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Chapter 540

“M-master…” Faeyna breathed.


“Oh, Master…”


“A-are you sure?”


“Ahh… I can feel it.”

“It’s big!”

“That’s why you can’t be gentle!”

“OK, I’ll start!”

“Ahhhhh! Don’t stop!”

“Master, I can’t.”

“No, right there, it’s almost there!


“Ah…” I relaxed as I flopped back down on the bed. “I’ve had that kink in my back for days.”

“Hehe… as I said, Master, I’ve got the Basic Massage skill as part of Maid.”

“I can’t believe that’s a technique, but I’m not complaining.” I murmured. “I wonder what it would take to get the Masseuse job?”

“Is there such a job?”

“There has to be, doesn’t there?”

After she came on to me, she insisted on giving me a backrub. As she claimed, Elves gave backrubs as a form of expressing their love to each other. She insisted that this also explained a certain enthusiastic rub she gave me in the bathtub one time. Well, she was so insistent that I didn’t object. After being with Astria, I couldn’t say a nice rubdown wasn’t relaxing.

It wasn’t as exciting as the other thing, but that was probably for the best. I had been caught up in the moment, but if we went any farther, then she would be stuck with me as a partner for life. That would be unfortunate. I already had to deal with becoming a father to one child. I wasn’t sure about adding a second already. That’s when I recalled something.

“Did you mention something about wanting to have my baby?”

“Ah! N-no! Don’t be ridiculous, Master! Just stop thinking and enjoy the massage!” She increased her efforts, and I decided it wasn’t worth getting into as I groaned in pleasure.

“Master…” she said a few minutes later, her voice somewhat quiet.

“Hmm?” I asked, my hands under my head as I allowed her to rub my naked back.

“I’m the last of my kind, and that has put… certain restrictions on me…”

“The last living Elf definitely puts a lot of pressure on someone,” I agreed.

“R-right…that’s why I needed to be extra careful when I selected my mate.”

“Well, don’t select too fast, but if you’re asking if you can be freed once you’ve found the proper mate, then I will give you that freedom.”

“Ah! That…”

Her massaging had stopped, so I raised my head and looked back at her. “Hmm? Anything wrong?”

“N-no… rather, let me continue to express my love for Master!” She blushed, pushing me back down to the bed.

“I really thought when you said that, we were going to have sex,” I laughed.

“S-sex!” She cried out in a panic.

“Ah! But I realized that was ridiculous because then you’d have to mate for life!” I quickly added before I dug myself into a pit.

“I see…” She sounded a bit unsure.

She was already a girl who didn’t want to be my slave. I recalled that when it came to it, she preferred freedom over being restricted. She just chose this restriction because I had saved her life and because it was convenient. That put her in a hard place, it seemed, where she wanted to show she appreciated me, but didn’t want to risk losing her chance at love. I started to grow frightened that she was thinking I was creeping on her, so I decided to say more.

“Ah! You don’t need to worry. I have no interest in having sex with you! I have so many women, don’t feel like you need to fill that desire. Your cooking, cleaning, and management are all I want from you. I don’t desire you sexually!”

There, with that, she wouldn’t feel pressured. She’d continue to be my maid for the foreseeable future, and everything would progress smoothly. Suddenly, Faeyna flopped down next to me on the bed. She was facing away.


“Massage over.”


“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”

“Ah, you don’t want to play with the girls on the beach?”

“Don’t feel like it!” she said into her pillow.

I see, in the end, I went too far and made her uncomfortable. Elven ways were different than human ways. I had misinterpreted things, and I made her angry.

Since she had already removed my restraints to better massage me, I got up and left the bedroom. As the door closed, she uttered a single phrase in the empty bedroom.

“Stupid Master…”

Chapter 541

I closed the door behind me and stretched, feeling a bit refreshed after a long day. Well, it wasn’t over yet. Looking out, I could see the beach beckoning me. There were still a few hours of fun to be had. I headed across the street and to the beach where I could hear various yells and cries of people at play. I scanned the beach, looking for my girls, and when I couldn’t find them, I used the Slave Location skill to track them. They were a bit farther down the beach, so I followed along the sand trail.

The girls were on a ledge that overlooked the ocean, and they appeared to be jumping off it into the water below. Just as I was going to go greet them, I noticed a glint of something in a large outcrop of rocks nearby. Frowning, I snuck around carefully, approaching from the back end. I quickly realized that there were some shady people who seemed to be hiding in the back behind the rocks. More suspicious, they appeared to be watching my girls play.

Of course, I could react swiftly and violently so that my girls didn’t have their day ruined. They had all been working hard, and even if they might have left me tied up on a bed in a certain room for a while, well, that all worked itself out fine. Faeyna was having a good rest on that bed, and that’s all I had to say about that. However, I didn’t need some stereotypical bad guys coming in and making the short rest of the day with the girls something less than fun.

“Lydia…” I called out with Slave Communication.

“Master? Have you reflected?”

“Twice… but that’s not what’s important right now. I just came to see you guys, and there seem to be some suspicious people watching you.”

“Ah, yes, I noticed them, but they’ve been keeping their distance. Should I take them out?”

