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Chapter 534

“How did it turn out like this?” I responded helplessly.

I had seen the girls looking heated, and we had an afternoon to spare, so I thought that heading to the beach would be a good idea. Somehow this caused us to end up at a swimsuit store. I had thought that this world’s idea of swimsuits was nonexistent. It wouldn’t have been surprising if they just swam in plain clothing or something like that. However, I was mistaken. If there was any proof that this world was truly just a video game developed by a group of horny men, I think it showed in the access to swimsuits.

It turned out this world had a wide assortment of swimming attire, and Kingsport wasn’t just known for boats but also as a retreat for vacations. The beaches were plenty and so were the swimsuit stores. As a result, the girls ended up taking a small fortune of my treasure to spend on swimsuits at one of the finer establishments. Well, it was money well spent, so I shouldn’t complain about it.

“Can you even get wet?” Raissa asked Terra.

“Our first time was under a waterfall. We made love in the gentle currents surrounded by nature.” Terra explained.

“Ahhh? My first time was being pushed on the floor in a stadium surrounded by hundreds of horny spectators who wanted to see me cry! Why are our first times so drastically different!”

Yes, for various reasons, what started out as just a stress release for Deek’s Party ended up becoming a festival. Raissa ended up being invited, and somehow this brought along the Guild Master, the Mayor, and Astria from Chalm. Somehow, Salicia and Carmine ended up being invited too, along with their three shady managers. Then one of the girls suggested inviting Eliana. She happened to be in the company of Mary and her brother, so the Prince, Princess, and Archbishop also showed up, as well as Octius and Otto who overheard them being invited and barged in.

As to how, well, since I could give Portal to the girls, giving a point for Reset, I could make as many as twenty-seven portals if I needed to. As it turned out, I could borrow their DP with my Slave Skill Sharing ability. It wouldn’t work for experience or third jobs, which would be used by them and need to be cast continuously, but if it came to spells, I could borrow them in the same way as if they bought a DP sword and handed it to me.

“To invite me on a date… my… oh my…” Octius grinned.

“Who invited you!”

“We have to return to the border tomorrow. Since it’s cheaper resource-wise to travel from Kingsport than the castle for various reasons, I’m sorry we intruded.” Otto gave me a nod exactly perfect for people of the same rank, seemingly having grown more serious over time. “Although it’s been a while since I’ve relaxed on a beach.”

“Rumor has it that you just took down another dungeon in a single day! You’re truly a man’s man!” The Prince gave a thumbs up.

I thought he might add something like, ‘if only you put that much effort into saving my father’, but he seemed to have a relaxed attitude when it came to the King. As a matter of fact, so did Eliana, who didn’t seem to mind her father’s disappearance either. Neither made it the pressing matter that it should have been. Just what kind of king was this guy?

“Deek, the girls are ready to show you their swimsuits now! We’ll head out to the beach first!” The shopkeeping lady declared with a knowing grin.

“Even though I’m the Prince of Aberis, I can only see their freshly swimsuited bodies second hand!”

“Well, it’s not like I’m interested in seeing this. I’m heading to the beach now.” Otto shrugged.

“Let’s let the young lord have his fun!” The Guild Master and Mayor walked off too, dragging the shady Drake and his cronies Danny and Brick away with them even though they complained about wanting to watch.

The Prince reluctantly left too, not wanting to start another incident if his sister hit him with a shoe. Actually, he would have probably been fine with that, but he seemed a bit wary of Mary. Her blows were much more savage. Carl couldn’t make it because a book had rendered him unconscious, supposedly.

“The girls are just going to show me what swimsuits they picked out… why is everyone acting like this is some kind of great moment?”

Chapter 535

Lydia came out first. She was wearing a thong bikini with a triangle top, which accentuated her legs. It wasn’t tiger-striped, but black in color. Her body had filled out nicely from the thin and malnourished young girl I had run into in the dungeon about half a year ago. Her beauty had only grown with the passing time.

“Master… they even specially cut a hole for my tail!” She spun around and showed me.

Although, being a thong, it was mostly just her butt, with the only fabric visible now having a hole for her tail, making it almost nothing at all. She seemed to be waiting for my appraisal, so I nodded and gave a thumbs up.

Then Miki came out. Her outfit was a bit more modest. She had a white outfit that matched her skin tone a bit better. It was a bikini, with a halter top. Unlike Lydia, who was comfortable showing off her body, Miki’s cheeks were slightly pink, and her arms were covering her stomach a bit. Lydia excitedly grabbed on to Miki.

“Doesn’t Miki look pretty?” she asked.

“Ah… y-yes…”

“My turn!”

Celeste burst into the room.

‘Wha-what are you wearing!’

What she was wearing was green, and it was just as revealing as what Lydia was wearing, but without that adult sensibility. It was a monokini with two straps connecting the bottom to the top. The bottom used strings to keep it on. As for the top, it wasn’t clear how they didn’t pop off her enormous chest.

