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Chapter 543

“My, oh, my… what do we have here? A couple of spies, is it?”

While I was contemplating what to do with Titan Fall and Titan Fall was contemplating what to do about their mission, the delicate balance was destroyed by a certain man. Octius had noticed the group spying on him and had managed to get the drop on them. His eyes had passed over me, and stopped for just a second with a twinkly look. I was pretty certain he knew I was spying on the girls, but he didn’t give my position away.

“Octius!” one of the girls said with an ugly smile. “I should have recognized your stench!”

“Eh? I think I smell pretty good?” He started smelling himself, seemingly breaking the tension of the group.

The girls didn’t have it though, all getting ready to battle in an instant.

Alysia took a step forward and threw her hand out, “Enough! Since you’ve seen us, there is no point in hiding. Were you the one who used the Meteor spell?”

He put a finger up to his cheek and chuckled. “I wonder? If you’d like to find out, you’ll have to defeat me!”

“My pleasure!” One of the women tightened her hands on a chain that seemed to be strapped to a ball which she started to spin around.

Octius’s playful smile suddenly turned serious, and it was like the entire beach suddenly froze. “Watch it, ladies. You used several tricks to catch me last time. You don’t have my precious brother to threaten me with this time. Your group combined is only S class. Don’t forget, I alone achieved S class, that puts the five of you even against me alone. All I need to do is knock out one of you, and your entire group falls. That’s the weakness of a party’s strength.”

His words caused me to jump a little bit. I found myself having to reassess my knowledge once again. I had assumed Titan Fall was about the pinnacle of strength. Supposedly, there were SS and SSS class Adventurers too, but there were none of those in Aberis or Ost Republic. However, to hear that Octius was as strong as Alysia plus 4 support, that left me feeling pretty complicated. This world was turning out to be an iceberg, and I had only seen the surface.

“We’re not as weak as the last time we fought!” one girl declared.

“We’ve been in the Dungeon training since then!” another added.

Octius put on a grin and then looked in my direction, “Deek! Dear, how about an assist on this one?”


The girls all spun to where he was facing. I couldn’t do anything but let out a long sigh. Of course, Octius had called me out on purpose. I could only deactivate the skills that kept me hidden. This was fine because I had eaten through most of my Mana and needed to regenerate it. The girls let out gasps as I stood up from my spot where I was hiding.

“You… were spying on us?”

“Aiii… he snuck up on Alysia!”

“He’s so cool!”

“isn’t he like a Hero standing on that rock, eh Alysia?”

“Sh-shut up!” Alysia cried blushing.

“I found you all too, and way sooner! Plus, I even saw Deek! Aren’t I cool?” Octius said brightly.

“Quiet, Freak!”


“Aren’t you a woman?”

“Creepy guys should just die.”

“What’s with the different behavior?” Octius cried out to me.

I didn’t really have an answer for him.

Chapter 544

“So, you’re on Aberis soil. By all accounts, I should expel you quickly, but I’m feeling generous.” Octius quickly bounced back after earning the ire of all of Titan Fall. “It will be Deek and me against Titan Fall. If we win, then you will flee back to the Ost Republic. If you win, then we will give you what you want.”

“Deek’s D-“ Alysia casually punched one of the girls.

“I mean, the answer to how that dungeon and Fort Pride were destroyed. Well, it’s not like we’ll let you take it. That’s a guarded secret of Aberis, but at least you’d finish your mission, right?

Leave it to a border General to be able to know the same things I knew, and he wasn’t even here when I snuck over. Or… was he? Did I see him at all over by the beach or had he been waiting here the entire time listening in on them? He’s a lot more dangerous than I gave the guy credit for.

“So, you know why we’re here then…” Alysia stated bitterly, clearly unhappy about Octius’s knowledge. “Then, I suppose we might as well just settle things. I accept your challenge.”

From my position, it didn’t look like Octius was giving her very much of a choice, so she would naturally accept such a challenge. Our words were loud enough, and we were rowdy enough at this point that the girls had noticed. Of course, I had already alerted Lydia, so they had some idea about what was going on.

“It’s Titan Fall!” Terra cried out.

“Oh, hi!” Celeste waved, excitedly making loops in the air.

“Ah… It’s Deek’s Party, long time no see!”

The girls ended up greeting each other happily despite the stressful situation, perpetrated primarily between Alysia and Octius. Octius was watching her with a dangerous look that only a fool might mistake for lazy. Alysia was glaring daggers at him, her eyes seemingly going out of their way to avoid me.

“Deek’s Party, please, stay back,” Octius said. “This will be a fight with just me and Deek.”

“Um… speaking of which, I’m better with my girls. No offense, but I don’t think I can help you very much.”

“I wonder…” he tapped his lip again and then leaned forward and whispered to me. “What level is your Slave Master?”

