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Chapter 576

“You call yourself a noble of Aberis, and you dare raise your sword against the King!” he barked.

“Hey, didn’t you just say you abdicated your position? Which is it? You’re so damn confusing!” I egged him on while the girls moved into position.

They relayed their desires to each other, not through Slave Communication which would have to go through me, but from months of fighting alongside each other in life and death situations. With a single look, the girls had prepared for battle to the point where I didn’t even feel the need to bark out any orders. I decided I’d let them handle the battle. Instead, I focused on support.

“Hmph! How bold! Then, I’ll show you how a Hero and Dungeon Diver truly fights. Let’s see if you have the power to change my mind.”

“I don’t plan to give you a choice. Prince Aberis has already ordered you back, dead or alive, I’ve just decided on the dead option. No worries, I’ll break this dungeon shortly after killing you. Although, if I had to guess, this dungeon’s nature would prevent it from consuming your soul even if you were dead!”

I had already guessed that, like Karr in Karr’s Dungeon, King Aberis was a special existence in the Widow’s Dungeon. It would likely trap his soul, corrupt it, and he would become a boss. Maybe the giantess wouldn’t get a promotion after the next growth period, and we’d have to battle the crazed king or something like that. Either way, it wouldn’t eat away at his soul, but preserve it instead. Even if push came to shove and we somehow failed to finish the dungeon, there would be enough time to rectify the situation, perhaps with someone like General Tibult. I’d only met the son, but the father was probably even more powerful.

“So, even my son has made such a bold request…” the King appeared thoughtful for a bit. “Perhaps he really is growing into a proper man. Still, if he feels the need to send riffraff because he’s too cowardly to deal with Daddy, then I’ll make sure to teach him a lesson. Since he’s not here, you’ll have to do. You’ll pass on that lesson, won’t you?”

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to pass on your words personally. You won’t have to wait long, though!”

“Hehe… you don’t have what it takes to-“

“Guys! Are you going to fight already or just crap talk to each other all day!” The Queen growled, a vein popping up on her forehead.

“Hmph… I suppose words truly are wasted on you.” The King snorted indignantly.

“As for me, I was just buying time for my girls to set this up.” I shrugged.


“Whirlwind Blast!”

“Rock Wall!”

“Darkness Rain!


Despite the spells having different cast times, they were all launched at the exact same time. A rock wall formed behind the King just as a Whirlwind Blast struck him, causing him to slam into it. Just as his back hit it, dark wisps of blackness began to rain on him and the wall. Although a sizzling sound could be heard coming from his skin, it didn’t seem to cause any visual damage. The same couldn’t be said about the earth wall, which quickly became pockmarked under the corrosion. A sickly yellow glow erupted around his body at that moment, which would be the Weaken spell.

Just as his feet hit the ground and he fell to his knees, Lydia appeared next to him, sending her blade flying out to strike him. Her blade was a dungeon point blade. I didn’t know what would happen to the dungeon point if the blade was destroyed, but at the moment, it was the most powerful weapon she owned. It leveled with her and was basically a reflection of Lydia’s own strength and power. I’d checked it against all the most common weapons in the stores, and it was by far Lydia’s favorite and the most powerful weapon she could use at the moment.

The King didn’t even move as the sword struck his head. For a brief moment, I thought he’d die in an instant, but the sword struck with a sound of metal against metal. Lydia leapt back, watching the King warily although he hadn’t moved.

Slowly, he stood back up, reached for his belt, and finally pulled out his sword. “Is that the best you’ve got? Now… it’s my turn!”

Chapter 577

Lydia and Shao danced around the King, keeping him pinned down. Yet, every attack either girl launched, no matter how tricky, managed to get deflected harmlessly. Celeste filled in the gaps, throwing in a blade of air whenever the King looked like he might get one on one with one of the girls. Miki launched attacks to weaken him, but he seemed to be able to shake them off very quickly.

As for Terra, she mostly kept me protected, preventing the King from suddenly turning and launching an attack in my direction. They reckoned that he’d think similarly to Alysia in this fight, and would want to knock out both the weakest and the most game-changing person on the board. The result of this was a stalemate that continued on for fifteen minutes. At first, the King had acted arrogantly, but it was quickly becoming apparent that the six of us were about equal against him.

“If it wasn’t for that potion, you keep drinking and your continuous healing and refreshing, this battle would already be over!” The King cursed, blocking a triple strike from Lydia before narrowly dodging a backstab from Shao.

“You think a healer in battle shouldn’t heal? What next? Should a magician not use magic? Is a Swordsman using a sword cheating against a Pugilist?”

“He’s got you there, my former husband.” The Queen was just lying down with her chin in her hands, casually watching the fight as if the outcome meant nothing to her.

