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Chapter 457

My eyes were closed as I listened to the noises outside. Although I hadn’t slept the previous night, I was still wide awake when we heard the marching coming into the miner’s town. It was about five in the morning, and the sun hadn’t risen yet, so it was still dark outside.

There was a retinue of soldiers in armor. With each step, I could hear the clang of a hundred chainmail. As they moved through the town, I could hear them kicking down doors, attempting to round up everyone from the town. At this point, the issue went beyond Lord Reign and me.

“It’s time.” My eyes snapped open, I casually stood up, and then walked out of the building.

I walked into the middle of the street, stopping casually and waiting. A wave of a hundred Knights came stomping down the main street. They weren’t on horseback, but they were still a menacing sight with all of that armor.

Although the men had cleared out every building along the way, there wasn’t a single person captured. The men had uneasy looks in their eyes as they walked through the miner’s town, finding every building had been abandoned. The entire place was a ghost town. It was to the point that when they reached the end of the road, right before the mine entrance, and saw me standing there, the men froze. Some even took a step back, confusing me for a ghost.

The commander was the first to recover. He raised a torch in his hand and took a step toward me, squinting at the darkness that I was standing in.

“Deek Deekson?”

“That’s my name,” I responded.

The man licked his lips and then straightened his back. He had been sent here by Lord Reign and had the backing of Lord Reign’s strength. He had nothing to fear from a minor lord who hadn’t even consolidated his strength yet. As for me, I was just disappointed that Lord Reign was still a coward. He decided to hide in his city rather than lead his men.

“You, sir… are under arrest!” he declared.

“On what charges?” I demanded, not backing down an inch.

My calm demeanor unnerved him a bit, and he leaned over to the man next to him. “Is there anyone else?”

“Not in the houses, sir. His party hasn’t been found, nor have the residents of the town.”

Of course, Lord Reign had ordered the residents slaughtered, so it put an ugly expression on the leader’s face. Their original plan was to blame Lord Deekson for all of this, thus further excusing their arrest and swift execution. Although he had said that he was going to arrest me, he was ordered to cut off my head as soon as I surrendered. There was no peaceful resolution.

“What charges?”

The man finally spoke up. “Of course, betrayal of the throne! You’ve killed Aberis Knights! You’ve stolen a slave from Lord Reign himself. You’ve collapsed a valuable orichalcum mine to deprive the country of resources. You’ve also assassinated the king! For all of these crimes, you are sentenced to death!”

Chapter 458

I had to give Lord Reign credit. He really had done his homework. Most of the crimes were either somewhat true or at least difficult to prove. As long as the King never left that dungeon, then for all anyone knew, I had killed him. As long as they found Raissa, they could claim I stole her. The Knights were the most damning evidence. I believed I had gathered the life stones from them, but perhaps they believed if they killed me, they’d find them on me. They’d be right, but even if they weren’t, things could be fabricated after the fact.

“I plead not guilty!” I responded anyway. “I have paperwork on me confirming that Raissa is not a slave! I never touched any Knights of Aberis. The King is still alive at the bottom of the dungeon waiting to be saved. Your charges are laughable!”

“Enough!” The speaking Knight drew his sword, prompting the rest to do the same. “We’re not here to discuss your case! You have killed many Knights, some of them were my friends! Do you deny this?”

“I don’t. I absolutely killed quite a few Knights in the dungeon.”

The man’s eyes widened in surprise but then narrowed with a pleased expression. “So, you admit it then. You killed almost two dozen Knights of Aberis!”

“I did kill some Knights, but you and I both know they weren’t Knights of Aberis, right?”

The man stepped back, and then his face turned ugly. “Watch your tongue!”

“Aberis is a small nation, and Knight tokens are limited. I only got two. I was wondering how Lord Reign seemed to have an almost inexhaustible supply of elite Knights. Then it came to me. His Knights don’t come from Aberis. They are from the Imperial Cloud Meadow!”

“Interesting theory…” A cruel smile formed on the man’s lips and he chuckled, relaxing slightly. “Not that it really matters, as you won’t survive much longer.”

“It honestly does matter,” I nodded. “If you were just Knights of Aberis who happened to find yourself loyal to Lord Reign, then it would definitely make things harder.”

“Haha… why is that? You’re a pathetic weak lord who works under a small country. The Cloud Meadow has only allowed this country to continue to exist on a whim. Even Lord Reign is a pathetic creature who will be disposed of when he is no longer useful. As for you, you were never useful in the first place!”

