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Chapter 537

“A-Astria? I don’t understand.”

“Hmmm… what’s there to understand?” She asked, taking a step forward. “You’re a man. I’m a fairy. Give it to me!”

She lunged forward, but I narrowly managed to avoid her.

“Ah… when did you learn to talk?”

“Oh? When couldn’t I talk?”

“Ah… you were destroyed in the dungeon, and then you came back…”

“Yes… my former lover Karr was gracious enough to use his skill to keep me alive. High-level Heroes have a skill called Sacrifice. They can Sacrifice their own life in order to forcibly preserve the life of another. You had resurrected Karr. By all accounts, he should have lived, and I should have passed with the dungeon. In repentance for his sins, he gave his life force to me so I continued on.”

“So, that’s what happened…”

I didn’t know all of that specifically, but I had a clue or two from Karr’s final words. It did solve the mystery of why Astria was still here. As to why Astria was topless and looking at me like a piece of meat, that was still questionable.

“So, you came back as the Fairy Queen. That’s a relief.”

“Oh? Who says I’m a Fairy Queen?” She laughed lightly.

“You’re not?”

“I was preserved as I was, so naturally…” Sudden shadows started to stretch out from her.

They came out like hands, but before I could react, several of them had grabbed on to my body. Her wings that were previously glittery and translucent, much like her daughters, took on a dark feel. They were still shiny, but they had a look like polished obsidian. Her eyes and face also grew darker, but rather than make her ugly. It made her even more beautiful.

“Y-you’re still a Dark Fairy!”

“What can I say? I’m not a good girl. I tricked my daughter and you so that I could regain my strength in secret.” As she said this, she began to pull me closer.

The shadows had grabbed my arms and legs, and I was being picked up off the ground and brought over to her. She licked her lips seductively as I approached.

“So, I take it your strength has returned. Where do I fall in that?”

“Didn’t I already say? Make love to me.”

“Don’t you have Karr?”

“Hmph… he’s already dead and passed on,” she snorted. “As for me, I’m so lonely. Remember, it was I who was controlling Celeste when you two first met. I’m… familiar with you as well.”

“Ah… that’s right, Celeste! What about Celeste?”

“What about her?” There was a brief flash of emotion on her face before she turned away. “She’s just a daughter. Surely, she is willing to share?”

“Um. Um. But… you don’t like being cheated on! I mean, Karr was with a lot of other women. I’m with women too. So, you know…” I was desperately reaching for straws now, as I was right in front of her, uncomfortably close.

“I don’t want to talk about that man. I’d rather talk about us,” she said, reaching out and touching my chest.

Her hand began to work its way down, heading down into my pants. In a moment, I was going to be violated by Celeste’s mother!

Chapter 538

“Mother, no!”

I was currently tied to the bed in a certain room. As for how I got there, well, Astria was very persistent. Of course, I still had access to Slave Communication, so I gave the girls a general idea of what was happening. Thus, they burst into the room. I was naked with my hands handcuffed to the headboard. Astria was standing nearby naked and put on a pouty face when her fun was interrupted.

“Haha… I like seeing Master like this.” Shao smirked mischievously once she entered.

“She won’t let me go.” I sighed. “If you don’t help me out, you’ll be the one like this.”

Shao, who grew shy in the bedroom, naturally blushed and bit her nails nervously. Her inaction spoke volumes, and it ended up being Miki who freed me.

“I can’t believe you, Mother! How could you?” Celeste glared tearfully, her hands on her hips.

Astria shrugged. “I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh…” Celeste lowered her hands, and her expression evened out. “Well, if it can’t be helped…”

“Wait! You’re going to let her sleep with Master with just that!” Miki cried out as she started trying to undo my bonds

“Eh? But she couldn’t help herself?”

“She’s lying!”


“She’s right, Daughter. I took your man because I could. It’s in my nature. You see, I’m a Dark Fairy!”

“Ah! Okay… since it’s Mom’s nature and no one was hurt, then it’s okay.”

“No, you’re way too easy on her!”

“Eh? But isn’t it good Mother found a man?”

“He’s your man!”

“That just makes it easier. It gives me more in common with my Mother.”

“Why is your thinking so weird!”

“Daughter… you truly understand…” Astria was holding Celeste’s hands, and the pair were looking at each other lovingly.

“Mom… it’s okay if you’ve fallen for Deek since I love Deek too!”



“Does anyone care that she’s a Dark Fairy?” Miki cried helplessly, leaving my bonds still tied.

“Ah… it’s actually not really a problem.” I spoke up, trying to signal Miki to continue to remove them. “I used Monster Tamer on her. It actually wasn’t working, she’s really strong, but it managed to take effect just before you guys came in. She’s now officially tamed.”

“Is that true?” Celeste asked.

