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Chapter 595

“Father! That isn’t what you said we were summoning him for!” Eliana cried, a shoe hitting the King in the face.

“Stupid old man!” The Prince similarly glared at him angrily.

Although I put up my hands defensively, even preparing to use Return at a moment’s notice, the guards hadn’t made any moves regarding the King’s orders.

“Y-you!” The King peeled the shoe off his face and shot the Prince a glare. “Do you have any clue what this bastard did!”

“He brought the King back to the Capital, as ordered!” Prince Aberis snorted.

“Th-that’s right! I’m the king!” The King acted like he needed to be reminded of that. “This means, if I want him dead, I can just order it!”

“Don’t be foolish, you old pervert!” Eliana snapped.

The King put on a hurt expression. “S-sweetie, but he killed your Queen! Do you understand what that means?”

Eliana looked away, uncertain for a moment, but then her expression hardened. “That… she wasn’t my mother! Even if I would have liked to meet her, that woman was just a monster created by the curse!”

“Son,” He turned to the Prince, seeing he wasn’t getting anywhere with his daughter. “Your mother was killed by this bastard!”

“Mother died a long time ago…” Prince Aberis bit his lip, only a bit of pain on his face. “Although she may have been a fragment of Mother, it was just a fragment, twisted by a curse. Deek’s choice… ultimately, it was the right one. Besides, summoning is optional. If Deek had fought back with his magic, we never would have been able to summon him by force. If he truly saw himself as guilty, he would have resisted being brought here.”


I really didn’t know that. It was true that I had just allowed the summon to work, but only in the sense that I didn’t actively fight it. I wasn’t even aware you were supposed to fight those things if you wanted to ignore a summon. That was the problem with someone who had never been formally trained in magic, I guess. For all I had known, fighting it could have torn me in half or something.

How did that work when you were sleeping or something? I now thought it would be better to move my bedroom into the dungeon with the Queen. I really didn’t want to be in a situation where I was suddenly teleported again like this. I was pretty sure they couldn’t take me from a dungeon, then again, my blessing might allow it. This was going to need some further testing. Furthermore, if summoning is a thing, were there summons from another world? This introduced a lot of interesting questions.

“You brats… even my children won’t support me.” The King put on a helpless look, but it turned back to anger when he finally glared at me. “However, as you said, I’m the King, so ultimately, I make the decisions. The soldiers here may be under your control, but I can quickly make this Capital remember why I’m King.”

“How are you a King?” I demanded, the first words I had said since I appeared.

These words, which genuinely did sound like treason, caused the Prince and Princess to gasp.

“Hehe… keep talking… your crimes just build up.” The King snorted.

“You already abdicated the throne, remember?” I said.

“F-father!” The Prince let out a cry. “You did?”

“Hmph… that abdication was conditional! I was to be left in that dungeon! Don’t play around with my words! Besides, there is no question about it. I can forgive you for killing me as ordered by my son. After all, I was resurrected. However, you also killed my Queen, so the penalty is death!”

“Ah… I didn’t-

“Exactly, so come receive your punishment!” He interrupted.

“I know this is inconvenient, but you might as well just let Father execute you. It’s less trouble this way.” Prince Edward sighed, throwing up his hands.

“I was saying… wait, what?”

“Well, it’s not like we can’t resurrect you immediately after. Father actually doesn’t have the authority to permanently kill a higher-ranked noble. It requires a 2/3rds vote. It’s one of the reasons I gave you that position and gave you the authority to kill him. The best Father can do is a public execution. It’s a bit embarrassing and traumatic, but it’s only temporary. This is also why it’s difficult to go after Lord Reign, and we’ve been leaning on you.”

“A public execution isn’t necessary!” The King snarled. “I’ll just take your head like you took mine! Be glad I can’t take more!”

He pulled out his sword, making a gesture like he was about to lunge forward. Eliana mouthed the word ‘sorry’ and then covered her eyes, unwilling to see. Even the Prince was looking like he was forcing himself to watch as a matter of honor. When did it suddenly turn so serious? I suddenly felt that my life was in genuine danger.

