Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 589

“So, in the end, I didn’t become a True Pervert…” I said.

Well, it wasn’t like I was sad about it. I only made it a temporary goal to put aside some of my fears. It was seriously scary jumping into the bed of a queen succubus. Well, it felt that way in the beginning. With the support of my girls, I managed to turn things around in the end, but only because of various things. I sighed as I looked at the text, now wrapped around my lower self. I was getting more ink than a delinquent, and I was seriously worried if my family would even be able to look at me.

Well, at least they were all covered by clothing. I had six tattoos now. One was on my back, one wrapped around my shoulder, one around my thigh, another around my ankle, one was on my arm, and finally the one down below. At least one hadn’t appeared on my forehead yet. I didn’t know how to react if that happened.

Mina, Karr, Terra, Shao, Calypso, and Widow were all blessings. They were powerful blessings in their own right, but only as strong as the curses they came from. Compared to the power of a nation, or the Great Dungeons, these blessings only went so far. They often went to increase my affinity for something.

I had increased affinity for slaves, for dungeon points, for nature, for earth, and for miasma. Now, my affinity was increased with harems, as for what these things meant, well, it was difficult to say. I knew my Dungeon Builder had required the affinity to miasma and dungeon points. Since harems had nothing to do with building dungeons, it didn’t go up farther.

“I think it’s kind of cute.” Lydia was staring at my lower half while her tail swishing back and forth.

“I bet it stretches when he gets aroused.” Miki snickered.

I threw a blanket over my lap, afraid the girls might pounce. After two days in a sex coma, I didn’t want to jump into bed right now. Given my newfound Harem affinity, their good feelings for me likely spiked suddenly. The past me would have been bothered by this, but the basic truth was that someone wouldn’t be in my harem if they didn’t already have strong feelings for me. After coming to terms with my various charm ups and affinities, I wasn’t going to sweat another one.

People were attracted to others for all manner of reasons. Charisma was a thing that people possessed, which some people had more of than others. Was it any fairer that someone was better at talking to women than someone else, or more attractive, or richer? Doctors certainly attracted certain women. In that respect, my jobs were simply a part of who I am and the choices I make. If those choices attracted women to me, so be it. I’d love who I love and take responsibility for those close to me.

Once I had recovered a bit, I accessed my dungeon point store and reset my points. I let out a sigh of relief. It felt good to have all my points back. I equipped four jobs, 10 X Experience, Map, Reset and 3 Portals. That only put me to 36 of 42 points, giving me an extra 6 points. That would allow me to reach the second tier of a multi-tier skill or get one tier-1 skill and one tier-2 skill. In the end, I decided to try Advanced Learning. The 1st tier was called Increased Learning.

If I was right, it would allow me to learn skills more quickly so that I wouldn’t have to depend on the job system as much. Having lost my access to three jobs for a time had shown me how important it was to not depend entirely on the system for your skills. The system was flat out designed so that as you went to a higher tier job, you’d naturally have memorized the techniques from the lower tier job. Only things like status boosts and necessary skills were repeated between jobs as a form of redundancy.

Chapter 590

“I didn’t even level…” Faeyna pouted unhappily.

The nature of our progress down the dungeon had meant that there were basically no leveling opportunities for the girls. Faeyna, who had come with the hope of increasing her Cook job, ended up unable to do as such. At the moment, I was still a bit better than her at cooking. Well, even if our jobs were the same, I had other attributes, such as my knowledge from another world, that meant that if she truly wanted to become a skilled Cook, I’d probably have to train her myself.

Fortunately, on top of the Increased and Advanced Learning, there was Increased and Advanced Teaching. If we combined the two, I could genuinely teach her how to cook from my own world, and it hopefully wouldn’t take too long. However, there was a condition for that. I wanted something from Faeyna as well.

Faeyna blushed, pushing her fingers together. “You don’t need to make me. I’ve already promised to give you my body.”

“No! I mean… I want to learn clean up magic! Clean up!”

I found it extremely useful, and it had been on my list for a while to learn. With Faeyna as the teacher, it probably wouldn’t be so bad.

