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Chapter 531

I sat up, the burning pain in my back finally starting to diminish. After everything, I didn’t earn any dungeon points. No Reset. I was still stuck with Meteor and two Portals as my only skills granted from the store. In the future, my DP would be shared with my girls as well, although I was supposedly earning more? I figured that would just about even everything out then. I shouldn’t see it as less for me, but more for my team as a whole.

However, in this particular dungeon, whether it was because I destroyed the dungeon entirely or because of the unique nature of the blessing, they saw fit to give all of my points to the girls. It was good that the girls got enough points to get started, but it was unfortunate that after all that, I had made no progress.

That wasn’t true. I hadn’t come here to earn points. I had come here to earn money. The large pile of treasure sitting in front of us was more than enough to pay off the shipwright and provide more funds for Chalm.

“My… my… friends… you killed them?” A shocked voice caught my attention, and I turned to the shady guy who had led us here.

“Ah… you’ve finally admitted you had plotted to get me killed?”

“You… you knew?” His face turned ugly. “You killed all those people!”

“Nonsense… the dungeon has clearly been destroyed.” I gestured to the complete absence of a dungeon. “Their souls only get damaged with time in a dungeon. Since the destruction of the damage coincided with their deaths, then they are fine. You should be able to resurrect them without too much difficulty.”

“Re-resurrect them?” He said in wonder and then shook his head. “No! You think we have that kind of money?”

“Haven’t you been stealing it?”

“You! If we had it, we wouldn’t need to steal it!”

“I see…” I scratched my chin thoughtfully, then walked over to the treasure, grabbed about ten gold coins, and walked back and held it out. “This should just about pay for the resurrections as well as a little extra for being our guide, kind of.”

He looked down at the coins, and greed glinted in his eyes before he looked back at me defiantly. “We agreed on 10%!”

“The nerve…” I shook my head. “First off, you were trying to kill me. Secondly, the agreement was transport to the 39th floor. You never did your job, so I don’t owe you anything.”

His greedy expression turned ugly and pulled a knife. “I’m going to have to insist!”

I raised an eyebrow. “I just blew up a dungeon with the wave of my hand, and you’re going to pull a knife on me?”

His mouth fell open, his eyes turning back to the ledge, which had lost about 200 meters into the ocean after the impact. He then lunged out with his free hand, grabbed the coins from my open palm, turned and ran. I rolled my eyes as the girls approached me. We watched him run off into the distance. Then, I turned back to the pile.

“Ah! Lucky!” I noticed a ring sitting on a pile of coins.

It was a storage ring. I checked it out with Identify, and made another noise of contentment. It wasn’t a time stop ring, but it did slow time down by 4X. I wouldn’t need to work as hard to keep things fresh. The space wasn’t as good as my last ring, but it was still considerably better than Inventory. By the way, I had never tested if Inventory had a time stop function. It’s because I only kept things in inventory that really mattered, and perishable food that I could preserve indefinitely never made the cut.

“Do you think that guy will resurrect his team?” Miki asked.

“I doubt it. He will probably keep the money and spend it.” Terra sniffed.

“Well, they are probably undesirables the Priests would refuse to resurrect, so he might not even if he wanted to,” Shao added. “They’re all probably dead.”

Don’t say that kind of stuff around me, ladies. I really don’t want to feel like a murderer here. Well, I did everything I could. If they died, then they should have made better life choices. Deep down, I wondered if maybe my mindset was starting to change thanks to this world.

Chapter 532

“So, it’s basically like that.” I finished explaining to the girls about the dungeon points. “Any questions?”

They knew about the tattoos. How couldn’t they? They also knew about me coming from another world. However, other than Shao who had seen my memories, I was never exactly clear on my abilities. I decided that given the situation, I would come clean and explain everything clearly.

Celeste raised her hand excitedly. “Oh! Me!”

“Yes?” I said, pointing at her like a student in a class.

“Um… what’s a video game?”

I coughed. “Ah… well, that’s probably not very important right now.”

“What job did you pick Shao?” Lydia asked.

“Geh… I wasn’t brought to this world in that manner. My journey wasn’t so gentle.”

“I know what I’d be. I’d be Deek’s Slave!” Celeste said excitedly.

“That’s not a job, dummy!” Miki shot back.

“Who’s a dummy! You just don’t love Master as I do!”

“You! Being Master’s slave is a given!” Miki flushed angrily. “I’d want my job to be something that can help Master! Like… like…”

“True Pervert,” Terra puts in.

“Right! True per… ah! What are you saying?”

“I could finally keep up with Master at night.” Terra’s eyes gleamed, “Then, none of you will be needed.”

“Geh! She’s trying to get rid of us!” Miki cried. “The rock’s true intent has been revealed!”

Shao suddenly got on her knees in front of Terra. “You’re a wise Master of sex! Disciple did not see!”

Terra made a ‘hoho’ noise while holding her fists on her hips like a villain with Shao gazing up at her enviously.

“Ah!” Lydia cried out. “I thought I was the one who taught you about sex!”

“Tfff…” Shao looked away. “You haven’t even become a Pervert, let alone a True Pervert.”

“Neither has she!”

“Yes, but new Master’s eyes are clearly bigger and set to the future compared to old Master! Since her chest is flat, she must always be on the path to ero! Your tits have made you lazy! At the rate Master’s perversions grow, he will need another party member!”

