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Chapter 520

I gasped, my eyes widening as I felt the air entering my lungs. My entire body felt sore. I seemed to have been brought back to life. That was the first thought in my mind. That only would have happened if I had managed to destroy the artifact. I had banked everything that Meteor would be sufficient enough to do the job. The Tibult brothers had been saying it clearly themselves. If you died in enemy territory, you needed to remove all traces of yourself. I’m sure they couldn’t attempt to resurrect me after being vaporized by a meteor and assuming the Meteor vaporized the artifact, then my soul was free to be called too.

Souls of humans weren’t exactly the strongest, and thus we couldn’t decide who resurrected us. You could resist a Slave enchantment. It had to be performed on someone while they were willing. However, once you were dead, you couldn’t dictate who resurrected you. Thus, in theory, an enemy could kill you, and then Resurrect you before another could do so. Since they were presumably there when you died, they’d have the time advantage too.

Well, that’s if the body was intact. Once the body and flesh were destroyed, things got tricky. It was still possible to Resurrect someone, but you’d have to have something they were connected to. A slave bond was one such connection. A piece of my body would be another. Thus, if you wanted to make sure you revived where you wanted to while in enemy territory, you needed to die in a way that incinerated your body and left nothing for them to use. I liked to think I succeeded in that respect.

However, until the very end, I didn’t know how strong Meteor truly was. I could only remember the burning heat on my back. As for whether it was enough to incinerate me and destroy the artifact, it had been a gamble where I had bet my life. At the very least, it should have been a distraction that allowed my girls to escape with their lives. The artifact would have been buried under mountains of dust, and even if she survived, Alysia would have been knocked out.

As I tried to will my brain to work and figure out what happened, I passed out. Exhaustion, pain, and an incessant aching accompanied me into troubled dreams. I dreamed of my mother. She was in pain, but I was literally a world away from her. Up until now, I had never really thought much about returning home, but at least in the dream, going home was what I wanted more than anything.

I woke up again. I still ached, but it had diminished a bit. My head was pounding, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get up. I needed more strength and vitality. I needed to snap out of it. There was a job good for such a thing. Eh… should I use it? I decided that it was more important to snap out of this state and wake up. Only then could I take care of the world around me. I equipped the job, Pervert.

Instantly, I felt my blood rushing to all kinds of places, and my heart sped up. It actually felt a bit like taking adrenaline, not that I knew what that felt like. Let’s just say drinking a lot of caffeine all at once. As my body moved from unconsciousness to vaguely awake, I began to hear the sound of a woman sobbing. I could feel hair on my face and realized there was a head on my chest. I was lying down in some kind of bed, and there was a woman holding me. If this was an echo of how I’d go out of this world, it wasn’t so bad to die with a woman lamenting on my body.

I gently lifted a hand and touched the back of her head. I could feel her hair in my fingers, but I was still completely out of it.

“I love you…” the words came out of my mouth.

I didn’t even know which girl it was. Lydia, Miki, Celeste, Terra, Shao? Surely it was one of them. It didn’t matter which, I loved them all. I brought her head to mine and kissed her. Her lips were a bit wet and salty, but they also had a sweetness that ignited the desire inside me.

Having not even woken up yet, I began to rip off the clothing of the girl on top of me.

Chapter 520.5

“Ahn! Deek!” She gasped in my ear as our kiss broke off.

Did I recognize her voice? Yes, it sounded familiar. It was filled with love and desire and tied with my Pervert only made me more rambunctious. Strangely, I didn’t wake up completely. I knew I was still partially asleep. Pervert had brought me into motion, but it hadn’t managed to give me that last push towards being fully awake. Instead, my body was moving on its own. At the very least, the pain had subsided. Increased Pain Tolerance was one of the new skills that Pervert offered. Instead, my body was filled with unbearable horniness.

My hands squeezed her butt, and my lips kissed and sucked on her neck. She was panting and moaning but not resisting in the slightest. Of course, none of my girls would resist, would they? Her dress was a bit more complicated than the clothing I remembered getting them. However, I managed to get it off after some effort. After she realized my intent, she tried to pull her clothing back on a few times but eventually allowed me to strip her. She was being coy. To my Pervert addled brain, that only excited it further.

“Deek… Ahn…” She moaned as I touched her body. “I l-love you too…”

Her breasts were about size C. Too big to be Miki, too small to be Lydia. Was it Shao? Her voice didn’t sound right. Ah, who cares? She felt soft and warm. I pulled her small little nipples, causing her to cry out.

“P-please… those are sensitive. We… we should stop until we get married.”

“How can I wait when you’re so tasty!” I heard myself saying.

“D-Deek… ahhh!” She let out a cry as I picked her up and put her down under me in the bed.

