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Chapter 586

I set True Hero and Pervert as my jobs. If I was going to make it through this next ordeal, I would need both.

“M-mother, is it really alright if he does this?” Celeste asked worriedly. “Should we leave?”

“Of course, we shouldn’t, Daughter. You should enjoy the show. This is a prime learning opportunity. You can watch your lover from another angle. You can learn a lot about your man and his tastes, based on how he interacts with different women in bed!”

“R-really? Ah! You’re right! When he’s with Miki, he’s much rougher and acts a little mean! And when he’s with Lydia, his eyes are really big and looks slightly afraid.”

“Hey!” Lydia cried out. “He-he’s not afraid!”

“Ah… even if you say that…” Miki blushed.

“Oh! Oh! What’s he like with me?” Shao asked excitedly.

I decided to ignore their conversation. I really would need to give Astria a talking to before she filled my girl’s heads full of weird notions. Now I had to deal with a critiquing audience while doing this! Ah, well, it’s not like I hadn’t enjoyed the girls in front of each other before. With a breath, I took a step forward into the barrier. Shao had already thankfully fetched her spectral dagger, so I wouldn’t have to worry about a double-cross.

Still, with the beautiful Queen lying there in her bed, staring at me predatorily, it felt a bit like going into a lion’s den. Well, I experienced the same every time I entered Lydia’s room, so this was fine.

“See! That’s what he looks like whenever he’s with Lydia!”

I ignored the conversation behind me even harder. I had to focus here. Although I joked about True Pervert and such, I had no such dreams. The real reason I was here was that I didn’t want to see the Queen of Aberis fall to such an ugly fate. She was a hero, and she didn’t deserve such a death, especially for a louse of a king like Edward. I also owed Prince Aberis much, and I wanted to repay him by bringing her back. Of course, I also hoped going above and beyond the call of duty might lend me a little bit more support. If I had control of the Queen, let’s see the Prince refuse to send me more troops!

Ahem… but the main reason I was doing it was that I wasn’t the kind of guy who liked sad endings. That was a part of me, perhaps only Shao knew. The reason I could dive down these dungeons and put my life on the line wasn’t that I loved treasure, or that I was a thrill-seeker. Those were part of it, but the primary reason was that I wanted to see the end of the story. I wanted to turn tragedy into something happy. I had hoped I had done that with every girl traveling with me, and I hoped I could do it with every dungeon I entered.

That was my great secret—the difference between a True Dungeon Diver and a normal Dungeon Diver. I invested myself in the lives of those involved in the curse. I wanted to make a difference. Now, I had to man up and taste the Queen of Aberis. Our lips finally met, and the pair of us fell down to the bed. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter 586.5

As we hit the bed, I summoned all of my experience and the job Pervert. My hands moved across the Queen’s soft skin, quickly stripping her of her clothing. It was quite the fragile material, and the pieces that I couldn’t figure out how to remove were easy enough to rip off. As I tore off her clothing, she let out a gasp.

“Oh my, eager, aren’t we?” Her voice was teasing, and I realized that while I had been stripping her, she had also been stripping me.

However, she had easily removed my clothing, and I had barely even noticed. Her hands just moved a lot faster and with more skill, and Elaya knew it! Touching her bare skin was clearly pleasurable. After all, she hadn’t known the touch of a man in over thirty years since this dungeon’s creation. However, at the same time, in a battle of seduction, she didn’t have to show her pleasure. The younger women I had been with so far were desperate to show their affection and reacted to every touch. The Queen was much more reserved, and I realized quickly how much I depended on that constant reinforcement.

It made groping her chest awkward, as she only looked down to smile at me. That smile wasn’t specifically bad, but I felt a sense of mocking coming from it. My other girls would pant, moan, close their eyes, or arc their backs, yet Elaya was giving me nothing to work on. The longer this went on, the sloppier my movements became. I was starting to sweat from my brow as I felt less like I was pleasuring a woman, and more like I was sexually harassing a sleeping woman, although the Queen was completely conscious.

