Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 564

This dungeon was supposed to be thirty levels. That would have made this the final boss room. Instead, this was another normal level boss. However, she acted smug and seemed to think that we weren’t capable of defeating her. The previous two enemies in this dungeon had a gimmick. In most dungeons, it was a simple match to the death, although Terra had acted as the boss in her own dungeon and fearing she wasn’t powerful enough, had used quizzes to try to block us.

The point being, it was possible that this monster was too powerful for us to defeat, and the intention of the dungeon wasn’t for us to defeat her. After all, even the King hadn’t defeated her. She’d be a newer boss, and probably not be as well-developed mentally as the current giantess. Her vocab would be a few confused words, and she’d probably violently attack us. Admittedly, that would be dangerous, but it was also easier in some ways. A monster that mindlessly attacked was far simpler than someone who strategized and cleverly tried to set up traps.

However, since I couldn’t see where the trick was, I decided the best thing to do was follow what she said. She wanted us to attack her and show her we were strong. That meant we should just go at her like she was a standard boss. There was no sense in holding back.

“Girls! Attack!” I gave the order.

“Rising Spirit!” Miki called out, holding her staff up and casting a buff on the party that increased our mental resistance and morale, before pointing it at the giantess. “Breaking Mind!”

A light shot at the giantess’s head. She didn’t even attempt to block it. It struck, she blinked a few times, and then gave a derisive snort.

“You probably thought because of my powerful physique. I would have a weak mind!” She laughed. “You’ll have to do better than a level 30 Spiritualist skill if you want to break my spirit!”

“Tornado Whirl!” Celeste called out a massive wind storm that collided with the woman.

Before she could recover, Shao leapt forward too. “Shadow Restraint!”

Shadows rose up from the ground and leapt onto her, grabbing her legs and arms. She immediately began to fight them. Lydia didn’t waste time. Having worked with the other girls in many desperate situations, they didn’t need but a moment to understand the other members’ intent. She ran parallel to the wall and ended up side-running up it before jumping off and hitting the column she then leapt through the air at the giant.

She was about chest level, perhaps intended to bounce off the giantess’s large breasts to strike her face. The giantess managed to rip one hand free of the shadows and swiped it at Lydia.

“Watch out!” I cried out, but Lydia was in midair.

She was flying helplessly in the direction of the giant’s hand. In a moment, it would strike, and Lydia would be slammed into the wall like a pancake!

Chapter 565

I was just about to prepare the Cushion spell, hoping to minimize the damage that was about to befall my poor Lydia. However, before I had even raised a hand, I noticed that Lydia’s face held absolutely no alarm. Rather, she seemed to be expecting this.

Suddenly, her feet seemed to touch a glowing platform that appeared from nowhere, and she leapt again, dodging the hand and coming right at the giant woman’s eye. This was the so-called legendary double jump! I hadn’t realized Lydia had gained such a skill! Well, I had six girls with me and nearly twenty jobs to juggle, a few things slipped by me. I’d have to find out later whether it was Scout or Advanced Swordsmen that allowed her to do that. There was honestly a case for both.

The giantess freed her other hand and she managed to swat Lydia, who rather than fly away, struck her hand. The two collided with a booming sound, but despite all physics, Lydia remained in place. It was only then I realized that Celeste had created a platform of Air for Lydia to hold against the giant. Was it Celeste who had perfectly timed the double jump as well? My girls were really becoming something incredible!

“Now!” Terra’s eyes opened, and she pulled a boulder twice the size of the giantess’s head directly toward her.

This had been their true attack all along. The others had all been distractions and feints to open up room for Terra, the usual defender, to deliver a devastating blow. With all her might, she drew a boulder towards herself. She could do this far more powerfully than she could hurl one as an Earth Manipulator. However, it was usually a suicidal move unless there was a powerful and large object between her and her object. It was like her own personal Meteor, and it slammed into the giantess’s back without it defending at all.

There was a resounding boom, and Lydia leapt away as the rock struck true. A wave of dust exploded out as the rock slammed into her back. Even if it didn’t kill her, it definitely had to hurt a lot. There was no way she’d be standing after this. The entire dungeon was shaking after all, and dust filled the air blinding all of us.

Celeste waved her hand, moving the dust away and clearing the room quickly. When it was done, the blood started to run out of my face. Standing in the middle of the room, having not taken a single step, was the giantess. She had a slightly hunched look and a frown on her face.

“Hmm… that barely fits as a massage!” She snorted. “You call that a hit?”

The girls, who had perhaps delivered one of the strongest hits they had ever done by working together as a team, were crestfallen when they saw the apparent failure. The giantess didn’t even have a bruise on her. At best, it was like getting a strong slap on the back.

