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Chapter 439

The good thing about fighting harder monsters was that they came with more experience. For the group of us which had that multiplied by Slave Master and my dungeon points, that meant we were starting to level fairly quickly. Although I wouldn’t trust attempting another power level at this point, it seemed like we’d gain a few levels for our jobs after every level of the dungeon. We finished level 17 without too much difficulty and then we worked through and finished the 18th and then began working on the 19th.

{White Mage has increased to level 35.}

{True Dungeon Diver has increased to level 30.}

{Slave Master has increased to level 32.}

The other reason my levels increased so fast was that not only did I have the 10 X experience on my three jobs, but I also had 2X experience in dungeons as long as I had Dungeon Diver equipped. Therefore, I was technically earning 20 X experience. In fact, I realized only now that I could drop to 5X and 4 jobs, and still get 10 X by using the dungeon experience bonus. However, four times ten is forty, while three times twenty is sixty, so I decided to work on my core jobs.

Those three I picked specifically because they were the safest jobs for me to have. Slave Master was almost a requirement to give status boosts, experience boosts, and multiple jobs to my slaves. White Mage was my first and highest-level job, and healing and refreshing was an important part of being a White Mage. True Dungeon Diver added all of the other skills I needed to help out. I could identify monsters, sense life, detect traps, and increase awards and drops. Although Lydia’s Scout could supplement the danger sensing, Scout didn’t include the drop bonuses of Find Food and Increased Item Drop.

I was worried I’d soon outstrip the girls, but when Slave Master hit level 30, I unlocked 5X Slave Experience, which allowed the girls to increase their jobs at a skyrocketing pace too. At first, I wondered at just how easy the experience boosts were. Then I considered that this was the Slave Master, the highest tier Slaver job. A 5x boost is great, but the cost would be that you’d be someone’s slave, so few would probably see it as that remarkable. However, for me, the girls grew wonderfully.

Lydia’s Swordsman also reached 45 and her Scout was 30. Her Swordsman job should be unlocking a new level soon. Miki’s Spiritualist was 43 and her Basic Magician was 31. At level 25, she also unlocked the job Intermediate Magician. She was a higher level than I was now since I rarely depended on Basic Magician. I switched her to Intermediate Magician right away. Celeste was a level 23 Master Wind Magician and a level 18 Magic Singer. Terra was a level 56 Earth Manipulator and level 22 Mineral Appraiser. Shao was a level 36 Shadow Knight and 22 Pugilist.

Like before, it got warmer again, and we found ourselves being tempted with traps. It seemed like every hallway had at least one trap on it. Previously, we had always just been avoiding the traps when I discovered them, but it was quickly becoming impossible. When we felt it was safe, we’d simply use an ability that set off the trap, but very few of them were one use. They mostly just reset after triggering, so our only choice was to deactivate them.

Fortunately, Lydia’s Scout now had Deactivate Traps as part of her Scout abilities. As luck would have it, I also gained Deactivate Traps as part of True Dungeon Diver just as I reached level 30, but between the two of us, she was able to do this delicate work more safely. It wasn’t that I was terrified of getting hit by a trap, but if an accident really did happen, my White Mage abilities would be much more helpful in healing her than the other way around.

As a result, she spent her time in the lead, while I brought up the rear. After much struggle, and an entire day of work, we finally entered the safe room on the 19th floor. There were no knights to bother us. We returned to the mansion to eat dinner there, then, I contemplated how we were going to handle the next boss fight.

Chapter 440

It was the next day, and we returned to the dungeon refreshed. I couldn’t stress how different it was to be able to leave the dungeon whenever you felt like it.  To a normal dungeon diver, this was a process of being steadily worn down over weeks as you made it level after level. The miasma of the curse wearing on you psychologically while the environment and enemies wear you down mentally. The curse is clearly quite brutal, and it’s no wonder that even the elites struggle to go farther than fifty-some levels.

Yet, my White Mage and Miki’s Spiritualist shields our party from almost any negative effects from miasma. Well, personally, I can’t be affected by it at all, and I have a feeling that my protection is at least partially transmitted through the slave bond, so even if I didn’t have Holy Circles and the ability to keep miasma at bay, the slaves would probably be fine. On top of all that, every night, we slept in a comfortable bed, ate home cooked meals, and then returned only when we felt like it. The atmosphere was completely different, and we were always able to fight at 100%.

That was another reason we were able to always fight safely and minimize risk. The difference between a Dungeon Diver or Scout who had been facing weeks of rough nights, darkness, and miasma curse corrosion could make mistakes in detecting traps and avoiding mobs where someone who had a comfortable rest every night simply didn’t.