I started wrestling with her underwear, which felt a bit like a garter belt. It took some effort, but I managed to rip her panties off. Like before, she had grabbed them at first, trying to keep them on, but it was like her fingers had no strength. She was telling me she wanted this, but she didn’t want to seem like she wanted it. I didn’t know why one of my slaves was acting this way, but it was really working for my perverted self.

“Now, let’s see how you taste!”

“T-taste? Ahhh!”

I lifted her legs and shoved my face into her crotch. She cried out as my tongue slid in and out of her. She had a clean, mineral-like taste. It was the taste of a woman who might frequent a hot spring. At least, that’s what I thought. That could be any of my girls. She had a small patch of hair on top which was well-kempt, but despite her delicate and gentle lotus flower, I attacked it like a pig, shoving my face in it and eating noisily, even making muffled noises with my nose.

“Ahn! Ahn! Not there… it’s dirty! How can you eat that?” she moaned while her back arched in ecstasy. “S-stop! I’m going to lose it!”

“How can you lose it before I have the main course!” I snort, grabbing her legs and lining my cock up with her waiting womanhood.

“So, you want even that…” she cried. “S-since it’s Deek…”

“I’d take it even if you didn’t give permission since you’re already mine!” I pushed forward, sliding my dick into her wet cunt.

“Ahhhn! Ahhh! It hurts! Don’t stop! Keep going!”

I worked my way the rest of the way in, but she was uncharacteristically tight. I was a bit surprised by that and wasn’t sure what to do. I decided it was best to get it all the way in and then fix the problem.

“Weak Heal!” I waved forward and cast.

When the spell worked, I felt even more excited. I didn’t have White Mage equipped. At the moment, my only job was Pervert. At the moment, if I equipped True Hero first, I could only equip one other job. However, I hadn’t been coherent enough to manage that, so I only had Pervert equipped. Yet, my theory about jobs proved to be true. If you practiced something enough, it’d be a natural part of you, and you could cast it even with a different job. I felt like Moderate Heal was still outside my reach, but I was at a stage where I could use the basic skills on my own.

“Th-the pain is gone?” she said in disbelief.

“Since you’re mine, how could I let you feel discomfort? I only accept pleasure!” I declared while starting to thrust into her.

“Ahhn! Deek! Ahhhn! Deek’s inside me! Amazing! It feels so good! I love you! I love you! Kiss me!”

I did as she asked, and the pair of us kissed as I thrust inside her. Our kiss was short-lived, though, as she ran out of breath and had to turn away to continue panting. Her hands rested on my chest, and she touched me lovingly while I thrust into her. My eyes were half-closed at this state, and the woman under me was just a blurry form. However, the words she spoke rang in my ears, and her moaning was like a symphony.

“I’m Deek’s…” She suddenly giggled. “Ahn! I’m Deek’s!”

“Mm!” I leaned down and sucked on her neck, eliciting more cute sounds.

“Ahn… I can’t take it anymore, Deek’s amazing! I’m… ahn… ahhhn… it’s coming out.”

“I’m cumming too!” I announced in my drowsy state.

“Y-you can’t. I might get pregnant!”

“That’s fine. I’ll take responsibility.”

“You- y-yes… okay.” She acquiesced quickly. “I want it. Deek, please, make me pregnant!”

As a Pervert, the chances of getting her pregnant were reduced naturally. I usually used it when I slept with my girls, and none of them had become pregnant. I also heard that human to nonhuman pregnancies had a lower rate of success, and since all of my slaves were nonhuman, it was fine. Raissa, on the other hand, I didn’t have Pervert equipped, so she ended up pregnant.

Although I didn’t feel a tail, ears, or horns on her, since she was one of my slaves, the chances of her getting pregnant were basically nothing. Yet, playing to the fantasy was hot, so I didn’t hesitate to do so.

“Take my seed in your womb!” I bit her ear.

“Ahn! Yes! Yes! I’m Deek’s woman! Impregnate me!”

I pushed deep inside of her and immediately released a load. With Pervert equipped, I had no shortage of cum, and I released a ton inside her.

“Ahh… so much… it’s warm… Deek is inside me!” she cried out.

I kept going until my load was completely gone. Suddenly another wave of exhaustion hit me. I rolled over and was asleep before I hit the sheets.

I felt a form pulling away and then leaving, and when I woke up again, I felt a lot better, and my head wasn’t so foggy. I unequipped Pervert and equipped White Mage. I used the Refresh spell and instantly felt myself wake up again. My head cleared, and as it cleared, I started to remember what happened when I was half asleep.

“Wait… that wasn’t one of my slaves.” I realized as my face turned white.

Just who the heck did I have sex with?

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