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Chapter 433

The next morning, we didn’t even greet the people of Chalm. We had slipped into the mansion late last night, and we left early the next morning. We were back in the dungeon and heading down to the 15th floor. I had made a quick stop at the warehouse too, where I dumped all of the rewards from the golems. Although I didn’t convert the gems and crystals into money, it was probably a hefty amount. We had lost most of the awards from the level five mini-boss, so it was nice having the ability to collect everything left over by the golems.

Floor fifteen contained more golems, but these guys could use magic. It turned out that they dropped elemental gems much like the elemental sprites. They had fire gems and air gems. At first, considering these gems were valuable, I had to wonder what the trap was. After all, level 12 was not only difficult to reach, but it threatened to kill you with hypothermia. The water gems and nature gems were well earned.

Other than that, the golems were a lot tougher than the sprites. With magic added in, these guys were actually difficult to handle in a group and we found ourselves having to be careful. They could threaten to separate or incapacitate us if they hit with the wrong spell at the wrong time. It was the first time since I entered the dungeon that I felt a little stress and so I was glad that we had leveled up and rested before coming down here.

That said, this was a level with a kiosk on it. That meant that it should be easy to come and go at will. Access to the gems on this floor, then, made it feel a bit too easy. It left me feeling like there was a trap over my head that I just couldn’t see.

Furthermore, I hadn’t seen any Knights. There was no guarantee that I would encounter anyone on this floor, I just thought that this would be the best opportunity if Lord Reign wanted to cause me trouble. At this point, he should be aware that I am working my way down the dungeon to bring out the King. I was guessing that this would cause problems with his plans, whatever they were.

The King’s party had naturally made it down to the 29th-floor kiosk, but everyone there had either disappeared or been wiped out. That didn’t mean that Lord Reign didn’t have those that had made it to 10, 15, or even 20. The lowest Raissa made it was 15, but that didn’t mean that there might not be Knights that had made it further. In that respect, 15 would probably be the best level to try to cause us trouble.

They could also have caused us trouble on 19, but the distance from 9-15 included the boss, the mini-boss, and the wet and cold challenge. Meanwhile, from 15 to 19 was only 4 floors and didn’t include any bosses. Although the difficulty should spike again after this floor, fifteen would still be their best bet.

“Perhaps I miscalculated Lord Reigns intentions,” I muttered to myself.

After he had sent those Knights to kill me, I was certain that he was going to try something, but we ended up reaching the safe room without encountering a single knight or the floor’s miniboss. Although we didn’t relax completely, I made lunch and we rested in the safe room of the fifteenth floor.

Chapter 434

“Master, have you figured out more of the story?”

The girls caught me looking at the dungeon lore. Even though I had no intention of completing this dungeon lore and gaining another tattoo, I still couldn’t help but want to see all the murals and try to understand what I was looking at. As a normal, non-dying dungeon, the murals were clear on the wall, although the images didn’t always lead to a clear story.

The previous murals depicted a man marrying a woman, it revealed the woman was a maid who fell in love with the man. Finally, there was a mural of the woman killing the man. This mural was actually a little bit perverted. It depicted the woman and man in bed together. It wasn’t extremely graphic, but it showed enough that the girls blushed when they glanced at it.

That’s when I noticed that there was a maid outfit on the ground. Suddenly, I came to realize that the wife the husband had married was not the same woman as the maid! In other words, the Widow who murdered her husband murdered a man who was having an affair on her.

“It seems like the lord was having an affair on his wife. He was sleeping with the maid who was in love with him.”

Lydia frowned. “Oh, disgusting! A man should never cheat on his wife! He should have been stabbed!”

I couldn’t stop a wry smile from forming on my lips. “You know… Lydia… if I got married…”

“Master…” She rolled her eyes. “We already explained. We’re slaves, so it doesn’t count.”

“Seriously? Well, what about Faeyna? She’s a maid and a slave!”

Lydia sighed. “Then Master can have her. You can even enjoy Salicia and Carmine if you want. However, you really should just make them concubines if you want to play with them. Still, no one would blame you if you played with the guards a bit. It’s only natural.”