Astria had initially wanted me to forcefully rape her into submission. Now I realized just how naïve I was being! Even when it came to Astria, she had only known one other man. The Queen wasn’t just older, but she had an experienced sex life enjoying men and women. I couldn’t come at her peddling standard tricks. Simply turning on pervert and hoping for the best was insufficient.

“Deek, pull her nipple! Y-yeah! Like that!” Lydia cried out.

“N-no! You should be squeezing her butt. Yeah… good, rub it.”

“What are you two saying? Kiss her, use a lot of tongue!”

“Slap her a bit! Pull her hair!”

“Stretch her open!”

The girls started calling out advice, but it became quickly apparent that they couldn’t agree on what worked. Every girl liked things a little different, and I was learning more about their personal preferences than anything about the Queen. Although I tried all of their techniques, the Queen’s grin grew even more self-assured. The two that remained quiet were Faeyna, who had no experience in this manner and tried to look away from seeing her Master like this, and Astria, who had become surprisingly silent since sending me on this course. It was almost like Astria was testing me a bit on her own.

“Very well…” The Queen stretched luxuriously as if I had just given her a long, relaxing massage. “If you’re done, then let me give it a go?”

Although she asked, the Queen didn’t hesitate to push me down on the bed. Her lips gently touched my stomach as her small smooth hands traveled over my body. It was like they were filled with electricity, and my member instantly reached its full hardiness with almost no provocation. She gave a throaty laugh as she saw my hard dick, then smiled as she grabbed onto it with her skilled hands. She lowered her head while pulling her hair back with her spare hand. Her eyes looked up at me seductively as she put my thing into her mouth. As the head sunk past her lips, her eyes closed and she let out a moan, like she was tasting something she had dearly missed. The effect was extreme. The pressure of her hand and her lips were perfect, and she waited just the right amount of time to start lifting her head up and down on my cock.

My eyes closed and I felt unwilling to fight back. The way she worked, it was incredible, her lips moving up and down with unmatched skill. She was very comparable to Lydia, performing something that she had much training and skill in, but with an extra flavor of maturity and regality. Originally, Lydia had a tendency to lack confidence in her acts. Naturally, over the months, she had built her confidence in doing such acts, but for the Queen, she exuded that same confidence even with a stranger for the first time.

“Ah… Ah…!” I moaned as she started to use both hands while servicing it aggressively.

One hand fondled my balls while the other held my shaft sternly so that her tongue could attack it aggressively. She licked it from top to bottom, sliding it back inside her warm mouth, and undulating her tongue against the sensitive soft part under the shaft. The feeling was out of this world, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I’m cumming!” Before I could stop myself, my cum ended up being released into her mouth.

She didn’t hesitate to start swallowing. Her mouth was a suction cup, and she made sure to suck down every last drop, drinking my thick spunk down her gentle throat. The Queen of Aberis was drinking my cum! She didn’t let up until every last drop was gone, and then she kept sucking, stroking my balls aggressively as if she wanted to deny I had an orgasm.

To my complete shock, my cock stayed hard, and when she finally pulled her mouth away, a saliva-filled gasp as she took another breath, my member was just as hard as if I never came at all. The girls all gasped in wonder that the Queen had seemed to completely negate my recovery period. Although with Pervert, I could go again in minutes, I still had at least a bit of a refractory period. With a little foreplay, I made it seem like I could go non stop, but even I had my limits. The Queen had accomplished something that I didn’t think possible. She had kept me going without stopping.

“That’s a good boy. Cum for your Queen.” She teased, although her words weren’t malicious, but almost loving.

It was like a siren’s pull, as she tried to lull me into a sense of comfort and pleasure. It was working. I felt my guards dropping one after another. The fact I had cum before she did had already marked this as her win, but she didn’t gloat. She didn’t care about the battle at all. All she saw was the long war. However, as she started sucking me off again, I had already seemingly forgotten about breaking her, and instead was focused on the pleasure she was giving me.

