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Chapter 379

“Golems don’t feel very in line with desire,” I said breathily as another rock golem fell to pieces at my feet.

Terra seemed to have taken this as a personal challenge, as she was fighting the golems head-on. Compared to her, these things were basically just mindless drones, but she had a look on her face like she wouldn’t lose to them. As a result, she smashed into them aggressively, even if it caused damage to herself. Of course, I made sure to keep healing her.

Raissa shook her head. “Dungeons that have golems get stronger golems the farther down they go. These may only be rock golems, but if you make it to level 9, there are iron golems. With them is a chance of finding copper golems. The farther down you go, the harder the metals.”

“So, people mine in this way as well?”

“Without large storage rings, it’s rarely profitable,” Raissa sighed. “But I imagine that’s why they tried to use a mine and come in the side.”

“So, the orichalcum was found in the dungeon, and so they created the mine to steal it from the side, miscalculated, and caused this issue? What is this issue, anyway?”

“I’ve never seen an issue like this,” Raissa responded helplessly. “My only guess is that the hole in the 5th floor allows the boss to leave the dungeon, but not reenter. Every time a boss leaves the floor it’s supposed to be on, the dungeon counts it as destroyed. Thus, there could be hundreds of mini-bosses between here and the fifth level.”

Although a fifth level mini-boss wasn’t something we couldn’t handle, these bosses have an extremely high defense, and there are just too many of them. They kept marching forward in a long line, and even though we had already taken down five of them, they were still pushing us back more and more. We were only about a hundred meters from the ladder leading back up. At that point, we’d really have our backs in a corner.

“Any chance we can see the end of the line of them?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, Master!” Lydia said as she slashed one on the knees but failed to cause it to crash down.

I rearranged my jobs temporarily and then used Sense Life on the map. I let out a breath, but it was short-lived. The good news was that the line ended. The bad news was that the line ended after nearly a hundred of these guys. It would take us the entire day to beat them, and there was no way to fight safely once we hit that wall. Simply put, they’d crush us. We could stand on the top of the hole and fire down, hoping we’re hitting them, but that would just as likely cause the cave to collapse.

At that moment, an idea got into my head.

“Let run back to the ladder!” I ordered, bringing the girls with me and buying us just a bit of space. “Now, Terra, can you collapse the cave?”


“The next few hundred meters. Knock them out!”

“I can weaken the structure, Master, but I can’t collapse it on my own. I need a strong blow!” Terra declared.

“Celeste?” I turned to her.

“Yes, Master!”

The two girls immediately got to work. Terra weakened the stone structure above the golem’s heads. Meanwhile, Celeste prepared a powerful wind spell. While they were doing that, I had the other girls climb up the ladder to safety. By the time they were ready, the golems had about 50 meters to go.

“Terra, come up with me. Celeste, as soon as you cast it, shrink and fly up!”

I went up to the top of the ladder, feeling just slightly anxious leaving Celeste at the bottom.

“I don’t understand,” Raissa said. “You’ll take care of the rock golems, but the path will be sealed. We won’t be able to get into the dungeon.”

“It’s fine!” I reassured her and then pointed down. “Fire!”

There was a sudden rush of air, and then a small glittery form shot up the ladder just as a massive explosion rang out. The ground rumbled and dust exploded out of the hole, causing everyone to cough. We waved our hands in front of our mouths until Celeste used a wind spell and quickly cleared the air.

I used Sense Life and checked the map again. The collapse still missed a few dozen golems. It didn’t matter, though. They were still trying to march forward, finding themselves blocked by the avalanche. Fortunately, my fireball from earlier had let me see far enough down that there was still a good fifty meters behind the golems.

“Portal!” A portal opened directly behind the golems.

Raissa made a noise of shock, but I ushered her and the other girls inside.

A few moments later, we were back in the underground corridor, but this time, we were behind the golems.

Chapter 380

Once the golems noticed us appear behind them, they started to try to turn around, but they were clunky and slow. Once we reached the dungeon, they would be unable to follow us. That didn’t mean this wasn’t still a risk. Had there been a break in golems for some reason, and a second unseen army suddenly popped up in front of us, we’d have golems on both sides. At that point, I might use a Portal to send the girls back and then use that invisibility hoping I could sneak my way through. Fortunately, that didn’t seem to be a problem, as we were able to continue forward unhindered.

In the meantime, I checked everyone’s status to see what progress we had made. These may have only been level five mobs, but there were almost fifty of them. The girls took down about six by themselves. To me, that would have been the equivalent of 60, and to them, it’d have been about 24 with 4X slave experience. I wasn’t sure how the other 50 counted. I’d like to think we’d get a little bit of experience.

As it turned out, high defense seemed to coincide with a lot of experience. White Mage increased to 27, Slave Master increased to 20, and Cook was already up to 12. I’m sorry, Faeyna, I’ve already outpaced you there. My level 27 White Mage skill was Sanctify Water. I pulled out some water, sanctified it, and then used an Item Identify on it. The result was holy water, which had a slight healing and mana restoring property, and likely dealt damage to undead. If compared to the waters of life, it was basically garbage, but it was still better than nothing.

