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Chapter 546

“Deek…Deek… I’m in your head…”

“Get out!”

“Relax… this is just a powerful skill from an almighty general like…”

“I know, I have Slave Communication.”

“Tsk… spoilsport.”

“What do you want, Octius?”

“In a second, she’s going to attack you. I won’t be able to hold off all five of them from attacking you. I’m going to use a unique skill of mine to deal with this threat. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Unique skill? What unique skill! You’re not going to do something weird to me, are you?”

“Teehee… you have nothing to worry about… although it is my first time.”

“I knew it. I’m going to have something weird done to me. How about we brainstorm a plan involving literally anything else, and then we do that.”

“I said, don’t worry. It’ll hurt a little starting out, but once you loosen up and let me inside you, it may even feel pleasurable!”

“Are you using that phrasing on purpose to deliberately screw with me!”

“Ah, she’s coming, no time. I’m going to have to go in hard and rough!”

“Darn it!”

It had only been about ten seconds from the point when Alysia declared they would focus their attacks on me. It was a bit sporting of her. Perhaps she hoped that I would defend myself and not get too hurt, as she could have not said anything and perhaps surprised attacked me. However, that wasn’t Alysia’s way, as she was always earnest about her fights.

While three of the girls went to distract Octius, Alysia and one other woman launched their attacks on me. I was preparing to hold out the best I could with the abilities I had. I hadn’t grown much at all since Alysia had last kicked my ass, and at that time, she was hesitant. Now, without death being truly permanent, she would have fewer qualms about obliterating me quickly. On top of that, there was a second woman helping her. If I lasted five seconds, it would be too long.

A glow suddenly erupted from Octius, and I felt some kind of force wrapping around my body. Rather than giving me strength or making me feel powerful. It restrained me. My movements had been completely sealed! I struggled against it, but the more I struggled, the tighter the bonds grew.

“Stop struggling! I said, stay loose!” Octius pleaded.

“You bastard! How can I fight bound up like this!”

“Don’t worry about that; just concentrate on letting your body do what it wants?”

“What it wants?”

There was no time to discuss things, as both women had already reached me, and their weapons were heading straight for my head. Just as I thought I would greet my death again so soon, I suddenly flipped, doing a splendid backflip that would make Lydia proud. However, my boots each blocked one of the blades, and while balancing on the one hand, my other hand swiped out at their ankles. Alysia leapt back in time, but the other girl was a second slow and got sliced on the ankle.

“Ah!” She cried out as she leapt back.

Already losing the first exchange, Alysia attacked again, attempting to knock me down while I was balancing on a single hand. I bent my elbow and then pushed up, doing a flying spin, my sword blocking hers perfectly and then unbalancing her. My sword struck out two more times before I landed, causing Alysia to fall back. I could have finished her off, but the other girl reached me, although she had a slight limp that had slowed her down. She tried to stab me. I caught the sword between my arms, spun to close the distance and then elbowed her in the face.

“Master is so cool!”

“He can battle so well.”

“Good luck, Deek!”

“Damn it, Marice, you’re on Titan Fall’s team, stop cheering the enemy on!” One of the girls fighting Octius admonished the other.

I could only force a weak grin. As much as I wanted to take credit, none of that fighting had been me. Rather, my body was being pushed around and moved without my consent. It hurt if I tried to fight back, so I tried to keep my body loose, and the looser my body, the more ridiculous my physical display.

“Hehe… That’s level 30 Grand Knight skill, Puppetry!” Octius announced in my head.

Chapter 547

“Grand Knight? Not True Knight?”

“What’s a True Knight?”

“Ah… nothing!”

I was just wondering if I’d end up with True Pervert, Grand Pervert, or Pervert Master. It wasn’t an important thought given the current situation admittedly.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be hurt with me at the wheel!”

“I’m not really comfortable with this…”

“Too late!”

Alysia was back on her feet, a shocked expression on her face. “You… were holding back before?”


How could that be true? I was just a puppet for Octius. Although it allowed me to fight on par with these two, it clearly put a bit of stress on him as well. Octius was only able to fight the three girls at the same level, where he had easily overwhelmed them before. I attributed that to him having to divide his attention on his Puppetry skill and me just as much as himself. It did speak of how powerful Octius was that he could simultaneously take the reigns of two different fights at once.

“Then, I won’t hold back at all!” Alysia’s sword started to glow.

At the same time, the other girl’s feet started to glow, suggesting she had some kind of movement skill she was about to use. They were both about to go all out! I was definitely going to die! No matter how much Octius was able to do, could it really be enough? I felt so pathetic, being unable to lift a single finger to increase my chances. I wasn’t ready to put my life in this guy’s hands. Was there really nothing I could do? Wait… I could use my mouth!

The woman fighting beside Alysia suddenly disappeared, and Alysia surged forward, breaking the ground under her as she raised her power-infused weapon up.

“I can see your nipple!” I cried out.