About ten minutes later, I found myself cumming again. My body felt amazing, and her mouth eagerly sucked it all down, just like the first time. Like before, she coaxed another erection out of me before my last one even went soft. Using her delicate fingers, she managed to have a magical grip on my balls where she could make me cum all night if she wanted.

At this point, I started to remember my goal, and I realized I was in a bit of trouble. At this rate, she really would give me a night of endless pleasure. She hadn’t even used her other hole yet, and I had already cum 2 for 0. I needed to take back some control of the encounter. Regrettably, the experienced Elaya seemed to pick up on my change of temperament. Just as I was about to grab her head and use her mouth, she pulled away and suddenly I was spun around.

This left me confused. I had spun my girls around plenty of times. I’d put them on their hands and knees and then take them from behind. For animalkin, this was their missionary. It was Terra who liked kissing. Lydia and Miki liked to be ridden from behind. It’s not that they didn’t like to kiss, but when it came to sex, they wanted it hard and fast. The bigger breasted Lydia liked her tits to be pulled while Miki liked her butt to be played with, apparently. Either way, I didn’t know why the Queen had suddenly rolled me around.

Well, that was what I thought until I felt her face between my buttcheeks. My eyes widened, but I couldn’t even say a thing when a skillful little tongue suddenly slid into my butt. I could hear all the girls behind me gasping. This was the Queen of a nation, and she had her tongue in some Adventurer’s buttocks.

Her skillful hands returned to my cock, one slipped between my legs and played with my balls once again, while the other began to stroke the shaft. Meanwhile, a little tongue squirmed around inside me. This felt extremely embarrassing, and my face was on fire. It wasn’t like the girls wouldn’t have done this, rather, that they never thought to offer and I never thought to ask. It felt way more personal than blowjobs or sex. I mean… well, I didn’t know what I meant but it filled me with an awkward feeling nonetheless.

As for my enjoyment, the feeling was extremely strange, but it turned out I was very adaptable. Along with her aggressive hand movements, I was quickly panting. I was in a position I was more familiar with, as I could thrust forward into her hand. Even as her hand went up and down my shaft, I also found myself humping forward, my dick sliding through her warm palms quicker and quicker with both of our movements in sync. Every time I pushed forward, my ass slightly tightened on her tongue, and the feeling slowly added up. Before I realized it, I was exploding. My cum shot out in amounts no less than the first two times. I ruined the bed under me, covering it in white, sticky fluids.

However, how would the Queen give up at that point? She kept attacking me, sucking, biting, and licking my nether regions from front to back. She never allowed my cock to relax, and I ended up cumming again and again. I felt like I had lost weight in the amount of cum I had lost. Most of it ruined the bed. She never let it touch her perfect skin, always swallowing it. After nearly six hours of torture, I finally collapsed on the bed, gasping. My dick couldn’t get erect back again even if I wanted it.

“That’s it…” She stroked my head lovingly like a pet, “Did you like my pleasure?”

I could only nod numbly.

“I will give you this pleasure for the rest of your life, so be mine, okay?” she purred.

I reached out for the area between her legs. Her eyes widened and then she slapped my hand playfully.

“I’ll give you that someday. However, for now, you must learn your proper place. Let’s rest now. In a few hours, we will start again. I’m tired.”

“R-really?” I asked.

She laughed. “You’re so naughty… can’t even get it up but you won’t just give in. Give it a few days, and you’ll be mine completely. No worries though, I’ll be ready to go in an hour. You’ll probably need at least six. So, in four, I’ll make you perform. I like to push a man past his limits.”

As she spoke, she stroked my hair, completely in control of the situation, acting like she was talking to a lover. I nodded and smiled back.

“I too, like to push my limits.” My smile deepened. “Restoration!”

