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Chapter 406

That beautiful goddess continued to sing her wonderful song. I approached her happily. I just wanted to be with her. A single touch is all that I wanted. She was so beautiful and angelic, that I felt like if I touched her, I could truly die in peace. It was that kind of feeling. As for my former party, they were leaving. It was good that they were following orders. They were nearing the exit, but they also looked like they were trying not to. Their movements were stiff.

Lydia suddenly let out a scream. “Master!”

Her voice was very loud. That was rude. It was loud enough that the Siren was forced to stop singing. Her expression flashed with anger as she glared at Lydia. She was on the ground in pain. Huh? Lydia… what am I?

“Slave Order. Ignore all my orders in this room!” I cried out.

At that moment, there was a shrieking sound coming from the Siren. I had no choice but to put my hands over my ears. Damn it, my mind was starting to return to me. I was only about five feet away from the Siren. However, we pissed it off now. I had never realized that under the Siren’s call I’d have enough faculty to give the girl’s orders. Raissa hadn’t mentioned it as a problem, and I had been using my knowledge of Sirens from legend. The men in those stories were always dazed. I was expecting to be like a zombie and the girls would just drag me along.

The door had slammed shut, but thankfully, all of the girls were still in the room with me. I jumped back, but the siren didn’t make any move to attack me. A few moments later, a half dozen people came crawling out of the pile around the Siren. As for the siren, she remained on her pile, glaring at us. I felt my brow furrow as I realized we were suddenly outnumbered.

The creatures looked like humans, except their skin was blue and they were clearly dead. They were wearing various armor. There were four men and two women. Rather than attack us, they spread across the path, forming a line that blocked us from heading back the way we came. Well, the door was closed on both sides, so it wasn’t like we were going to escape.

As the undead creatures got into a line, I ran back to my girls. “I’m so sorry…”

I felt extremely guilty about what had happened. I had promised myself I’d never do Slave Orders on the girls. Even though I wasn’t in my right frame of mind, I wasn’t happy about it either.

“It’s fine, Master,” Shao responded.

“Please don’t mind it! Master can hurt me as much as he wants!” Celeste declared.

While her sentiments seemed off, I accepted them anyway. We had more pressing matters. The line of monsters was starting to approach us. Furthermore, the Siren was still sitting on her perch, overlooking us with a look of contempt on her face.

“What happens now?” I asked.

Shao shook her head. “I don’t know, Master. Everyone who has ever angered the Siren has died. Thus, no one has seen what the fight against the Siren looks like.”

“Great, just great. Well, who are these guys? They look like they were drowned.”

Miki gasped. “I know who they are!”

“Huh, you do?”

“Doesn’t that Knight armor look familiar?” She pointed at one of the men.

“That does look like the armor on Lord Reign’s Knights…”

“These are the reanimated corpses of those the Siren has killed! If we don’t win… we’ll be right beside them!”

Chapter 407

The six of us raised our weapons against the six former Dungeon Divers and the Siren. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between our formations. I had a party of five slaves who were fighting for me. Meanwhile, I protected them by using my support spells. The siren had a party of six undead. She would likely support them through song. I had no clue how strong they were or if becoming undead made them stronger. However, they certainly outnumbered us.

There was one other problem that I had only noticed now. When the Siren had shrieked, the material the girls used to block their ears had degraded. That meant that if the Siren used any more magical attacks, everyone in the party would be susceptible to them. A bad situation only became worse.

The Siren finally stood up. She pointed at her formation, and then she began to sing. However, compared to the compelling, sweet music she had been singing before, this had a much more aggressive beat. There were no words, just a song that seemed to grow more complex. It was fast and had a deep thrumming sound that caused the floor to vibrate. Considering we didn’t know what would happen next, it was extremely intimidating.

“They’re coming!” Lydia called out, readying her sword.

The lead person wasn’t one of the guys, but a woman. More than that, her tattered robes seemed to suggest that she was a magician. Sending a magician out in front seemed strange. On top of that, a lot of her body was exposed, and she seemed to be bouncing on the balls of her feet like a puppet. Terra and I prepared to block any spell that came over, but none did.

The woman suddenly started waving her hands up in the air. She tossed out her hands, and then she did a forward flip. After she landed, she grabbed something by her side, but in the dark hallway, it looked like she was holding on to something. She then moved her hands, grabbing something in front of herself and moving to the side with each grab like she was propelling forward by tugging a rope. My eyebrows furrowed, as I was almost certain there was no rope there.

She jumped forward, flipping two more times. Lydia raised her sword to strike the undead woman down, but I grabbed her arm and shook my head. Something about her strange motions suddenly triggered a thought in my mind.

