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Chapter 415

During the last battle, I had White Mage, Basic Magician, and Slave Master equipped. I had started with True Dungeon Diver equipped, but as the monsters came en masse, I quickly switched. Unfortunately, once they were coming in droves, I didn’t have time to change to anything else.

{White Mage has increased to level 30.}

{Basic Magician has increased to level 20.}

{Slave Master has increased to level 26.)

I gained 3 levels in White Mage, 9 levels in Basic Magician, and 5 levels in Slave Master. Compared to a normal battle, this was extremely strong gains. For White Mage, I received Mana Up Plus, Reinforce, and Strong Heal. Strong Heal should allow me to heal heavy damage, the kind I’d usually have to use life force to fix. Meanwhile, Reinforce seems to be something that increases an item’s defense. I couldn’t cast it on a person, but I could target armor.

As for Basic Magician, I was finally getting skills outside of the elements. It looked like whether you were a Basic or Apprentice Magician, you still started by mastering the elements. I ended up getting Rock Sling, an Earth attack, but then I also got Mana Up, Detect Mana, Mana Control Plus, Mana Shield, Infuse Item, Preserve Food, Absorb Mana, and Mana Reinforcement.

Most of these skills seemed centered around using Mana and infusing it like a Basic Magician would be expected to. Seemingly, how I use my mana will eventually dictate what type of mage I become. For example, if I focused on infusing it into objects, I’d become a Magic Blacksmith. Preserving Food was also done by infusing it with magic. I wonder if there was a Magic Cook? That would be fun. As for Mana Reinforcement, it specifically converted Mana into status. It wasn’t like White Mage’s Reinforce at all.

Finally, Slave Master gave me Slave Loyalty Plus, Slave Defense Up, Slave Health Up, Absolute Order, and Slave Empath. Absolute Order was like Order Slave, but it didn’t have the option for pain. Simply put, the slave did it or died. I never want to use that ability. I’d definitely be setting up precautions so nothing like the Siren happened again. Slave Empath allowed me to feel what the girls were feeling. I wasn’t sure if I liked this ability or not.

On one hand, I could feel their affection for me. On the other, I could feel their other emotions too, like jealousy, exhaustion, and boredom. The girls were usually so quiet and just did whatever I said. However, a few seconds of using Slave Empath showed me that they really were quite noisy.

I stopped using Slave Empath and instead checked out their statuses. Lydia’s Swordsman was now at 42 and Scout was 21. Miki was 40 in Spiritualist and 22 in Basic Magician. Celeste reached 19 in Master Wind Magician, and Magic Singer was now 10. As for Shao, her Shadow Knight was 24 and her Gladiator was 52. She did end up unlocking the job, Pugilist. It was the third-tier version of the fighting class after Brawler and Gladiator. She didn’t fight with her fists, but she used two short daggers and her attacks usually depended on force compared to Lydia’s elegant movements. I equipped Shadow Knight first and put Pugilist second, although if there was a difference between what was first and what was second, I didn’t know it.

“Shall we get a move on?” I asked.

Chapter 416

With all of the insects killed, the only thing that kept us on the 11th floor was the temptation for more loot. If you were going to beat a dungeon, I wasn’t sure if loot mattered. After all, loot automatically got shuffled down to the bottom treasure room. That meant all of the treasure would end up in my pocket anyway. At least, that’s what I had originally thought. However, a dungeon book I was reading suggested otherwise.

A Dungeon’s Lore, Treasure, Creatures, and Traps were all a manifestation of the miasma, which was essentially cursed mana. In short, Dungeons consumed mana, outputted miasma, and that went on to create everything that from creating monsters to luring trespassers with treasures. Therefore, as you got farther down, the dungeon manifests more dangerous monsters to stop you, using up more mana. If there is a shortage of mana, it will consume its own creations to create monsters to continue to obstruct you.

In fact, when it comes to protection, they would rather consume treasures first, as high-level monsters can still act as protection from future invaders. Thus, as an Adventurer gets closer to defeating the boss, more treasure is consumed. The only way to prevent this is to snatch up all the treasure along the way. Then, the dungeon has no option but to consume mobs you missed or traps. In extreme cases, they can even shrink the size of the floor, just like we had seen in Terra’s dungeon. Therefore, it’s most advantageous to take as much treasure as we can acquire before reaching the bottom.

