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Chapter 549

My body ached like crazy, but it wasn’t like I had a choice. How long had it been? Hours? Actually, it was probably less than five minutes, but that was how crazy the fight was going. My sword zipped around in front of me as I fought Alysia with all of my strength. Of course, this battle had nothing to do with me. My body was being used, but it was ultimately Octius who was controlling everything.

This was his struggle, and the exertion could be seen on his face. When he offered to battle the girls, I had figured that he could easily resolve things, but it turned out he was more evenly matched than he originally let on.

I had taken numerous cuts and bruises, but Octius himself was still in perfect shape. In fact, I had a distinct feeling he was protecting himself a lot more than he was protecting me. While I had taken dozens of hits, his magic girl outfit was somehow immaculate and untouched. It wasn’t like I wanted to see his outfit hanging seductively from his body, but it’d be nice if he treated my battle with the same care as his own! Maybe this wasn’t fair. I didn’t know how much control Puppetry gave him. For all that I knew it was extremely difficult to control fine motor skills and keep me safe.

My body took damage after damage until I had to order the girls watching not to interfere. My body was bloodied, and my armor had been stripped one piece at a time.  My only consolation was that Alysia had taken just as much abuse. I couldn’t even believe it, but she was panting as hard as I was, and her clothing had been sliced many times so that she would appear indecent. I was afraid to point it out now though, lest I cause her even more anger.

As for the three against Octius, they were also in bad shape, having been knocked back and knocked down dozens of times. Although my fight with Alysia was leaning on her side, Octius’s fight with the three Titan Fall girls was leaning on his side. They were no longer making quips or paying attention to our fight. They couldn’t afford to take their attention away from the whirling Octius, who didn’t even use a weapon as he fought them.

It was clear that the winner would be decided by whoever defeated their opponent first. If he defeated the three girls, then he could drop his Puppetry and attack Alysia in earnest. If Alysia won… I’d die, and he’d lose all of his bonuses. Then, the four girls would team up on him and bring Octius down quickly.

“Now!” Alysia declared.

All three women had used a skill on Octius at once. Somehow, despite the fact that I hadn’t seen it, the girls who worked and fought together so much had managed to signal a plan between each other and were now executing it perfectly. It was at a level of skill, only an experienced group that had fought through life and death could manage.

“I’m sorry, Deek, it ends here!” Alysia bellowed.

Three glowing attacks landed on Octius just as Alysia delivered her strongest blow yet.

Chapter 550

I felt it, a slight disturbance. After carefully watching the pair of them fight, with me as the tool, I had grown very used to Alysia’s moves. While Octius was focusing on what I would do and how I’d deflect each attack, I could concentrate on everything Alysia was doing, and how it ended up being conquered. It was like watching someone else play a video game. Things they missed because they were in the moment, hidden chests, secrets, useful skills, could be easily picked up by the objective viewer.

That it was my own battle to the death that was being objectively viewed certainly put a pressure on me to learn quickly, and as Alysia’s entire body glowed while she executed a skill I didn’t recognize, I saw a blind spot in her movements. However, my body was being pulled in a different direction by Octius, who was picking an easier decision.

A feeling of certainty swelled in my body. I undid Slave Master and then equipped White Mage. Octius let out a cry as his strength was suddenly cut down. However, the true threat here was Alysia, so I couldn’t be stingy on what I knew would work. I immediately cast Blinding Light, a level 35 skill.

My attack went straight to her blind spot. I was struck on the back, and the attack was brutal, but I was already casting Strong Heal. The pair of us ended up sliding down a hill, heading to the edge of the cliff. I returned back to Slave Master, hoping it wasn’t too late for Octius to defend himself.

“Create Water! Wind Gale!”

I slammed my sword into the ground to stop my movement, but I sent a waterfall going on past me. Simultaneously using Miki’s Create Water, Celeste’s Wind Gale, and a little bit of Terra’s Earth, I created a mudslide, pushing Alysia down and off the edge. The mana was costly, but none of these were mana-intensive spells so I was just able to pull it off. By the time my eyes could see again with blotchy purple spots, I had stopped sliding, and she had gone right off the edge and to the waters below. This wasn’t where the girls had been jumping earlier, but another area that fell into a rocky, more dangerous cropping below.

“Alysia!” the girls cried out.

But their distraction at seeing Alysia fall from the cliff was their downfall. Not only had their synchronized attack not downed Octius, but he rebounded and delivered his own skill. It shot silvery light like a shockwave, knocking down all three girls like their legs had been cut out from under them. The girls tried to get back up, but they were unable to do so.

Just as I was letting out a breath of relief that we had won, a hand came from the edge of the cliff. Alysia, now half covered in mud, a breast completely bare, but also hidden by mud, jumped up from the cliff.

“Octius! Let’s finish this!” I yelled back to my ally, and then I raced at her, taking advantage of Octius’s Puppetry.

“Eh? W-wait!” Octius called out.

She was ready for me, and our blades struck once again. My attacks moved savagely, and for a moment she started to feel fear.

While in the moment, I didn’t notice Octius fall to the floor.

“Eh, aren’t you going to help him?” Lydia asked nervously.

“Hah… he took off Slave Master when I used my skill to block those girls. That had a backlash. I’ve exceeded my abilities now. I can barely stand.”

