really inconvenient. I didn’t want to rush her, but I didn’t want to find myself trapped either.

“You might need a guide!” the loli girl called out.

“Thanks, we got one!” I patted Raissa on the back.

I didn’t really want to deal with more girls at the moment. I already felt like the party was too large, and I didn’t want to have to look after a young girl. Well, she’s a dwarf, but there was no reason to believe she was some kind of expert Dungeon Diver or something.

“Eh! Ah… yes… me!” She seemed flustered at suddenly being touched. “Although, the mine didn’t exist the last time I was here.”

“Well, it’s probably fine.”

With my Map ability, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find our way. Overall, I wasn’t worried. We entered the cave, following the mine cart all the way down. This eventually led to some stairs. With that, we began our long descent down into the darkness. Using my light spell as a source, we worked our way deeper and deeper. This really did feel like a dungeon. Strangely enough, I almost felt like I was missing this.

“If my information is correct, then monsters breached from the 5th floor into the mine. This is what caused the miners to flee and stop their efforts. So, the entrance should be on the bottom floor, but it may also be filled with monsters,” Raissa explained.

As we continued down, we started to hear some roaring sounds. Finally, a large rock creature came thumping down the hallway.

“Terra!” Terra immediately called on her Earth Manipulator skills, managing to stop its momentum in its tracks.

The girls began to open an offensive on the monster. However, it seemed surprisingly tough. I had expected to defeat it in a few moments, but it was made of rock. It even managed to wrestle free from Terra’s control and swing a few times. It managed to clip Shao’s shoulder. I healed her easily with a pat on the head.

This wouldn’t be a problem with girls getting hurt on purpose, though. If they were hurt from negligence rather than an accident, they wouldn’t get a head pat. That was one of the rules I had to set up with the girls to keep things civil.

After about five minutes of fighting, the creature finally crumbled to the ground, leaving a small pile of dirt and rock.

“Strange…” Raissa shook her head.

“What is that?” I asked, recovering my breath.

“We haven’t even reached the dungeon yet, but this is undoubtedly the level five miniboss.”

“It’s the boss?” I asked, feeling a sudden pang of worry.

“Right, but bosses shouldn’t leave their dungeons,” she said, her brows furrowed.

At that moment, I started hearing a thumping sound. Actually, it was numerous thumping sounds. More and more seemed to come until the entire cavern was shaking. The first one came into view in the light, followed by another behind it. With a bad feeling growing inside me, I tossed a fireball down the side of the corridor, intentionally over the golem’s heads. There was a long line of golems, each just as strong as the last one, all heading our direction. The line went back as far as I could see.

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