“M-master… learning to clean up… I’m your maid… are you seriously trying to replace me?” she said tearfully. 

“No! You’re very important to me! Haven’t I said as much? Stop crying!”

It took a while to get her to settle down. I didn’t have to go away, but it did involve practicing some tongueship before she finally relaxed enough. Even if she wanted to travel with us in the dungeons as a support, she wouldn’t be able to do it all the time. The biggest reason I took her down to this dungeon was so that she had the points to use Portal on her own. With the ability to jump around with portals, she could not only manage both homes, but she could also propel my mercantile business to further Chalm’s trade plans. Although that had been why I was willing to bring her to the dungeons, I did still wonder a bit about her own choice.

“I’m a little surprised that you were willing to risk your life in this dungeon. Not a lot of people are willing to, especially for a goal like cooking or craftsmanship.”

Aberis was a country where having two jobs was relatively rare, although I heard it could be obtained by getting a high enough level in a job or there are even items that allowed such a thing, but they definitely never exported to a place like Aberis.  Thus, most craftsmen didn’t learn crafts by putting their lives on the line. Even if they wanted to, it took a lot of guts to enter a dungeon without a job with any fighting talent. While I wouldn’t say there weren’t rich people who would hire a team of Adventurers to protect and level them, it wasn’t the choice for most craftsmen. Part of it was that there were limits to what the job could teach you. At some point, you’d need to gain a teacher.

“I guess, with Master here… I never felt like it was dangerous,” Faeyna admitted. “I haven’t been afraid since I entered. I’ve had confidence that Master would figure out any problem, or something like that.”

So, she had that much trust in me since the beginning. It looked like I couldn’t disappoint her.

Chapter 591

We finally packed up all of the treasures. The King had already managed to get into the treasure room and ransacked it. More annoyingly, he must have an inventory of his own, because he kept most of the good stuff. At least, there were no treasures on his person. However, there was a storage ring, and it that had time-stop abilities. Since he decided to steal all my treasure, then I wouldn’t be courteous when taking this ring as compensation. Well, I also took his wife, but that was a different point entirely.

I wasn’t feeling too rushed, because these last two days, his soul was still trapped by the dungeon. It was only when the lore finally became a blessing only a bit ago that he was finally released. The amulet he had at the castle likely shattered and the Priest went to resurrect him. In fact, I knew the very moment the King was resurrected because his body suddenly turned to ash. Perhaps it was one of the laws of this world that two of the same body couldn’t exist. If you thought about it, it could be used as a cheat otherwise.

Either way, because his body was recreated and he was just resurrected, it’d be a few days before he’d have the strength to move. By then, we’d be back in Chalm, and the dungeon would be nothing but ash. I thought about going to the castle and reporting to Prince Aberis before the King regained consciousness, but I figured a letter would be better. In fact, it’d be best if I let him cool down for a while. Maybe, I’d talk to him next month.

After everything was packed, I used a Portal and took us to my own dungeon. I worried about what would happen if the Queen was outside. She was still sort of leaking miasma. Astria told her she’d teach her how to control it, so I left it to them.

“Speaking of which, my Dungeon Builder is a higher level now. I unlocked a skill called Create Treasures. Can I actually make any item now?” I decided to ask the two former Dungeon Masters.

I supposed I could have asked Shao or Terra, but Shao had never controlled her dungeon for long, and Terra was never the Dungeon Master. She somehow created it, but it was intended as a prison.

“You already wish to spread your curse over the land? He’ll become a splendid Demon Lord,” Elaya chuckled.

Astria nodded. “He’s still young, but I will have him take over the world, and then I will be his Dark Queen.”

“One of his Dark Queens!” Elaya puffed out her cheeks.

“I think these dungeon bosses are getting too bold. We definitely should put them in their places.” Shao grumbled. “I’m his only Demon Queen…”

The two older women seemed to ignore Shao, which only further irritated her before Lydia patted her head reassuringly.

“Don’t worry. Deek definitely prefers young beauties over old ladies.”

“Old!” This caught the ears of the two women, who spun around angrily. “I’ll show you old!”

The girls started to turn on each other. What happened to my Harem affinity now?

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