‘No, keep playing. I just wanted to let you know I was going to dive into your DP for a bit and borrow some skills.”

“Ah… Master can use me whenever.”


I had been very slowly reviewing what skills the girls had and deciding what to give them. They were mostly limited to tier one DP skills, which cost 1 point each. 5-point skills could be selected, but the consequence would be they couldn’t use Reset. Yes, I had already tried to give one of the girls Reset, and then use Duplicate Slave Skill to use that Reset on myself. The result was simply that I remotely activated her own Reset. This was convenient because if I couldn’t reset her skills myself, it’d be a bit tricky having the girls Reset their own skills. I wasn’t even sure how it’d work out as they didn’t have access to the store like I did since my access was granted through my blessing tattoos.

The DP skills I had given to Lydia were Explosive Movement, Silent Feet, Hide Presence, and the Sword of Growth. I left one open for Reset as well. Explosive Movement allowed her to move with aggressive attacks. Silent Feet allowed her to scout quietly. Hide Presence was exactly as it suggested. The Sword of Growth was interesting. Supposedly, the sword had experience and would grow stronger the longer it was used. I was worried that when I Reset it that it’d start back to 0, but we tested it out, and it seems to retain its level. So, the more Lydia uses it, the stronger the sword will get. Of course, if it was destroyed or lost, then so was the dungeon point. It left me a bit worried, but Lydia really liked it.

Right now, the two skills I was borrowing were Silent Feet and Hide Presence so that I could get closer. It was a continuous spell drain on me, where Lydia could use the skills basically indefinitely and turn them off and on. That was the separation between a skill supported by the dungeon points and me using it second hand through Duplicate Slave Skill.

Furthermore, there was a limit to the distance we could be, and it could still work. If we were in a different place, like only one of us was in a dungeon, it wouldn’t work. I’d say the range I could use a slave’s skill was about the same range that I could still get experience for a slave’s kill.

I got a bit closer to the suspicious people and managed to get sight of one of them. This wasn’t because they weren’t trying to be stealthy, but rather because they were big and it was difficult for them to hide. I immediately recognized them, and my face went white. The ones that were watching my girls intently were five large women. It was Titan Fall, and at their head was Alysia!

Chapter 542

“What are they doing?” whispered one of the women of Titan Fall.

“Still playing.”

“It’s so hot. I want to play.”

“I even brought a swimsuit. Let’s go swim, Alysia!”

“Stop whining, you guys! We’re on a mission!” Alysia growled.

“Eh? I thought we were just spying on your boyfriend.”

“He-he’s not my boyfriend!” she cried out. “And besides… he hasn’t shown. In fact, it’s not even clear if he’s still…”

She looked away, a worried expression on her face.

“Come on, you know he was Resurrected just like the rest of us. After what he did to Fort Pride, this country probably gave him a medal!”

I couldn’t help but make a face at that. It’d have been nice if I got a medal! It was still weird seeing these girls who I had last been fighting to the death against. They were currently in their Dungeon Diving armor, but they looked really hot and uncomfortable.

“You heard the rumors. A giant fireball from the sky came and obliterated a tower! It’s the same thing that took out Fort Pride! That’s his schtick!”

“W-we don’t know if it was Deek who did that!” Alysia defended, her cheeks turning pink. “That’s why the King ordered us to find out if Aberis has some new kind of weapon.”

“They do! And he pushed our leader down… gluh!”

Alysia had punched the woman in the gut before shooting the other’s a glare. “I said already! He defeated me in battle, but it didn’t mean anything. He’s an enemy of the crown. We can never be together.”

“So sweet…”

“The power of your love will definitely blast through the discretions of our people. It’ll be Alysia and Deek against the world!”

“Oh, no… she’s back to fantasizing again.”

“It’s those novels she reads.”

“Two swords, back-to-back… battling against Aberis and the Republic, tearing down the walls of oppression all so that they can finally marry!” The girl started gesturing wildly as she narrated.

“Will you shut her up? She’ll give away our position!”

Two of the girls had grabbed the narrating girl and covered her mouth, although her eyes were still bright like the story was still going on in her head. At this point, Alysia was completely red.

“We don’t know if the presence of Deek’s Party is associated with the destruction of Calypso’s Tower. Frankly, I can’t believe even Deek has such strength, but if he does…” Alysia’s words were serious, and a somber atmosphere filled the group.

“What if Deek is the source of that power? What are our orders?”

“We’re to capture him if at all possible,” Alysia said the words sadly. “If we fail, we’re to await further orders.”

“Further orders? Like… a kill command?”

“…” Alysia didn’t meet their eyes, but her meaning was clear.

“We follow you milady, whatever you choose.”

“Wh-what are you suggesting?” Alysia looked up with a shocked expression.

“If you wish to go against his orders. Titan Fall will follow Alysia!” The girls were all nodding with firm expressions on their face.

“I-it hasn’t even come to that! All we know is that his party appeared at the source of two large fireball attacks. We won’t act until we confirm!” Alysia said and then whispered under her breath as she looked out at the group of girls. “Dummy… if you really were that strong, why did you pretend to be so weak?”

As she stared out at the party of girls, I watched the group while trying to figure out what to do next. It seemed like we were all in a pickle.

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