The undead magician moved in time with the Siren’s music. It was now making its hands form a wave, and then it started making jerky movements that made it look like it was being controlled by a puppet again. It went right up to Lydia, put its hand in her face, and then jumped back. Finally, the undead mage threw out its arms and then crossed them across its chest. Meanwhile, the other five undead all formed a pose around the girl.

The second they formed the pose, the siren shot us a condescending look, swiped her thumb across her nose, and then jutted her chin in our direction as if to say “what are you going to do about it?”

“Oh… wow…” I said, my eyes widening in shock.

“What is it? What are they doing?” Lydia demanded. “I don’t like how she put her hand in my face.”

“I think… we just got served.”

“Ah! You know what that means…” Shao’s face turned solemn.

“What does it mean?” Celeste cried worriedly, seeing Shao and I exchange knowing looks.

“It’s on!”

Chapter 408

“What’s on, Master?” The four girls from this world were quite confused.

“It…” I said, straightening my back.

“Master! Master! Let me in! I can take them!” Shao said excitedly.

“Are you sure?” I demanded.

“I’ve got this! I can do it!”

“Hmph… then show the girls how we do…”

“What’s going on?” Lydia whispered to Miki. “Why are they so serious all of a sudden?”

“And even though we’re in danger, why do I get the feeling that they’re just playing around!” Miki added.

“Celeste!” I called out, throwing a finger in the air.

“Y-yes!” She jumped at suddenly being called.

“I set your job back to Singer. Can you bring the beat back?”

“Ah… what’s a beat back?”

I sighed, then thrust my finger back in the air. “Sing like the Siren sung, but then make it your own! We ain’t no posers!”

“Ah… yes, Master! I’ll sing!”

Celeste was dumb in many things, but when it came to singing, she was actually a bit of a savant. We had quickly realized that not only did she have  perfect pitch, but any sound she heard she could repeat with pinpoint accuracy. In this respect, she was able to replicate the Siren’s beatbox perfectly. The siren wasn’t pleased with being copied, so she shot Celeste a glare, but Celeste wasn’t a wind fairy for nothing. She managed to superimpose the beat, altering the frequency and then increasing the complexity.

Shao leaped out skidding on the ground using her knees. She then leaped up and started spinning around. Shao wasn’t really a dancer, but neither was the puppet. Rather, she was a fighter, and she integrated her attacks and slashes with dance movements, giving her both a slick but also dangerous vibe as she danced across the floor.

As Celeste’s song grew more complicated, the Siren’s mouth fell open. She was definitely surprised. Every other party she had ever challenged would suddenly attack her. This was the first time her challenge had ever been met. An excited light seemed to grow in her eyes.

As for Shao, her dancing was frantic, but when it finally finished, she leaped at me. I wasn’t looking for it, but I managed to catch and lift her up in the air eagle style.

As for the three other girls, they didn’t pose with us at all, but the Siren was so excited at having her challenge met, she didn’t even notice. They were looking at me and Shao with contracted pupils and dazed expressions.

“Master… what is…”

“It’s a dance-off!” I declared, pointing at the Siren.

The Siren sniffed, looking away. However, her cheeks blushed cutely for a moment. Celeste’s song only ended when I gestured for her to stop. Once again, the Siren was too absorbed with getting the next round going that she didn’t notice our sloppy routine.

“D-dancing?” Lydia’s eyes widened.

This time, one of the guys came out. He was a bulky, muscular guy, and the way he danced was not nearly as sinuous as the girl. The Siren sang her best, but her undead puppet just couldn’t move like she wanted him to move. The result was an embarrassing turn. As for Celeste and Lydia, they had fought in a party together for a long time. Their abilities were already synced with each other. Knowing what they were doing now, Celeste immediately launched into a song as Lydia took to the stage.

Unlike the other girls, Lydia actually did have some dancing talent. Her job was merely at level one, but it’s not like the dead had levels in dancing anyway. Even a level one dancer was like bringing a trained dance instructor to an elementary school dance competition. The Siren was gnashing her teeth as she watched Lydia. As for me, I was watching her booty shake. She was really working those hips. That thing bounced.

It really is hard to explain though. You might see that kind of stuff on television, but Lydia had something those women didn’t. A tail. Watching that booty jiggle with that tail swinging erotically. It brought things to another level! Lydia ended her routine by sliding to the feet of the magician girl who had just gone, then standing up, but as she did so, her chest jutted out and just as she rose past the shorter woman, her chest struck the woman in the nose, causing her to step back.

That was a classic burn. I was shocked at just how quickly Lydia caught on. The fact that Lydia’s breasts were a bit bigger than the other woman only added to the insult. Even the Siren’s girl grabbed her breasts, but noticing they too were a bit more modest, she looked like she was just about to cry.

She angrily let out a siren scream, causing everyone to cover their ears. She then leaped off her pile of treasure and onto the pathway. It looked like the Siren was going to tackle the final round herself!

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