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Chapter 524




“B-bad man!”

I didn’t come home to a warm greeting, but rather the five women attacked me. I was held down, and many things happened. Well, I had pushed the girls away, risked my very life, and ended up dying. It was only by pure luck I ended up there.

Also, it turned out that they were first told that I could not be resurrected. Apparently, while they went to the life insurance company to report my death, the Tibult brothers went to the Prince. He was faster and had a Priest on hand. I was resurrected in short order within the castle limits. So, after waiting two hours and finally getting the Priest to come and resurrect me, it failed.

However, while confused, they didn’t lose all hope. There was one distinct reason for that. They were able to resurrect Shao.

“I died…” she responded with puffed out cheeks.

“Eh? H-how?’

“When the meteor collapsed, I suddenly felt my soul being pulled from my body, and the slave mark started to burn.”

That was right! I had completely forgotten. Shao’s slave mark bound her soul to mine. When I died, I took her with me. At the moment, I hadn’t considered this at all. After doing all that work, she had ended up dying alongside me. Yet, they were able to resurrect her by using their pocket change. The Priests thought since our souls were bound together, we needed to be resurrected together. However, Shao returned, while I didn’t. This left the Priests confused, and my girls distraught.

Then, they had stewed for a day and a night with no news until I had clumsily sent them a message a few minutes before leaving the castle. I hadn’t been focused on their responses and had ignored them again until I got home. The end result was a steadily boiling of anger and frustration that was released on me when I entered the door. Although I was Master, it turned out they’d all make good Mistresses. I was made to reflect on my poor decisions.

In fact, this would be the first time I died in any of their minds. Although I had technically died once before in Old Chalm, my body had remained intact, and Figuro had cleverly hidden the matter of my death from the girls. They thought I had just been put into a deep coma, to which Figuro healed me. The reality was much harsher. I had died, and his man had resurrected me.

Yet, only Lydia and Miki had been in my party back then, and both of them didn’t want to believe that I had died. Miki should have known more than anyone, and perhaps she did realize the truth, but it was better to pretend nothing happened. Now, I had Celeste, Terra, and Shao with me as well. My death, this time, had been far more traumatic. My body was destroyed, and it was days before my soul was recovered.

I had selected my actions because I felt they were my best options, but I also recognized now that I had done my girls wrong and thus sought forgiveness. I honestly repented. It required the Pervert job. I repented so hard that my hips hurt come the morning. Pervert even went up a level.

{Pervert has increased to level 14.}

Come morning, I created a portal to Kingsport, and we slipped away to our next part of the journey. My best bet to continue was to finally save the King. I could use his support, and more than that, I could use the DP at the bottom of that dungeon. Even if I didn’t complete the lore properly, just destroying the core should net me a point or two. That would be enough for Reset.

With a goal in mind, I walked out to a sunny day on the ocean.

Chapter 525

“Master!” Faeyna was there to greet me thanks to my communication earlier that day.

At the moment, I left Slave Master equipped as my job. I felt a little naked without White Mage, but if we’re honest, the moments I need it are slim and few. Still, I never noticed how often I’d see a scraped knee or feel a bit tired and casually tossed out a Refresh skill or basic Heal. Now that the job was no longer available, I had to force the spells to work.

I could do them thanks to my proficiency, but only just. They failed more often than not, and they wasted a lot more mana than using it when the job was equipped. However, the skills were available. That was really important, as it proved some of my previous beliefs on how the job system worked. Everything was built off the previous thing. Your jobs were basically a structure which grew your skill base. Your proficiencies are what decided your path.

Therefore, it was a person’s behavior that decided their jobs, not the other way around. While it was possible to get an unexpected job and then radically change course to do that, it’d be like finding out you had a skill you previously didn’t know you had and then taking advantage of that skill.

So, I inadvertently discovered a new way of training my abilities. Well, I had already known of this method when it came to Swordsman. I had tried to use Basic Swordsmanship without having Swordsman equipped, and it certainly worked to an extent. I realized now the same kind of concept could be applied to magic. About the only thing I couldn’t replicate were status bonuses, experience boosts, and job modifiers. Then again, maybe that was something that could be replicated? I felt that more study was needed on the job system. This world, or I probably should just say the books that were in Aberis were pretty deficient on that kind of knowledge.

When I asked who had the most complete knowledge on job trees, I found out it was regrettably the Imperial Cloud Meadow. Besides being nearly five times the size of Aberis with a much denser population, it seemed like they were tougher too. Constantly at war with the Demon lands, the people north of us were typically higher level with higher tier jobs, which was just one more reason Prince Aberis was hesitant to cause issues with them. It would make sense that the only other High tier Slave Master I ever met came from a place that had a better understanding of job and skill trees. At some point, it’d be nice to take a visit, but after the fallout from my battle with Lord Reign, there is no saying what will happen.

