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Chapter 582

As the King’s body hit the floor, the formations around the bed steadily dissipated and sparked out of existence. Elaya began to laugh maniacally, raising until she was in a standing position and looking down at me. She spread out her arms as she laughed as if she was embracing her own freedom.

“Foolish boy! Did you really think I would allow you to just kill me? I do have to thank you, I suppose. You freed his soul from that meat sack. Finally, I can be whole again! If only I could bring her here as well, then my dungeon will finally be complete!”

“So, you really are evil after all… being Queen Elaya was just a lie?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I possess the Queen’s memories and mannerisms, but I am a monster corrupted by the dungeon. No! I am miasma itself! The King was barely able to set up his barriers and contain me, and it took the lives of an entire raid far larger and stronger than your party! Do not think you can defeat me!”

“I never intended to. My goal was to get the King. I have no interest in you or this dungeon. If you give me his soul, then we will depart peacefully.”

“Fufu… you want his soul?” She laughed again. “You should be more worried about your own! Do not worry, though. I only like to eat male souls. As for your women, I’ll have fun with them for a bit, and if they please me enough, I might let them go.”

“You too! What is with all of the nobles being borderline rapists?”

“You try living in a dungeon for thirty years without human contact!”


“Hmmm… you seem pretty relaxed about this. Perhaps, you haven’t realized how screwed you are.”

“Actually, I was going to say the same thing.” I laughed. “You see… there are two daggers.”


Just as I said that a second spectral dagger slammed into the back of the Queen, she let out a cry, dropping her own dagger. I had used Terra’s points to summon a second one, and she had given it to Shao, who proceeded to backstab Elaya while she was concentrating on me.

“Didn’t I say that the spectral dagger can hold a ghost in place?” I mentioned. “Miki!”

“A Spiritualist!” Her eyes widened in shock as she finally noticed Miki’s spirit tails appear.

Up until now, Miki had been relying on Psionic abilities and debuffs. This was the first time she was calling on her spiritual powers. A nine-tailed fox was the bane of all ghosts. The spectral dagger as a backstab already hurt, and Shao who already was a darkness attribute had a high resistance to her miasma.

“Air Chains!” Celeste called, restricting her movements further.

Elaya, rather than rising into the air, ended up collapsing down on her knees. While she struggled to move, Miki began to create her own formations around the bed, re-constructing the cage that had been broken upon the King’s death.

Elaya grew more panicked as she saw her freedom being stripped from her, but rather than grow fearful, she started laughing cruelly.

“You think it this easy to restrain a dungeon boss in her own dungeon? You truly are too naïve! I am powered by miasma, and miasma is produced by my very dungeon! My strength equals the strength of the total dungeon, you fool! Miasma, come! Empower me!”

Chapter 583

This ultimately was why dungeon bosses were more difficult to deal with than level bosses. Level bosses were created by the dungeon to protect it, while the dungeon boss was basically the manifestation of the curse itself. They were the linchpin and the center of the curse. They were the object of its creation and were thus supported by all of its power. Treasure, monsters, and even levels could be sacrificed to increase the power of a dungeon boss, albeit not quickly or easily.

This meant several things. First, that dungeon bosses weren’t instantly replaceable like level bosses. When a level boss died, it took about ten minutes for a new boss to take its place. This new boss was only a shadow of the former boss and would take decades to grow an ego and become sentient. When it came to the dungeon boss, if they died, the lore would become exposed. If for some reason, the invader didn’t destroy it, the core would remain exposed for weeks, maybe even months, while a new dungeon boss was produced.

The new dungeon boss would take considerable resources, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for the dungeon to shrink. It could shrink in floor size like with Terra’s dungeon, or it could also lose a few levels. Furthermore, treasures would be consumed by the dungeon. This had the added benefit of discouraging people from trying to defeat the dungeon which offered little in reward.

Secondly, dungeon bosses were extremely powerful and didn’t draw on just their own personal strength but the reserve miasma of the dungeon too. This could amplify their power in a variety of ways, but for a creature already composed of miasma, like this specter of the Queen, the amplification was clear. Pulling in all of her power and strength, she let out a terrifying scream as she began to consume her own dungeon in order to fight us.

It was a scene I had only read about in books. In most guides, it said you never wanted to push a dungeon boss to this point. It was best to kill them quickly or by surprise. If you were lucky, they were too dumb to remember to draw on that strength, or too prideful or cocky to do so. We had never seen it happen before since all of the previous battles had ended in strange or unique ways. As it turned out, today was no exception. Although she tried to pull in miasma, nothing happened. After a moment of lifting her hands to the air, a confused expression appeared on her face.