A light suddenly erupted out from me. If someone was paying attention, they would notice that the light erupted from Lydia as well. I sat up and stretched luxuriously, imitating the movements that the Queen had used on me only a little bit before. I was just waiting for her to tire out a bit.

“Since you’ve finished your turn, I guess I’ll give it another go,” I spoke casually.

The Queen had sat up, her eyes wide. “Wh-wh-what did you just cast?”

“Hehe… she actually thought Master was done?” Miki’s voice came out slightly too loud, “He hadn’t even cast Refresh once. To actually think a White Mage only has such limits…”

This time, the girls were looking down on the flustered Queen, who hadn’t experienced me at my most determined. Had I wanted to hold out, I could have depended on Refresh and other White Mage spells to keep myself going. It would be a long and difficult fight, and I may lose, or I may win. It was anyone’s guess. I didn’t like to play things so desperately when I didn’t have to.  

Thus, I wasn’t using White Mage’s Restoration. The spell was useful, but it used a lot of mana, and if I had it equipped, I wouldn’t have Pervert and True Hero. What the spell did was give someone’s energy and strength toward rejuvenating another. It cast too slowly to be useful in battle. On top of that, it had a high need for mana, which, when in a desperate situation, you usually didn’t have.

However, it was a good spell when a fighter was too weakened. The White Mage could give up his strength and power, presumably giving the stronger fighter the ability to save them both. It didn’t just return health to full, but also stamina, mind, spirit, and body. The person giving these things, Lydia, collapsed, having filled me with all of her strength and stamina. As for me, I was restored to a perfect working condition.

Restoration was a dungeon skill. I reset the girls’ dungeon points and then purchased up Restoration. Of course, while I had been being used by the Queen, I had communicated all of this to the girls, and even used the shop during an orgasm, giving her the impression the lights were just a part of me cumming really good. Shao and Terra, who had used all their points on the spectral daggers could not reset, but Lydia, Miki, and Celeste were all game.

I didn’t walk into this battle convinced I could subdue an experienced woman with just myself alone. However, she didn’t just have to get through me alone. She had to get through the combined stamina of me and four others. Even better, while I was using up the next girl’s stamina, the first girl had time to rest. So, by sharing stamina, I could go just about indefinitely.

My cock suddenly grew fully erect, and I looked down at the Queen, who was flushed and a bit tired. She had used her hands and mouth quite aggressively for some time, so it was fair that she wanted a break. However, with my cock fully erect, how could I allow her one.

“Y-you… even if you pull some trick… I’m not so easily subdued!” She shot back defiantly as she worked out what had happened.

A smile formed on my lips, and I lowered the upper half of my body, my eyes narrow. I looked completely like a predator about to leap on the prey. I felt a raging horniness that exploded throughout my body. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I suddenly had the desire to ruin this Queen with my penis. I felt more excited than I had ever remembered feeling before with her.

“Do you see that?” Shao spoke in wonder. “Doesn’t that remind you of someone?”

The girls all looked down on Lydia.

“Y-you don’t mean!”

The strength and stamina given to me were not my own. This was Lydia’s energy. It was better to say. This was the energy of a tigerkin who had just been watching her Master have sex for six hours! It was an energy that had been bathed in the lust of a trained prostitute, and refined by a woman who wanted it fifty times a day! That energy was given to me, and suddenly I found myself turning into a bit of a tiger as well. I pounced.

“Ah… st-stop! N-no! N-not yet! Ahn!”

I bit her and scratched as I claimed the Queen roughly. My penis attacked her vagina, and the spot she had told me I had to wait for was instantly violated. I fucked her roughly for nearly forty minutes while she tried to pull me off, but a certain tigerkin’s spirit would not yield to such restrictions.


“It’s Lydia…”

“Totally Lydia.”

“I d-don’t act like that in bed.” Lydia blushed, having recovered a bit from her exhaustion.

I spun the Queen around and pulling her hair. I rode her hard.