“Ah! S-so you can only control him with Puppetry I see…” Shao suggested.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Puppetry isn’t so easy. I was taking advantage of the slave bond to use it, but typically even a small resistance would cause it to break. After all, being able to control your enemies with a snap would be far too cruel an ability. The second he fought against it, he broke the control.”

“What are you saying…”

“Deek… he’s fighting on his own!”

Chapter 551

Alysia’s panicked, haggard look grew even more frantic. Meanwhile, I was spamming spells. I had full mana thanks to the fact that Octius was controlling my body. That gave me room. Armor. Reinforce. Heal. Refresh. My body was glowing with white light as I healed my wounds and increased my strength. With every second, Alysia grew weaker, and I grew even stronger. Best of all, with Octius in control of my movements, they were moving automatically. I felt so free, unconstrained by a body that usually didn’t want to listen.

I leapt into the air doing splendid jumps, chopping, cutting and dodging around the slower woman. The pair of us together was like an unstoppable team. One body controlled by two people. At this point, my body was so numb I couldn’t even feel his influence. It was like the pair of us were moving as one!

“I don’t get it.” Lydia murmured. “If he’s not being puppeted, then how is he keeping up with Alysia?”

“Ah? You girls didn’t know?” Octius raised an eyebrow.

“What is it?” Miki asked worriedly.

“I already spoke of Alysia having limitations. It is also true that Deek limits himself as well.”

“W-we’re holding him back?” Terra asked worriedly.

“Not at all… I’m afraid in his case. It’s Deek who holds himself back. He’s too reserved in his movements. He fears truly hurting others and doesn’t realize his own strength,” Octius explained casually as they watched the frantic fight. “Although I won’t say he could fight Alysia head-on when they’re both at their best, he’s full of tricks that most fighters don’t think of. That’s a benefit of being a supporter. He’s loaded with things he can do to change the tide of a battle. At this point, the battle has already been decided. He can heal, and Alysia is too injured. Her own support has been knocked out. Deek is like a warrior with a full party supporting him all by himself, while Alysia is just an injured dragon on its last legs. The difference is too superior.”

“Deek…” The girls all looked on as if they were seeing something about me for the first time.

“What you see now is Deek without limitations. He’s still convinced he’s being controlled, so he’s not holding back at the moment. Watch carefully, girls. This is the Deek you need to bring out. This is the one who will bring down dungeons and fight Demon Lords. Well, that’s just a border general’s wishful thinking. I’m sure you girls have your own plans for your master.”

The fight wore on for a few more minutes, but Alysia was already down to one knee.

“I can’t lose!” Alysia shouted. “I must complete my mission!”

“I cast Meteor…” I said simply, causing her eyes to widen. “But, you were there… and you already knew that.”

She glanced down a feeling of defeat and shame on her face. She knew my words were true. She just didn’t want to believe it was me who cast that spell. She allowed herself to doubt it because others who weren’t there didn’t see it. She had always known, but it was easier to lie to herself and say it was some kind of artifact or something. She didn’t want to believe it, because then it would cause me even more trouble.

“Why did you admit it…” Alysia said, tears welling in her eyes. “The Ost Republic… I have to report to them about this… and they may even send assassins after you.”

“Then… report it,” I responded. “And send your assassins. Send anyone you want. You were right, Alysia. I’m not strong. But you were also wrong.”

She looked up wonderingly. “What is it?”

“You don’t have to be strong enough to save this world,” I declared. “You just have to be willing to put aside your differences and work together. It’s not you against the world, it’s all of us, against our world enemy! Let’s end this…. Final Blow!”

“Fatal Strike!” she called to deflect it.

Our blades collided in a frightening strike. All of my remaining power erupted against hers, and the conclusion was made.

Alysia went flying back, the tattered remains of her clothing flying off as her naked body flew off the edge of the cliff. Only as she flew away did I realize how dangerous things were. She was covered in hundreds of wounds and fought to exhaustion.

{Last Chance has triggered. You have 1 remaining hp.}

Well, I wasn’t much better. Casting Heal and Refresh, I ran to the edge and leapt off after her. I heard cries behind me, but I ignored them as I reached out to Alysia. Her eyes were still open, and she was looking up at me with an indiscernible look. My arms wrapped around her body just as we hit the water, plunging into the cold depths below.

A few minutes later, Titan Fall, Deek’s Party, and Octius had all made their way down to the beach, looking around desperately for their fallen companions. The water broke, and a shirtless, somewhat muscular man emerged from it. In his arms was a beauty, whose size, rather than making him appear like a child, only emphasized the rippling muscles on his bare arms and chest. He wore pants, but they had been shattered to pieces, showing his nice toned legs.

As for the woman, she was completely naked, her eyes closed and chest rising rhythmically. It looked like a sailor had reached into the depth and emerged with a mermaid in his arms. Her skin was perfect, and there wasn’t a bruise or cut on her. Of course, he had healed all of that. The man walked without stopping, emerging on to the beach with confident, mighty strides as he approached the group of women, the expression on his face stoic.

“Dibs!” one of the girls on Titan Fall calls out.

“Shut up. He’s Alysia’s!”

“Yeah, he is…”Another girl winked.

“My… my… perhaps I should have Deek sooner rather than later. He might become too much man for me to handle soon,” Octius purred.

‘Don’t you dare!” Shao pouted.

“Brother, where the hell have you been! Ah, Deek? He’s really rescuing another woman?” Otto was running up.


Despite the previous tense atmosphere, things were rather relaxed.

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