“Faeyna… you’re crying!”

I had been thinking about other things, but Faeyna held me tightly, and suddenly I realized she was crying on my shoulder when I felt the dampness. I guess she had been frightened as well by my disappearance. Unlike the other girls who at least had an idea what happened, all she knew is that we didn’t make the arrival date. She was abandoned in Kingsport for 2 days without knowing anything.

On top of that, I hadn’t offered her any repentance, not that I could since she was an elf. Therefore, I softly patted her head. The other girls didn’t look on jealously at all. They understood the feeling perfectly. For all my desire to learn about jobs and skills, it looked like I still had a thing or two to learn about women as well.

Chapter 526

“So, what’s the status since I’ve been gone?”

Although Faeyna had worried about me, she was a professional head maid. She should have completed her duties, and I gave her plenty of time to get things going all around. She wiped away her tears, let go of me, and then got down to business. We were just outside the Traveling Guild, so this had made a scene. I ended up taking her to a small tavern before I told her to go on.

“Master, after selling everything, I accumulated 2000 gold in wealth. Unfortunately, even small ships are especially expensive, and to make it on such short notice, only with Archbishop Mary’s personal recommendation was that shipwright willing to make the request. As for everyone else, it’d take far too long!”

“Well, I suppose that is to be expected. I had hoped they could use a preexisting boat and modify it, but I guess that’s impossible given our unique needs.”

I wanted the boat to also be able to sail the open sea when needed. I had a feeling, sooner or later, we’d reach larger levels that were self-contained worlds. Some of these might be water worlds, and so I wanted to be ready. Thus, the things I had requested were top-tier. It was Faeyna’s job to negotiate him down as much as possible. When the actual payment took place, I’d try to use Haggle to drop it even further.

“Yes, Master.” Faeyna nodded, but she had an uncertain look in her eyes.

“How much does he want?” I asked, suddenly getting a sinking feeling.

“As to that… Master… the request is… 5000 gold.”

I let out a noise, nearly choking. “5000?”

“That’s ridiculous!” Miki cried out.

Faeyna’s expression remained steady. “It’s true. You could buy a galleon for the price he’s asking. However, what you asked for is an armored ship that is resistant to attacks a dungeon can deliver. The ship he’s making is constructed from mithril.”

“Mithril? He’s a Magic Blacksmith?”

“No… but the parts he acquired are mithril. Apparently, he’s been gathering all the parts to build a mithril ship his entire life. You could call it his life dream. That’s the other reason he can complete it so quickly. He simply needs to bind and connect all of the parts after buying the few that are missing. He wouldn’t even be willing to sell it to us without Archbishop Mary’s recommendation.

“Apparently, she said many things that gave him a good impression of us. He’s a follower of the Church, although I’m not sure if that’s true.”

“Why do you say that?”

Faeyna blushed. “He kept talking about my chest and how close to god I was. Then, he wanted to know how big it was. I eventually had to set him straight.”

“Ah… that sounds like the Church after all.”

The fact that the Church worshipped Big Chests wasn’t a secret, per se, but it was willfully ignored by most. Only devote followers, and a lucky few invited into the inner sanctum were aware of this aspect of the church. On the surface, they followed the Mother and seemed like any normal church. Their texts might have alluded to mother’s milk a bit more than most, but you wouldn’t notice unless you read them religiously. So, it was no surprise an elf formerly from the back country didn’t know about the Church’s dirty little secret.

“If you say so, Master.” She still looked uncertain, but continued dutifully. “He says it will be the most powerful and undefeatable ship on the seas. Although it has no weapons, he says he’s leaving room for upgrades. He requests that we allow him to keep upgrading it even after purchase, and he promises to fix it if ever there was damage. That money also ensures his lifetime support on this item. Its value by the time he is done would be astronomical, so 5000 gold is a small sum considering.”

“True… but we don’t have that much. When does he need it by?”

“He says he will be finished with the ship to the point we can use it in the dungeon in two days. He demands payment by then.”

“Two days!” I bit my lip. “How do we earn 2000 gold in two days?”

“Excuse me…” A seedy figure suddenly speaks up from behind us.

I spun around to see a wiry man who seemed to have come out from the Traveling Guild. He wore poor, dirty robes, and had the look of a scam artist.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I just overheard you speaking of your issues with money. You seem like a strong group. Have you considered Dungeon Diving? I have just the place.”

“A dungeon, you say?”

Perhaps I could recover my DP more quickly than I had thought.

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