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Lydia’s naked body looked amazing. Her breasts were perky. Her frame was small. Her tail was absolutely adorable. She had big ears that I just wanted to stroke. Even her pubic hair had a mixture of orange and black. She had revealed her naked body to me willingly. I was a young man in my prime, but I had never been with a woman before. I know she had confessed her love to me a bit ago. I knew we had kissed too. However, it all felt like a dream that came crashing into this climax.

Now, she was offering me her entire body. She was way hotter than any of the girls I had ever asked out before. More than that, she was a virgin who had been raised in the art of a being a sex slave. Basically, there was no better catch in this entire world, and at the bottom of this dungeon, she was all for me. I walked over to her, but my entire body was shaking. I didn’t feel cold. Did she feel cold? Was that a shiver? Or was I shivering?

“I… don’t know what I’m doing,” I spoke honestly, finding myself unable to even pretend to be cool around this perfect hottie.

She giggled. It wasn’t mean-spirited or angry. Rather, she was blushing, and still trying to cover herself with her arms, even while she wanted me to see her.

“I’ve never done anything like this either,” Lydia said.

“T-then why me?” I asked.

“Because it has to be you…” Lydia responded sadly. “You’re the man I’m giving my heart to. And so you’re the man that must claim my body too.”

“A-after we leave, you’ll…”

Lydia stopped me by placing her finger on my lips. “That is something to worry about after we leave. Right now, please, let me have this?”

I didn’t even really need to give a moment of thought. I didn’t get it, but I definitely couldn’t say no. She was charming and beautiful, and after a week together, she had my heart too. I thought she’d crush it after I gave it to her. She wouldn’t be the first girl to do as such. Instead, she gave me even more.

“Sh-should I start… how I was taught?” She asked, her face turning another shade of crimson as she refused to meet my eyes and stared at my chest instead.

“S-sure…” I responded, just as nervously.

She gestured out with her hand. “Sit please…”

I sat down on the bed as she commanded. At that moment, she could have said anything and I would have done it. She fell down on her knees and then started unbuckling the belt of my pants. Her hands were shaking, and it took her a bit of effort to get the pants off. Finally, my penis came out. I was already erect, her perfect, naked body being way more than possibly needed to make me excited.

With great care, she took my penis and brought it into her mouth. I immediately let out a gasp and she pulled away, looking up at me with fright.

“No… it’s okay. That felt good.” I reassured her.

Lydia nodded, and gave a beautiful smile, then pulled my cock back in her mouth while still looking at my face. As my member went into her mouth, I moaned again, but this time she was ready for it and giggled slightly. Her ears twitched excitedly, very pleased that she was causing me pleasure. Her mouth felt warm and inviting, and despite being a tiger, her tongue was soft and smooth against my member.

I had no sense of reference to know if she was doing a good job or not, but it felt absolutely amazing. Her tongue moved this way and that, wrapping around my cock graciously. I could hear the sound of her breathing as she sucked on my cock, letting out pleased noises as if it was really tasty. I didn’t think my cock could be that tasty, but she really seemed to enjoy it. She occasionally pulled it out of her mouth and then licked it like a lollipop while looking up at me. The sight made me drool a bit.

While her lips did wonders, her hands roamed up and down my body. Her nervousness seemed to fade away and she grew a bit more aggressive. I felt a little self-conscious as she touched my thighs and stomach, but her light fingers always delicately danced across my skin, as if she just enjoyed the feeling of me. She was neither wild nor aggressive. She didn’t scratch, but I distinctly felt her purring a little bit.

As her head started to bob up and down on my member, I couldn’t help but reach down and touch the top of her head. Her golden hair had hints of black in it, just like the tiger that she took after. My hands couldn’t remain still for long though, and they quickly found themselves touching her ears, which were still twitching with excitement.

“Ahhhn!” She opened her mouth and let out a moan as I touched her cat ears.

“S-sorry…” I immediately removed my hands. “I’ll stop.”

“N-no…” She said breathlessly, “I just wasn’t ready. Please… don’t stop.”

She returned to sucking my cock, and I continued to play with her ears. Her face grew flushed, and every once in a while, she would jerk when I touched her a certain way. It disturbed her perfect blowjob but was so cute that I couldn’t stop doing it. However, I grew so caught up with her ears that I wasn’t paying attention to my own body. I realized I reached my limit; the feeling was simply too amazing.

My hands gripped her ears tightly, and I began to orgasm. Lydia let out a cry of surprise as cum shot into the back of her throat without warning. She tried to pull away, but by that point, I had a tight grip on her ears. I didn’t mean to be rough, but it really was my first time. Lydia was a professional though and quickly started swallowing it down with big gulps. She began to suck hard on my cock as it swelled and released. My eyes rolled up in the back of my head as she used her lips to skillfully milk my cock, even though I had it jammed deeply down her throat.

As I finished orgasming, I finally released her ears. After making sure to swallow every last drop, even licking the tip of the head as she finished, she wiped her mouth. As I watched her with interest, she blushed, licking the back of her hand and then straightening out her ears and hair with it.