“Interesting, Master, but why the sudden lesson on dungeon treasure?” Shao asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I pointed to the treasure chest at the end of the hallway. “I want that!”

We had reached the end of the 11th floor, but the dungeon couldn’t just leave things be. At the end of the hallways was a treasure chest waiting to be opened up. It was actually the first genuine chest I had actually seen. Most of the dungeons I had been to in the past hid treasure like a ferret, placing a coin here or a piece of armor there. The only treasure chest I encountered was upon reaching the final treasure room. How could I not be interested in what was inside that box?

“Isn’t that box a mimic?” Lydia asked.

“Mm… that’s why I feel a spiritual energy from it, definitely a mimic.” Miki nodded.

Lydia’s Scout ability was now strong enough that she could Detect Life. In fact, even Sense Life wasn’t good enough, so her ability to detect life has exceeded my Sense Life. Whether it was just because she was an animalkin, or because of the level of Scout, I wasn’t sure. As for Miki, it was her Spiritualist job. She didn’t necessarily see things as alive or dead, but she could detect spiritual energy, and even a mimic wasn’t able to hide all of it from a nine-tailed fox.

“Yeah, but even so… I detect a big treasure from it! People always avoid mimics, but in my experience, don’t mimics have the biggest prizes of all?”

“Master… Mimics are very dangerous.”

“Let’s kill it.”

“Master really is bad with temptation, isn’t he…?” The girls looked at each other helplessly while I stroked my sword.

Chapter 417

“Celeste!” I cry out.

“Ah… y-yes!”

“Attack it!”

“Yes, Master!”

Celeste waves her staff and sends dozens of air blades down the hallway. Dink. Dink. Dink! They hit the treasure chest, even causing gashes across the surface. However, the treasure chest doesn’t move a single inch.

I frown, scratching my chin. “We attacked it. Shouldn’t it have at least moved?”

“Perhaps I didn’t do enough damage?” Celeste offered.

“I heard that the mimic was good at getting you to let your guard down,” Lydia added. “Perhaps it’s trying to trick us?”

“Hmm… in that case…” I strengthened Lydia with Strengthen Slave and then Reinforced her armor. “Go attack it, but be careful.”

“Yes… Master.”

Lydia ran down the hallway at full tilt. She leaped up in the air, using an attack skill and slamming her blade down on the treasure chest. The blade sliced through the wood like butter. At that point, she jumped back and immediately returned to us.

The cut had sliced through the treasure chest smoothly. The side slid off and clinked to the ground. She made sure to keep the cut high as to not damage what was inside. The result was, that half of the lid had slid off, but we still couldn’t see inside the chest from our current vantage point.

“Is this really a mimic?” I asked, scratching my head.

“Its spiritual energy is really weak. Perhaps it’s already dead or dying,” Miki suggested.

“Alright, well, I guess we’ll just approach it then,” I said cautiously. “Just be prepared to attack if it moves.”

This time, I gathered all of the girls together, and we steadily approached it. I kept my eyes on the creature carefully, looking for movement. However, nothing happened, and before too long, we were standing over the box. The inside was dark, so I couldn’t make out what was there just by the hole in the lid that Lydia had made.

“I’m… going to open it?” I gulped.

The girls all steadied their breaths, ready to pounce at the slightest movement. I lifted up the lid. Since it had already been broken by Lydia and Celeste’s attacks, it just broke off and clattered to the ground. Eyeing the inside nervously, I took a breath. There was just a single item in there. It was a magical sword. Until I Identified it, I wouldn’t know what it could do. I reached down.

Rumble… The ground started to shake. The six of us made noises and stumbled back as the ground suddenly raised up. The treasure chest was propped up with the rising ground. Meanwhile, the six of us retreated down the hallway. When I glanced back, the floor had literally risen up, revealing a massive, moss-covered creature. It had long pinchers, and the treasure chest seemed glued to its back.

“Oh… that’s not a mimic!” I snapped my fingers. “It’s a Treasure Hunter!’

The Treasure Hunter let out a screeching cry. It was nearly as big as the hallway and seemed to be nothing but thick carapace and pinchers. It immediately charged down the hallway, barreling towards our group.

“I’m really bad with temptation…” I muttered.

“You realize that now!” the girls cried at me.

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