“H-hey! We promised to wait for our turns!” Lydia protested.

“I-it’s okay…” Miki was becoming even more embarrassed.

“Master, look at me then.” Terra came out.

She wore a brown tankini, which complemented her flat chest very well.

“Is it time for me to come out!” Shao asked.

“You know it’s not!” Lydia cried.

It was too late, as Shao had already entered. Her outfit was also black, a simple bikini that fit her body well, but she also had a shawl wrapped around her head to hide her horns and a transparent wrap around her hips that seemed to accent them well.

“I don’t even understand the order. I’m the Princess, shouldn’t I be first?!” Eliana complained while coming out.

She wore an elegant white and gold bandeau swimsuit. It was the most modest one out there so far.

“I don’t get the point of dressing up on display for this creep anyway. He’s our Master. It doesn’t mean he should get to see my splendid body!” Salicia snorted, coming out in a plunge style one-piece with intricate designs on it.

“What splendid body?” Carmine wore white as well, a one-shoulder top and string bikini.

“This is becoming pandemonium!” Lydia cried as everyone just came out the back, ruining the show she had carefully put on with the storekeeper.

“Fufu… relax, Lydia, God will see us wearing proper garments and rejoice.” Mary came out, causing my mouth to fall open as she was in microkini, showing off almost everything and hiding almost nothing.

“It was for Deek, though…” Lydia complained.

“It’s my time to come in!” A husky voice comes out.

“You’re not even a girl!”

“Hmph…” Octius somehow had snuck away from Otto and made his way back here. “Why can only girls show off?”

He was wearing a corset-style top. Thankfully, he had a baggy-bottom that hid any bulges.

“We’re missing someone though!”

Raissa came out, her wolf ears and tail lowered. “I think I’ve been gaining weight lately. I don’t understand it. I haven’t been eating as much.”

She was touching her stomach unhappily. However, she was wearing a very cute halter top with stripe designs of white and blue. The second she said something, my entire body stiffened.

“Are you okay?” Eliana asked politely.

“I’ve just been getting sick every morning.”

“Deek? Can you check Raissa out? Perhaps she could use some healing!”

“Geh! R-Raissa looks radiant!” I shouted in a loud, high-pitched voice, causing all the girls to be quiet.

“So… in the end, it was the dog girl who won…” It was clear who whispered that.

As for Raissa, she had frozen at those words and her entire face was red. A dozen beautiful women were looking at me for clarification. I summoned my most powerful technique. I chucked a bag of money at the store clerk and fled the store.

Chapter 536

“Damn, that was close!” I muttered.

I had run to the beach, which was only across the street from the store where the swimsuits were being sold, and then hid in the guy’s locker room, or whatever this world’s equivalent was called. It wasn’t that I wanted to hide that Raissa was pregnant. However, the circumstances behind it were a bit strange, and I was still dealing with it myself.

Raissa should at least figure out she’s pregnant on her own. I mean, it’s her body. It’ll be much less of a shock if it comes from her that she’s having a baby. It won’t be too long. Just a month or two and she should be able to figure it out. I might not even be the first person she told, but that would be fine. I think she’d be a lot happier if I didn’t just dump that knowledge on her.

As for the other girls, well, I already saw things turning disastrous if I revealed this information prematurely. Shao would definitely strap me to a bed and extract semen from me to get herself pregnant like a certain foolish protagonist in a woman-centric web novel I read once. The other girls would all get jealous in one way or another, and I’d have to work hard to make sure that they all understood that they mattered to me.

Well, I felt like I still had a bit of time for that. I had a good nine months to get ready to be a father. I hadn’t even been in this world for half a year, yet I had already changed so much. I would continue to change and grow into a responsible adult. Well, that’s what I was hoping at least.

A sound caught my ear, and I turned around to see a woman standing there. I blinked in surprise.

“Ah? Astria? I didn’t see you earlier. You came to the beach too, right? I’m sure Celeste will be pleased.”

Astria had a swimsuit too, but she hadn’t shown up at Lydia’s failed dress show. She had a skirtini. It was pink in color, which contrasted well with her black hair. Her hair wasn’t originally black, but when she had become a Dark Fairy, the color had changed, and it hadn’t changed back despite the fact she was a normal fairy now. Actually, it wasn’t abundantly clear what she was. I didn’t know if she was a Sylph like her daughter, a Fairy Queen, or a Fairy. If I used Identify on her, it showed up as ???. The only other person that happened for was Shao. That told me that she was some kind of unique existence. Hopefully, she wasn’t a step away from becoming a fairy demon lord. I wasn’t even sure how to deal with that.

“Hello, Deek. There isn’t much time. So, let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“Ah, you can talk!”

If I recalled correctly, Celeste had said her mind had reverted to that of a child, yet nothing about this woman screamed child. That was accentuated a moment later when she reached up undid the back of her swimsuit. It fell to the ground, exposing her bare chest.

“Make love to me.” She purred, her wings fluttering seductively.

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