Terra stopped gloating and covered her chest with lines formed on her forehead.

“Ah!” Lydia looked depressed. “I see… I truly was blind, thinking things could remain the same as they’ve always been. Please, Master, teach me the path of the True Pervert!”

She didn’t turn to Terra, but to me, the person who had the Pervert job. Of course, my expression wasn’t much better than Terra at that point.

“Is True Pervert even a job?”

“It has to be, isn’t it?” Miki offered.

Now that I thought about it, it did sound like a job that would exist. True Dungeon Diver, True Hero, True Pervert. Why did that sound like a tagline! I refused to accept that as my title! I turned back to admonish the girls and put a stop to this, but Shao spoke up.

“Although…” Shao had stood back up after causing all this trouble in the first place and had a serious expression on her face. “It would be nice to go back one day.”

“Really?” I was surprised by her words, given how bad her life had been.

“I don’t care about my own life!” She blushed. “But as for Deek, I’d like to see where he grew up. His mother too… I’d wonder if she’d approve of me.”

“Ah… that…”

All the girls started to make similar sentiments.

“My mother is a good one. She would surely approve of any one of you.” I made sure to say anyone, as I’m almost certain she wouldn’t approve of all of them!

“Then… is there a Dungeon point skill that will allow us to go back to Earth?” Shao asked.

“No…” I shook my head.

“Oh…” The girls looked a little depressed.

Even at the 50-point tier, nothing had appeared like that. I thought maybe there would be a 100-point tier that might appear once I defeated a Great Dungeon, but that was a while off. The only other option was another blessing that happened to include transdimensional travel. If I could open portals to another world, that would be something. There was also Blue Mage, but if there was a spatial spell that strong, it’d probably be level 100. That was obtainable for a guy like me with my bonuses, but not right now.

Noticing the somber mood the girls were in, I decided to speak up. “But… I will try it.”

That seemed to cheer them up. With that, I had added another goal. I would follow a new path, the path of the True Pervert. Ah! I mean, the path of returning home. My mind was somewhere else for a moment.

Chapter 533

We returned back to the city of Kingsport. I gave a second storage ring with all the treasure in it to Faeyna to count and calculate. In the end, the profits from the quickly defeated dungeon were 5000 gold coins by themselves. That meant that anything that Faeyna sold in the Capital was pure profit. Since I didn’t need to send her off again, I decided to let her stay with me. It seemed to make her much happier, so that was fine.

I asked her to take me to the dock, and so we all headed there. The port was quite large, with a few hundred ships docked. There was also a dry dock and a few massive warehouses which where they be building new ships in. The place we went to wasn’t big or impressive. In fact, it was a bit out of the way and hidden back in a dark alley. I was glad I hired guards to protect Faeyna. I didn’t like the idea of any of my women walking around these kinds of places on their own.

We knocked on the door, and an old man answered. At first, he looked confused, but when his eyes lightened on Faeyna, or rather I should say her chest, his eyes brightened.

“Ah! You’ve returned!”

“Hello, I’m the one who sent her with the request.”

“Hmmm… is that so… then come in… come in…”

He gestured to us, but rather than walk to the main room to sit, he kept on walking out the back of the house and into a large shed behind it. There was a small boat that looked like it’d fit about five. It was in the process of being constructed.

“That will be tight,” I muttered.

“Hehe… well if you got more mithril to increase its size…”

“Ah, no, it’s fine!”

Although we had six in our party, Celeste could be pocket-sized at will. If push came to shove, she could fly a bit. As for why I didn’t just do a fly and switch with her to pass level 27 of the Widow’s Dungeon, it was that Celeste didn’t have that ability. Outdoors with the wind, she could fly for some time, but navigating a massive maze through small corridors where the floor is basically lava, that was beyond her ability to do safely. Even if she could cling to the vine-like walls of the dungeon to rest, her life would have been in constant danger the entire time. It was not something I was willing to allow.

The old man and I ended up going over his plans. I explained our exact desires and purposes, both for level 27 and for future ventures. Since I was someone who was associated with the Church, according to his words and the words in Mary’s letter, he was willing to work with me.

I guess he was a famous Shipwright who was retired now. It made him difficult to work with, but he was the best at it. Building a mithril indestructible ship was apparently his final dream. As someone who wasn’t a Magic Blacksmith himself, he had to design each part and send the orders to a Magic Blacksmith. This was extremely expensive and was a part of the reason that despite his renown, he lived in such meager conditions.

“You don’t seem all that bad. Although some of your women look on the small size up top, I can see you’re a good man. Please, use my ship and accomplish great things. It’s the only thing a Shipwright like me could wish for.”

“Yes, I will!”

It was just past noon now. As I left his home after leaving the payment and making one or two more reassurances, I saw my girls who had grown bored and were waiting impatiently outside. It was a lot hotter here than in the Capital or Chalm, and the sun was beating down on us. The girls had removed their armor and were sitting around, lazing in the sun in light attire. The appearance of five hot, sweaty beauties lazing around was starting to catch the notice of many unsavory characters.

“Master?” Lydia raised her hand, her nipples poking through her shirt in a noticeable way. “What’s up?”

“He’ll be working on finishing it up overnight. He says he’ll have it ready by tomorrow. We can be back in the Labyrinth by tomorrow evening.”

“Ah… what will we do until then?” Celeste asked, her normally glistening wings looking wilted in the sun.

“How about we hit the beach?”

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