“Wh-what is going on?” she cried out.

“Seal complete!” as Miki announced, a glow indicated that her containment took effect.

They were as good if not better than the King’s. Even if he was a higher level, what was a Spiritualist if not a job that could directly control spirits? Who could control them better than a nine-tail fox, a creature called the closest to death! In short, even if she wanted to, the time where she could escape had passed. The Queen looked on absently in disbelief.

“I should have been able to destroy you all!” she cried out. “Why? Why did you defeat me! It was like I had lost control of the dungeon! The only way that could happen is if there was a conflicting dungeon boss in this room with me.”

“Fufufufufu… hehehehehe…” Laughter started to echo out across the room. “It was I… the true boss!”

Chapter 584

“Where is that voice coming from?” Lydia asked.

“Doesn’t it sound familiar?” Shao added.

“Ah! It’s here! It’s coming from Deek’s crotch!”

“Deek’s crotch is a dungeon boss! I knew it!”

“Boss battle, go!”

“W-w-wait! Slave Order stop!” The girls were seriously about to attack the area between my legs.

However, they were actually right. The voice was coming from my pants. I undid my pants, causing the Queen’s eyes to widen curiously. Suddenly, it popped out.



A form emerged from my untied pants and took two steps in the air before it grew to full size. Her dark, translucent wings fluttered. She stretched out her long pale body, allowing her long black hair to fall over her shoulders. Her black dress cascaded down her body, accentuating her curves, which, while slightly less impressive than her daughter’s, was in many ways more mature and alluring.

“Astria! What were you doing in my underwear! Rather, how long have you been in there?!”

“Mmm… for a splendid amount of time…” she purred. “I’m surprised my daughter hasn’t enjoyed some time down there as I have…”

“He always catches me!” She pouted, crossing her arms angrily.

“Hehe… Mother still knows a secret or two. I’ll have to teach daughter!”

“Stop teaching her weird things!” I cried out, “Rather, what are you doing?”

“I was bored at the mana spring. It will grow without me for a bit. I wanted to experience some adventures with my love, and I just knew you’d say no, so I snuck in with you since the beach. I particularly enjoyed it when my love slaughtered all of those naked men in an orgy of blood and sex. I couldn’t stop touching myself!”

“Stop being such an evil fairy!”

“Fufu… I can’t help being bad. It’s Deek who makes a girl act so naughty.”

“She’s right!”

“Not helping Shao!”

“Well, you should be glad I did. I’ve been feeding on the miasma ever since. Before it was only your dungeon I had to feast off of, but I couldn’t cause it any damage, so I had to take meager sips.”

“Is that why your Dark Fairy parts only recently started showing!”

“Fufu… it’s true… Dark Fairies need miasma. But don’t worry, I’m not greedy. With the mana spring going strong, I feed some of the mana into your dungeon. My fairies multiply the mana, which your dungeon eats, turns into miasma, which I then enjoy. It’s a beautiful system you’ve built where everyone becomes stronger. I’ve made sure the spring won’t be corrupted by the dungeon, so it’s perfect. I don’t think there has ever been a dungeon powered by a fairy spring before. You may be surprised by how quickly it is growing, much faster than a normal dungeon.”

“Y-you ate my miasma!” The Queen growled.

“True!” She giggled. “And I temporarily interfered with your control. Well, it’s not like I’m the dungeon boss. I could only interfere for a moment.”

“You… you…” She shook from frustration and anger.

“So, Master… praise me!” She turned to me and tilted her head in my direction.

“You should always ask first!” I hit her head.

“Ah! M-master realizes I’m a masochist. Chastising is an even bigger reward!” she responded, drooling slightly.

“Well, whatever…” It was fine since everything worked out, and no one was hurt.

I ended up turning back to the Queen, frowning. Now that we trapped her, it would be easy to kill her. I could think of a dozen different ways. Resurrection could cause major damage to her spirit. I had the spell as a White Mage spell now on top of the other ways to cast Resurrection.

“What should we do with her? If we kill her, the King will be angry, but if we don’t, well, his soul…” Shao said nervously.

“I didn’t lie,” I said. “It was always my intention not to kill her. I don’t know… I took the siren and the giantess, is it really impossible?”