“W-w-wait! I didn’t even kill-”

The King moved forward like lightning, not sparing any strength. His sword went straight for my neck. The world turned upside down as my head fell from my body.

Chapter 596

“Absolute Reversal!” A voice boomed, even reaching my detached ears.

My eyes stopped an inch from the ground and then flew back. Air flooded back into my throat a second later. I grabbed my neck gasping, but as far as I could feel, my head was still attached. As for the King, a slash suddenly exploded against his chest. He went flying back, slamming into the throne, which exploded as he hit the far wall.

“What?” The Prince stood up in shock, while Eliana opened her eyes with her mouth open.

“Fufufu… poor ex.” Arms suddenly wrapped around me as a familiar chest pressed against my back. “This is why I upgraded. He was always so quick to blow his load. Not like my Deeky. He can lose his head and come back for seconds…”

The King leapt out of the wreckage with a furious look on his face, but when his eyes landed on Elaya, he froze solid.

“How did you get here?” I croaked.

“Eh? I was hiding in your shadow? Fufu, you didn’t think to take a bath without proper service, did you?” She laughed, holding me tighter.

“M-mother?” Prince Aberis stuttered.

“Oh, my. Son, you’ve really grown.” Elaya pulled away from me and walked over to her son, giving him a gentle and loving hug.

I was shaking, still coping with having my head cut off. Yet, no matter how much I touched my neck, it was still fine.

“T-this is her?” Eliana asked.

Elaya glanced over and then smiled. “You must be my daughter.”

Eliana glanced down. “M-my mother died. I’m just a half-sister.”

“Nonsense!” Elaya reached out her hand. “You’re my family now.”

Tears burst out of Eliana’s eyes, and she took Elaya’s hand. She pulled the other woman to her, and the three hugged. The normally manly Prince had tears running down his cheeks, holding her tightly while shaking, while Eliana bawled openly. It looked like when they had been talking about her being just a fragment had just been them trying to be strong.

The King glanced at me in shock. “Y-you didn’t kill her?”

I let out a sigh. “That’s what I was trying to say before you cut off my head. Before you bleed out, Strong Heal!”

I cast the spell, healing the wound on him. To my surprise, it only half-healed. That only spoke to the level of damage that was caused, as well as how high his vitality was.

“I-I suppose, I owe you an apology.”

“Ah… yeah, you probably do.”

“Still insolent… tsk… well, from a King to their subject, I apologize.”

That didn’t really make me feel any better.

“This is wonderful. We can finally be a family again.” The King put out his arms and went to hug the three of them.

Just as he reached, a foot came out, slamming between his legs. The two children on either side of their mom looked at her in wonder, as her foot was sticking out, making a crunching noise where it landed.

“G-g-geh… W-wife?” He groaned, bent over, before landing on the ground.

“Who said you could touch me? Haven’t I been calling you ex?”

“B-but… sweetie… you’re free now. We can finally be together!”

“Hmph! Who says I want to be with you? How do I say this? Um… I found someone better?”

“Eh, Mother? You have a new man?” Prince Aberis spoke in surprise.

“Mm… your mother has finally found a man’s man. Truly better than your dickless father in every way!”

Everything had ended peacefully, but my expression fell as Elaya kept speaking. She was turning a peaceful resolution into something terrible. Wasn’t this exactly the kind of thing a dungeon boss would do?

“Wh-who is it?” Eliana asked, clearly not thinking through things.

“Children… come… meet your new daddy!”

The two kids had confused looks, but as she ran around and wrapped her arms around me, their two faces went incredibly strange. My face probably wasn’t much better.

Chapter 597

“Wh-what is this? You stole my wife?” The King roared, still crouched over from where she had kicked him.

“Ah… it’s not what it looks like!” I started speaking before she caused even more trouble.

It didn’t help that as I was talking, she was rubbing against my naked body. At least, given the situation, my lower half wasn’t going to become erect. That would truly be pitiful.