“Why, he asks?” I shrugged. “Because I don’t like killing people, and my own people least of all. Your disgusting colosseum should have never been allowed on Aberis soil. Once I’m done with you, I’ll make sure to close that down for good.”

“Haha… kill us? How do you plan to do that?”

“Quite easily, since you’ve allowed me to waste your time for the last ten minutes so my ladies could set this trap up. I have to say, I had my doubts it would work.”

“Enough of this! Kill him!”

“Create Dungeon!”

The area around the small village suddenly glimmered, and the sky which was just starting to lighten with the morning sun suddenly turned into an unyielding blackness.

{You have entered the temporary Dungeon, Knight’s Demise.}

Chapter 459

Create Dungeon, a 25 dungeon point fourth tier spell. I had always ignored this ability since I didn’t understand how it worked. That was until Shao managed to turn the Capital into a temporary dungeon. At that point, I realized the potential of this ability. Even then, I never thought I’d end up using it. I could entrap people and then release miasma, summoning monsters at will.

Of course, I wasn’t a level 100 Demon Lord, so I couldn’t create miasma of my own. That was what the girls had been doing. They borrowed the miasma from our neighboring dungeon, and upon my command, it was released so that I could create this dungeon. The name had been selected by me. In fact, as soon as I cast the spell, I felt I had control of this realm. I could knock down buildings, create monsters, and even embed myself into the earth, creating a true dungeon.

Naturally, those weren’t my goals. The reason I created this dungeon was so that I could kill these Knights. If they died, some of them might be resurrected, and they’d likely be resurrected in the Imperial Cloud Meadow, not here. In short, I’d be alerting them about my presence, and I wasn’t ready to do that yet. First, I had to take care of Lord Reign, and then I’d mount defenses against the Imperial Cloud Meadow. As long as they didn’t get any news, it could be months or even years before they started any trouble.

At this point, the knights started charging me, but I wasn’t done. Raising up my hand, I stared down the charging knights with a smirk on my face.

“Summon Monster!”

A lulling note suddenly echoed across the engulfed city. Growing out of the ground from a circle of magic was the Siren. Every dungeon had to have a boss, didn’t they? I immediately imbued upon her the boss’s status, causing her stats to quickly grow. As she sang, the Knights slowed, their walking suddenly becoming disordered.

At this point, I used up some of the lingering miasma to create undead under her control. They weren’t the ones she had back in her old place, but they were enough for now. As the undead charged at the Knights, only a few of them managed to come out of it.

“Seal your ears! It’s a siren!’ The leader cursed.

These were high-level Knights, after all. Their armor and status weren’t just for show. Those that snapped out of it hit their neighbors and then started to cover their ears.

“Attack!” I gave the order.

From behind me, my five girls attacked. Celeste rose up and began her own song. It tied into the Siren’s song seamlessly. At first, the Siren seemed taken aback, but Celeste’s Magic Singer job was much higher now, and her skill far exceeded the Siren. Rather than offend the boss, this seemed to energize her, as she worked to synergize her singing with Celeste.

The sound grew more vibrant, and those that had failed to block their ears in time became incapacitated.

Golems and elementals seemed immune to these kinds of bedazzling techniques, but in future dungeons, Celeste’s high-level tunes would be absolutely devastating. The party cut down the men one at a time. Once they fell to the ground dead, barely ten seconds passed before they rose back up, brought to life by the combined tune of a Sylph and a Siren. It was a horrific combination.

“You…” The leader’s eyes finally turned to fear. “You can’t do this! You can’t!”

Of course, I had my eyes down, not looking directly at the slaughter in front of me. I hated killing, but it was kill or be killed. However, once he started pleading, I met his eyes.

“Why not?” I asked. “You’d have done the same to me.”

“You… you’ll start a war! Not just against Reign… but a power you can’t possibly stop!”

I lowered my eyes as a sword plunged into his back, coming out the front.

“You misunderstand,” I said as the man coughed out blood and collapsed to the ground. “This is my declaration of war. Bring it!”

A few minutes later, the dungeon around the village dissipated. To the outside eye, the town would have looked strangely empty and derelict, but once the barrier fell, the buildings, the people, and everything else was gone. It was as if the village just suddenly disappeared.

A portal later and standing in Chalm, the Mayor glanced over at me nervously. “What will you do now?”

“I need to free the king as quickly as possible. As for you, get ready. Chalm is going to war.”

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