“Fufu… I was waiting for you to ask!” Astria announced. “As a former dungeon boss, I can tell you that it is possible! With your Monster Tamer skill, you can take control of her, free her from this dungeon, and then destroy it.”

I nodded, having already accepted that completing it was impossible. I also mentioned this out loud exactly because Astria was here and should know how to help.

“Alright, how do I free her?” I asked.

“That’s simple. You must accomplish three things. First, you must tame her. Second, you must cut off her lingering attachments. Third, you must cause her mind so much disorder that it essentially breaks.”

“That’s simple?”

“It is!” She nodded excitedly. “Because I know that Deek can accomplish all three goals with a single surefire technique! In fact, it’s something only Deek, who is immune to her miasma, can do!”

“Really? What can we do?”

“Fufu… you must bang her.”


“You must take the Queen, and give her such a time that she submits to you completely. You must satisfy her so absolutely that she no longer has any lingering desire to be with the King or any other man but you. You must bang her until she goes crazy with lust so that her mind breaks and you become the only thing she can think about!”


Upon saying those words, a strange resonance flowed through me. It was a feeling I had lacked on the 28th floor. I could feel it now. I lifted up my hand, making it into a tight fist. I could see it. I could see the path to the True Pervert! I was ready.

Chapter 585

“Hmm? What are you saying? I am a creature of miasma,” the Queen explained patiently, having finally relaxed after realizing she was caught once again. “If you ever tried to enter my bed, my miasma would destroy you immediately.”

“That won’t be a problem for me,” I said, reaching out casually and touching her shoulder.

The Queen gasped, jerking back at the sudden feeling of touch she hadn’t experienced in ages.

“Y-you…” she looked at my hand, and upon seeing no damage, reached out and grabbed it, looking in wide-eyed wonder as the dark aura radiating from her didn’t touch me. “A-amazing! A mortal human who is unaffected by miasma!”

“I’m surprised you were worried about me. Given your previous display, I thought you would have delighted in me coming in and being destroyed by your miasma.”

Elaya did whatever the ghost equivalent of a blush was, looking down at her hands. “I may be a monster, but I still have the memories of a queen. Even though my former husband threatened you and tried to kill you, you still worked in his best interest and even are trying to help me. You could have easily killed me by now, but you’ve chosen not to.”

“Don’t get me wrong!” I raised my hands. “I’m not saving you on his behalf. Rather, I am on good terms with your children and thought it’d be nice if I could bring a mother back to them. You’ve never even met Eliana. Well, I guess she’s technically not yours, but your son doesn’t treat her any less like a sister.”

“Is he well?” she asked, raising her eyes, looking surprisingly emotional.

“He’s a man now.” I smiled gently.

She bit her lip cautiously. “Can you really do it? Can you free me from this prison?”

“You heard the conditions.” I shrugged. “You would be my servant.”

“I can’t survive long without a dungeon.”

“You won’t need to. I sort of have my own.”

“R-really now… a noble with a dungeon? You sound more like a demon lord.”

“Technically Dungeon Master.”

“I see…”

“What about your husband? Will it be okay?”

“Ex-husband!” she responded, pouting her lips. “Well, if we’re being honest, I was never his wife to begin with. I have her memories, but I was created by the dungeon. I’m more like a copy or reflection of her will and desires. You could also say I was created by her remorse, sadness, and resentment. Although I seek to end my curse and complete the lore, you could say my obsession with my ex isn’t from love or desire. I simply must, and that is my curse. To lose that desire, well, it is probably impossible.”

“Are you looking down on me?”

“My ex is a man, and you are just a boy…” she sighed. “Besides, I have had many lovers over the years. Some of them have been incredible. For a young adventurer like you to… what did she say, break my mind, I’m sorry, but you are lacking.”

I glared. “You really are looking down on me! That’s it, for your children, and even that bastard king, I’m going to tame you and drag you out of this dungeon!”

“You can try!” Her eyes flashed dangerously. “But don’t forget, this is a dungeon of temptation, and I am its queen. You’ve finally caught my interest, so I’ve decided I will no longer consume your soul. Rather, it will be more entertaining to show these girls what a real woman can do to a man! I’ll take your own idea and throw it back at you. I’ll make you my sex slave! Rather than be some noble’s servant, I will make you my loyal minion! Don’t worry, all of your girls will have room in my new harem.”

“Hmph! Then let the true boss battle begin!”

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