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Chapter 555

We came out of the portal into a familiar room leading into a water-filled corridor. Out of curiosity, I tossed out a chicken wing leftover from a previous meal. The water bubbled as small fish came to the surface and consumed the meat within seconds. Even the bone was consumed within moments.

Next, I pulled out a piece of mithril on a wood stick taken from the Shipwright’s shop. This was the moment of truth. If the fish were able to eat through the wood or mithril, then there was no point in even trying. We’d never be able to make it past this weird and convoluted level.

I stuck the stick into the water, and it began bubbling once again. At first, I worried, but the bubbling calmed down, and the mithril portion of the stick appeared to be still attached. I pulled the rod back out and found that the mithril and wood were still in good form. I let out a sigh of relief. Nearly a week of pain and an obscene amount of money had been spent to get past this blasted level. I felt relieved that we could do it.

I brought out the boat next, carefully leaving it half in and half out of the water. I’d definitely cry if I somehow pushed the boat in the water and then it floated away. Well, I could just get Celeste to fetch it, but it would be embarrassing. I had somehow not managed to make much of a fool of myself lately if being tied to a bed and being used as a puppet by a gender-confused general didn’t count.

The girls all sat down in the boat and then I got in last, pushing off with the mithril plated oars. We then began to make our way across. As we floated across the water, it did bubble up. I was worried the fish would leap out of the water and attack us, but so far they kept themselves underwater. We were able to move forward rather smoothly.

“This isn’t so bad.” Miki smiled.

“Can’t get any of the treasure,” I muttered. “It’s all at the bottom.”

“Didn’t you get some mithril thread?” She offered. “You could try to fish for treasure!”

“I guess it’s worth a try.”

Using the stick I had previously used to test the waters, I affixed a long thread to it as well as a hook. In the games, you’d just toss it in the water, wait for the bob to get pulled and then pull it out of the water. However, there is no way it would be that easy.”

“Ah! We caught something!”

“Re-really?” I began to pull back, and a moment later, something burst from the water.

“Ah… it’s just a pair of boots.” Celeste whined.

“Aren’t those magic boots, though?”

Celeste had forgotten that we were fishing for treasure, and so boots in this circumstance were actually a good thing. They were wet, but a quick Identify revealed that they had a good defense, so I put them to the side to dry.

We didn’t encounter any obstacles as we navigated the 27th dungeon. After the amount of effort we spent to get to this point, it felt kind of anticlimactic. The level turned out to be easy with the right supplies. On top of that, had we frozen the water as the Prince suggested, we would never have been able to fish for treasures.

As the girls navigated the dungeon, I spent my whole morning fishing for treasures. It was surprisingly lucrative. I could tell where the temptation was though. A weaker boat would have threatened to capsize with some of the treasures we brought up, that’s if you weren’t tempted to try to dive right in some way. At least for us, it was a rather relaxing morning of fishing, dungeon exploring, and treasure hunting all in one. Who could ask for more?

Chapter 556

When we finally reached the landing, which contained the stairway leading down to the next floor, I almost felt like I didn’t want to go. Sitting around fishing was even better than walking around. The treasure practically came to me. Actually, my catches had decreased quite a bit the last hour, so the dungeon was already offering less stuff after knowing it couldn’t lure me to an untimely death. It was probably a good time to move on.

While I was packing up the boat and looking over the deceptively calm waters, the girls went on down to the next level. I gave it one last sigh before turning and following them. Halfway down to the 28th floor, I heard a cry. I quickened my step, but I only made it a few feet when I saw my girls racing back up.

“Quick! Get him!” Shao pointed at me.


The girls all leapt on top of me. At first, I was convinced something had somehow taken control of them and caused them to attack their Master, but Lydia whispered in my ear as I realized they were starting to tie me up.

“The next level is very bad for Master!”

“Eh? What are you saying?”

“We were warned about this before,” Terra added. “Lord Reign mentioned desire demons and succubus. The next floor is filled to the brim with beautiful naked women.”

“Is that all? Girls… I’m not a beast. I can handle it.”

“Absolutely not!” Shao cried. “I know Master best! You definitely can’t handle an orgy of this magnitude.”

“It’s an orgy?”

“Shhhhh… don’t tell him too much or he may grow tempted to look!”

They finished binding my hands, blindfolding me, and even gagging me for some reason. I thought it was all ridiculous, but I allowed it as they brought me down. As soon as I went down the last step, I could feel a warmth resonating out. It felt like a large amount of body heat. My ears were instantly assaulted by giggles, moans, and gasping.

“It’s a man…” I heard a female voice that I didn’t recognize excitedly say.

“Back!” Shao shouted. “I’ll fucking cut you! Back, you horny bitches!”

I heard various hisses all around me.

“We just want to play with him.”

“Have my body… sweetie.”

“Make me pregnant? Please… I need your seed so bad…”

Various female voices seemed to be pressing in while my group of five kept them at bay. Even their words were laced with extreme seduction, and I found certain areas swelling with vigor. If I had Pervert activated for any reason, it would have already been too late. I started to forgive my girls on their insight as we continued through what felt like, rather than a corridor, a large room filled to the brim with temptation.