“Ahn… Ahnn… You’re making me cum… st-stop… feels soo good! No! No! Stop! I’m a queen… Ahnnn! Right there, right there, c-cc-cumming!”

The Queen couldn’t deal with this version of me who took all of her, and her queenly demeanor was obliterated. By the time I came, the score was about 4-3, with me winning.

“Master, Master, do me next!” Miki activated her Restoration prematurely, having grown excited.

Even though Lydia’s stamina still had the capacity for a dozen more rounds, I found myself being filled with Miki too. I had thought that Restoration only brought me back to my original level. That was apparently wrong. Miki sent me into overdrive. I know she had more energy than I could burn off. My body felt like it was on fire. I stared at the Queen with just a hint of insanity in my eyes. I still was filled with Lydia’s lust, but now I was pushed past my breaking point and given Miki’s disposition as well.

“Let’s talk about this…” The Queen was now a mess, having been ridden on the cum filled bed without regard for decorum.

She was sweaty and covered in sticky stuff, and her hair had been wrecked by my aggressive display. Yet, my dick wasn’t even remotely soft. In fact, it felt like a blade that could battle the heavens.

“Hehehe… “ I giggled mischievously, stroking a finger across her body. “You’re just a spiritual body, in the end. I know how you like it the most!”

“I-I wouldn’t say that!” Miki, who had collapsed to the floor, just as tired as Lydia, looked away, blushing.

“My turn! I want to see!” Celeste sent her power in with Restoration.”

“No!” Everyone cried.

It was too late. Lydia, Miki, and Celeste’s power were all flooded into me now. I felt like I was about to explode. I had to burn it off. I had to release this power. I couldn’t even think about the Queen anymore. This situation had just become critical. My eyes fell on the naked body in front of me. It was the only thing that I could do to burn off the energy. Well, actually, there were a lot of things I could have done, but the latest energy came from Celeste, so you could forgive me for fixating.

“P-p-please be gentle?” The Queen gave out a final plea, tears in her eyes as she shot the crazy slave girls who did this to their Master a hateful look.

I leapt on the Queen, and things went white for a while. When my vision recovered, the bed was destroyed, and the Queen was practically hyperventilating as I pounded her on from behind. Consciousness faded out again, and when it returned, I was using her mouth while she gagged for breath. Another fade and I was blasting tons of cum all over her, but she was already covered from head to toe, a complete wreck of a woman.

“Eh? How long has it been?” I asked, suddenly snapping back into full consciousness.

“T-two days…”

Faeyna said unsteadily.

“Hmm? Everyone’s asleep?”

“Master was like a man possessed. You would have broken yourself. The girls had to keep using Restoration every twelve hours. I’m on watch duty right now.”


“Mmm…” She nodded. “While you were working, I used cleanup magic.”

I looked around to see that the bed, the Queen and I were on was surprisingly clean from what I remembered earlier.

“Oh, wow… thanks?”

“Yes, Master…”

“And the queen?” I asked.

“She passed out three hours ago.”

“Did she submit?”

“About twelve hours ago.”


I looked down to see the naked Queen with her eyes closed. I was still pounding her, my hips moving even though I wasn’t telling them to. Everything going on with my lower half I could barely feel, let alone control.

“I think… we’re done then?” I offered.

“Oh… good,” she said a relieved smile on her face.

I looked Faeyna up and down, and realized that she had big dark bags under her eyes, and looked like she was standing by pure will alone.

“In that case, you can… be at ease?” I suggested.

“Yes, Master.” She fell back without a word.

“Ah! Cushion!” I barely managed to catch her with a cushion as she collapsed on the floor.

She was already asleep. It looked like I had worked every girl in this room hard. A few were still moving or muttering, but they had been broken to exhaustion.

I came one last time, filling the Queen with cum. She made a sleepy grunt, the only indication she felt her womb being filled with seed. Well, she was a ghost, so it wasn’t like she’d get pregnant. I pulled out, finally victorious after a long, difficult battle.

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