Why was Lydia explaining this like it was all obvious? Worse, the other girls were listening and nodding, like they were taking notes and accepting this as gospel. Shao, especially, had a surprised expression but was nodding like she had to accept Lydia’s words at all costs, even if reluctantly.

“But what if I got married?” I tried to get her to slip a bit on her declarations because they were far too generous.

“I’ve already properly explained things to Eliana. I suppose I should talk to Raissa too, but I figured she’s more likely to be a concubine… if Master takes interest in even other woman, then I’ll naturally explain things properly so they understand. That’s how I was taught. Proper communication is key toward happy sex play.”

Somehow, coming from a prostitute, I had a feeling that it had a different connotation, but Lydia who had never become a full-fledged prostitute despite being trained as one had formed her own code of ethics. Perhaps, I had taken for granted how smoothly all of the girls had started to get along since Lydia and Miki had reconciled. Lydia must have been working hard in the background to keep the girls in line.

“Lydia…. What if I wanted to marry you?”

Chapter 435

“M-master…” She looked up at me, a tearful expression on her face.

I suddenly realized the other girls were crying too.

“Since it’s Lydia… it’s okay…” Miki cried.

“To think, he’d pick someone so suddenly…” Terra held the sobbing Celeste.

“I-it’s okay… I’d rather be the mistress anyway…” Shao muttered to herself. “Lydia can catch us in bed together, but she won’t be able to throw me out, because my belly will already hold his bastard son!”

A few simple words had caused the entire group’s structure to break down. “I was being hypothetical! It was a hypothetical!”

I tried desperately to backpedal before I found myself being wedded on the spot. However, I had to be careful as well, since I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“Y-you don’t want to marry me then…”Lydia responded, lowering her head.

Other than the tears in her eyes, her face gave nothing away. There was no hurt or pain in her eyes, rather, she gave me nothing to go with regarding how she was feeling at the moment. I took a deep breath.

“What I mean to say is that you all are too important to me to marry some other woman. I’m not interested in the Princess or Raissa.” When Lydia looked up like she wanted to say something, I spoke over her. “Lydia would also be someone I can’t marry.”

“Ah…” She looked down again, this time, closing her eyes.

“It wouldn’t be fair to the other girls if I married you. That’s why, it’s impossible for me to have only one of you, do you understand?” I reached out and gently touched her cheek, which was wet.

She nodded slowly. “So, what Master is saying is that since he can’t marry one of us, he’ll marry all of us?”

“Wait, what?”

All the girls were now looking at me with the same look Lydia had given earlier.

“All of us…” Celeste looked up hopefully.

“Even that big-titted elf… I guess it’s fine…” Terra muttered.

“We’d definitely need an order, I can be first wife. Salicia is definitely in last place.” Shao considered.

“When did I agree to marry Salicia?”

“Does that mean Eliana will become a slave too? And Raissa? Master is bold.” Miki considered out loud.

“I’m enslaving people now!” I cried out. “Wait, you’re okay if I marry all of you?”

“I heard a tale of an Emperor with 1000 wives, so wouldn’t it be fine?” Lydia offered. “Plus, owning your wives makes things convenient. I’d like to drop my previous opinion. After spending more time with Master, I now see that Master marrying his slaves is the best course of action.”

“You still will be my slaves!”

“Mm!” Lydia’s eyes grew bright and she grabbed me. “Slave-wife Lydia… it has a nice ring to it.”

The girls started to get really excited. In the end, I had to create a portal back to the mansion and spend some time dealing with their excitement. It took several hours to calm them down and get them to accept that the date of marriage was a long time off. It required the Pervert skill, and even then, my hips were sore by the time I was done.

The result was that we didn’t see a few Knights appear in the room after we left.

“They still haven’t made it to the 15th floor?” one Knight murmured.

“They are just a measly noble and a bunch of eye candy women. They probably already died before reaching this floor.”

“We still have to keep an eye out according to Lord Reign’s orders. Do you want to go slay the boss again for more loot and experience?”

“Hmph… might as well. I wish this stupid noble would stop screwing around.”

If Deek had heard this, he might have agreed.

[Pervert has increased to level 4.}

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