Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 454

After putting on a proper act for the audience, I was led away. I feared I might have gone too far, but Raissa seemed happy with the conclusion, so I guess it was fine. I ended up back in the gladiator’s cell. As to where he was, I stole him as a slave and sent him back to Chalm. He’s going to join the army there. No raping women for him. Well, he was still appreciative.

As for me, I had the amulet making me look like him, so even if the helmet had come off, my disguise would have been perfect. I waited for several hours, but when Raissa wasn’t dropped off, I called out to one of the guards.

“Hey! Where is my dog girl? Didn’t I win?”

“Hehe… shut up, slave! Lord Reign is keeping her. Be happy you got to enjoy her when you did!”

I stepped back in shock, but then I realized how stupid I was being. It wasn’t that surprising that Lord Reign would lie to a slave. As for keeping Raissa, she was a valuable tool. He put on a show to bring me out, but I didn’t show. Rather than let a slave destroy her completely, he wanted to keep the bait and perhaps reuse it. I let out a sigh and opened up a portal.

“Hey, what are you doing!” the guard called out in shock.

I didn’t respond as I left the prison and let the portal close behind me. There was no use staying here any longer if Raissa was never going to be brought. I was now in the inn in the miner’s town. This is where I had left the girls while I made an attempt to save Raissa. Since my previous plan had failed, we were going to have to come up with something else.

“Master… is everything okay?” Lydia asked worriedly.

“We’re going to have to switch to Plan B. Celeste, did you get a look at Raissa during the match?”

“Was that before or after Master creampied her?” Celeste responded, puffing out her cheeks.

“Eh? What’s this?”


I let out a cough. “Various things happened. What’s important is that we get Raissa to safety. If you marked her, then do a switch and escape, okay?”

“Oookay!” Celeste sighed, then vanished.

In her place, Raissa appeared. “Ah! What… D-D-D-Deek!”

Raissa’s face turned red and she looked down at her lap.

“Hello, Raissa, are you okay?” I asked.

“Y-yes… after they took me, they just threw me back in the dungeon. Since I knew you were working to save me, I made sure not to cause any trouble.”

I looked at the various wounds and bruises on her body, feeling a bit of anger. I reached out and began to heal them. My White Mage spells were leagues better than they once were. A single spell was enough to heal her almost completely.

“Celeste, are you okay?” I opened up Slave Communication in my head.

“Yes. No one was even paying attention. I slipped through the bars and flew out a window without being noticed.”

Celeste had been my backup if I failed to get her. With her ability to mark and swap with people using wind magic, and her ability to change sizes and move faster than a person could even see, she was a pro at this kind of escape. Thus, I made sure she flew into the city and viewed the match. When she saw Raissa, she’d swap with her. She would also do that if she found Raissa in danger during the gladiatorial match. After the match was over, she naturally returned to the inn with the other girls.

Chapter 455

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, Lord Deek, but you shouldn’t have,” Raissa said with tears in her eyes.

I frown. “Why is that?”

“I’m… still officially a slave of Lord Reign,” Raissa said worriedly. “He will know where we are. You’ve officially stolen a slave from another Lord. With that evidence, he will definitely come after you!”

I nodded slowly. “You can let me deal with that. However, it is true that being his slave is a danger. Lord Reign may do something… regretful… if he doesn’t get his way. I had hoped to do this differently, but I had to use Celeste to break you out. That means we don’t have a lot of time for you to think about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have the ability to take a slave from another person. Based on your willingness, I can take the bond from Lord Reign and make you my slave. With this, he won’t be able to hurt you. However, as my slave, it will be permanent. I lack the resources to remove you as a slave, even if I wanted to. I was cursed with such an ability. So, if you become my slave, it will be forev-“

“I’ll do it!”

I blinked. “Why is everyone so willing…”

Raissa blushed, “If I am Lord Deek’s slave, can I be beside you like the other girls?”

“I guess so?”

“Then, please, make me your slave.”

“In that case, please don’t resist.” I put my hand on her, and her body shook slightly from nervousness.

I activated the Slave Taker skill. The difficulty of Slave Taker involved various things. The willingness of the slave was paramount. However, there was also the level of the current owner, their slave skill, my own Slave Master level, and status. Lord Reign was a high-level Lord with many jobs. Had Raissa not been willing to be taken, it was very possible I wouldn’t have been able to do it. As is, it took about a minute, and then the familiar text popped up in from of me.

{Raissa has become your slave.}

{Name: Raissa

Class: Close Combat

Job: Dungeon Diver (Slave) – 43

Unlocked Jobs: Commoner – 15, Scout – 5, Assassin – 1

Race: Wolfkin

Status: Pregnant}

Wait, what was that last part?

Chapter 456

“Ah!” I made a noise of surprise.

“What is it?” Raissa asked worriedly.

“N-n-n-n-othing!” I said, my body shaking.

Raissa… Pregnant… Pregnant… Raissa… Pregnant… Daddy… Dad…


“Ah! I’m fine! I’m fine! Definitely fine!”

We were just faking it! Things might have gotten a little messy there, but… but… I didn’t have Pervert and its Decreased Fertility equipped. In short, I was at full baby-making power. It’s only been a few hours though, yet magic has already confirmed she’s pregnant. Wait… maybe… just maybe…

“You haven’t by chance had sex in the last few weeks or months, right?”

Raissa blushed. “I-if you must know, you were my first… all the way… like that.”

Crap! Wait, Deek, let’s think about this. It only just happened. In the old world, they had a morning-after pill. She didn’t need to stay pregnant. I could just casually give her something and then it’d all be over.

No… that’s not the kind of man I am. I let out a sigh. I got her pregnant, so now I have to take responsibility. Actually, I planned to take responsibility anyway, since she was my slave, but now I had to take responsibility for two.

I noticed Shao looking at me with narrowed eyes. I stiffened. I definitely couldn’t let her know. Shao wanted to have a baby for some reason. I took it as joking initially, but now that I was a father, everything was different! It was possible that Shao really wanted a family. Maybe it was a way of coping with her past. She had a shitty family, so she wanted to create a loving family to show she was worth it… or something. Either way, if she found out she wasn’t the first, I was afraid of what she might do!

“A-anyway… I think we should all get some shut-eye. We need to wait for the next part of my plan…”

“We should all stay up. Who knows when Lord Reign will make his move? We should be ready.”

“Let’s drink to celebrate Raissa coming!” Terra suggests.

“Mm… I could use a drink!” Raissa smiles, reaching for a glass.

“No!” I slap it down, spilling it, and causing all the girls to give me weird looks. “Ah… we have to stay alert! Who knows what Lord Reign might do!”

The girls accepted that story, and I breathed a little easier. Of course, I couldn’t let the woman pregnant with my child drink! Ah, I needed to get multivitamins too! Where did you get multivitamins in another world? Have they invented diapers yet? They are probably the cloth kind. How do you deal with those? Do you just throw out a lot of cloth?

The girls could tell that something was on my mind, so they gave me some space and spoke amongst themselves, sometimes giggling or laughing over the conversation they were having. Meanwhile, I suffered a nervous breakdown in silence.

What do I name them? Will they be nobles too? Should she breastfeed? Maybe I should get a cowgirl maid. Faeyna’s tits are pretty big, maybe I should milk her? Can you milk an elf? Would she get mad if I tried?

These thoughts and many stupider ones ran through my mind until the wee hours in the morning. That was when the thudding of armor was heard. Lord Reign had finally made his move.

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