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“I barely managed to sneak in!” I hissed quietly into her ear.

By the time I managed to make it to the city, it was too late to do very much. That bastard that passed on the message for Lord Reign didn’t say anything about how long he had been waiting there. The letter was literally signed for this day. By the time I could get in, I realized she’d be their first show, and the only thing I could think to do was to knock out the original guy and come out myself.

However, there were about ten archers trained to shoot a slave at the first sign he’s trying to escape, not to mention the dozens of other elite Knights surrounding the colosseum. I had been hopeful when she got the crowd’s attention that she could resolve the issue. I couldn’t have predicted that the local Slave Pavilion leader was a corrupt guy on Lord Reign’s payroll. He had apparently thought this through before he had tried to set a trap for me.

The one thing he hadn’t predicted was that I had the ability to change my face and job and hide from him. I was able to enter the city without alerting anyone. Except, now I was on stage, under the eyes of a few thousand spectators, and I needed to put on a show. Once it was over and they brought her to me, then I’d naturally portal the pair of us out of there.

I didn’t plan to leave it at that, but it was at least a good start. Lord Reign’s defeat would have to move from there.

“Wh-what should I do?” She blushed, growing completely docile under my body.

“Well, struggle a bit!”

“Ah! R-right!”

She started to kick and put up more of a fight, this led the spectators, who were confused at the pair that were just lying there, starting to give more cheers.

“You need to scream and cry. I’ll pretend I’m raping you. I’m sorry, I’ll have to hump you and maybe even kiss you. It will feel real.”

“Ah… b-but, what about your thing…”

“I won’t push your underwear aside. Hopefully, they won’t notice as long as I keep my hips close and move fast.”

“N-no… they might be able to tell. You definitely have to push the underwear aside!” she responded.

“Ah… but…”

“I insist!”

“O-okay… in that case, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t slide in…”

“I-it can slide in a little…” She responds, blushing while pushing her fingers together.


“Well… we want it to be realistic! If you hold back, we’ll get caught and then the archers!”

I glanced over at the archers. Some of them had narrowed their eyes and were looking suspiciously. For nearly a minute, I had just been lying on top of her. She occasionally kicked or something, but she was clearly not resisting. In short, we were running out of time. If we didn’t start doing something, people were definitely going to notice. The crowds were murmuring more and more.

“Are they just talking?”

“What the heck is this?

“Is he having trouble getting it up?”

“Okay, okay!” I acquiesced. “I’ll try to make it as realistic as possible.”

“You don’t have to be gentle! I’m a tough girl! Just use my body!”


“You can even choke me a little bit…”

“Gah, damn it… let’s just do this!”

I felt like crying, but there was seriously no choice. Fortunately, she was being a far better sport about the circumstances than I expected. She must truly be a hardened Adventurer since she’s willing to debase herself and suffer so that both of us can make it safely out of this.

I lift up her legs and then start thrusting. Unfortunately, unlike what the crowds had predicted, I wasn’t having trouble getting it up. I was actually rock hard, and that was the problem. I was trying to aim my dick so it slid up the crack of her vagina. With her underwear aside our genitals were still touching and siding. She quickly grew wet, and a minute later…

“Shit, it slipped in!”

“I-It’s okay!” she cried. “Just like that! Keep going!”

“You’re supposed to be making more noises!” I growled as my penis slid in and out of her.

Her butt was in the air and I was jackhammering her in a squat position. Despite this, she was looking up at me with blushing cheeks and her wolf-tail was wagging.

“R-right!” She blinked and nodded with a blush. “Ah! Ah! Oh, yes! Give it to me! Harder! Yes!”

“I’m raping you! You’re supposed to be saying bad things!”

“Oops!” She blushed even more. “I mean… No! It’s so big! You’re tearing me apart! Ah! Ah! It’s sooo good!”

I didn’t know how to even react. She was unable to act like she was being raped now. I don’t get it. Her expression before she knew who I was looked perfect. She had terror and helplessness on her face. Now, she was panting with her tongue out, a smile on her face, and her eyes rolled up in her head.

“K-kiss me!”


“Kiss me!” she demanded.

Well, if I kissed her, I guess I could hide that stupid happy expression on her face. I picked her up and flipped her, then she wrapped her arms around me and we started to kiss. I was now holding her in mid-air and fucking her standing while she rode my cock while in my arms.

She suddenly pulled away, throwing her head back and shoving her chest in my face. “Oh, shit, oh shit, right there, right there… c-c-cumming! I’m cumming!”

I was having a growing suspicion she wasn’t acting! Actually, unless she peed on command, those love juices were no act! We weren’t emulating a rape scene now either. In fact, I was pretty sure we were just having sex in front of a thousand spectators. Raissa was using her hips and riding my cock of her own volition now, all while crying out in sexual agony. Meanwhile, I glanced around nervously, afraid our cover was blown.

“Boss… is he really raping her?” one bandit asked his leader.

“Ah… no, isn’t that just having sex?”

“Isn’t that kind of hot…”

“Actually, yeah, it’s kind of hotter when she’s into it.”

“Boss, just a thought, but all these years we’ve been raping women, you think it might have been more fun if they were into it?”

Their boss watched us in contemplation while scratching his chin. Men and women from the audience looked on with wide eyes. A few women grew wet and a few men were hard. Some even started some heavy petting in the crowds. The scene was affecting everyone. Their previous bloodlust, rather than get stimulated, was being dampened. Rather than wanting to see the carnage, most of them would rather make love, not war.

“I’m going to cum!” I muttered, I yelled to the crowd. “I’m going to make this bitch pregnant with my puppies.”

I was trying to swap the situation around. The message was to the audience that I was a scum gladiator and a second message was to her. Reminding her of the consequences of this act which should calm her down. Well, that was what I thought, but then she let out a howl.

“Ahooo! Yes… impregnate your bitch! Give me your puppies! I love you! I love you! I want your seed in me! Give it to me! Give it to me Dee-gllaaaaa…”

I ended up wrapping my hands around her throat and choking her. She almost used my name and she was totally not playing fairly. She needed to calm down! What, she said I could choke her! Maybe that was a prophetic warning! Well, that’s what I thought, but she grew even more excited, and choking caused her pussy to clamp down and start to suck at my cock like a hoover.

At that point, I really couldn’t hold back. While being watched by a thousand plus people, with the pair of us standing in the middle of a stage, her riding my cock, while I choked her neck, the pair of us came in unison. She let out a strangled howl, and I cried out as my cock exploded inside her. I was surprised by how much cum I released in her.

At that moment, the energy expenditure caught up to the pair of us. I fell to my knees and dropped her. She collapsed on the floor, naked after having stripped her slave clothing off at some point while riding me. She convulsed on the floor, a happy expression on her face, cum leaking out her crotch, and her tail wagging, slapping into the rocky stage with each flap like a landlocked fish.

“Hehe… puppies…” she spoke to herself dizzily, touching her belly.

She had clearly fallen off the deep end. I knew simulating rape was too much for her. She must have suffered a psychotic break! The poor girl…

{Pervert has increased to level 13.}

“Hey! I didn’t even have it equipped!”

That… didn’t make me feel better.

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