“Oh… my… what is that girl doing with that coconut!” Terra gasped.

“Ah… she’s so stretchy… I should try that…” Celeste murmured.

“Do you see that pile of naked women? What are they fighting in? Is that honey? It looks so sticky.”

“Ah! That girl is using a toy! I’ve never seen a toy that big!”

“Is it this level’s treasure?”

“Should we take it?”

“Mmm! Mmmph!” I shouted out in a muffled voice as the girls continued to comment on the things they were seeing.

“Hush… Deek,” Shao patted my head. “I actually may be able to learn a thing or two here?”

“Ohoh? Are you women interested in the craft? We desire demons are always open for students!”

“Ah! R-really? I want to know how you did that thing with your foot over your head.”

“Over there you have five women getting off on a single toy… how are they managing that… I want to know… eh… for a friend!”

“Hey girls, if you really want to make your man happy, you should try something like this!”


“Oh, wow!”

“It went all the way in!”

“Mmmm! Mmmm!’ I was shaking now as the girls’ conversations were growing even more ridiculous.

“Just a sec! Master is being rowdy. It seems like hearing is too stimulating. I’ll plug his ears!”

“Mmm!” I shook my head, but she ended up grabbing me anyway.

“Just stay put, we’re just having girl talk for a bit.”

“Hehe… once I master this technique, Master will truly be happy.” I heard Celeste giggling.

Something was stuffed in my ears no matter how much I struggled. In the end, I was left standing alone, as the girls seemed to abandon me.

Chapter 557

An hour passed in isolation. I would have panicked more if I felt naked women starting to touch me, but strangely enough, that didn’t happen. I had a deep fear that my girls had fallen to the temptation of the dungeon. If that was the case, then I was indeed on my own. I would need to break these bonds and then somehow save them. It was dreadful. I should have been more careful. Perhaps I should have given them strict orders to march right through. Things might not have turned out so bleak.

Just as I was about to escape my bonds and desperately try to fight my way out of the dungeon, the plugs in my ears were removed. I instantly heard giggling from countless women.

“Thank you so much! I learned a lot!” I heard Lydia say.

“Hehe… we’re always happy to teach women the art of desire. Come back any time for more lessons.”

“We will!”

“Come, Deek, we’re done here. This level is actually pretty small, so we’re almost out.”


“Ah! Sorry, here, we’ll take the gag out. We were afraid of you becoming tempted and making bad orders like with the siren before.”

“Puh… ah… I-I see… can I see too?”

“Ah… no… Master will definitely cheat if he sees.” Shao sighed. “However, if you promise not to look, I’ll undo your hands.”

“Even if you say that…”

I still gave her my hands and allowed her to untie them. I was tempted, but I wasn’t so bad that I would risk everything to look. As exciting as the sight sounded, it also left me worried.

“Goodbye, Deek… I’m sorry we couldn’t have sex.”

“I would have boinked your brains out!”

“You could have put it in my butt if you wanted!”

“Girls! You’re incorrigible!” Lydia said in exasperation.

There was more giggling. I was led to the end of the level while the girls chatted away with desire demons and succubae as if they were close friends.

“Deek, you’re lucky to have such eager to please women,” a woman said. “Since I’ve come to like them so much, I’ve decided to give you some assistance. The 29th floor and the 28th floor are twin floors, however, in reverse. It is filled with incubus and such. Although I don’t think your women have the temperament to betray you, it wouldn’t be fair to tempt them so.”

“Ah… thank you… I really appreciate your help.” I held out my hand and grabbed her hand.

It was soft and round.

“That’s my boob.”

“Oh sorry… here.”

“That’s my other boob.”

“Ah! I mean… here.”

“That’s my third boob.”

“How many boobs do you have?!”

“Why don’t you take off your blindfold and find out? Or better yet, use your mouth?”

“Deek! Stop fondling the demon!”

“Hehe… I almost got him.”

I let go immediately and straightened as Shao came and admonished me. I wasn’t going to look! I seriously wasn’t!

“Okay, we’re at the stairway. It’s right ahead,” Lydia said.

“Good.” I lifted up my hand and cast Portal. “All of you go! Now!”



“Through the portal!” I shoved them all through and closed it immediately, using my Slave Master ability to ascertain their positions despite the blindfold.

With them gone, I pulled off my blindfold. As they said, I was staring down at a large staircase leading on to floor 29th. There was a menacing pink light coming from behind me. I took one step down onto the staircase. Then, with a breath, I looked back into the room of the desire demons.

“Hmph… I’ve had greater temptations. You’ve all met my women. Thank you for treating them well.”

I had thought that this might be the key to the path of the True Pervert, but it didn’t give me that kind of feeling, so I rejected it. I turned back and headed down the stairway. It was only made slightly more difficult by my raging boner and shaking legs.

“Oh my… what a man…”


“He really should have my babies.”

I headed down the 29th floor. Perhaps there were lessons I could learn too.

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