“Eh?” She looked down, misstepping and stumbling as she desperately checked her bodice for a nipple slip.

Her delay put her out of step with her partner, who was synchronizing an attack with her. It caused her to reach first, appearing behind me. However, I was supposed to be desperately holding back Alysia’s powerful attack when she made a strike from behind. Instead, I could focus on her, or rather I should say that Octius could focus on her.

With two kicks, one to the gut and one to the head, the girl was completely knocked out, collapsing to the ground in a heap. Alysia arrived a moment later, frustration clearly on her face.

“Have you no shame!” she cried, swiping her sword at me.

However, I leapt back, jumping over her friend. If she carried out her powered attack, it’d risk striking the unconscious girl. Thus, she was forced to end it, even experiencing a backlash as a result.

“Good job!” Octius complimented me.

“I don’t want to hear it from you!”

“No, keep doing it! Crap talk her! Crap talk her like your life depends on it! She’s a lot stronger than the others, and now that her friend is down, she’ll definitely not be attacking as reservedly. That’s Alysia’s greatest weakness. She’s actually as strong as me in reality, but she convinces herself she must work in a team. As a result, her allies are also the ones that hold her back. One-on-one, especially when she feels she’s fighting for the sake of another, she’s at her deadliest!”

“C-crap! Really!”

“You must distract her! Keep her from getting serious! Once I defeat these three, I’ll be able to take her down.”

I sighed. Octius sounded serious there, so what he said was probably true. Since this was the only thing I could do anyway, I decided I’d do it.

With all the strength I could muster, I gave Alysia the most intimidating stare I had. “When I defeat you, I’m definitely going to play with your breasts first!”

“Ah!” Her serious expression broke, and she turned red as she cried out, taking a step back and hiding her chest in her arms, although they were too large to hide completely, causing her to push them together and look even more erotic.

“It looks like we’ll lose this one, sisters.” One of the girls fighting Octius sighed.

“She’ll give up for sure…”

“What kind of girl do you take me for?!” Alysia yelled at her teammates, who seemed to have lost all faith in her.

Chapter 548

“Deek! I didn’t know you were such a deviant to make advances on defeated women. You’ve disappointed me!” Alysia said darkly.

I’m really not! I just don’t want to die! Stop trying to get serious! Unfortunately, I didn’t say that. When you got on a lion’s back, it was hard to get off. Since I committed to the technique of crap talking, there was no way I could stop now.

“Don’t get me wrong…” I put on a malicious grin. “I have no interest in your friends. You’ve caught my eye personally. That’s why I’ll definitely have you!”

“Aiiiieee… He confessed!” a Titan Fall girl cried out.

“So romantic!”

The red-faced Alysia’s eyes twitched. “D-don’t get cocky. You have no hopes of defeating me without the help of that massive spell you used. The only man that can have me is a man who defeats me in battle, and you’re still not there yet!”

“Then, we’re in agreement? If I win, you’ll be my plaything! I might even make you my sex slave!”

Her eyes narrowed, and suddenly a power started to resonate from her. “Since it is my heart you want, then I can’t afford to hold back. I will show you the distance between us, Deek. Perhaps, if I show you how far that line is, you’ll give up on me and understand that we were never meant to be. My path is a lonely one, and only a man strong enough to fight against the heavens themselves will be able to stand against me!”

“Abort! Abort!” Octius’s panicked voice buzzed in my ear. “Your words had the opposite effect! She’s getting more serious than she’s ever been before!”

“You’re telling me that now? This was your idea! Keep me alive, you idiot!”

“… It’s been nice knowing you.”


“Just hold your butt! How could I let my precious significant other fall? What kind of woman would I be?”

“You’re not a woman! You actually think you’re a woman?”

“I tell you what. I’ll use your puppet-controlled body to defend against her attacks. Then I’ll quickly defeat these three here. Then, I’ll jump in just in time to save you from Alysia! Just trust in your senior!”

“I’m dead, aren’t I…”

The conversation couldn’t go on, as Alysia had leapt forward and initiated her next attack. My sword rose to meet it, and we exchanged a dozen attacks in a matter of seconds. Octius moved my body to deflect everything Alysia threw out. Although my sword was just a simple one and much weaker than the sword that Alysia had once cleaved in two, it didn’t break against Alysia’s onslaught. Octius was using extreme precision and skill to pull back at just the right times, and always block in the spot that dispersed most of Alysia’s attack.

I began to realize that the skills he was using were familiar. They were the skills of my own, Hero and True Hero. They were the Swordsman and weapon skills I was used to. However, the way he used them was many times more advanced than anything I had ever used before.

Any attempt to interfere would only put my life in jeopardy, so I found myself doing something else. I committed his actions to memory. He was using my body, after all, so I paid close attention to how he moved and what he did. Slowly, I began to learn how a professional truly used the sword in battle. Since it was literally my own body and movements I was studying, I was able to learn it intimately.

The battle wore on, and I continued to study how to fight.

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