That said, the dungeon placed safe rooms as stops for adventurers to recuperate. Whether this is something a curse did to encourage people to dive deeper into greater dangers, or whether it was some primordial rule written into the nature of dungeons, I didn’t know. A person, once registered here, could go to floor one and leave the dungeon within about fifteen minutes. After that, they could rest up and return fully rejuvenated. Thus, saying we had an advantage over the level 20 boss would be incorrect. This boss would be as difficult as any boss we had ever faced.

So even though we could breeze through levels 18 and 19 and level rapidly, that advantage ended once we reached this boss. It could be said this was the primary limit for this dungeon. Countless Adventurers were stopped at the level 20 boss, never to be able to continue to progress down this dungeon again. After all, death was permanent, and you only had one chance to try to defeat him. Even those that might be capable were afraid. It would be a dangerous battle that risked the lives of my women.

How could I allow that?

Thus, I had come up with a plan. That entire day, rather than charge down to defeat the boss, I used the girls to help me farm golems. We worked all day and deep into the night. It was only one day later when I finally felt like my plan would work. At the very least, it made me feel safe.

The next day, we stopped at Chalm’s armory and got fresh armor, although still not of the magical kind. It was still important to make sure the armor was kept tight and effective. When the blacksmith saw the old armor with various cuts and holes, he went white. He didn’t understand how our armor had so much damage, yet the five ladies still had smiles on their faces and immaculate expressions.

The amount of wear we put on normal armor was no joke, and the blacksmith said the amount he saw on us equated to a soldier by the end of a large-scale battle. Well, he wasn’t wrong. This created rumors throughout Chalm, and only served to increase the town’s respect for us, who they seemed to think were fighting at death’s door for their sake. If they knew the process was rather simple for us and that I quickly healed most wounds so it was really only the armor taking damage, well, they probably still wouldn’t understand.

A little over a day and a half later, we finally were in the safe room, having prepared for battle as much as we possibly could. At that moment, Lydia glanced over at me with a curious look.

“Master? What is the next part of the story?”

Ah… I almost forgot. Fully armored and just about to storm the boss room for a battle for our lives, we all stop and sit down for story time.

Chapter 441

“The last time, on Widows of the Dungeon, a lord married a lady in a fairy tale wedding. Unfortunately, the man was up to no good. His maid was in love with him, and he ended up having an affair with her. Infuriated by his infidelity, the lady murdered her husband, fulfilling her role as the widow… or did she?”

The girls all gasped and looked excited, even though I was just reiterating what had already happened. Well, at least, it was my best guess about what happened based on what I had seen before. Amusingly enough, the girls could see the same murals I saw, but they were determined to follow my own personal telling of it, even though it was all my best guesses.

For example, I didn’t know if the person who killed the lord was the maid, the lady, or some third party. The murals rarely made it clear who was who. It probably wouldn’t be the maid, because she wasn’t in the maid outfit. However, the lady killed the man in bed, so if it was the maid, she might not have been in the maid outfit at the time. Or, maybe it was a third woman the king was sleeping with. It was these kinds of details that were completely lost on me.

Yet, I had completed the lore of four dungeons by now, and even though two of them were technically created by two of the girls present here, that still seemed to make me the expert when it came to this kind of stuff. They treated my interpretation as the reality until I changed my interpretation. I could only give a light sigh as I looked through the new murals and tried to incorporate the new information into my story.


The murals never told the story in order, and there were still two murals I hadn’t seen. Sometimes, I could fill in the gaps and already guessed what happened. My guesses were never perfect, but they were close enough to get me there. Furthermore, the main floor bosses usually had some relation to the curse too. Terra and the clockwork dragon were the bosses of her dungeon, while Karr and the Dark Fairy Queen were the bosses of their own.

In other words, that Siren had some kind of relationship to the story, and whoever was the level 20 boss likely had a relationship too. It was difficult to understand how the bosses fit into the narrative. In some cases, like with Karr and Terra, they were people who became caught up in the curse they were a part of. Others appear more like echoes of characters who may have played a role. So, while a Siren might not have anything to do with the curse’s lore, something about her presence had meaning.

“What is it, Master?” Miki asked, looking at me for an answer rather than at the murals.

“It’s just… apparently, the lady was having an affair too!”

The image here now showed that the woman was in the arms of another man. So the lord slept with the maid, the lady slept with this mysterious man, and then the lady murdered her husband. As always, the curse was never simple.

“Then why did she kill him if she did that stuff?”

“Good question…” I said, but could only shake my head. “We’ll find out soon enough. Are you guys ready? Okay then, let’s take out a boss.”

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