“S-sorry…” I said, feeling a bit of guilt.

“No, I’m glad Master came. It made me really happy to taste Master,” she said with a genuine smile.

Immediately, my cock began to twitch again. It wouldn’t be long before I could go a second round. I seriously would be embarrassed if I couldn’t keep up at least until we went all the way. I moved back in the bed and then put out my arms.

“Come into bed with me.”

She looked shy once again, even though she had just been sucking my cock, but she obeyed and lied down next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and went to take her lips.

“M-master…” She turned her face away. “I was down there… my lips are dirty…”

“I don’t care…” I said forcefully. “There is nothing about Lydia I find dirty!”

I grabbed her chin and then kissed her. She let out a moan, her eyes flashing with adoration. Her small body, with her soft chest and lean figure, was now in my arms. I could feel her and touch any part of her. One hand nervously moved down until it found her buttocks. I grabbed it and squeezed. It was perfect and round. It was a bit harder than I expected. It was both soft and hard at the same time. She let out a pleased squeak as I fondled her butt.

Her back had many scars, but I didn’t mind them at all. Her body still felt undoubtedly like that of a delicate girl. It took barely any kissing at all before my dick was completely hard again. As Lydia’s naked body writhed in my arms while I played with her butt and back, my thing poked between her legs in a noticeable way.

“Ah!” She let out a noise. “Master… it’s hard again.”

She sounded surprised, but also very excited. As a Courtesan, perhaps it was a typical one and done affair. Maybe they never trained her that what died would come again, so to speak. Rather, she was just too damn beautiful, and I was totally enraptured by this tigress.

“I’m going to stick it in now,” I told her, shifting so that she was under me and I was on top.

“Yes… Master… please, stick it in.” Lydia gave me a genuine smile, her body shaking with anticipation.

She spread her legs excitedly, but her tail was currently still between them, waving back and forth. Her fur patch had both black and orange stripes, making her pussy look extremely exotic and dangerous. I ignored the signs and slid myself into her. It wasn’t as difficult as I was afraid. Lydia was really wet. She hadn’t said anything, but she was kind of lewd herself, wasn’t she?

“Ahhn….” She moaned, her eyes squeezing shut. “I feel master inside me.”

“I’m inside you.” I panted. “Your pussy feels so good.”

I always erred on the side of honest. I didn’t know what else to say. I thought her mouth felt incredible, but her pussy was even better. It was like an infinite abyss of warmth. I was as deep as I could go, and I felt like my dick had room to spare. At the other side was her womb, which is where my seed would end up if I kept going all the way.

I started to move my hips, pushing myself in and out of her. Her pussy was gushing, and a little bit of liquid squirted out and leaked down onto her tail. She blushed.

“I’m sorry… Master… I-I came…”

“Hah? Already?”

Now that she mentioned it, her pussy felt like it was twitching a bit. More liquid squirted out. Did Lydia get so worked up over the blowjob that all it took was me sticking it in?

“Please… keep going… I want Master to cum inside me.”

“Ah… I didn’t ask before, but do you have condoms?”

“What are condoms, Master?”

“Eh… nevermind that, do you know if today is a safe day?”

Lydia cocked her head with a confused look.

“What happens if you get pregnant?” I finally decided to word it this way.

“Then I’d be blessed to carry Master’s baby in my womb…” She said, blushing, “It’s okay… as long as it’s Master’s baby…”

I didn’t know if this world had any sort of contraceptive, but if there was one, Lydia wasn’t owning up to it. Ah, well, screw it. Lydia was too amazing. I picked up the pace, pushing myself inside to the back of her vagina. Her tail lashed under me, and when she came, her ears lowered close to her head.

“Ahn… it’s coming out…” she moaned as more splashed down.

“Again so soon?” I said in surprise. “Lydia is quite lewd, isn’t she?”

“M-master…” She looked up at me tearfully. “It’s only because I’m so happy and fulfilled that I’m able to cum like this.”

“Ah… well… I heard something like tigers can mate up to a hundred times a day or something.”

“R-really… then one hundred then…” Lydia nodded as if taking that number to heart.

“W-wait! I wasn’t saying we were shooting for one hundred!”

“M-master won’t mate with me a hundred times?”

Looking down at her teary eyes, how could I say no. Before I could respond, reality came to rear its ugly head.

“Ah… shoot, I’m cumming!”

“I feel it inside! You’re filling my womb!” Lydia cried out happily as I came.

Her pussy was so wet and warm, I couldn’t keep going for long. Her body was great, and I didn’t even try to pull out, instead of unleashing it all deep inside her. Collapsing down next to Lydia, I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I rested for a bit, gently stroking her hair when I suddenly could feel her eyes on me. I looked down to see her with her cheeks puffed out angrily.


“That was one time!” She exclaimed. “Master promised. Ninety-nine to go!”

“You’re serious?”

This time, Lydia got on top. I was in for a very long night. Was I with a slave or a tigress? It turned out that in the end, she was a little of both.

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