Astria nodded. “It’s true. Deek tamed me. Aggressively. I kept saying no, but he was so persistent. Eventually, I was made to succumb. Please comfort your mother.”

“Poor Mother!” Celeste was patting her mom’s head.

“Who tied who up here?” I cried out.

“No, this is being resolved way too easily! She’s still the same woman who took control of Celeste’s mind and then tried to murder all of us!”

“Didn’t I actually murder all of you?” Shao pipes in.

“… I’m going to the beach.” Miki gave up, walking out of the room with her head down.

“Oh! Let’s go!” Shao made a fist and then followed.

“Mother, do you want to go play on the beach with me?”

“Okay… as long as we have shade. I’m not very fond of the sun, dear. Goodbye, Deek, my lover.”


“I suppose that wraps everything up,” Terra says to Lydia.

Lydia nods. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

“I said oi!”

Terra and Lydia, who were halfway to the door, turned back and glanced at me.

“What is it, Master?” Terra asked sweetly.

“I-is anyone going to untie me?” I said helplessly, nodding to my tied-up hands.

“If Master wanted to be untied, he should have said something earlier.” Lydia smiled.

I started to sweat. “Uh… earlier?”

“You know… you could have used Slave Communication before you slept with Astria three times.”

“Ah! You knew? Ahem… I mean… I had to bring her into a certain weakened state of mind to properly tame her! I was taming her, you understand?”

“We understand, Master. Now please reflect.” The girls leave the room, and the door shuts behind them.


That’s fair.

Chapter 539

The door opened, and a nervous head peeked in. I crossed my legs to give myself a semblance of cover. I was still tied to the bed in a certain room.

“Ah, you came, how are you?” I asked calmly.

“M-master is naked!?”

I nodded, trying to continue to act naturally. “So, it would seem. Various things happened, and I ended up trapped in a bed. Could my trusted maid Faeyna please untie me?”

Since my girls decided to leave me tied to the bed, there was only one other person I could contact who may be able to save me. My trusted Faeyna, a dutiful maid who wouldn’t leave her master locked in a bedroom naked while they frolicked on the beach. There was also Salicia and Carmine I could call, but the likelihood that they would do something to me while I was tied up was far too much. As for Raissa, she was pregnant, and I didn’t want her to have to deal with that level of shock.

Of course, there were other methods of getting off the bed. Many of them were countered. For example, I couldn’t do a Switch, as they weren’t in my party at the moment. And if I did, I would appear naked wherever they were, and it was likely a public beach. That was the same reason I avoided using Return. I’d appear naked on the front lawn of my manor. Before I suffered that level of embarrassment, I tried to contact Faeyna first.

“Um… the other girls, they said not to.”

“That is a shame.” I didn’t allow my expression to falter from my disarming smile. “Ah… you weren’t there for the bathing suit show.”

“Ah! Th-that’s true…” She took a step in, and I realized she was wearing a top that covered what she had underneath.

In many ways, it was more erotic than her swimsuit could be, because it looked like she had nothing underneath and had come into the room in nothing but a shirt. Given my position naked and tied to a bed, the scene was even more erotic.

“Too nervous to wear it?”

“My breasts… they’re too large,” she said, blushing. “If I wear a swimsuit, they’ll pop out.”

“That doesn’t bother Mary.”

“Mary… is different than me. Plus… if people see my ears, they will know.”

While Shao hid her horns for the practical reason that demons were seen as enemies this far south, Faeyna similarly hid her ears. This was because she was the last of her kind, and that made her very conscious of people’s stares. As great of a woman as she was when it came to mercantile, business, and running a household, she actually was pretty modest and shy when it came to other things.

“Can I see it? Since we’re not in public?”

“O-okay…” She pulled off her shirt slowly.

I gulped as she revealed her body. She was definitely a beauty of incredible proportions. She was blushing too, and her elf ears even twitched.

“Ah! M-master!”

“Oops!” I was unable to hide it anymore thanks to the sight of her body. “Ah, can you untie me now? I’ll definitely cover up if you untie me!”

“R-right!” she went up to get my restraints, but then she suddenly stopped and looked down at my junk.

If she did that, even I’d get embarrassed, but she seemed lost in thought.


She snapped out of it and looked over at me. “M-master… we’re alone… and you’re tied up.”

“I’m aware?”

“Th-then… this is the best time I’ll have to reveal the truth.”


Her hands made fists and shook for a bit and then resolve flashed in her eyes. “Master, I’ve decided, only Master will do. You must be the man to have my children!”

“Wait. What?”

“It’s okay, Master… I’ll be gentle.”

“So… you as well…” I sighed, looking down.

In the end, I invited another fox into the cock pen.

“Master… I love you… please receive my love.” Noticing me looking down with my eyes closed, she looked closer. “Master?”

I looked up and grinned after setting the Pervert job. “Hmph… so another woman needs taming. It looks like a hero’s journey is never over!”

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