“You see… she was the dungeon boss of the dungeon. Extracting her from it required various dangerous tricks. In the end, I had to use Monster Tamer in order to take control of her, and that was how I was able to break the bonds of her prison. She’s still… well… she’s technically a spectre.”

“You tamed my wife!” Aberis roared.

“Oh? That can be resolved easily.” Prince Aberis waved his hand. “Since she’s not bound by the dungeon, and she’s a spirit, then she can be resurrected.”

“Ah! I didn’t think of that!” I snapped my fingers. “Ah, I might as well use a DP for it.”

I had Resurrection as a White Mage spell, but the DP version would undoubtedly be stronger, and I didn’t know what it would take to bring back a spectral ghost. My body suddenly glowed as the blessings were accessed. Usually, I was wearing clothing, so most of the light was hidden or came out the edges in the outfit. Completely naked, this was the first time they were all visible. Each one released a different color, giving me an extreme multicolored look.

“Even that is glowing!” Eliana gasped, pointing.

“Cover your eyes from this pervert, daughter!”

“Sh-shut up, Dad! I’m not a baby any longer!” He was hit with a second shoe while she blushed, still sneaking peeks.

“I’ll be bringing you back, okay?”

“R-really?” She suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

“Resurrection!” I began to cast the spell.

Her body slowly began to fade away. As she did so, a new body started to form on the ground. The light appeared all around as the spell took hold. When the light finally faded, Elaya was lying on the ground. Remarkably, she was even more beautiful in the flesh. She no longer had a strangely faded look, although she had never been see-through like a ghost. She touched her body as she worked her way to her feet.

“I’m… alive!”

“And naked!” Edward turned around, unwilling to look at his mother any longer like this.

“Deek!” She threw her arms weakly around me, except now we were both naked, and it was flesh on flesh as she started enthusiastically kissing me.

“S-stop molesting my wife!”

“Ah! It’s getting hard!” Eliana cried out.

“Sister, why are your eyes always on his thing down below?” Prince Aberis cut in.

“Th-that’s not important!”

“Now, Deek can make me his slave!” Elaya purred as she pulled away from our kiss.

“You bastard! What are you doing to my wife!” The King had finally recovered, pulling his sword out again. “I take back my apology!”

“I already said!” Elaya shot the King a glare. “I’m his woman now. Don’t even think of touching him, Edward. Which of us do you think is stronger?”

He coughed awkwardly. “That’s… true… b-but how can I accept this!”

“Your woman died long ago. She gave her life for you. As for me, I’m giving my life for this man. You must move on and accept it. That is all!”


“I-is that alright with you, sweetie?” Her voice turned gentler as she turned it to Prince Edward, who still had his body turned away.

“How can a son not want his mother to be happy? This makes you happy?”

“Mmm… very…” She snuck a kiss in, positioning herself to hide my engorged parts from Eliana’s eyes.

Eliana snapped out of it, seeming to regain her mind with a blush.

“Is everything settled then?” Elaya demanded. “You won’t be killing my precious Deek! If you ever loved me or had any care for my wants, then you would grant me this last request.”

The King shook for a second and then put his sword away. “Fine… what’s done is done. I have already lost my wife twice now. Knowing she is alive and happy; I will have to settle for this much.”

“And the abdication?”

“Geh!” The King made a face. “It stands. I retire. Prince Edward Aberis will ascend the throne.”

“F-father?” Edward suddenly spun in surprise.

“Don’t act so surprised! You have long been ready. You should have already taken the throne. I’ll still be around to advise you. However, I need a vacation.” He looked at his wife, still kissing my neck while I shrugged helplessly. “A long vacation…”

“Y-yes… father.” Edward realized he couldn’t argue his way out of this.

A sense of tense silence filled the room. There were many revelations, and everyone needed some time to think about things.

“So…” Eliana spoke up. “Would now be a good time to tell everyone I’m pregnant with Deek’s baby?”

““““…. WHAT!?””””

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