As for Slave Master, I got the ability Strengthen Slave, which from what I understood was simply a spell I could cast which would temporarily make a slave stronger. It would work well on Terra, especially when she’s holding back a powerful opponent. The second item made me almost jump for joy: Slave 2nd Job. So, my slaves could now have two jobs set. This was truly something I was hoping for. Did that mean 2nd job was a skill I might be able to learn eventually? It was probably in Hero or True Hero.

When it came to Cook, I ended up gaining several abilities I already had from alchemy, such as combination and mixing. I also got Moderate Cooking, Increase Cook Speed, and Food Intuition. Until I started cooking something, I could only guess what any of those meant.

“Hey, girls, I’m going to do something to you in a second. Please bear with it.”

“Master can do whatever he wants to me!” Lydia declared.

Of course, I equipped a second job for each of them. The sudden surge of being supported by another job could be felt by each of them. I gave Lydia the Scout job. She was now level 40 Swordsman with a level 15 Scout equipped. For Miki, I equipped Basic Magician. She was now a Spiritualist level 36 and a level 15 Basic Magician. Celeste’s Master Wind Magician had risen drastically to level 15. I also decided to equip Enchanter, because I had hopes that she could help with that.

Terra was the most surprising, as she had gained numerous new jobs. Earth Manipulator was level 51, but she also had Mineral Appraiser, Naturalist, and Earth Summoner. I ended up equipping Earth Summoner for her. She must have gotten Mineral Appraiser when she weakened the earth, Naturalist when she used it to search for herbs, and Earth Summoner might be the next evolution of Earth Manipulator. That was all conjecture, I had no clue.

Shao had Gladiator and Shadow Knight equipped. Gladiator was level 48, so if Gladiator ended up unlocking something at level 50, I had yet to see it. By the time I was done fumbling through our jobs and checking out the stuff I had gained, we appeared at the end of the tunnel. We’d finally reached the Widow’s Dungeon.

Chapter 381

“What is with this entrance?” I said, looking up at the crack in the wall.

The tunnel stopped at a massive void. It was a space of about ten feet wide that stretched down and up as far as the eye could see. It clearly separated the mine from the dungeon. A massive wall sat before us, which had to be the barrier that led to the dungeon space.

The dungeon really was its own little world. I could see orichalcum across from us, embedded into the wall of the dungeon, but it gave me a feeling like no matter how much I dug, I wouldn’t be able to reach it. The crack was actually above us, about fifteen feet up. The hole was just enough for a golem to fit through. If it fell out, it would just make it onto this ledge to enter this hole. Whatever other creatures existed other than the mini-boss didn’t appear to be able to make it across the expanse and fell to its death.

Seeing it now, I understood why the mini bosses could get in, but not leave. There was no way they could climb back up there and reenter their starting spot. There were signs of the miners having to abandon their attempts to get the orichalcum. A small bridge was being erected, but a golem had smashed it and only the wood anchors still existed. It truly was a dungeon of temptation for anyone who knew the true value of orichalcum.

“We’re going to have to climb the wall,” Raissa said. “I have rope for this.”

I glanced down at the drop that went on into darkness. My guess was that it was about a twenty-five story drop. After all, the dungeon should be about thirty stories in all. Well, although the dungeon took up space, it was also its own world. Nothing inside the dungeon could affect the outside and vice versa. That’s what the lore says. Yet looking at that hole, something had punched through it. Perhaps the miners had tried to use a powerful spell to crack open the orichalcum.  However, that didn’t seem right to me.

Either way, I could see miasma leaking out of the hole and leaking down the wall. I now knew that this is what created monsters. In the past, I had just thought of it as a creepy curse that wore on your mental state and spirit. However, it was much more than that. It was how the curses chose to manifest themselves. It created the monsters, the treasures, and the dungeon. In a way, it was like mana, a sort of magical power that could be wielded. However, this one was filled with darkness and corruption.

The miasma was leaking down into the crevice down below, so none of it had gotten to the mine yet. With enough time, the miasma would fill that crack, and then the mine would start to directly create monsters, endangering the town. Since we collapsed it, that should no longer be a problem. Still, a pocket of miasma like this can’t be good for the mine.

“Terra…” I said, tapping the wall.

“Yes, Master!”

She waved her hand and steps formed up all the way to the hole. Raissa was already trying to put a hook on her rope so she could swing it up there when she saw perfectly normal steps leading all the way up. Sorry… it wasn’t about being lazy, but that drop looks seriously scary.

The group headed up until we were right in front of the crack. Unlike the official entrance, which was black and looked indistinguishable from a doorway, this entrance had noticeable ripples across it, giving it the impression like it was vertical water.

“Terra, close this area up tight. I don’t want any more miasma leaking out,” I ordered, causing Raissa to glance over at me with odd eyes and perked ears.  

Ignoring the look, I took a breath and stepped into the dungeon.

{You have entered the Widow’s Dungeon. Destroy or complete the lore to earn more dungeon points and blessings.}

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