Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 567

“Master… you promised!” Lydia had her hands on her hips and a no-nonsense tone.

“I… I almost died.”

“You tamed another girl! And right in front of us!” Miki pouted.

“I couldn’t breathe, and then her muscles contracted suddenly, and I was crushed. My ribs were broken…”

“To think… Master, even goes for that type,” Terra pondered.

“I even activated Second Chance. If she didn’t end up squirting in the end and I shot out like a cannon, I would have died in there…”

“Master is seriously the worst!” Shao crossed her arms and made an unhappy face. “I can’t even eliminate this one like I eliminated that other… ahem… nevermind.”

“I saw my life flashing before my eyes. Then I literally burst out of a vagina… I feel like that is a metaphor for something,” I ignored the girls while staring blankly at my hands. “Crushed to death by a giant pussy? Is this some kind of statement about my life?”

While I was going through a mental crisis and the girls were trying to admonish me with their words, the giantess herself had recovered from her spa day and was now hiding behind a pillar as she got dressed. It was taking a while since she had to work around her cut-up clothing. Furthermore, every few moments, she would look out behind the pillar, glance at me, then blush before hiding again.

“What pussy? She’s a giantess!”

“Lydia, you do know that pussy is another word for…” Miki leaned forward and whispered.

“Eh? But pussy stands for pussycat! I’ve been telling everyone I’m Master’s pussy!” Lydia cried out.

“Yes, we know, but given your history… we sort of assumed you were just being bold…” Terra explained sympathetically.

Lydia’s face turned red. “All this time, you all knew I was acting foolishly?”

“Aren’t you the one trained as a whore? How did you not know this?”

“I always assume madame just wanted me to emphasize my catgirl race! Like when she told me to say, “Oh, yeah… you pound that pussy!”, isn’t that for sadists?”


“N-no!” She covered her face. “This is the worst!’

“Why is no one comforting me?” I asked, “I really almost died here! My entire life almost amounted to permanent death by vagina! I don’t think I can even look at a woman’s pussy the same again!”

“Master, now is not the time! Lydia is having a real crisis here. You shouldn’t tease her!” Shao admonished.

“Master, even I know when to not joke around.” Miki glanced away.

“I may never be able to make love to a woman again. The mere sight of a vagina will cause me great mental anguish!” I cried out. “This is serious!”

“Master…” Lydia sighed, then she suddenly moved, appearing behind Faeyna, “Please observe these carefully.”

She lifts up Faeyna’s shirt, who is the only person not in armor where her outfit could be quickly lifted. Two large things burst out, bouncing up and down.

“A-ah! M-master! Don’t look!” Faeyna bit her finger, a blush on her cheek as she turned away, although she was still watching me out of the corner of her eye to see my reaction, and wasn’t fighting to cover herself at all.

“Shao, check!”

Before I could react, I realized Shao was already on her knees kneeling next to me. She pushed a single index finger out, pushing against the tip of a hard tent in my pants. “He’s aroused!”

“…” I didn’t respond as I turned around. “Let’s just get going.”

The teamwork of the girls was getting to a level that was too powerful, even for me. I’d need to step in soon, probably.

Chapter 568

“I-it’s not like I consider you my Master or anything…” The giant woman blushed while holding her hair like a ponytail.


“Your methods may have defeated me, but that was only because I wasn’t prepared for such an attack!”


“Although… my bond to this dungeon does appear to be broken. The doors have opened, and I’d be able to freely move throughout this dungeon, although there isn’t much room for me.”


“You… will be destroying it soon, won’t you? This dungeon, I mean? Although I no longer am attached, I cannot live without the miasma of a dungeon. Just like a fairy can’t live long without a rich source of mana, I cannot live without that, since my form is dependent on it. This is fine. My defeat was always an inevitability. I just feel frustrated. I am unable to fight against it.”

It was the same way for the Siren. I didn’t just make her the boss of my dungeon for kicks. She needed the miasma produced from the dungeon to remain alive. Smaller monsters were less dependent on the dungeon’s miasma, but bosses were basically attached to the dungeon and required the miasma to stay alive. Of course, since I could capture miasma now, and Shao could even make Miasma, I could carry it around and feed it to someone with such a dependency.

The same situation existed for the Fairy Queen Astria. She and other normal fairies needed large quantities of mana to remain healthy. That’s why they created and stayed around mana springs, and why the creation of her mana spring resulted in many fairies appearing. Although she was a Dark Fairy, Astria probably could consume miasma too. As far as Celeste went, because she had evolved into a Sylph, she wasn’t the same as a fairy that needed mana. She was closer to an elemental, so as long as she could enjoy the wind every once in a while, she was fine.