“So, that is all your group has?” She sighed and shook her head. “I was hoping to be entertained. Instead, I’m just disappointed. I won’t even take pleasure in your deaths.”

My mind worked furiously, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, the words she just said clicked. I stood up at her defiantly. She seemed to notice the change in my demeanor and then cocked her head with interest. It looked like she was willing to give me a second chance.

“Who says we’re done?” I declared. “Rather… if it is pleasure that you want… that’s my specialty!”

Chapter 566

“Ahhhn! N-no! Not… ahhnnn… not there! I-it’s sensitive!”


“A-ahh… b-beast!”

“Don’t let up! Keep at it!”

“Master, I’m growing tired!”

“This is a team effort! Keep going!”


“Ahhh… th-that tickles! Ahhhn… that’s incredible!” The giantess moaned and gasped.

She was on the ground now, her back bare as the giant blouse and brassiere had been cut in the back. Her skirt still covered her lower section, but other than that, she was splayed out on the ground defensively while attack after attack was leveled at her.

“Psionic Blow! Psionic Blow!” Miki’s psionic attack called small fist-sized blows to appear on the giantess’s shoulders.

“Wind Blast! Wind Blast!” Celeste’s attack was different, but also resulted in similar blows lower down on her back.

“Ah…ah…ah…. R-r-r-right t-t-t-there!” She gasped.

Terra had two boulders and was bouncing them up and down on her buttocks in quick order, letting gravity bring them down and causing her whole body to shake. Even her voice had a stutter sound to it.

“You know, you have really pretty nails. You should take care of them more!” Lydia said, dancing around her hands as she cut and cleaned her nails with her sword.

“R-really?” The giantess blushed cutely. “I still think makeup is a bit much.”

“Nonsense!” Faeyna sniffed while painting her face with broad strokes. “It’s important every girl should have a day to pamper herself!”

“I’ve been cooped up in this dungeon my entire life. This is the first time I’ve ever felt this way,” she said nervously. “Is this okay? You’re all working so hard on my behalf…”

“Nonsense! Since we can do something! We should!” Shao announced, who was standing on her head.

She was giving her a scalp massage while also using shadow magic to shape her hair.

“Th-thank you!”

It took a bit to get her to this state. I first gave my plan to the girls in my Slave Communication. After convincing them I wasn’t just trying to woo a giantess, they finally agreed to my plan. We first chopped off her blouse with wind magic. She grew flustered enough that we somehow managed to trip her onto the ground. Then, we began working. When all the attacks we delivered were blunted to the best of our ability, to a girl like her, it only felt like pushes of a massage. So, that was ultimately my plan. She wanted to be entertained and feel pleasure, and since our hits felt like a massage, we might as well go that direction all the way.

Where was I while the girls were working? I was down on her feet. I was walking up and down them. I started between the toes, but she was ticklish, and I almost got kicked into a wall, so I just concentrated on the soles. I also used Refresh and various other spells to give her a good and relaxed feeling. Miki similarly used her Spiritualist abilities to enhance her sensitivity and pleasure. This made the blows feel more impressive and satisfying. I also had Monster Tamer equipped, not because I wanted to tame her, but because it had several mood relaxing abilities too, further putting her in a relaxed state.

We worked hard for nearly fifteen minutes, but that level of continued skill use, even with the girls sipping Waters of Life in between, was starting to wear them down and it was clear we couldn’t keep it up anymore. Faeyna had finished her face, which had taken all the makeup on Faeyna to complete, yet she still seemed to skillfully blend it to make the giantess look pretty. Her hair was up and as nicely done as any girl fresh from a hairstylist. Her nails were also clean and cut, although we didn’t have that level of nail polish.

“You said your muscle knot was above the small of you back?” I asked.

“Y-yes… my chest is so large… it puts a lot of strain there…”

I figured I’d end it by helping her relieve that stress. However, it’d take quite a bit. Therefore, I planned all of us to attack it at once.

“Ready? Go!” All of the girls delivered their attacks on her knot.

As for me, I used Haste to increase my speed and planned to do a running jump, slamming down on her back the best I could. However, just as I went to jump, my foot struck a rock. I leapt up, but I didn’t gain the air I was planning. With the speed of Haste, I found myself hurtling forward in a low arc. A second later, I realized the direction I was flying. I gave out a cry, but it was too late.

I flew forward and went straight up her skirt between her legs. The force wasn’t small, and I quickly learned there weren’t undergarments in a giant’s size. I plunged into a dark, wet cave.

“Ahhhhhhhhhnnnnn!” A screaming moan was let out by giantess driven to the heights of pleasure and then finally given release.

{You have tamed a giant.}

{You managed to tame a monster many levels higher than your current skill. You’ve gained additional experience.}

{Monster Tamer has increased to level 26!}

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