“Not helping, honey!” He shot back through gritted teeth before shooting me a look. “You seem to misunderstand something.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“I can defeat you whenever I want to. I’ve intentionally been holding back. I admit that you have given me a better fight than I expected.” He wasn’t breathing hard as he fought, suggesting that he was probably telling the truth. “Since you claim to fight under the orders of my son, and fight for Aberis, it would only be too pitiable if I defeated you. Therefore, I will allow you to live!”

“How kind of you,” I sneered, “I’m already willing to put my life on the line, so don’t think such soft tactics would work. Instead, I will give you an offer. This is your last chance to return to Aberis and help your son. This was a country your wife built. By abandoning it to place a ghost on a literal pedestal, you’re not only not doing your wife any honor, but you’re more like a disgrace!”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his wife was nodding, clearly in agreement, but the King was long past ignoring such arguments. He was extremely stubborn. Well, I could be stubborn too.

A vicious smile formed on his face. “I figured you’d say something like that. I did say I wouldn’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make you wish you died.”

“What does that mean?”

“After I defeat you, I’ll play with your woman—just one of them. I’ll let her experience the love of a real man. I’ll have to thank you, actually. My wife, in her spiritual form, is something I am unable to touch. Her body is composed of miasma, and even for someone like me, if I were to touch her, she would cause my body to rot away. That means it has been months since I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of a woman! I’ve decided, I’ll allow you to flee, but I’ll keep one of your women to be my playmate to fill my lonely vigil.”

“Y-you’d rape a woman right in front of your wife?”

The Queen let out a sigh. “Husband really is incorrigible. I should warn you he is not fibbing. As for the woman he chooses, that should be obvious! It’d be the maid girl!”

Chapter 578

“Y-you can’t!” I said, stepping forward. “Didn’t you notice that Faeyna is an elf?”

“Hmm? Ah! What luck! Your species is all but extinct. An elf maid, it truly is my lucky day.”

“If she has sex, then she won’t be able to produce a baby with anyone else. The elf line will go extinct!” I declared.

“Huh?” He looked at me with his head cocked to the side. “Elves don’t imprint through sex. They imprint through the exchange of any body fluids. As for this elf, she has already exchanged body fluids with someone. In reality, no matter what I do to her, she won’t get pregnant!”

“You…” I narrowed my eyes angrily, but then the words he said finally struck home.

Wait. Has she already imprinted with someone? I thought when I bought her. She hadn’t been imprinted. It was a bit of a miracle, almost too good to be true, but she hadn’t exchanged any body fluids with anyone else. After I took her in as a slave, there wasn’t- oh. I suddenly remembered kissing her countless times. The first of which was right after I had saved her from Shao in the Capital city. I turned to look at Faeyna in surprise. Her face was red, and she was looking down.

“Faeyna… is this true…”

“M-master… it’s… it’s none of your business?”


“Wh-who I decide to imprint with is my own choice!” she responded insistently.

“Wait! If that person is me, I definitely should have a say in the matter!”

She looked away this time. “Th-this is why I didn’t want to tell you! I chose you, Master. It has to be you! That was my choice. I don’t care if I grow to be an old lady and die without ever having a baby. It will only be if it is with you!”


I heard a loud sob come from her. “I get it! I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on you. I know you’ve never seen me that way. I see how you look at and love the other girls. You said it yourself. You have no interest in having sex with me. So, just forget you heard anything! I’ll be your cook! I’ll be your maid. I’ll manage your home! I’ll do it all, and I won’t ask for anything! J-just… don’t throw me away!”

She was openly crying now, tears running down her face in streams as she looked away. That’s why she didn’t see me approach, not realizing it when I had raised a hand over her head, and then softly chopped her head.

“Ah!” She cried out, but before she could act, I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly.

“You dummy,” I said, biting the tip of her elf ear. “You should have just made your desires known.”

“Eh… b-b-but…”

“No buts… since my elf girl wants a baby, I’ll give you a baby.”

“I want a baby,” Shao said.

“Not now, Shao!” I shot her a glare as she stuck her tongue out at me before turning back to Faeyna. “The first time we kissed, what did I tell you?”

“You… will support me?”

“You are my woman. You have been since the second I bought you. I will support you with everything I have, and give you my everything.”

Tears started to fall down her eyes for a different reason, and her body shook in my arms. She turned around as I still held her closely.

“Oh… Deek…”

“I will never throw away a woman who depends on me, and I will never give up what I have already made mine. That’s simply the kind of person I am now.”

Our lips met, and we kissed passionately. I heard sniffling around me, and I realized the girls were all crying and smiling. Even the queen had a spectral tear in her eye.

“Hmph!” The King’s voice interrupted our moment and there was an ugly expression on his face. “You think you can truly give every woman your all? At some point, you have to choose! There can only be a single woman you can devote yourself to! The rest are just a good time!”

“Those are the words of a man who is too weak to handle more than one woman. To quote a wise ruler, it isn’t enough to be a man, you have to be a man’s man!”

“We’ll see!” He spat back. “Words are weak! Let’s see if you truly have the strength to hold on to what you want because I’m going to take it all from you.”

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