At first, I was just going to leave, but the giantess’s comments made me feel a sense of responsibility. It had nothing to do with the fact that certain things had happened and I had ended up inside her. Rather, it was in spite of that! Ahem… I simply just didn’t want such an intelligent and nonviolent being’s death on my hands. Plus, given her strength and calm nature, she’d probably make a good tool in training my soldiers to fight larger opponents.

In the end, I told her about my own dungeon and offered to send her there.

“R-really? You’ll take me away from this curse and allow me to live in peace?” Her eyes brightened. “Please! I’m so happy!”

I wasn’t sure if I could, but if I concentrated, I could make the portal larger. It ended up just large enough that she could barely crawl through. I’d send her back along with a message to the Siren that the giantess was in charge. She’d likely get pouty at me, but between the two, I actually found myself trusting this giant I just met a bit more. I heard from Raissa the siren had already attempted to woo a few men to her side already when she thought no one was looking.

Chapter 569

“Before you go, I had a few questions for you!” I said as the giantess got down to enter the portal.

“Ah, that’s right,” the giantess said, stopping at the entrance, “To answer your question, yes, a group did come through. It was a tough fight, and I had even killed a few. I was on the verge of winning when a cloaked man hiding in the back emerged. He is likely this king you speak of. He was strong and regal and managed to get me to my knees. He reminded me a bit of you. In the end, he said he couldn’t bear to destroy a woman with such a magnificent chest.”

“What kind of man do you take me for!”

She chuckled lightly. “The second man who made me fall to my knees. Although, this time, I’m doing it willingly!”

“Ah… yeah… about that… um… this dungeon is how many levels? Do you know?”

She nodded thoughtfully. “It is as you think, just thirty-five levels deep. It only grew deeper rather recently. I was on the twentieth floor until the growth a few years ago. Then I was brought to the thirtieth.”

“Ah… so that’s how it works? You started on the tenth and then moved up with each, becoming more powerful and smarter?

She grinned sadly. “If you wish to try to understand dungeons, you’re following a fool’s journey. They are unpredictable and picky. Every curse follows its own unique rules, and while they tend to act similarly, never expect a dungeon not to pull the rug out from under you as soon as you grow comfortable. They are quite good at that.”

“I see… you sound like you weren’t made from the dungeon…”

“I was made from the curse… and the curse has the thoughts and wills of those who were caught up in it. Some may be living; some may be dead. Now that I am no longer under the curse’s control, my mind is free to wander. I was created based on the emotions of a certain woman, although her name is gone, and I no longer remember it. If you were hoping I could tell you how to solve this curses lore, I’m afraid I lack that knowledge. Although the lore wants to be completed, it’s like saying grass wants to grow. While it certainly pushes towards this act, it neither understands how or what its final objective is.”

“It’s more like a force of nature than a creature…” I said.

“Perhaps… although a force of nature usually wouldn’t react to the actions of an individual.” She pondered.

“Master, we should…” Lydia spoke up as I sat staring at the giantess, perhaps wasting a bit too much mana keeping the door open so long.

It was Celeste’s mana, and she was sweating and breathing hard. I shouldn’t have opened the portal until she was ready!

“Ah!” The giantess snapped, a sound that actually created enough wind to cause my hair to move a bit. “I almost forgot to say something.”

“Well, hurry!” I said, coughing in embarrassment.

She also blushed, shooting a sympathetic smile Celeste’s way before turning serious. “Even if you fight your way down to the 34th floor, you’ll never make it to the final floor! The door to the boss room is closed. It has been closed for some time.”


I was shocked for several reasons. First, that must mean the King was alive and in there. It also must mean that I had no clue how to rescue him.

“No matter how much you attack that door, you’ll never be able to open it with your current strength…” She paused for a second, as if she was hesitating on something, but then she decided with a firm expression. “Return to the safe room on the floor above. I still have enough control in this dungeon that I was able to grant you and your party access to the dungeon transportation system. In other words, simply use the DTS to reach the 34th floor safe room, then you will be able to find out what happened.”

With one last nod, she plunged into the portal and disappeared to beyond. Rather than looking toward the stairway going down, the group of us were looking at the stairway going up. We had reached the end of the line so quickly. We had only just started getting ready for another long haul, but it was here already. It wasn’t even past noon yet, so there was plenty of time.

“S-should we go?” Lydia asked nervously.

“I suppose… we should get this over with,” I decided hesitantly.

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