I checked. “Ah, it seems to have gone up to level 40 with ahem… nevermind.”

He grinned as if he already knew that. “What luck! Please, how about you use that skill?”

He seemed to know that I knew what skill it was. To most people, that should have been an impossibility, but with True Hero, I could use Skill Analysis Plus and determine what skills each job had.  The skill I had unlocked was called Temporary Slave Contract. As to what it does, I could guess.

“You want me to use it… on you?”

“Yes, go for it. Oh, and join my party too.”

“Alright, here goes nothing.” I raised up my hand. “Temporary Slave Contract!”

A sudden chain made of pure light suddenly wrapped around Octius. As they danced around him, the ground exploded, causing his long beautiful hair to flow into the wind. At the same time, his swimsuit suddenly disappeared. It’d expose his naked body, but chains were floating across in strategic ways.

“Deek’s power… is going… inside me!” he calls out in an orgasmic voice.

Chains wrap around his arm and then appear as a pretty sleeve. His other arm is next. Then he changed poses, bringing emphasis to his bare legs.

“M-master! What kind of kinky spell did you cast on him?”

“Do you hear theme music playing?”

“It’s just a Temporary Slave Contract! I don’t know why he’s changing clothing like a Magical Girl!”

“Ahhhhn!” The chains suddenly wrap around his chest tightly, squeezing, and he lets out a moan.

“Oh… gods… make it stop! What have I done?”

“You were so worried about whether you could, you didn’t think if you should!” Shao cried out.

“Ah… the chains are tightening on his crotch area now too! And it’s a short magical skirt, of course. Oh no, something is forming in his hands too. He’s spinning it while doing another pose! Please don’t be a giant penis, please don’t be a giant penis!”

A burst of light and Octius appeared in an outfit no man should wear while making a victory pose.

“Oh… it’s a scepter.”

Chapter 545

“Hehehee…” Octius laughed. “I am now Deek’s submissive. I will obey any naughty thing he does to me!”

“I regret it instantly! How long does a temporary slave last?”

“Not until the climax, darling.”

“Gross… gross…”

“Attack!” Alysia ignored our banter and immediately gave the order.

“Too slow!”

Octius chucked his scepter, which flew out and struck two of the large women, sending them flying back into a bolder. At the same time, his fist collided with Alysia’s fist, causing the air to snap with a resounding crack. It wasn’t clear who won that bout, as they both jumped back, but as Octius leapt he tossed out a wind that slapped into the other two girls causing them to flip and land on their stomachs.

“He can use wind magic?” I said in wonder.

“No!” Celeste shook her head, “He’s moving his body in a way that he sent a wave of wind out with enough force to send the girl’s flying back.

Alysia drew her sword, which was different from the one she had used against me back in Fort Pride and then lunged at Octius again. He caught the sword between two fingers and then spun, closing the distance and making her sword and sword-arm useless. She dropped the sword, drawing a knife with her spare hand and sending it toward his gut. He grabbed her wrist just before the blade struck true, and then with his free hand, he uppercut her with his palm.

She flew back as blood spurted from her mouth. She ended up slamming into the two warriors who he had tangled up with his scepter just as they stood up. He jerked up his finger and the scepter suddenly shifted up, causing all three tangled women to be flipped upside down onto their heads. With his other hand as well as his foot, he blocked two attacks aimed at him through the concerted joint attack of the other girls. He went into a spin like a skilled ice skater, sending both girls stumbling on top of each other.

“Hmph, is this all you have after that training?” Octius laughed.

“You… Deek… is a Slave Master?” Alysia cried out as she broke the scepter in half and glared at Octius…

“That’s why they were so difficult to deal with!” One of the girls who was on the ground next to her dropped her fist in her palm.

“Face it…” Octius laughed while making a ridiculous pose. “You can’t take the current me. As Deek’s slave (temporarily), my powers have been enhanced by dozens of unique skills. Furthermore, his Hero status that amplifies parties has further given me strength.”

Technically, it was True Hero, but it had a similar skill set of synergizing parties and giving them strength. Octius had numerous skills that boosted his impressive status into the atmosphere. If he was S without them, then I couldn’t imagine what he was now. I imagined he had at least 2, maybe 3 jobs equipped, and he also had to be a much higher level than me. Perhaps, his job was in the 80-level range. If he did Dungeon Diving, then he could totally get down past the 50th floor. At least, that was what I was thinking.

“You think I’ve given up?” she said, making fists even though she had blood on her face, giving a cool aura that impressed my party.

“She’s acceptable as Master’s woman.”

“I know, wouldn’t they be valiant together!” One of Titan Fall cried out. “Imagine the valiance level of their children!”

“That’s pretty valiant.”

Alysia blushed for a moment, but then put on a bitter expression. “Enough! You’ve already shown your weakness!”

“Oh?” Octius smirked. “And what is that?”


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